Georgia Aquarium

One of world's largest aquariums, with permanent exhibits, interactive galleries & animals galore.

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Georgia Aquarium - Aquarium in Atlanta, United States

Marine world to over 120,000 animals

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225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States


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4.60 (45225 reviews)

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  • Thursday: 9AM to 6PM
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  • 5Julia R. 6 months ago

  • 5JUDAH Q. 7 months ago
    Everything was so clean that you could smell the bleach and disinfect through your masks. Calm down on the harsh chemicals, we don't wanna create a SUPER BUG/VIRUS!!! Besides that the family/kids loved and truly enjoyed our experience, we definitely recommend if your visiting ATL soon.

  • 5David W. 6 months ago
    Awesome place, good for the whole family. I will suggest getting a bite to eat before coming as the food prices here are astronomical.

  • 5Hortencia C. 6 months ago

  • 5Amber G. 6 months ago
    Absolutely amazing! Best aquarium ever!

  • 5Oscar Manuel Contreras A. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Incredible!!!!! (Original) Increíble!!!!!

  • 5John B. 6 months ago
    Love it!!

  • 5Jacqueline G. 6 months ago
    Loved the HUGE whale sharks!

  • 5lionel p. 6 months ago
    Great place

  • 5Wanda P. 6 months ago

  • 5Tabitha S. 6 months ago
    Best aquarium

  • 5Zach E. 6 months ago
    Best aquarium in the United States. Possibly the world.

  • 50. 6 months ago
    Vegan food friendly. Nice, clean facility. Service dog friendly. Courteous staff, great service

  • 5Missy W. 6 months ago
    We visit yearly. .. so excited about the new exhibits

  • 5Susan W. 6 months ago
    A place that's been on my bucket list for a long time! So much fun!

  • 5jean l. 6 months ago
    A must with family. Did spend some money but the experience was awesome

  • 5Janelle R. 6 months ago
    Love this place and all of the exhibits. Standing in front of the huge tank and watching whale sharks swim by is amazing. The Beluga whales are always entertaining. And with all of the plexiglass partitions installed, they have done a great job in dealing with the new normal.

  • 5R. 6 months ago
    Wish you were here

  • 5Pricila T. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very beautiful the whole place the species there like the extraordinary whale shark (Original) Muy hermoso todo el lugar las especies allí como el tiburón ballena extraordinarias

  • 5June S. 6 months ago
    Super fun aquarium! A must see in Atlanta! Gave me seaworld vibes 🦈🐬🐠

  • 5Joe M. 6 months ago
    The general admission ticket is good enough to enjoy a great experience. My favorite parts were the dolphin show and the shark part of the aquarium.

  • 5Justin B. 6 months ago
    Great place to take family or date ect.

  • 5Victor B. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Magnificent (Original) Magnífico

  • 5Leandro P. 6 months ago
    Amazing place. The best acuarium we have ever been. The shark place is great, we love every single place and the big screen with the shark wales and all the sea life is.......aaaaamazing. can't recommend this place another, stop for the best experience in your life

  • 5Ryan M. 6 months ago
    The Georgia Aquarium was a great experience! My wife and I spent the entire day there and it was definitely worth it. Parking is actually quite convenient, although it was odd keeping the ticket with you instead of with the car. The walkway from the garage to the Aquarium is covered, which was an added bonus. All of the exhibits were amazing, and as you can expect, the whale shark exhibit was pretty awesome. Lunch at the cafe is expensive, but definitely worth the price due to its convenience. The 4D experience was pretty much a joke, so I wouldn't recommend wasting your time with that. All of the other exhibits were pretty great though. If we go back to Atlanta, we will definitely stop by again!

  • 5Y D. 7 months ago
    Probably a little too many people for most peoples comfort at the moment. But it sure is a lot of fun. The new shark exhibit is creepy and exciting. My favorite are the sea dragons. Also don't forget to check out the alligators they are a bit hidden and another top pick. Food is not so great with limited selection, but plenty of great choices once you leave around the area. But all around you will have an amazing time as long as its not way too crowded.

  • 5Nabiha n. 7 months ago
    The place is so beautiful. Though it was a bit crowded but we really enjoyed the time there. We watched the Dolphin show. It was amazing. Whoever is planning to go there please check the show times before you go so that you can plan accordingly. We didn't pay for early reservation with extra 5$ for the Dolphin show, still we managed to get seats with good view. Besides Dolphin show they have some other shows but we didn't watch them. They have different sections in the aquarium such as Ocean voyage, dolphin coast, shark etc. Make sure you visit all of them. One of my friends said the aquarium is more beautiful during night time. But I am not sure as I went there in daytime. They have some food corners there. We didn't eat there so don't know abou the prices. For the car parking its best to reserve aquarium's parking online with $15. We didn't do that and end up paying $20 for another parking near aquarium. We couldn't find any cheaper parking there.

  • 5Nathan S. 6 months ago
    We love the GA Aquarium. With COVID they require reservations so we picked an early morning slot and there was very low crowd density. Attractions that have folks seated together for a long time are closed, sadly but appropriately, like the dolphin show, or areas that would be confined in small spaces like the penguin-viewing tunnel. Seating for food was in a huge ballroom so we were at least 30 feet from the nearest family eating. Other areas were blocked off to create social distancing for the touch tank and the big viewing window. The new shark exhibit was fairly bare bones but I think it had enough supplemental displays to inform but not so many that there were crowd congestion. The sharks are pretty sweet, too. This is the first time our 2.5-year old has been to the aquarium since she was a newborn and she absolutely loved it. Kept talking about the beluga whales for days. Be careful with masks, social distancing, and use the provided sanitizer stations and it seems like a low-risk family outing spot, especially if you go early before the crowds.

  • 5Brooke A. 6 months ago
    The tanks are phenomenal--well stocked with amazing sea life. Cool little gaming distractions for my 5yo as well. Hand sanitizer stations are well placed.

  • 5Carito R. 6 months ago

  • 5April I. 6 months ago
    Fun for adults and kids

  • 5Blessed j. 6 months ago
    Very different but that's thanks to covid. Besides that it was a great access some places that I'd love to show my son but overall Ah-Mazing experience. I'm very well spent. We got great photos and I cannot wait to make babies first aquarium experience album. ❤❤

  • 5David A. 6 months ago
    Great place to take family. The best aquarium I have been to.

  • 5Ashley M. 6 months ago
    We loved it and enjoyed are time are first time coming here

  • 5Lucia T. 6 months ago
    Beautiful place!!..

  • 5Edwina R. 6 months ago
    Absolutely loved it!

  • 5D X. 6 months ago
    The best and largest aquarium I have been too.

  • 5J. 6 months ago
    There's tons of incredible exhibits with everything from otters to whale sharks. The food is overpriced (of course), but the admission fee is well worth it.

  • 4Daniel R. 6 months ago
    Best Aquarium in the world. One of the people in my party has a service dog and they did not let her go in for some reason. She had it labeled as a service animal and had all of the paperwork also. Other than that, the aquarium was awesome with so many different fish and animals from many different depths of the sea.

  • 4chaz r. 7 months ago
    The wife and I enjoyed most of our time here. 4/5 stars due to some of the staff not enforcing the mask rule. Felt extremely crowded during the afternoon... Go in the morning. Otherwise an very nice visit. Definitely worth the time and money to go there. I feel very positive that the animals are treated very well here.

  • 4D. 6 months ago
    Smaller than I thought it'd be. No dolphins in the exhibit. Maybe that's a consequence of the dolphin shows, in which case my rating would still be 4/5. If you're visiting Atlanta, you have to visit the aquarium.

  • 4antoinette r. 8 months ago
    A lot to see here. We saw the new shark exhibit. Wished they had a guided tour to explain what we were seeing. There is a lot of written descriptions but it would have been nice to have someone live. We did the behind the seas tour which was great. It's about 30 minutes long and you go behind (on the other side) of the tanks and see where they feed the fish and how they keep replenishing the water that the fish swim in. Definitely worth the extra $15 for this tour. When trying to book it on their website it appeared as though the tour was sold out but make sure to click on the box with the tour time and a drop down will appear with other available times. For $35 my husband and I also got a cartoon sketch of ourselves in color. Takes about 15 minutes once you get in the chair. It came out great! Some real talented gentlemen doing this work. We prepaid for parking on the aquarium website. There is a special entrance for the prepaid parking. Just look for the signs that say "prepaid parking" as you approach the aquarium. We redeemed our prepaid parking at the exit because I wasn't able to redeem it at the kiosk because although it's prepaid you still need a ticket to exit. There was an employee working at the garage exit and he was able to help us redeem our prepaid ticket. Turns out the reason I wasn't able to redeem the prepaid ticket at the kiosk was because my phone was in dark mode and the scanner couldn't scan my prepaid ticket from my phone.

  • 4Jacob D. 6 months ago
    Place was great. Staff were really nice. Food could have been better. Didn't expect food to come frome a hot box. Didn't know how long it had been sitting.

  • 4Taneshia P. 6 months ago
    Loving the new shark exhibit. One of the boys favorite spots. A must see when visiting Georgia.

  • 4Ekene M. 6 months ago
    Great experience. Somehat pricey when you get inside with food and other experiences especially with kids. Overall its a bucket list must

  • 3Hopeless H. 6 months ago
    Honestly, I would wait till after the pandemic. It's a beautiful aquarium and I am looking forward to a future visit BUT I would not have went had I'd known how busy it was. Masks are being worn but distancing is not a thing. The Aquarium is taking reservations but not obeying by it. Total disappointment because it would have helped with the overcrowding. If you are dead set in visiting, make show reservations as soon as you buy your ticket! The dolphin show is by reservation ONLY! Don't miss out like I did :(

  • 3Glenys P. 6 months ago
    It is very fun but my concern is about the covid protocols. There's no way to keep any social distance and didnt notice any limited capacity. It was packed the day we went .

  • 3Elena A. 6 months ago
    I would’ve probably given the aquarium a 5 star rating if I was given the opportunity to see the entire aquarium without being told it was closing time. They sold us tickets for 7pm, but never mentioned that the aquarium closed at 8pm!! One hour is not sufficient time to look around and admire, but they do exit you through the gift shop which remains open!(of course to make more $$ off you) Also, it’s highly priced! Paying almost $40 per person for less than an hour experience is nowhere near worth it!! Now, other than my complaint about the rate and time; the aquarium itself is very nice! The shark exhibit and the tunnel, are awesome. We didn’t have time to admire everything and missed even seeing other fish. Not sure if it was because of the time, but it appeared as if they had turned off the lights to certain exhibits making it hard to see . For our first time experience, coming from out of state, we were at first excited and amused but then that quickly turned into frustration and sadness!

  • 3Don W. 6 months ago
    Too expensive for what it is. For that price, it should have been a guided tour.

Last updated: 2021-01-21