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  • 3Somek T. 1 month ago
    the guards at the entrance friendly and professional.the washrooms abit wanting though

  • 5Hurlder M. 4 months ago
    Great learning offered by KCA UNIVERSITY There's Agakhan University hospital too whose services are fast efficient and effective. There's a lift available for those lazy using the staircase Banks are available with great banking services. It's cool place to be.

  • 5Eva M. 4 months ago
    Loved all what i want I get from there

  • 4Packer G. 4 months ago
    This is a great mall. Especially the staff at various stores.

  • 4Castro Arap N. 8 months ago
    Biggest Shopping mall in Kitengela

  • 4Kim Espan J. 8 months ago
    Goods and services are relatively expensive compared to the Capital City of Nairobi mainly due to lack of food markets as the area is in semi arid land.

  • 4sanra K. 8 months ago
    A really nice place very convenient if you want to do grocery shopping and there boutique's, salon's, barber's and many others in the upper floors and if you want to get a shop there many vacancies

  • 3Benjamin K. 11 months ago
    It is a busy town. There are hawkers, clothes and shoes displayed along the roads especially during the evening hours. And motorists everywhere. If you are wondering, it is safe in terms of security.

  • 3Joshua O. 1 year ago
    Dusty noisy too many matatus. Its a drop off pick up centre for mathree

  • 5Richard M. 1 year ago
    Good place to set up a business its closer to the highway there are vacant spaces available

  • 5Farmers P. 1 year ago
    Nice place to be, with very smart buildings having all services offered there with ease

  • 4dennis k. 1 year ago
    Best place to do business,high level of security

  • 4Michori J. 1 year ago
    Quite a landmark I could say, this being a very frequent meeting point for both locals giving directions and visitors receiving directions. Even though it still harbours life by proving its adequacy in providing base to banking institutions, medical facilities and Insurance companies among others, the huge factors that make this building such a buzz is its prime strategic location in the heart of Kitengela Town (now municipality) and high foot traffic due to its familiarity with the Kitengela locals. In this regard, the place needs some vibrant changes and upgrades that will bring a breath of fresh air and crafty architectural vibes. Hope in the coming years it wouldn't fall to mismanagement and owners brushing off ideas to rebranding. "RIP..Heroin mall !!"

  • 5TAJI m. 1 year ago
    Very good services... It's my favorite studio in talent upbringing.

  • 3dickson safari B. 1 year ago
    The place is extremely good you get really value for money

  • 4Richard K. 1 year ago
    Home to various businesses, money agents, banks, insurance companies, clothe retailers. Easy to access the place though (for those with vehicles) finding a parking lot is hectic.

  • 5Major Nyc K k. 2 years ago
    The best town there has ever been simplest but more or less Baltimore It has the best quality schools like Lakewood Emerald school ♥️

  • 4finest k. 2 years ago
    It's a calm place... Very much clean The receptionist is kind and ready to clarify everything you ask for

  • 4tumpes k. 2 years ago
    I love the environment around here..

  • 4dungani i. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Perfect 😊 (Original) Perfecto 😊

  • 5kackland j. 2 years ago
    It is an amazing place, well suited with resources and it's location is accessible

  • 4JOHN I. 2 years ago
    The building is quite big. It houses businesses including two banks, a university campus and the Aga Khan clinic. There is security check at the entrance. However, parking is limited which means you may be required to leave your vehicle elsewhere.

  • 4Tonny R. 2 years ago
    Apart from dust and crowdness, the place is OK with modern housing, nice resorts, good security and diverse culture. Generally it's a good place

  • 4Faith M. 2 years ago
    It's a best place easily accessible

  • 4David M. 2 years ago
    Nice experience

  • 4Martin I. 2 years ago
    Very clean n security wise very good

  • 4Rodgers O. 2 years ago
    Good service

  • 5Nicholus K. 2 years ago

  • 3Duncan K. 2 years ago
    Not soo goo n not soo bad,tue town is overpopulated though,with alot of badly driven cars

  • 4Tr David m. 2 years ago
    congested good business opportunities

  • 4Syomwongeli M. 2 years ago

  • 5Justus N. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) They nice (Original) Wao nice

  • 5Hosea M. 2 years ago
    Friendly soldiers ..I like the place

  • 5Dannykisa F. 2 years ago
    Amazing Place

  • 5kiprotich n. 2 years ago
    It is nice place to be mention and share with everyone

  • 2Hitler A. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bien

  • 4R. Mũgo wa K. 2 years ago
    Nice spacious and busy.

  • 4Barnabas A. 2 years ago
    Clean and well organized

  • 1Nancy M. 2 years ago
    computer slowness when paying ....long ques.....

  • 4Ouko D. 2 years ago

  • 5AGGREY WEKESA W. 2 years ago

  • 4stephen o. 2 years ago
    Nice place to be in 👍💪

  • 3Collins O. 2 years ago
    Technology hub of kitengela

  • 3Amicus the D. 2 years ago
    Kitengela is a cool place to be.... Full of entertainment joints and the maasai culture

  • 5asacha g. 2 years ago
    Business matters

  • 3Munene W. 2 years ago
    Clean and very well kept.

  • 5norbert B. 2 years ago
    Nbk excellent

  • 3Egnatiaus A. 2 years ago
    Nice place to be

  • 3Danny S. 2 years ago
    Not enough parking though

  • 5John C. 2 years ago
    A nice place to visit.

  • 5Nahashon K. 2 years ago

  • 5Hellen B. 2 years ago
    Beautiful centre

  • 4Manasseh G. 2 years ago
    Really enjoyed the elevator thing

  • 5Samuel M. 3 years ago

  • 5Jacky K. 3 years ago
    A good place to be

  • 5Lady K. 3 years ago
    You need it?they got it

  • 3ale m. 3 years ago
    Mall yet to pick up

  • 5Victor N. 3 years ago
    Loved it

  • 5kariuki k. 3 years ago
    Well managed.

  • 4Geoffrey M. 3 years ago
    Very easily accessible and the building has enough lighting

  • 4Nahashon K. 3 years ago
    Nice,clean, secure with working lifts,it has a controlled parking with security office within the building.. cleaning done severally with stationed cleaning agents

  • 5SANTANA C. 3 years ago
    Best place to visit

  • 5nyandika j. 3 years ago

  • 3Kiplangat F. 3 years ago
    It's good for business institutions since it's in the central business district of the town.

  • 2Cyrus K. 3 years ago
    Such a big mall without hardware items. I was disappointed.

  • 5Ishmael O. 3 years ago
    Fully contained utility, hospital, college and other amenities

  • 5Oliva K. 3 years ago
    Wonderful place

  • 5lizz k. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Walk around and see for yourself (Original) Tembea kwingi ujionee

  • 4Raban D. 3 years ago
    Nice place for a walk

  • 4willie k. 3 years ago
    Clean and awesome place for shoppers

  • 5Emmanuel R. 3 years ago
    A very important complex for social and business activities

  • 5Keya K. 3 years ago
    It's Lively and everyone is friendly

  • 3Charles G. 3 years ago
    Not much parking.

  • 4Ahori M. 3 years ago
    Set up

  • 5Chesire M. 3 years ago
    Great place

  • 5John O. 3 years ago
    I loved the nice shopping mall

  • 5Francis G. 3 years ago
    Growing city.

  • 5bouncy Kenya c. 3 years ago
    Place to be

  • 5Joseph G. 3 years ago

  • 5Yusuf F. 3 years ago
    Amazing place

  • 5Davy R. 3 years ago
    An awesome place to be

  • 5Anita M. 3 years ago

  • 3K H. 3 years ago
    Kitengela capital centre is located at Kitengela cbd along Nairobi Namanga road opposite Milele centre it is a commercial complex housing KCA UNIVERSITY, MADISON INSURANCE, CONSOLIDATED BANK, POST BANK, MUSONI just to name a few. It is easily accessible on the Nairobi Namanga road service line.

  • 5Martin M. 3 years ago

  • 5Prince is always a p. 3 years ago

  • 5Peggy A. 3 years ago
    My place my bae

  • 5Carlyn de E. 3 years ago
    Good n quality things

  • 4Rana A. 3 years ago
    Capital centre is very successful store

  • 5Keya C. 3 years ago

  • 5caspian g. 3 years ago

  • 4William M. 3 years ago

  • 3Benjamin M. 3 years ago
    Warm people

  • 5Keya M. 3 years ago
    place to be

  • 5fidelis k. 3 years ago

  • 5Jumah E. 3 years ago
    One of the most popular business hubs in Kitengela town. This building hosts most of the financial companies like Musoni, Consolidated Bank and others. There also exists multiple insurance firms operating from here. The location of this building plays a huge role as it's right on the Nairobi - Namanga highway.

  • 5Reuben M. 3 years ago
    Good shopping experience

  • 4Cynthia N. 4 years ago
    There's Naivas supermarket, which is a great place to shop!

  • 3Weedy M. 4 years ago
    Building hosts several banks, insurance offices and real estate offices. Incase you need these services. Although the lift sometimes doesn't work, it's not a bad place

  • 3Maraka E. 5 years ago
    This place have insurance companies, consolidated bank and National bank. Among others. Its close to Esidai Hotel and its accessible easily.

  • 5Benson M. 5 years ago
    Strategically located in kitengela town. The building has some consulting firms and specialists. There are banking facilities, as well as fitness center.

  • 5N. 6 years ago
    Its strategically placed at Kitengela making it convenient for businessmen to access hardwares,malls,market and stage...right place to establish a consultancy office and to set business

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