Top rated Vegan Restaurants in Baloda Bāzār, India

Ratings are based on 3,549 people reviews from 11 vegan restaurants in the city.

Top rated Vegan Restaurants in Baloda Bāzār

  1. 4.10 Hotel Rasoi Inn   (2632 reviews) Low-key budget hotel with a restaurant
  2. 4.10 shree aanand marvadi thali restaurant   (56 reviews) No dine-in
  3. 3.90 Invitation Restaurant   (177 reviews) No dine-in
  4. 3.70 Hotel Park Plaza   (334 reviews) No dine-in
  5. 3.60 The Madanraj Restaurant   (168 reviews) No dine-in
  6. 3.40 Little Bawarchi Veg Restro   (80 reviews) No dine-in
  7. 3.30 DEEPAK SWEETS   (32 reviews) No dine-in
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This page was last updated on Feb 27, 2021.