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  • 5akinniyi i. 2 months ago
    My surest plug to get to Apata Ibadan Very fast and conducive

  • 3Oshe R. 3 months ago
    Experience was fair though too busy with local transport driver with their impatient attitude, not suitable for kids to go alone. The road in the area need zebra crossing and traffic light to assist the traffic officers there

  • 3Odejide C. 3 months ago
    It's good, but better road could make it better

  • 2Ipinnuoluwa A. 3 months ago
    Each past three administration have failed to address this area or complete it. So, when passing through this place, either go in early morning or noon to avoid traffic jam for hours. The hours used to be so long but now, it's reduced, however, it's still a stressful, indact, an unwanted and unwelcome experience.

  • 4Ozioma M. 3 months ago
    There's a cafeteria in there. They have very tasty meals. Party jollof and hot Amala. Affordable and tasty.

  • 3Adewunmi Olalekan A. 5 months ago
    There had not been any changes observe in its view, just usually busy as before.

  • 2femi a. 5 months ago
    The bad spots on the road actually results in logjam and the uncivilized attitude of some motorists who will not park off the road and the junction, are other problems that dutiful traffic control officers must work on.

  • 1Echude A. 5 months ago
    Fine but need development and restructuring

  • 3Ogunbunmi B. 5 months ago
    Not so organized but bikes are available always to mobilize people to their homes.

  • 5Fadhilat A. 6 months ago
    Somorin Car park has space for taxis picking up passengers. It is located beside NNPC filling station at Obantoko Abeokuta.

  • 3ISKIIL O. 7 months ago
    There is no car park at somorin. It's just a bus stop without much flank for parking

  • 2Rereloluwa O. 8 months ago
    This is not really a motor pack but a bus/car stop

  • 3Akanbi Aiku Ogunshola (son of S. 8 months ago
    A safe environment. The road is still under construction though therefore there has always been a slow down in traffic.

  • 4Josiah A. 9 months ago
    Most people don't know that from Somorin, you can navigate your way to Kemta(Idi Aba), OGTV(Ajebo), Abiola way...

  • 3Olufemi S. 10 months ago
    It's not a car park as the name signifies. It a confluence of commuters

  • 5Kemfon E. 11 months ago
    Had to make a stop to refuel, good location but might not be the right place to stop by at late hours.

  • 2camillius h. 11 months ago
    It is not really a park, there is no enough space for vehicles whereas transporters make use of the place as a public park to offload and load passengers. There is a small transport firm that operates in the area that runs inter state transport business

  • 3John A. 11 months ago
    It's just okay... You can easily get taxis going to Central Abeokuta (Idiaba,Kemta) from there such that you'll bypass the Alogi, Somorin axis traffic jam

  • 2omooba a. 1 year ago
    The road leading to Ibadan is bad. Make it difficult to navigate through at that Shomorin Junction. Goverment needs to quickly help out.

  • 3jimoh i. 1 year ago
    The park is where most of the taxi use to drop their passenger before proceed to camp or osiele, obviously one can pass trough to kemta idi aba

  • 4Waheed B. 1 year ago
    Very spacious and will help in discongesting traffic and parking by road side

  • 4JESUTOBA O. 1 year ago
    It was a stop over if a major road travel agency, Benue links.

  • 4YEMI A. 1 year ago
    Somorin Car Park, Calm and good car parking, always busy place but needs appropriate infastructure

  • 3A.M. S. 1 year ago
    You can easily find a bus to Ibadan from Abeoluta here

  • 4Phebe B. 1 year ago
    Always full of fun anytime you pass that location

  • 3Paul O. 1 year ago
    Public toilet available. I have used it. #50 fee.

  • 5Ibrahim I. 1 year ago
    Very nice place with good security offices the home of peace

  • 3Damilola M. 1 year ago
    Somorin car park is more like a bus stop although some Ibadan bus do stop to pick up passengers there. As a bus stop I would say it's more safer than some other bus stops along Obantoko Axis.

  • 4ayo A. 2 years ago
    It is easy to navigate and board a bus either to Ibadan and it environment or to Abeokuta main town.

  • 2Churchill B. 2 years ago
    Not for me again until improvements are made . It stinks with human urine . I even caught a guy having a wee on someone's vehicle tyre. Very unkempt with litters of plastic bags and flies everywhere. Poor hygiene. Most vehicles are not well looked after also and surprisingly the vehicle seats are shocking. Is there no vehicle inspection officers in place?

  • 4Toriola Daniel A. 2 years ago
    It is a spacious and near park, with rows of shops where you can shop.

  • 5Iorpuu T. 2 years ago
    I love Nigeria mostly my state benue

  • 2Abioro A. 2 years ago
    Arrrrggggh! Chaos at the order called "unpleasant"... From the bikemen to the cabmen, to the drivers!

  • 5Sakirudeen S. 2 years ago
    Always bustling with activities. Taxis park to pick up and drop passengers. Petty trading activities ongoing and a couple of business premises such as Robwah Pharmacy, NNPC filling station, cold store are active providing service

  • 5Boluwatife L. 2 years ago
    It's easy to locate, could be noisy. At times, there could be traffic congestion. Bike riders are easily accessible. Lots of shops and supermarket located along this side which include and Art Gallery, food canteen amongst others. You have to be very observant to avoid accidents when crossing the road

  • 3Seyi A. 2 years ago
    There are enough beautiful spaces , under some shade of trees to park your car. Well, here I am this moment at night. But don't know how very much safer this place is yet... I think three star is not bad to give to this place for now. If I meet my car the way I left it , then I owe you people the remaining two ⭐⭐

  • 2Adelusi O. 3 years ago
    This bus stop needs proper attention and structural construction to ensure safety. It's very popular and a quite central junction for the populace living within the Obantoko area. Giving the place a facelift especially demarcations for bike and taxi stops will be helpful.

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