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  • 5H. Q. 1 year ago
    I went for my B-day, and I loved it. So tranquil and energized afterward. I only went to enjoy the beach and grabs some seashells and rocks touched by the sea, but unfortunately, it was hard to find whole shells, and there were no smooth sea rocks to be had. In any case, I still enjoyed the beach. Also, I must warn you about the Rainforest restaurant, they overcharged for certain dishes that may be mundane, so I suggest before you go to Atlantic City, New Jersey for fun that research place to eat and their menu prices if you plan on eating out.

  • 5MiniJellal (. 6 months ago
    After a disastrous weekend trip to Long Island (Not Long Island's fault) I decided I owed my friend and I a do-over. She reminisces about her family vacays to Atlantic City so I chose that as our destination. First time there for me. We weren't disappointed!!! We had a great time walking and riding the tram along the boardwalk Saturday and Sunday. Perfect fall weather. Ocean was beautiful. Spend the money for an all day tram rides for $10 per adult.

  • 5PIYUSH K. 6 months ago
    We visited this place in August end, this place was really a happening place. There's a Casino which is worth trying your luck. The boardwalk have vehicle service which charges $4 per person one side. The beach is very close by where you can enjoy the breeze and low tides. We reached around sunset and the reflection of the buildings were really giving a scenic view. usually crowded, people can be seeing enjoying themselves by playing, dancing, reading books. Lifeguards are available till 4:30. Restrooms are available till 9pm and they are very neat and clean. You can easily find roadside parking for $4. there are parking lots nearby which offer 8 hours for $7, better choice if you gonna spend more time on the beach. Atlantic city is losing it's charm so just go there for beach.

  • 5James M. 9 months ago
    Wonderful time. Boardwalk has many stores, variety of food, and a good ambience. Also the Miss America statue was cool lots of people getting pictures being “crowned”. The amusement park was fun as well.

  • 5Joohee S. 9 months ago
    It looked more quiet than I thought. It is said that many people visited before. It is better to take a walk on the street with an ocean view than the interior of the fancy casino. a row of shops and restaurants. I think it is a street where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze.

  • 5John D. 7 months ago
    Took my wife and MIL (Mother-in-law) for a week. It was wonderful. From the Steel Pier to Irene's, to the casinos, the outdoor dining, everything. Wonderful beach weather and great people. A marvelous free show of Wicked at the Kennedy Center. Truthfully, I couldn't ask for a better time. Thank you.

  • 5Jennifer G. 1 year ago
    Loved seeing the memorials right off the boardwalk. Especially for the lives lost on September 11th 2001 I will never forget that day. I was at Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi during my technical training for weather. I was on a break when I saw the plane hit the building live on CNN right in front of my eyes so crazy to see that tragedy in grained in. I thought the worst thing that happened when I was a child was the Challenger disaster with losing that crew including the female school teacher. I also loved the Korean War Memorial as well since I know my history of all the wars in the past and I luckily didn't have to be in Korea when I was in, but wanted to see Asia.

  • 5Daisy D. 1 year ago
    Atlantic City Boardwalk is a unique and vibrant place. I always love coming here. There is so much to do between all the casinos, the carnival 🎡 right on the Boardwalk, shopping, beach bars, the beach and ocean is right there and lots of restaurants! This is one of the 4 free beaches in Jersey where you don’t have to buy a beach badge! It’s 4 miles long you can walk and get a boardwalk bus for the rest of the way for $10 a day. They are sprucing it up, more stores, casinos of all kinds endless fun and food! I must add that I went a month ago and saw only 1 homeless person who was minding his own business. I also saw security on bicycles patrolling as well as lifeguards. Be careful how deep you do go in the water as there were riptides and there are sharks coming up the Atlantic as close as 20 ft from shore. They have helicopters 🚁 patrolling for sharks and when they see one it is “sirens going off and they announce everyone out of the water “ I also saw the news doing coverage after that! During the daytime I would say it is a safe affordable place to bring your family and children don’t miss the pier full of rides and games next to the Ferris Wheel try those big cones of ice cream 🍦 try and eat them before they melt!

  • 5Empowerment E. 1 year ago
    Nice venue. Not too small not to big. Just right. Leave early very early for any event. It was very windy and rainy for this venue. The legends of hip hop. The staff and entry into the event is very smooth and professional. The bathrooms are very clean. I am an educational consultant and I met so many future friends and clients empowerment educational services. This is the museum and the legendary Slick Rick. That gold is breathe taking. He was the best. Slick Rick KRS1 Freeway Uncle Luke DJ Kool Kid Capri Kid and Play Roxanne Shante Dana Dane Kool Moe D DJ Red Alert 🚨. I may have left some one out. But shout out to Philly because Philly People were the majority. They showed up!! The outfits 😍 ✨️ ✨️

  • 5Sourav Kumar U. 1 year ago
    Its one of the largest and finest broadwalk to visit… Known as the Las vegas of eastern side, Atlantic city differs from other casino cities by this broadwalk with amazing sea views on one side and casinos on other …

  • 5Cee D. 1 year ago
    This is an open air market place behind the hotels/casinos. There are some great little shops to explore while you are absorbing the breath taking views and get in your calorie decreasing steps. While that may be a liar because the food and drinks were good so don't plan your diet around this trip because it probably won't work.

  • 5Nicole's Fun and Learning Family Child C. 1 year ago
    Great time as always!!! So much fun and entertainment throughout the boardwalk. We go every year the same time as the airshow.

  • 5Vanessa E. 1 year ago
    Loved it!!! Awesome to go for a walk with fam, your couple or alone!

  • 5Michelle D. 1 year ago
    I have been going to the beach with my son for the past two summers and it is amazing. The sand and water is clean, there is always a lot of room between people on the beach itself, the boardwalk is well maintained and there is plenty of choices for food and entertainment.

  • 5michael c. 1 year ago
    Love the boardwalk, so many shops, food vendors, games, casinos and then the steel peer with the giant ferris-wheel, it's the largest ferris-wheel on the west coast, over 350 feet each seat is enclosed and has air conditioning and heat.

  • 5Sherry L. 1 year ago
    It's an iconic typical tourist trap. Plenty to do plenty to see. Bring your wallet💸💰💳🤑 It's definitely somewhere that everyone should go to at least once.

  • 5Anwar Md H. 1 year ago
    Sun, sand, towering resort hotels, the bustling Boardwalk, the awe-inspiring Atlantic -- this is one beach party you don’t want to miss. The Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches are famous, and rightly so. Everything you could possibly want is right here within walking distance, from shops to five-star restaurants to casinos, attractions and great shows -- all benefits of being one of the few American beaches with boardwalks. What better way to cap a day of shopping, shows and gourmet dining than a pleasant sunset walk on the shore? And should you want to venture into the waves, you can surf, fish, parasail or embark on a relaxing cruise. Construction on Atlantic City’s world-famous Boardwalk began in 1870, and from then on it has become an America icon. Stroll along the Boardwalk and enjoy ocean views on one side and shopping on the other, ranging from high-end retail to saltwater taffy shops. Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk activities include surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Explore the many NJ beach activities here and plan for some summer fun at Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches today!

  • 4Max B. 11 months ago
    It's a sad Era of what it used to be. So many stores closed! So many homeless everywhere you turn. Not too many people here. Maybe once it gets warmer, it'll get better.

  • 4Rustan P. 8 months ago
    Very cool boardwalk lots of people tons of stuff going on. Just needs to be updated around somethings in the area. Very long and overwhelming crowded at times. Fun times in chill beach

  • 4Allen L. 10 months ago
    On the east coast this one of more famous beach areas, although it wasn’t bad, but to be honest I’ve had much better experiences on beaches and stuff in the past. It’s not a very clean place it just felt kind of dirty and grimy all the way around. We stayed at a Airbnb and there were flies everywhere it was impossible to sleep. The nice thing however was that the restaurants are pretty good and the sunrise was beautiful. Good for a weekend getaway but not for a vacation.

  • 4Sneha W. S. 9 months ago
    It’s one of the famous places to be on over long weekends. But I’ve been to better beaches and places than AC. But if there’s no where else to go, can always come here. It’s isn’t that bad. Got beautiful views, nice food and the casinos are right bu there.

  • 4Jason S. 9 months ago
    Nice walk. Beautiful beach, the pier is really nice and interesting architecture as you get farther down. Shops are typical touristy shops. But I had a nice time there.

  • 4mustafees k. 6 months ago
    It's a great place full of middle aged people. Most of the people came here with their families and relatives. There are fireworks around 9 pm that kids can enjoy. The casinos are great and the night life is great too.

  • 3Jennifer P. 1 year ago
    Enjoyed myself. Casinos were clean. Candy shops were fun. A lot of shops weren't open and I took the Jitney from the Borgata. So far so good

  • 3Doa A. 8 months ago
    I was visiting from Maryland and was disappointed in this boardwalk I’ve been to way much better beach area. This boardwalk draws so much Hispanics and African Americans and super crowded. There is a nice amusement park and lots of shops and restaurants. They had a few concerts with local artist. The boardwalk past the amusement park and in front of Ocean hotel was better and more calmer. Before this point everything smelled heavy of marijuana-not good for people trying to enjoy themselves. Not coming back.

  • 2C. 1 year ago
    Not my cup of tea anymore. Everything seems to be closing down. What was opened or survived during covid, is obviously overpriced. Only good thing was that today as it was not crowded, managed to get some nice shots of the place for ourselves without it being congested with people. Went to the mall off of Bally's casino; was deeply disappointed. There were but 4 pushing 5 stores being opened. The entire upstairs and rest of the mall was closed down permanently. Out of business and erased from existence. What more is left to do on there hun gamble and even that is a disappointment as the place seems dilapidated.

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