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2810 Alhambra Rd, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States




+1 626-281-9990

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4.20 (2062 reviews)

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  • Wednesday: 7 am to 10 pm
  • Thursday: 7 am to 10 pm
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  • 5Alex R. 1 year ago
    This 99cents store is the best period! It's huge, very clean, well stocked, and the staff is friendly, respectful, professional; and firm. They don't tolerate shoplifting, children running around or playing. Like I said... The best, hands down! Thank you staff, you guy's are awesome!

  • 5Crystal L. 8 months ago
    Always clean. Lots of variety and prices are not 99 cents anymore, but a lot less than the regular markets. Lots of new products to choose from .

  • 5Joseph S. 4 months ago
    Who doesn't love the 99 cent store they're great when you're on a tight little budget you know they got the stuff that'll tie you over till you get your check. You can't go wrong I love them. 👍

  • 5l. 8 months ago
    Nice and clean... most items were available... although you can see a shortage of items that use to be plentiful before Covid.

  • 5eva m. 5 months ago
    I've always liked this store. Clean, well stocked, polite and helpful employees.

  • 5Gloria A. 9 months ago
    I am new to the area and when I first came to this location I was excited. It was halloween time last year and i loved all the pumpkins and decor. Its almost always organized and neat. I dont go to any other 99 cents store ever since!

  • 5Daryell Claude C. 2 years ago
    What's not to love? The shelves and fridges are packed with eggs, milk, water, fresh produce, toilet paper, paper products, anti-bacterial cleaning products and EVERYTHING else in between ‼

  • 5Elsa F. 3 years ago
    Larger size store, so many things in stock. Plenty of stationery items, food, party items, even hats and swimming gear for kids. Some toys, kitchen items, can't see any appliances though. Aisles are wide and clean. Shelves are stacked neatly, plenty of fruit and vegetables and the sections are clean.

  • 5D. 1 year ago
    Love this store, but people stop buying the little fans , they are a waste of money and don't last. You could make a better one yourself, I bought 3 in one year , waste of money

  • 5dp 1. 1 year ago
    This location has a good inventory and a great laundromat across the street. Whenever i do my laundry, i like to kill time shopping for those 99 deals while I'm waiting for my clothes to dry. I've found some interesting odd items here that i wouldn't expect to find at a 99 cent store. I like some of the products they stock that cost more than 99 cents because they're sometimes useful and alot more expensive everywhere else.

  • 5Maria S. 1 year ago
    Omg, while a lot of 99 cent stores were out of Xmas stuff this 99 had it all and very organized. I love this 99. This 99 is so clean it makes you forget you are at the 99. Sorry but many 99 cent stores are always a bit messy except this one. Keep up with your store you guys are doing a great job!

  • 4Debra C. 5 months ago
    They've cleaned that place up, more room to shop. It looks clean and tidy. Thank yoi

  • 4megan j. 1 year ago
    I love these stores but my only complaint is lately the prices have been going up and are not clearly marked as such. A head of lettuce that was a dollar previously and not price labeled rang up as 1.49 now. You also really have to get framiliar with the days they recieve produce shipments if you want good veggies. Often the sweet potatos are soft so make sure to check them before buying. And they had a spinach pasta i loved but it was only there two weeks and i haven't seen it since.

  • 4Michael “Iceman” G. 3 months ago
    It was good I was able to buy some Halloween decorations it's my first time doing it. I thank the Lord for helping me get into section 8. I like the food section they offer.

  • 4Rolando M. 4 months ago
    Very few items are 99 cents but still some good deals here and there.

  • 4Daniel A. 2 months ago
    Big location but surprised at their small selection of toys during Christmas.

  • 4Damien Y. 1 month ago
    Good goto store for inexpensive home stuffs. Groceries, deco, bathroom items, some electronics. Good, friendly service every time.

  • 4Daniel A. 2 months ago
    Stopped by to look for Christmas presents for kids and found that they had a very small selection of toys. Others, good store and plenty of parking.

  • 2Gus C. 1 year ago
    Cashier and myself witness a thin tall young black guy in a Security jacket and dark blue pants forgetting to give cashier a package of pens in his jacket pocket to be rung up. He hesitated and then handed the package of pens. Wonder what else he forgot to give to cashier to be rung up. Don't believe he was a Security Officer. Just wearing this costume. Don't let him fool you. Management will look at recorded footage to watch him next time.

  • 1Victor M. 9 months ago
    If you're in Alhambra, do not waste your money and go to Aldis instead. 99 cent store has increase their prices, you can get a better deals at Aldis if you want to save on vegetables and fruits.

  • 1Antoinette M. 8 months ago
    First let me say the customer service is THE BEST I’ve seen in any store I frequent in my community HOWEVER no air conditioning is making me but want to shop here and I shop here every other day !! FIX your air conditioning or I’ll be forced to go somewhere else along with other customers I know

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