• 4Flavier K. 4 weeks ago
    It's a small place with the available stores, e.g, grocery store, pharmacy, beauty salon, gym, and the like. It's not crowded so easy to move around. Small and simple place.

  • 4Eston Wanjohi K. 3 months ago
    Well placed residential area,ample parking very clean environment and we'll organized

  • 4Meshack M. 3 months ago
    Its is a good place and in a very nice land with no maddy soils the area is tarmac road around its surroundings

  • 4Stephen M. 3 months ago
    A holistic environment, great ambience and convenience. It's a good place to raise a family as it's far from noise and air pollution

  • 4Melvin D. 3 months ago
    This is a thriving Mall which has a nice restaurant called 39 th Street which serves very nice pancakes and coffee, a Hospital called Patient Choice Hospital which is more of an outpatient facility with many unfinished clinical areas still under construction and a Pharmacist at the ground floor called Syokichem Pharmacy which has the distinction of being manned by 2 very knowledgeable Registered Pharmacists.

  • 3I am T. 5 months ago
    The stalls are well spaced Though the fish stall fills a lot of smoke in the mall (should work on their ventilation) Customer service expectations were met Their washrooms however are very dirty

  • 5Rhoda M. 5 months ago
    Great place to shop. Very convenient for most of your needs. The staff is quite friendly.

  • 5P M. 7 months ago
    Quaint and very busy mall and affordable too

  • 3Samuel Murunga W. 7 months ago
    It's business oriented,offers basic requirements and deliveries come quickly.

  • 3Bernard G. 8 months ago
    The parking is insufficient, mobile money might not work in shops on the ground floor due to poor network.

  • 4Evis M. 8 months ago
    Variety of of business activities are here...the experience is super cool.

  • 3E. H. 8 months ago
    Nothing much just your ordinary neighborhood mini mall with kiosks and a mini mart. Has good parking space and you can get basic stuff you need but at a slightly overpriced rate.

  • 5Bertha W. 9 months ago
    The electronics shop on ground floor is legit. Esp for phone chargers and extensions. There's a salon and barbershop on first floor which is ever busy with good and affordable services

  • 5Jacob M. 11 months ago
    Its well designed and located for the residents of great wall.

  • 4Brian O. 1 year ago
    Usually bustling with activity I'd recommend getting smokies at the entrance

  • 4Enock M. 1 year ago
    All we need at our home place. Well managed and quite clean.

  • 5Kevin M. 1 year ago
    This place is a residential space that doubles up as a shopping center. Lots of small businesses, ranging from hair stylists to food vendors, to wines and spirits

  • 4Deborah K. 1 year ago
    To get here, take a matatu from the petrol station at afya centre. Currently the fare is 100 off peak and 120 peak. Wish it closed a bit late. 9 30pm for a building within the estate is really early when that's when people are arriving from work. There is a variety of things and services (2 minimarts, salons, clean washrooms, a hospital and pharmacy, butcheries, fast food places, gaming shop, gyms, etc) in the shops however the prices tend to be higher than your local kiosk.

  • 4Philip B. 1 year ago
    It's a good mall to do quick and essential shopping preferably small quantity. The mall has mini supermarkets, hospital, pharmacy, fast food cafes, coffee shop, cyber cafes, photo studios, toy shop, grocery shops, gyms, saloon, barbershops, video games center and so much more. Most of the shops open from 7:30 am till around 9:pm at night.

  • 4sammie c. 1 year ago
    The security is top notch. I guess this is one of the few places they still want you to have your on the entire shopping time. It’s small but I love that they’ve got everything I want.

  • 5mwadime M. 2 years ago
    39th street cafe. A very relaxing and chilled restaurant/bistro. The interior is very modern industrial with a rustic designer feeling.. The price is pocket friendly and the food well done and presented.

  • 5Maytrix A. 2 years ago
    Amazing place with fitted stores and medical centre

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