Omar Al-Mukhtar Mosque - Mosque in Benghazi, Libya

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43JG+XWM, Benghazi, Libya

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4.30 (91 reviews)


  • 5Rafek Ali (. 3 years ago
    Easy access

  • 5muez 2. 9 years ago

  • 5Ahmed A. 9 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Oh God, make us among those who establish prayer and maintain it in its times, Lord of the worlds (Original) اللهم اجعلنا من مقيمين الصلاة والمحافظين عليها في أوقاتها يارب العالمين

  • 5Libya M. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Great mosque for worshipers (Original) مسجد كبير للمصلين

  • 5Hani S. 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) One of the houses of God, may God accept our prayers and supplications (Original) بيت من بيوت الله ربي يتقبل منا الصلاة والدعاء

  • 5المعتز . 1 year ago
    (Translated by Google) All the houses of God are good and blessed, because the bliss in the Hereafter is greater than the bliss of this world (Original) كل بيوت الله طيبة مباركة لان النعيم في الاخرة أكبر من نعيم الدنيا

  • 5سليمان . 3 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Really amazing (Original) رائع جدا

  • 4علي . 3 years ago
    Very quiet place

  • 4Ahmad M. 11 months ago
    (Translated by Google) small and beautiful mosque, May Allah accept from us and Muslims 🌙 (Original) مسجد صغير وجميل، والله يتقبل منا ومن المسلمين 🌙

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