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  • 5jane n. 1 month ago
    I love doing my shopping there,The place is very calm, good customer service, Security is tight, always having clean toilets for their customers,good parking area and their products are of good quality,Visit and you will not regret...

  • 5Esther W. 1 month ago
    Milele center is a place to be,it's consists of many rooms to let for as low as 8k par cub,it contains many businesses eg; Dressmaking, Nail therapy,salon,Maasai dresses name then.

  • 4Gordon P. 1 month ago
    Ample parking and quiet place

  • 2Maureen M. 2 months ago
    No parking and the place is congested as hell.

  • 5Jackson M. 2 months ago
    Can't wait to go back there ?

  • 5mulani P. 3 months ago
    Great place for clothes shopping

  • 4L. 3 months ago
    Has a number of clothes and shoe stalls. Also hidden there is a Jumia pickup point

  • 4BILLY A. 5 months ago
    Spacious with alot of businesses you can easily get different shops under this one roof.

  • 5Winya N. 7 months ago
    WINYA TRAINING COLLEGE- KITENGELA Is a Middle Level Recognized College; Situated at 3rd Floor, Suite II- MILELE CENTER KITENGELA, Behind Nomad Hotel- Along Powerstar Supermarket and Nomad Hotel, Off Namanga Road. INTAKE IN PROGRES FOR DAY, EVENING & WEEKEND CLASSES: WE OFFER COURSES IN: SCHOOL OF ICT: MS Office Suite(Packages), Web Design (HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVA Script, Word Press, JOOMLA & MySQL); AutoCAD, Archicad, REVIT-MEP, MS PROJET; Certificate in Computerized Accounting (SAGE & QUICK BOOKS), Certificate in Advanced Excel; & Certificate & Diploma(Module I- III) in ICT. SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY : Artisan Food & Beverage, Artisan Cookery, : Certificate & Diploma(Module I- III) in Food & Beverage Production, Service & Sales Management: Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management; Diploma in Pastry & Bakery; LANGUAGES: FRENCH, ENGLISH, KISWAHILI, CHINESE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Certificate & Diploma(Module I- III) in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Sales & Marketing, Accountancy; ARTISAN in Salesmanship, Storekeeping: Certified Public Accountant CPA(Foundation Level ,Intermediate level, & Advanced Level; .Formally-Part I Section I&II, Part II Section III & IV, Part III Section IV & VI); Accounting (Technician) Diploma ATD SCHOOL OF HUANITIES & SOCIA SCIENCES: National Certificate in Social Development; Diploma in Social Work and Community Development. SCHOOL OF Journalism & Mass Media Studies. TRADE COURSES: (GRADE III,II,I) Food & Beverage; ICT(Computer Operator); Beauty Therapy, Electrical Wiring; & Plumbing.

  • 3Dennis B. 8 months ago
    Spacious for car park and strolling. Lots of businesses too!

  • 5roy m. 1 year ago
    Well place for a photo shoot

  • 5Salim I. 1 year ago
    Busy shopping arcade in the city

  • 5Miss N. 1 year ago
    Anything you want from clothes,chemist,entertainment,decor,shoes,gifts,beauty,repair,everything is available

  • 5elite c. 1 year ago
    Amazing place Original Cosmetic Products and Pricing good.

  • 5Jacob M. 1 year ago
    Great ear nose and throat consultancy services

  • 5Emperor Gebreselassie j. 1 year ago
    Very ideal place for shopping all sort of things are readly available

  • 4kennedy n. 2 years ago
    Ample parking area, busy environment and well managed property, clean and organised

  • 5Kevin Basaka I. 2 years ago

  • 5Christine N. 2 years ago
    Ample parking with no noise

  • 4Rodgers O. 2 years ago
    Good service

  • 5stephanie w. 2 years ago
    Good shopping centre. Loved it

  • 3Ati J. 2 years ago
    Has lost its lustre since anchor tenant left, great if you want to shop liquor, phones, insurance, clothes or eat in a place without much hustle

  • 5Jack o. 2 years ago

  • 4SOSTHENENES R. 2 years ago
    Plenty of space

  • 3Juspah M. 2 years ago
    Parking can be difficult to find sometimes

  • 5Boniface K. 2 years ago
    Calm and cool environment!

  • 5Kitengela N. 2 years ago
    Awesome business premises...

  • 5Maureen O. 2 years ago
    Nice place to be. Selling classy things

  • 5kiogora m. 2 years ago
    Too many shopping Mall in this place. loved the set up.

  • 5Rahab K. 2 years ago

  • 5Christine a. 2 years ago
    It's a nice business place

  • 2Wada B. 2 years ago
    Deserted building but still has essential services like bank, pharmacy, insurance companies, dental services etc

  • 5Eric N. 2 years ago
    Great experience

  • 3Collins O. 2 years ago
    Fashion hub of need that clothe,that shoe...March straight to Milele.

  • 5Patrick O. 2 years ago

  • 5Adah K. 2 years ago
    Nice place to relax with a cup of coffee

  • 5Barry I. 2 years ago
    It's a very clean place,it's a ONE STOP SHOP!. Theryre very many businesses operating within the premises such as banks, colleges, cybers, salons/barbers, tailors, vines & spirits, stationary shops plus many more. They have vacant shops as well. A place to definitely visit.

  • 3Ramadhani H. 3 years ago
    Organized environment

  • 3Tony K. 3 years ago
    Quite a nice business park next to kitengela mall. Alot of offices there. You would want to rent one, they are slightly cheaper than those in the mall.

  • 5Faith M. 3 years ago
    Awesome area

  • 5geoprecise s. 3 years ago
    Nice parking

  • 5milton w. 3 years ago

  • 5paul m. 3 years ago
    Modern, one stop mall

  • 2Lerionka S. 3 years ago
    A shell of its former self with more empty shops and poor services

  • 5Miss A. 3 years ago
    A great place to be

  • 1Julius N. 3 years ago
    Shadow of the former self

  • 4Mungai J. 3 years ago
    Was a nice shopping place for the whole family until naivas supermarket vacated making it less attractive.

  • 5Acg M. 3 years ago
    Nice place and you can even spend a day here

  • 4lizz k. 3 years ago
    Like it

  • 5Oscar M. 3 years ago
    Great Ambience

  • 3Lloyd N. 3 years ago
    A great experience

  • 2Anthony N. 3 years ago
    Not so much going on there. Their anchor client ie Naivas ,left the mall along with many other businesses. Its a bit of a ghost mall.

  • 5Omar L. 3 years ago
    its has ample parking spaces,it also has a lot of shop spaces ,but since naivas chain of supermarket relocated to kitengela mall the place has witnessed low traffic ,but since its just along the high way ,red heron has a lot of potential to pick up business ,so you u looking to rent just try it out,also it host a lot of different small businesses ,boutiques,cyber cafes,advocates etc

  • 5Young d. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Gang gang🤘🏾🤘🏾💯💯🇰🇪 (Original) Gang gang🤘🏾🤘🏾💯💯🇰🇪

  • 3Wachira G. 3 years ago
    The place has lots of shop space but most have been vacant for a long time. They have ample parking space but one has to pay for it per hour making the place expensive for shoppers. Since Naivas Supermarket relocated from here to another mall, there is low human traffic leading to low business for this old mall.

  • 1Simon T. 3 years ago
    Since supermarket moved nothing much there

  • 5Mwaniki M. 3 years ago
    Nice shopping mall

  • 4Sir Jose M. 3 years ago
    Amazingly spacious. Enough parking

  • 4Ndung'u J. 3 years ago
    Big parking lot, tight security

  • 5Mwaniki K. 4 years ago
    Good place with shops

  • 3Njeda General S. 4 years ago

  • 5Ruth S. 4 years ago
    Love this dress/place

  • 3joel o. 4 years ago

  • 4Roy A. 4 years ago
    Big with efficient parking space, though since Naivas relocated have never visited the place

  • 4Tony M. 4 years ago
    Place deserted after naivas moved

  • 5Sela J. 4 years ago
    It is the best mall

  • 3stephen k. 4 years ago
    Shopping mall with variety

  • 5Omoyo c. 4 years ago
    In terms of business you can succeed

  • 5simaloi f. 4 years ago
    Very spacious..nice mall

  • 3David O. 4 years ago

  • 3Jonah N. 4 years ago

  • 5Allan G. 4 years ago

  • 2JOSEPHINE WAYUA M. 4 years ago

  • 1Eshuchi Wa O. 4 years ago
    Which one is this now?

  • 3Nellie K. 4 years ago
    Good security

  • 3hellen m. 4 years ago
    Good shopping center

  • 1Irene K. 4 years ago
    Poor service

  • 2Jermaine M. 4 years ago
    It is a ghost town..few reason for going there

  • 2David N. 4 years ago
    Lately the place is experiencing subdued activities, perhaps due to exit of Naivas supermarket.

  • 5Yvan S. 4 years ago

  • 3Anthony D. 4 years ago
    Shopping mall Kitengela

  • 2Rosemary S. 5 years ago
    Its a nice place to be just wondering why one has to pay for parking while shopping

  • 3Stephen P. 5 years ago
    Decent Naivas. Solid liquor store. Good hardware downstairs. Otherwise, meh

  • 2pauline n. 5 years ago
    Fix the toilets... Esp on 2nd floor

  • 2Kariuki N. 5 years ago
    Nice place to shop

  • 3Jared M. 5 years ago
    Good place to learn

  • 5the r. 5 years ago
    My work of piercings

  • 5African R. 5 years ago
    Best shopping mall in kitengela

  • 3Vanessa M. 5 years ago
    Great place to set up a shop

  • 3Rachael J. 6 years ago
    Its very cool

  • 5joseph m. 6 years ago
    Cool and lovely

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