Find the must places to see in Bansang

Bansang is a town in the Central River Division of the Gambia, with a population of 8,843 (2012). Although the official government center of the Division is located in Janjanbureh downstream, Bansang has better access to the more affluent coastal region of the country, and is sometimes considered the unofficial "upcountry" economic capital.
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Most reviewed Tourist Attractions in Bansang, Gambia

  1. Kachikally Crocodile Pool   -   4.20 (252 reviews) Tourist attraction
  2. Bijilo National Park   -   4.10 (229 reviews) National park
  3. Albert Market   -   3.90 (104 reviews) Market
  4. Wassu Stone Circles   -   4.00 (35 reviews) History museum
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