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  • 5Olumide O. 9 months ago
    A very good place to relax

  • 4Omavuai J. 1 year ago
    The rooms are nice, the halls are very good, and the facility is affordable for corporate, religious and personal events.

  • 5Olayiwola F. 1 year ago
    Nice place for your delicious meal and events center

  • 5IfeOluwa R. 1 year ago
    Warm reception, calm and enclosed environment, nice room and beautiful experience altogether.

  • 4Segun A. 1 year ago
    A nice place to visit whenever you are at the Redemption Camp. There is a large parking space, the place is peaceful and the staffs are warm.

  • 5Eregoba B. 1 year ago
    Nice place but block B is way better than all other blocks

  • 5Ibukun A. 1 year ago
    Excellent staff, the manager is so understanding and calm. Rates are very good and fair. We enjoyed all our program there

  • 3MOBỌ́LÁJÍ �. 1 year ago

  • 4Iyiola Daniel O. 1 year ago
    The resort is really nice with a great staff. They have a large banquet hall with more than a hundred rooms. The resort has a taste of excellence to it.

  • 2Omotola O. 2 years ago
    I had an unfriendly reception from the front desk. The rooms also look poorly managed. After paying for two nights and did not stay, my money or event a part of it was never refunded, even though I requested it that same night I paid. The only good thing about the place is the location in the Redemption Camp which is always calm and serene.

  • 3Ellty L. 2 years ago
    The resort is a lovely place with clean and spacious rooms, the light is constant, with large parking lot and the price is very fair.

  • 4emmanuel e. 2 years ago
    The place is good in the area of security. The place is very silent for their religious activities. No fear of Fulani herdsmen or kidnappers there. Recommendable.

  • 5Emmanuel D. 2 years ago
    It's a sleek and top notch centre for executive meetings

  • 2Mena O. 2 years ago
    The rooms aren't the best, but they're not bad either. It's somewhere in between. The fridge in my room didn't work, the bathroom would make more sense if it had a bath rug or something to drip off water on. Overall, the whole room and bathroom was neater and better maintained than I thought it would be

  • 3Lolah A. 2 years ago
    Nice concept! Best to book Resort B rather than the main resort. However Reception at Resort B is usually abandoned and you have to walk to Resort A for anything you need including laundry or food. Resort A also has a small shop where you can get bread, sardines, drinks, biscuits, plantain chips and a few toiletries. Resort B also doesn't have phones in the room so you have to come out of your room and walk to Resort A to ask front desk for anything you need. But exercise for the body yes? Each room has twin double beds so enough space to roll around. We did a book grouping and discovered thw air-conditioning works in the living room but not in the bedroom. This was the same in all the suites we booked. Water pressure was an issue and some had to leave the tap on for a while to fill up the bucket so they have water in the morning to bathe. Shower pressure was low and hot water comes in the morning. Each room also has a microwave and a fridge. Best to check everything works before you agree to stay in the room otherwise you're stuck with the broken gadgets and unable to move for the duration of your stay.

  • 4Ewebiyi J. 4 years ago
    Cool environment inside and outside. Enough parking space. Cool scenery and easy to locate. The center can occupy more than 500guests. Staffs on ground are pleasant. I would recommend this place

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    • Fireplace
    • Kids' menu
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    • Good for kids
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    • Accepts reservations
    • Reservations required
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    • Wheelchair-accessible seating
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
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