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  • 4Benson K. 4 months ago
    Continental Suites Abeokuta is a very good Hotel The rooms are Big and clean. 24hr Power supply

  • 4Adeyemi T. 4 months ago
    Continental Suites Abeokuta has come to stay in the pool of hospitality business in Abeokuta and Ogun State at large. They came into the market well prepared. What a great place to be.

  • 4Egunjobi V. 4 months ago
    Well tidy room with cool and calm environment.

  • 5OLUWASEGUN O. 7 months ago
    They need to improve on service, the turn around time is slow. They really need to up their game

  • 5FESTUS A. 7 months ago
    It was a nice place to stay. The waiter/workers were very respectful and friendly. Strategically located in Ibara.

  • 2Tobi “Madoda” f. 8 months ago
    This place really needs renovation its even an uncompleted hotel building..I actually saw cobwebs at the vip restaurant..Staff not well dressed,Rude staffs,dirty rest room,I was even served spoilt fried meat that I had to pay for....The only cool thing about the hotel is the Event hall...

  • 4Ademola G. 8 months ago
    Unique and Comfortable. Quite classy too.

  • 2Taiwo B. 9 months ago
    Old hotel that's beginning to show its age. Staff are mostly indifferent to you and whatever your needs may be. Rooms are sooo out of date. Not cheap. Not very Continental either. Archaic amenities. Location is 100/100 though.

  • 3itoro o. 9 months ago
    A breathtaking edifice. Services including accommodation and a bar for relaxation.

  • 5STARTREND INT'L RADIO & T. 10 months ago
    Continental Suites is home away from home. A nice place to be for those who have taste for atmospheric enviroment and tight security network. I'm happy and delighted to be part of the success story of the establishment. I wish the Chairman, Management and entire staff of Continental Suites a continued success.

  • 3Rotimi W. 10 months ago
    Room rates are expensive and also online booking should be encouraged

  • 4Toriola O. 1 year ago
    Location is okay but opposite where most people don't want to be recognized with. But it's an excellent hotel,superb.

  • 2'Niyi F. 1 year ago
    Not much attention is paid to the rooms bu managers, old fashioned furnishings etc

  • 1Ogoh K. 1 year ago
    Had a disappointing experience. Called if the movie I wanted to see was available, they said yes, got there and I was asked to wait for them to confirm. Eventually the came back with a sad story of apology. Twas so disappointing.

  • 3Yewande A. 1 year ago
    Toilets serving the poolside floors flooded with water. Not nice at all

  • 4Francis A. 1 year ago
    Cool spot, A little bit high Good food

    Front desk services good but room service was not up to standard, you don't get served what you call for. The WC kept leaking water all over the floor, no foot towel.

  • 3Ayotunde O. 1 year ago
    A good place to be and lodge. Nice and serene environment. Like the name suggests, there are local and continental dishes. Quite affordabe. Gym and pool are available for enthusiasts.

  • 4Segun D. 1 year ago
    Lovely hotel with lots of comfortable rooms, halls, cinemas and other facilities.

  • 5mustapha s. 1 year ago
    Nice place for vacation and even nice place for events and seminar, well secure and neat

  • 5tumishe m. 1 year ago
    It's a very beautiful place to relax

  • 4CHUKWUKA J. 2 years ago
    Great staff. Ever willing to help

  • 4Ezenna O. 2 years ago
    Cool hotel but Wifi is not really good

  • 4Janet A. 2 years ago
    Well, I think there is need for plumbing work, Air-conditioning in some rooms. The floor of the hotel rooms are not properly scrubed or may be those stains are permanent. I also observed that the water was hard as it was not lather well. The shower handle in my room was leaking. I give thumb up to the meals.Member of staff are approachable. Thanks.

  • 4Lolu K. 2 years ago
    A nice hotel extension with a modest swimming pool and a Cinema/Event hall...compact but cool

  • 5Sunday Onimisi S. 2 years ago
    Nice place. Enjoyed my stay. All facilities worked properly. A well maintained hotel

  • 4Fabunmi O. 2 years ago
    Good ambience but the beds are pretty small, and the prices need to be reviewed.

  • 4Oluwaseun A. 2 years ago
    The environment is lovely. Nice staff too. Lonely rooms

  • 5Kehinde A. 2 years ago

  • 4Olaseni S. 2 years ago

  • 5gbemsy g. 2 years ago
    The place is nice especially their cinema's is fatabulos

  • 3Mojisola S. 2 years ago
    Well attended to

  • 5olawole a. 2 years ago
    Great Place and View

  • 5Aderounmu Toheeb L. 2 years ago
    Nice place

  • 5Jeremiah E. 2 years ago
    Cool place

  • 5Wale A. 2 years ago
    Here you get the traditional hotel feel. It would have been called a luxury hotel if it was in the 70's, but it still mentains its old glory and everywhere is neat and clean with polite staff.

  • 3Usman O. 2 years ago
    It's okay

  • 3Tolu F. 2 years ago
    Fairly good atmosphere within Abeokuta

  • 2olateju t. 2 years ago
    Well equipped and well organized

  • 5Hassan Halimat A. 2 years ago
    Lovely and very affordable place

  • 5Abass A. 2 years ago
    The environment is lovely,not to talk of their pool service band cinema they are amazing

  • 5Peter A. 2 years ago
    Nice pool area

  • 5olalere a. 2 years ago
    Continental experience

  • 3isaiah o. 2 years ago
    A cool place for relaxation. Nice pool area

  • 4Lydia O. 2 years ago

  • 1KAYEWUNMI A. 2 years ago

  • 3Oluwatobiloba A. 2 years ago
    They've got a convenient parking space for vehicles and a conducive environment. They have a functioning swimming pool, a bar and restaurant. They also offer exclusive lounge services and they offer full body massage too. I believe their snacks and meals are good but could be better. It's an amazing place for relaxation and hangout.

  • 3Ikudabo Y. 2 years ago
    Not bad

  • 5Mahruf A. 2 years ago
    The place is very nice

  • 5Jumah K. 2 years ago
    Cool Environment, it's Fun

  • 3Ateji D. 2 years ago
    Sweet and good food, but poor customer service.

  • 5Patrick A. 2 years ago
    Beautiful hotel to relax and unwind. Good food, pleasant atmosphere.

  • 5abosede a. 2 years ago
    Fantastic place to chill

  • 5Vindication A. 2 years ago

  • 3Austin U. 2 years ago
    Just ok

  • 5Muyiwa O. 2 years ago
    Standard and class

  • 5Omiyale O. 2 years ago
    Located in the heart of my home town

  • 3Lola l. 2 years ago
    Just okay. It's looks like a well maintained old hotel.

  • 3Usman A. 2 years ago
    Here they have a cinema and cool rooms.

  • 5Oluwadare Busayo F. 2 years ago

  • 4Fatai O. 3 years ago
    Easy to locate and with standards and beautiful reception

  • 5Faith I. 3 years ago
    A nice place indeed.

  • 3Gbenga B. 3 years ago
    My experience there was fantastic.

  • 5Yemight O. 3 years ago

  • 4Taiwo A. 3 years ago
    Was ok. Their chips was especially salty, but in a good way. 3.5 stars

  • 3Mind P. 3 years ago
    Its a cool place

  • 5Babalola D. 3 years ago
    The room are neat and homely

  • 4Akintunde O. 3 years ago
    A nice hotel, serene environment, bar, kitchen, pool but I haven't noticed cinema.

  • 5Sabina O O. 4 years ago
    I want to visit this place again!!!!! Great and warm reception!!!! Massive place, they've got everything. Nice! Nice! Nice! Visit them today!

  • 2Rolake K. 4 years ago
    This hotel is aesthetically pleasing no doubt, but several annoying things were wrong while I visited. If you forget to drop your keys at the front desk, your room doesn't get cleaned for the day (the info wasn't place in all the rooms). The hotel staff were polite enough but did the barest minimum like bring the takeaway pack of food up to your room but no cutlery to eat it. No morning tea and even toiletries were mostly replaced on request. I won't be visiting again anytime soon.

  • 3Dennis E. 4 years ago
    Classified as one of the best hotels around the Abeokuta metropolis. One of the biggest attractions of this hotel is the on site cinema complex; showcasing latest movies and plays. There's a functional gym, pool with is own bar, sauna and Chinese restaurant. Staff are courteous and very helpful. However, meals take time to arrive, the gym is not open on Sundays and guests are charged for using it. It is very easy to locate though and its a nice place to stay.

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