Hidden gems: Bars and Pubs in Austin, United States

Find the Hidden gems: places in Austin that you must visit based on the 624684 visitor reviews from 886 places in the city. Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas and the seat of Travis County, with portions extending into Hays and Williamson counties.
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  1. Austin Karate Academy   -   5.00 (34 reviews)
  2. Seoulju Korean Kitchen and Bar   -   5.00 (13 reviews) Late-night food
  3. Techo Mezcaleria & Agave Bar   -   4.80 (76 reviews) Mezcal speakeasy with a rooftop patio
  4. Academia   -   4.80 (67 reviews) Live performances
  5. The Good Life Bar Bar   -   4.80 (62 reviews) Underground bar behind a barber shop
  6. Bar 508 Mezcalerita   -   4.70 (61 reviews) Funky spot for tequila drinks & Tex-Mex
  7. The Front Page   -   4.70 (45 reviews) Bar games
  8. Upstairs Circus ATX   -   4.60 (78 reviews) Cocktail bar with craft-making stations
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What's a Hidden gem?

We call places hidden gems that are new, extremely good, but are not that popular yet - you should check them out. The criteria is to have a rating of 4.5 or more and less than 100 reviews.

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