Inman Perk Coffee - Atlanta

Independent neighborhood coffee shop serves up an extensive drink menu, desserts & local art.

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Inman Perk Coffee - Atlanta - Coffee shop in Atlanta, United States

$ Art-laden neighborhood coffeeshop

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240 North Highland Avenue Northeast h, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States

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4.30 (384 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 7AM to 6PM
  • Thursday: 7AM to 6PM
  • Friday: 7AM to 7PM
  • Saturday: 7AM to 7PM
  • Sunday: 8AM to 7PM
  • Monday: 7AM to 6PM
  • Tuesday: 7AM to 6PM


  • 5Natalie c. 1 year ago
    Excellent coffee shop right off the beltline.

  • 5Xav n. 9 months ago
    Great coffee and staff... Cool outdoor area to do people watching. And they provide masks and sanitizer if you don't have any. Sadly, not all businesses are ready to spend money for your safety so it's worth being mentioned.

  • 5Zaire O. 11 months ago
    Been coming here since before the quarantine. They have a very clean facility and every one is very nice and professional. They practiced social distancing by seating everyone outside and encouraging mask use. The staff is dry but efficient. I will definitely be back.

  • 5J M. 9 months ago
    Nice place , good food and fast service.

  • 5Osvaldo L. 1 year ago
    Great service.Thank you!

  • 5Joshua S. 1 year ago
    Wonderful, they people working today are excellent and made great drinks and food. 💕

  • 5K. 1 year ago
    inman perk and java lords are my favorite cafes to work on a laptop. the staff at inman perk are as warm as the coffee, food, and ambience. music is never too loud. the bathrooms have a nice ambience and has cool music playing in them. i miss the boost to mood and productivity this place would give me after i joined a co-working office and after corona had me stuck working at home. you probably can find curb parking now, but i would park on hale street if there was no curb parking. internet can be slow at times and will temporarily go down at times, likely from people streaming, but i use my own 4g data anyway.

  • 5Danielle W. 1 year ago
    Awesome space to get work done! I’m pretty much addicted to the white mocha. 😊

  • 5. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) Inman Park is a coffee shop in Goods Street. There are many restaurants nearby, and dinner is especially busy! The coffee shop itself is very chill, suitable for meeting or office. Mainly wooden tables and chairs, the lights are a bit dim, and the background music can be very rocky. The price of coffee is more expensive than Starbucks. I personally think it should be $$, but at the time of this comment, Google Maps marked $. I'm not a hardcore coffee master, so I won't comment on the taste of coffee! (Original) Inman Park吃货街中的咖啡店,附近有很多餐厅,晚饭时段都特别忙!咖啡店本身很chill,适合见面或者办公。以木质的桌椅为主,灯光略暗,背景音乐可以很摇滚,不注意还以为走进了一家bar。 咖啡的价格比星巴克贵,个人认为应该是$$,但在此评论发表时谷歌地图上标注的是$。 我不是hardcore咖啡大师,所以就不评论咖啡的味道啦!

  • 5Maverick M. 1 year ago
    Seating for groups, electric outlets for laptops, and medium priced coffee that makes me say yum; these are the things that keep me coming back every time. Thanks for the awesome service. 10/10 ☕

  • 5Andrew B. 1 year ago
    The environment is dim and loud, but staff and coffee are great!

  • 5Murray D. 1 year ago
    Better than Starbucks. Loved it! Give it a shot and judge for yourself!!! This is coming from someone who actually managed a Starbucks.

  • 5Chris S. 1 year ago
    Great coffee!! Cute designs in the foam ❤️

  • 5Sotonye M. 1 year ago
    I went in for a quick cup of black coffee and a croissant. Great customer service, they warmed my croissant perfectly. I enjoyed eating in the sitting area in front of the shop and will definitely be back again.

  • 5Amy K. 1 year ago
    Tasty, mellow, calm

  • 5Megan C. 1 year ago
    Great place. Feels like a grunge coffee spot from the 90’s and I love it.

  • 5Will J. 1 year ago
    Great coffee, good food options, comfortable atmosphere. Parking can be a little tough though

  • 5Lucas W. 1 year ago
    Great coffee and gorgeous baristas

  • 5William P. 6 months ago
    Outdoor seating and demonstration of social distance practices while ordering. 2 thumbs up 👍

  • 5Nafis Z. 9 months ago
    One of my favorite coffee shops!

  • 5Olita F. 1 year ago
    As of 6/23/2020 you can't sit inside and mask are required but don't let that stop you from enjoying an excellent cup of coffee served by professional courteous baristas.

  • 5E. 7 months ago
    Great local coffee shop with good food bites as well! Baristas are always super friendly and calm. Outdoor seating during COVID is great too.

  • 5Meghan M. 8 months ago
    The bill was fair I would say.

  • 5Shellane D. 9 months ago
    Cute little gem in Inman Park. Will always go here instead of Starbucks. Great service and love how they also serve beer too.

  • 5Ashley G. 8 months ago
    Pretty good coffee. The staff can be a little blunt but I think it's just from being a busy coffee shop. The coffee comes out fast.

  • 4David A. 9 months ago
    Looks nice we were driving bt

  • 4Pouya A. 1 year ago
    Coffee and pastries, etc. are good, but not great. This place's strengths are that it is a good place to get work done, and is locally owned and operated.

  • 4Matthew N T. 1 year ago
    Great place to visit with a neat surrounding area. The Café was comfortable, it had wifi, clean restrooms, and outlets on the ground to plug in your devices. The coffee and food were both very good! I had a hazelnut latte with a ham and swiss croissant. In regards to parking, it is a bit difficult to find a spot near the café. Lastly one restroom was out of stock on toilet paper during my visit.

  • 3Joshua H. 9 months ago

  • 3Max H. 1 year ago
    Ok coffee. Good, but slow service. Very poor wifi

  • 3Tommy F. 9 months ago
    Great coffee. Sort of a grimy feel to it, don't look too closely in the cracks and corners. Lots of seating, but the place stays packed during "study hours" (pretty much all the time). Dog Owners: They've got super-handy leash hooks on the exterior of the building, and [almost] always keep a full bowl of clean water nearby.

  • 3omar a. 1 year ago
    Hygiene needed

  • 3Jordan B. 8 months ago
    Food was great i got the lox bagel but coffee was not so good tasted a bit burnt and had a lot of grounds in it

  • 3Aaron B. 1 year ago
    Decent coffee, needs more comfortable seating.

  • 2Nathaniel Z. 1 year ago
    Coffee is ok. But customer service blows. Long haired dude is very unfriendly

  • 2Ana Melissa H. 2 years ago
    The cafe is located in a lovely area. However, the service is not good at all. I bought a sandwich and they told me they would let me know when it was ready. 20 minutes later, I went to ask the employees about it just to realize it had been sitting at the counter for a long time (it was already cold).

  • 2melayna p. 8 months ago
    Such a cute idea for a coffee shop, but I’ve been disappointed every time I’ve gone (3 times). It’s not well decorated, very dark, and music may or may not be on. The whole vibe of the place is the opposite of perky. The workers are not the most friendly or welcoming. It’s almost awkward to order.... Wish it gave off more happy vibes, like Central Perk!

  • 2Genevieve S. 1 year ago
    It’s a cute spot and I really wish it had different owners because it could do so well, but I’ve been there four times to triple check how I felt. Worst chai I’ve ever had and costumer service is just horrendous.

  • 1Ashley B. 9 months ago
    Mediocre coffee and be ready to pay these cheapstakes for a mask to get a cup of coffee and be in their store for less than 2 minutes.

  • 1Laura E. 1 year ago
    Most unfriendly people working at the counter. One employee gave me a hard time about ordering iced coffee with no ice. I do this for sanitary reasons (I live in the apartments above) and he made me feel like I was getting away with stealing more product. Honestly this place sucks, is overpriced, and they need new management.

  • 1K. 10 months ago
    Wow! Walk in and this is what you get! No music No one says “your welcome” When the customer says thank you. Dark Room Nothing welcoming about the space at all— Thanks for reminding me we are in a Pandemic! Wake up people Drink some coffee Make your customers feel Welcome!

Last updated: 2021-01-21