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  • 3ADEBARE ZAINAB A. 5 months ago
    A nice and quiet environment, great for relaxation

  • 4Kayode A. 9 months ago
    Quarry Imperial hotel is a standard hotel with good facilities including standard rooms, gym centre, multipurpose hall, swimming pool and a restaurant that runs 24/7 service. Also there is a standard by generator that switch one automatically once there power failure.

  • 3Tolulope B. 9 months ago
    Beautiful place that lacks necessary facilities like wifi, light, back up gen. Good reception too though

  • 5Elizabeth O. 1 year ago
    Serene environment, good place to be to chilllllllllllll.💃💃💃

  • 1Shalom O. 1 year ago
    Quarry Imperial is a refurbished hotel with poor customer service. Stayed here for my fieldwork and the king-size room which I lodged in was not cleaned or dusted before it was allocated to me. Next day I complained and I came back from fieldwork with nodifference apart from the bed which was only made. The bath has no plumbing work and the water shower wasn't running. There's no heater in the so-called king-size room and I had to use the electric kettle provided for tea to heat water for bathing. Bedside phones are not functional and are covered with dusts. When ACs went off due to electricity, I couldn't touch the window nets to open the windows as all are covered in dusts. Despite this, drink is equally expensive. If there's room for zero star 🌟, I will click it. Abeokuta is a good, functional city as I was able to make good of my visits to the Psychiatry at Aro, The federal corrections center, and the Borstal Institute. This hotel was my only bad experience.

  • 3Olumide A. 1 year ago
    Nice environment, but the management needs to improve on the maitainance of their expensive facilities.

  • 3Osanyinbi O. 1 year ago
    The complimentary breakfast is nothing to write home about. The beddings were not changed after the earlier visitors had left. And the ones that I was given for two nights were stained.

  • 3Adeoye Salem S. 1 year ago
    Quarry Imperial Hotel has the potential to be one of the top top hotels in Abeokuta. Blessed with a sprawling land space and planted in a easy to access part of town in Abeokuta, Quarry Imperial could just be a delight. Compared to most hotels you'll find in the same price range, Imperial offers you spacious rooms and experienced and courteous staff members. A swimming pool facility that provides fun in it's own unique way for those who like to live by the pool. The Deejay also keeps you entertained non stop. There's an inhouse supermarket right there in the compound, it would be nice to see it function better. The bar is a cool place to be and overall the staff are welcoming. It is a very peaceful environment but it requires an improvement in class and style. Of course, I'll recommend it especially if you want a place where you chill without hassles.

  • 3Daniel I. 1 year ago
    A well built and classy aesthetics with well trained staff. Good food, good passage for wheelchair users, cozy restaurant and easily accesible from anywhere within Abeokuta.

  • 5Dada Adekunle J. 1 year ago
    Quarry Imperial Hotel is located along Quarry/Agbeloba road. It is a beautiful hotel with good staff, very nice rooms, both local and international dishes are sold there. There are wheelchair accessible areas in some part of the hotel. The hotel also houses a club house and swimming pool. It's a nice place to be overall!

  • 1Fiyinfoluwa O. 1 year ago
    The rooms are spacious with furniture like a work table. But the service rendered does not reflect the price. They didn't have towels, bath soap or toothpaste. I wouldn't go back there.

  • 3Iseoluwa A. 1 year ago
    The pool scenery was nice however the changing room was quite pathetic, it seemed like a makeshift room, the shower wasn't working. The shelf for swimmers' belongings was far away and there was no security for it. The pool was shallow. This had the pro of learners being able to enjoy the pool and easily swim around. However it was too shallow for diving and of course, the shallow part wasn't so much fun to swim at. The wooden pool bars also were hazardous as some parts had nails protruding. I couldn't get the fear of something bad happening out of my head. Doubt I'd be visiting there again

  • 1Babatunde J. 2 years ago
    A very poor attempt at running a functional, modern hotel. A lot of potentials to be a reputable hotel is easily identifiable but the current state is a really far cry. The rooms look dreary and the wash room is drab - the walls have long standing stains and the water heater produces only cold water. The towels are long due for replacement. But I am glad that the power supply is very reliable.

  • 2Adekunle A. 2 years ago
    Not a good place to be honest. Old, dirty walls, dingy space, old screaming ACs. No furniture to work on, 2 of the 3 plugs provided were bad, TV not working. They literally were constructing and banging walls next to my room for almost 2 hours. There's a mosque around were morning prayers were as loud as in my ears. Not really happy.

  • 2Jennifer A. 2 years ago
    Wouldn't visit again as the bathrooms need adjustment. My pet peeve is bathrooms. Staff hard to find. Price is okay but only go if you don't mind loud noise from the bar and swimming pool area.

  • 3Adetunji A. 2 years ago
    Good and nice rooms. Event cente available. Courteous services

  • 3David O. 2 years ago
    Very easily accessible. Ample car parking space. That's all I saw!

  • 5azodeh a. 2 years ago
    I love their service and how they are always quick to attend to you if you have any issues and also you can visit the lounge there for their delicacies

  • 5lawal a. 2 years ago
    An hotel with a difference. The workers are orderly and we'll dressed. The environment is cool and the ambience is second to none.

  • 2Olubusayo J. 2 years ago
    1) Gateman was rude. 2) Reception was welcoming and very good. 3) You need to ask for everything before they get it for you including toiletries 4) Walls needs to be maintained 5) 2 stations on the TV 6) Nice and spacious parking space 7) Toilet doesn't flush, you need fetch water from the bathroom to flush 8) Shower ain't working but heater was. 9) Went to eat and bought some snacks, was told I can't take it in. Feedback was based on 1 night at the hotel and the room I used. Checked out the next day to next hotel

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