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Same road as SHELL PETROL KIOSK located between SUMMIT PARADE and PELICAN HOTEL, 45, Jalan Cengal, Batu Pahat Garden, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia


+60 19-775 8723

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2.90 (85 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Thursday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesday: 10 am to 6 pm
  • Wednesday: 10 am to 6 pm


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  • 5Wei Ling T. 1 year ago
    Brought my pup here to neuter. The Dr did a very thorough full checkup and explained everything in detail and patiently to me. The Dr even explained there's two options for neutering and the pros and cons of each. In the end the surgery went well and job well done. You will be paying a slightly more premium price but your furbaby will be in good hands. Can't put a price tag on health anyway. Really appreciate the after service checking up on my pup too. Thanks for everything Dr =)

  • 5Melanie P. 1 year ago
    I'm so glad I found this clinic because I have a 6mo+ cat that accidentally got pregnant when I was away and only realized when she was already 1m pregnant. Many clinics i approached won't allow spaying/abortion to pregnant cats even though it will be high risk for them to give birth due to not fully developed birth canal. I can see that Dr Mohan cares a lot about pets' wellbeing and understand my concerns. He is willing to spend a long time to explain all details you need to know in depth about your cats. Even brought out all the books and journals for you to refer e.g. types of parasites, spaying options, vaccinations required, untreatable illness/virus (Diabetes & FIP), normal weight levels and so on. It was a good lecture session with Dr Mohan 'cus I learnt new things and asked tons of questions, the dos and donts. Im so relieved that the surgery was a success. He called me when the surgery is over and even though there were complications due to blood vessels formed for the fetuses, he ensured that she is safe and will be fine. In conclusion, i think the consultation and surgery worth every penny. Thank you for saving my cat, Dr Mohan!

  • 5Erin A. 1 year ago
    The best clinic i've ever seen...the professional skills from the doctor and very good explanation..the price of the medicines quite expensive but for me they're reasonable and affordable as long as my kitten well treated..need to prepare much more money to spend but at least thats only way we need to sacrifice for the cuties

  • 5Arfah A. 1 year ago
    The first time I bring my cat to this clinic. The clinic is very clean and tidy. My cat was having stomachache due to worming and I already get him treatment at other pet clinic. Sadly his condition getting worse. Decided to bring him to Hari Pet Clinic after go through the review. Dr. Mohan gave a very detail explanation on my cat's condition and a variety type of medication for my cat. Yes, the treatment in here is a bit pricy but the result is marvelous, and Dr. Mohan is a veterinary with vast experience. So it's worth every penny especially when it comes to saving the life of your beloved pet. Thank you Dr. Mohan :)

  • 5Andrew T. 3 years ago
    Dr.Mohan and his staff are very kind and polite. I brought my pet dog, a German Sheppard due to some critical problem with its stomach. It went through an operation for cancer and is healthy now. The price was very reasonable for the treatment, medication and boarding. This clinic is very recommended to those who own pets that need to undergo major operations and even minor treatments. 5 STARS GIVEN.

  • 5Mohanarajan P. M. 5 years ago
    I brought my Rottweiler and Great Dane to Hari Pet Clinic recently. The doctor Dr.Mohan is very experienced having more than 30 years of experience and the treatment charges are reasonable compared to what I used to pay in KL. The clinic staff are very helpful and they take their time to explain things to me. I would definitely recommend him to my friends who keep pets. I have also tried other veterinary doctors in Batu Pahat but they are not as good as Dr.Mohan

  • 3The R. 2 years ago
    The service is great. Consultation is okay but the charge is pretty EXPENSIVE. If you are student with no stable income but seeking for medical treatment for your beloved pet it's better don't make this clinic as the first choice.

  • 2L Y. 5 months ago
    The price agreed came out to become double at the end of operation, totally unreasonable. Doctor did pretty good job in the stitching, but will charge for every services with hidden charges. The bill is not itemised , just a handwritten bill.

  • 1nadia 6. 1 year ago
    The doctor charged price which is too expensive. I spay 1 female cat charged at RM425 at this clinic. The standard price to spay female is RM150-180 in the market. KPDHNKK said this clinic got complaints on price charge. So they refer to veterinar association on the price. And they said, you as the customer has many choices for you to go for veterinar service. Choose the clinic which charge standard price for the same service and the outcome for the pet will heal, will be the same compared with if you went to this high price charge clinic. The price is very high if you compare the standard veterinar service charge. The business model focus on HIGH PRICE to target SMALL NUMBER OF CUSTOMER. Like a business targeted for rich people. Unlike other clinics which charge STANDARD PRICE targetted for MANY CUSTOMER. So the latter will be highly profitable because will be chosen by many owners. Choose other clinics when the money is an issue to you.

  • 1Raja N. 1 year ago
    Called to ask about the price charge. But the man answered was very rude. Keep saying it's lunch time and I shouldn't call that time. I asked why his tone was very rude and he got angry and screaming "ei ni masa makan" It was already 2pm la bodoh. Not professional at all. Bodoh baik aku pergi klinik lain, tak payah la buang duit kat klinik unprofessional macam ni. Better pergi BP VETCARE. Harga murah, doctor and assistants very kind. Sangat sangat professional. They treated the animals and the owner of the pets with respect. Update: Thank you for the advice, mak ayah saya ajar bersopan santun dengan orang yang reti respect orang lain je. You need to earn respect with respect, sir.

  • 1Syamim H. 1 year ago
    Overpriced, expensive and overrated, thats all i wanted to say firstly to summarise my whole review, i went to his clinic and his treatment doesn’t help my cat to recover, the consultation fees is absurd and dr mohan even mark up the medication by triple the price.This clinic is definitely not suitable for b40 especially during this hard time.He even said he is one of the most experienced dr in this town but for me, his experience is just okay because he cant even give me the right solution to treat my cat and his fees is too much for his “experience” .Then i consult another vet clinic in taman flora (aeon big area), I received better service, better clinic and better treatment with very low price(up to 80% less). If you don’t believe me, please go and survey his consultation price with other clinics, your jaw will drop once you discover the difference.

  • 1F. 6 months ago
    Beware of the pricing of this clinic...especially nowadays consumers can easily get references from the internet. They charge x7 more expensive than the price we check on Shopee, which is too much!! FOR THOSE ARE GOING THERE, MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR RECEIPT AS A PROVE, SO THAT YOU HAVE EVIDENDENT IF FURTHER ACTION NEEDED.

  • 1Mohamad N. 3 months ago
    Haha so funny.. i just call for know about procedure sunat my cat.. my question is do i have make appointment for the procedure? The him someone pick up my phone answer like yell me through the phone.. because another client fault, because not come for the appointment, and him sit very with the time. and then him said to me if you want to do the appointment you much make some deposit if not, don’t do make appointment..

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