Late-night food Yankeez - Takeout restaurant in Accrington, United Kingdom

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75 Abbey St, Accrington BB5 1EH, United Kingdom



+44 1254 238333

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3.00 (120 reviews)

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  • Tuesday: 3:30 pm to 1 am
  • Wednesday: 3:30 pm to 1 am
  • Thursday: 3:30 pm to 1 am
  • Friday: 3:30 pm to 2 am
  • Saturday: 3:30 pm to 2 am
  • Sunday: 3:30 pm to 2 am
  • Monday: 3:30 pm to 1 am


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  • 5Bash H. 2 years ago
    Great food at low prices. One of the best takeaways in Accrington and quality and service has been on point everytime I have ordered

  • 5Zaheer M. 4 years ago
    One of the best places in the northwest.. The place is lovely set out clean and vibrant. The food is some of the best around... From the gourmet burgers and the delicious shakes there is something for everyone.. The peri chicken is the best I've tasted and with the choice of spice makes it ideal.. With the excellent variety on offer you just don't know what to choose but the shakes offer a great compliment to the lovely food. I've been back to the this place afew times and we continued to get fresh delicious food and the staff help deliver that service. The management are geniuin welcoming and if you have any question or concerns will go above and beyond to sort your needs. Highly recommended this place and this is comming from a reviewer who have over 300k view on my reviews and over 22millions views of my pictures.

  • 5cath j. 2 years ago
    Quick service quality food. Chicken was succulent and tasty. I will return again 😊

  • 5Paul P. 1 year ago
    This has got to be the best takeaway in accrington always deliverd on and realy tasty the delivery driver is so friendly and helpful. Been using them for 3 months now and never a problem. Ps try the masala fish.its fantastic

  • 4Dells H. 1 year ago
    Nice milkshakes but not great that's what I had

  • 4Paul W. 2 years ago
    Good food although it did take a little longer than expected . Will use again

  • 3Peter S. 2 years ago
    Firslty, I enjoyed what was delivered. It slightly early and was hot. I did have to go for a walk to meet the driver despite leaving delivery instyructions on the order. The garlic bread looked really odd and wrinkled but it tasted fresh and very nice. The naan bread had yellow spots on it, I assume from being handled after touching something else but it tasted ok. The kebab should have been on a pitta but came on a naan. The naan with the kebab seemed as though it had been sat on something burnt as there was a burnt smell and spots of "soot?" on it but it din't taste burnt at all. All that said, it was hot and seemed fresh. And it was still best value regarding delivery charges if you're not ordering loads. Don'#t often order rakeaway but would consider ordering from here again

  • 2Kath G. 1 year ago
    Well 4 phone calls and 2hrs later food still hadn't arrived. They had lied and kept saying it was on its way. Had to go and collect and then they didn't include the drinks. Not happy, the food itself was ok or they would have had no stars

  • 1Anna B. 5 months ago
    Excessive wait for just 2 burgers. Ordered at 7 and is now reaching 9 oclock. Was an estimated arrival for 7:35 and still no sign of food. Called twice to ask about the food and was told it was ‘on the way’. Seems like there is no care, and definitely wont be ordering again

  • 1Jahfar I. 1 year ago
    Didn’t receive my order after waiting nearly 45 minutes. When I rang up the place, they said they were no Uber eat drivers and that it’ll be an extra £5 for it to be delivered to my address. For a takeaway, I would of expected better service e.g. an apology for the delay or even to deliver the food themselves free of charge, when I’ve already paid. They tried to extort more money from me and seem to hate their jobs and couldn't be arsed dealing with the problem. Very disappointed!

  • 1Ahmed B. 5 months ago
    It's now been 2 hours and I'm still waiting for the food to be delivered. I rang 4 times - the 1st time I was told it's busier than usual and that they were waiting for a delivery driver, so I let it be. The 2nd time I offered to collect but was told it had just been collected by a driver and on its way, so again gave them the benefit of doubt. The 3rd time, I asked if it had actually been sent out only to be told it was still waiting to be collected. The 4th time I called to ask if I could cancel my order, the manager spoke this time to say I couldn't cancel my order and that it was almost made and he'll have a delivery driver sent out immediately. I'm not one to slate the way people do business and I get it, the weather's probably causing havoc but to lie over and over again is just bad business. Your food's good but your service is shocking.

  • 1Tofayel a. 4 months ago
    I make order one hour ago and they give me less food not taste and sauces for chicken they give me 3 piece chicken, where is the menu sed 4-piece chicken . delivery driver charged me extra £3 pound, disgusting place and the scamming people be careful. All food are tasteless, they give me to Pizza unfortunately I pay this week, maybe government food bank if you going for food they give you better bread

  • 1David T. 4 months ago
    Two hours waiting for the right order to be delivered... Still no pizza. Rang them four times... Pizza on its way.. From the Antarctic?! 5 minutes please... 15 minutes... Driver is 2 minutes away. Lies! Just be honest, or offer a small discount on the next order to ensure repeat custom? CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS. Ordered at 6.20pm. Now 10.15pm and the kids have had no weekend treat. Ordered via Foodhub who don't have the authority to process a refund,even though I paid via their portal. Yankees... Change the Y to a W.

  • 1Travel W. 5 months ago
    Inconsistent Service Inconsistent Food Inconsistent Price Its cheap food, in other words, comes with no quality service The same order has 3 prices 1 from the shop window, the drop leaflet, the shop leaflet, and online Seriously !!!!!!! I wouldn't recommend it unless you are desperate for cheap cheap food with hours of wait 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 1East lancs slackliner B. 8 months ago
    Don’t order from this place the manager is very ignorant and dishonest. He’s driver asked for the cash which I paid then my friend advised me that it had been paid on card, I was asked to come to store to identify the driver which had been taken home and I was called a liar very bad customer service and dishonest all the way throughout the store!!

  • 1jess t. 11 months ago
    spent just shy of £30. order arrived in 15 min? but was the completely wrong food. we rang the shop and the guy on phone was so rude!! after another 10 minutes our food arives. 2 cakes were missing, a can, and the tubs of sauces that i payed 60p each for. we rang up the shop to let them know and alls they could say was ‘yeah too late for cakes. i’ll give u cake tomorrow’ and so i stood my ground and said but ive payed for it. he then proceeded to argue so i said i want a refund. he said “ring uber then not us” and ends the phone. fuming. food was disgusting aswell. soggy chips. dry and undercooked chicken!!!!

  • 1Nathan W. 8 months ago
    Ordered using the just eat app. Ordered a donnor wrap with jalapeño, red onion, chilli sauce and mayonnaise.... no sauce or mayo, cold meat and literally 2 slices of jalapeño. My chicken wrap had an overload of jalapeño and minimal red onion, a little bit of sauce.... but cold again!! I've called the take away asking fie this to be rectified. I've been told the food can't ve cold and I've got what I asked for....clearly haven't pal!!!!! The gentlemen on the phone argued with me solidly as I only asked for hot replacements to be sent. I was further told that it's the jalapeño which makes the food cold.... this was after I told him what industry I work in (head chef at a very established restaurant near burnley)..... the gentlemen then told me, "do you realise how many people try playing that card with me" Personally, extremely rude, unprofessional and shouldn't be trading.... 30 minutes later.. .Still sat waiting for the refire and delivery of my snack before another long graft in the kitchen.

  • 1Rezwan & Runa F. 7 months ago
    This takeaway was one of the worst takeaway in Lancashire because of there service, we ordered a delivery and waited over 2 hours and i called the takeaway saying where is my food and they said they are too busy to deliver so they told me to pick it up from shop. When i went there the food was stunning cold and he said take it or leave i still have to pay for a cold food he foused me to take his cold food but i didnt instead i paid him for no food he took £14 off me for nothing very rude person he threatening me to pay him. I will recommend not to go there please he is not a nice person. Very bad

  • 1Shaheen A. 10 months ago
    Ordered food and they gave the wrong pizza but I didn’t complain. Realised that they had given one drink less so straight away asked the driver who said he would be back with the can. 2 hours later and still no drink. Rang the shop a twice but was told the driver will deliver it when he can! Like this was my fault!! I went into the shop last Friday and they didn’t give the drinks to my son who went in to collect the order. I let this go. But this is ridiculous!! End of the day it is ur mistake and I have paid for the drink, it is your job to deliver what I HAVE PAID FOR! #should have gone to FRANKIES will not be ordering again!

  • 1Jabran Afzal M. 7 months ago
    Will never be ordering from them again. All their food is taste less, smelling and raw, no sauces ever with the food even if you ask. I would not recommend buying from here, definetly don't waste your money here.

  • 1Jason W. 8 months ago
    Absolutely shocking..Ordered a mix grill will chips no sauce and got sent chicken and chips with curry sauce. No drink either that I ordered. The order I got sent, the chicken was very dry and to top it off when I rung them telling them of my order they said they will come deliver the correct order immediately and never turned up! Do not go here!

  • 1Karl H. 1 year ago
    Disgusting chicken RAW and SMELLY..!!!!! Poor customer service Bought a Fusion meal along with and order for a party of 16 year olds totalling over £50. Both me and my son hate the fillet burgers that came with the deal no issues. Only then to find that the box of chicken that was supplied was pink not fully cooked and one of the pieces smelt bad. Phone the shop to report and went back in to return. I was offered a £5 refund which I refused and stood my ground until I was given a fully refund for the meal. Also in the rush we had forgotten to collect the drinks for all the meals which I collected on the return visit. Only to be told I couldn't have the drink for the meal I had because of the refund, which isnt right refund or not. As I was leaving I was told never to come back. Reporting dangerous under cooked food and I am in the wrong check that out. I wouldn't eat here again and if was anyone else I would give this place a wide berth. Environmental health will be informed

  • 1Sarah S. 2 years ago
    Took 1 hr 30 minutes to come. Missing 3 items so called up to be told its mis print on their own website!! They cannot refund me or send items anyway.. Asked for manager reply was 'not in until tomorrow morning' I ask what time he replies '3pm in afternoon' funny looking morning. Food also cold. Spoken to badly on the phone. Also told when asking where delivery was 'must be on its way because its not here' really??

  • 1J D. 2 years ago
    Worst service ever, tuck about an hour for an undercooked cooked pizza an tasteless wings. How this place makes a living is beyond me, Try santa down road, much better.... would say no stars it that was an option....

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