Odo-Eran Opako - Butcher shop in Abeokuta, Nigeria

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4888+8CV, Obada Rd, 110104, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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3.50 (72 reviews)


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  • 5OLOYEDE OLUMIDE O. 5 years ago
    A place where meat is sold, Opako Adigbe Abeokuta

  • 5yemisi j. 5 years ago
    Very good

  • 5Patrick A. 4 years ago
    Best meat place in Abeokuta. Good value for money.

  • 5Aremu F. 3 years ago

  • 5Maynine E. 3 years ago
    Infact l really enjoyed my self at this point

  • 5Adeniyi O. 3 years ago
    Meat market

  • 5Omotoso A. 3 years ago
    Nice place to get meats

  • 5Gerald O. 3 years ago
    Odo - eran is market were you can get beef meat the market is situated at opako adigbe opposite Eco gas LPG station... Cows are slaughtered on daily basis for the consumption of the community and other community nearby. The meat are very affordable and good

  • 5Iwalewa E. 3 years ago
    Because I always get a fresh meat there

  • 4Akolade N. 3 years ago
    A mini meat market.

  • 4Sogbola I. 2 years ago
    Home of all parts of cow meats

  • 4lateef r. 5 years ago

  • 4Tolu F. 5 years ago
    Plenty beef here.

  • 4Yakub T. 5 years ago
    Fresh meat

  • 4bimbo a. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Odo Eran is opus adigbe abeokuta ogun state (Original) Odo Eran opako adigbe abeokuta ogun state

  • 4Ilorah C. 3 years ago
    Odo-Eran market is a small market in Opako town. The market is just along Obada road. It is a small market where meat is sold both in large and small quantity. Cows are slaughtered on a daily basis each morning.. So you can be rest assured of getting a fresh meat here and a good price. Fresh pepper and tomatoes is also sold in this market. The market environment can be improved to look more tidy. Generally, it is a good market to get fresh meat at affordable price

  • 4Olamide H. 2 years ago
    Odo eran opako is going on smoothly no traffic congestion and people ia at odo eran buying beef in bulk while some people are there selling there goods

  • 4Double M E. 3 years ago
    Nice and cheap

  • 4Lekan S. 4 years ago
    Not really big

  • 4Olaoluwa A. 5 years ago
    To get good meet

  • 4adeniyi o. 3 years ago
    Looking for an abattoir with clean beef and affordable price, Odo-Eran Opako, Adigbe is the right place to be.

  • 3Deborah O. 4 years ago
    It's an abbatoir

  • 3Johnson O. 3 years ago

  • 3titi R. 4 years ago
    Is okay.

  • 3Adedamola A. 5 years ago
    The place is basically meant for butchers or let's call the location an abattoir and at the opposite to the abattoir is a filling station meant for FATGBEMS

  • 3Jesse O. 5 years ago
    A local market but rough

  • 3oladipo m. 5 years ago

  • 3D-tech i. 4 years ago
    An abattoir with mini markets.

  • 3Oladipo R. 4 years ago

  • 2Joshua A. 4 years ago
    Really bad roads leading to this place

  • 2Okonkwo M. 4 years ago
    There meat are expensive

  • 2Emmanuel B. 3 years ago
    Not too tidy

  • 2ABIOLA A. 5 years ago
    Hygeine in the slaughter house need to be addressed and beef is a bit pricey

  • 1alex w. 5 years ago
    Bad customer service amongst the workers

  • 1Alhaji M. 5 months ago
    We sale android phone second one Avery day

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