Sculpture gardens with driftwood artwork Das Driftwood Museum & Park - Park in Bhagalpur, India

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Darabpur, Bihar 812004, India



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  • 5The Invincible I. 1 year ago
    Serene and Calm place to hangout.

  • 5sonu s. 1 year ago
    best Service provid sie thanks

  • 5Karan Kumar S. 1 year ago
    Very beautiful place for couples.

  • 5O. 1 year ago
    nature 😌

  • 5Abhishek S. 1 year ago
    Quite impressive wood driftwood makes alive all the way

  • 5priya k. 1 year ago
    i just loved this place, nice environment and everything is good

  • 5RAHUL K. 1 year ago
    Placid place

  • 5Sourabh K. 1 year ago
    Place for couples not good for family

  • 5Mayank K. 1 year ago
    Nice place to chill

  • 5Satyam B. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place. And for couples this place is perfect

  • 5STS T. 1 year ago
    nice place

  • 5rohit s. 1 year ago
    Nice place.. you can spend time with your love. Best personal space place

  • 5DINESH T. 2 years ago
    The park is Very nice. People like to come here for winter afternoons. Most left portion of the park is the couple favorite area. Families stay in right hand portion of the park. Nice swings but food stalls are best. I visited with Hp India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Team

  • 5madhu s. 2 years ago
    Great ! Park ! Literally my favorite place on earth, I’ve been coming here annually for over ten years and I don’t see that changing any time soon. All the birds are amazing and the staff are so friendly and helpful, the enthusiasm they show in the bird displays every day is clearly genuine and their contribution to the conservation of endangered species is incredible. Very Attractive Park !

  • 5ramesh d. 2 years ago
    One of the World best driftwood park. You can hangout with your friends, your loved ones and family members. Also great place to take pictures. THANKS TO MY HUSBAND

  • 5SURBHI M. 2 years ago
    It's a Fully family park. It's a beautiful park. Public toilet for men and women are available separately. For sitting benches are also available. Here croud is awesome. So many people comes here. Here entry is free of cost. Overall it's a good simple and small park.i know this place personally. Awesome feeling..Great Park !!!

  • 5AKELA P. 2 years ago
    Yes. I enjoy relaxing outdoors in nature. I like taking walks in what is supposed to be a safe area. If the weather is nice, I enjoy sitting under a tree with a book or playing an instrument softly (if there aren't many people around the park).

  • 5SWATI K. 2 years ago
    One of the best among all the parks situated in City Bhagalpur. A place wherein you can have a wonderful experience of nature and mankind creations, particularly one who wanna spend a sweet time with their acquaintances can have the fair value of their time.

  • 5ANAMIKA J. 2 years ago
    The park is very big and beautiful. This place connects with me emotionally, as since childhood I have been spending my leisure time here. The park is equipped with beautiful flowers and is regularly maintained by the gardener. I along with my friends, every evening go to park to play badminton and other games. Also, the park is well equipped with the area like a basketball court, tennis court and what one desires for. Also, every morning my grandparents go on a walk to this park and perform yoga. Sometimes we all like to walk barefoot on the grass and sit and relax in the park. I like the park near my house.

  • 5IBM K. 2 years ago
    EVERY PERSON AND MYSELF .I LOVE THIS PARK , This park is best for enjoying with friends, family and also for couple' has big area and many types of flowers they are so beautiful and very big park. The trees are shaped in round which is a special senery here. The area of park is very good. The park is maintained well. The whole place is neat and tidy. The park is quite and calm.

  • 5UJJWAL C. 3 years ago
    Wander full

  • 5S.D Creations & I. 3 years ago
    It is my birth place

  • 5LAXMI S. 2 years ago
    Nice Park !

  • 5Rishi R. 5 months ago
    Nice place for hangout with friends.

  • 5Manish K. 2 months ago
    Very nice place spend time with your girlfriends is very good here is museum

  • 5Learn German with Abhi K. 9 months ago
    It is a nice place in Bhagalpur, where you can enjoy with your Family and children. Children can enjoy the Train Ride, Tora Tora. There is also a beautiful Park and the Restaurant.

  • 5Uddeshya P. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place for friends and couple. I recommended to everyone should visit(with entry fee). You will feel like another world. Now In 2021, Lots of chances on this place I am sharing older pic at 2017.

  • 5Pratosh K. 9 months ago
    In Bhagalpur such kind of park and museum.. it totally amused me... Location is awesome... Although it's in under development.. you will not triggered if you visited now... It has for everyone be kid, young or old.. has kids play area, live performance plateform where you can show your talent.. under construction museum building where you will see unique kind of driftwood work.. it's has resturant.. icecream palour.... Location:- Famous Budhanath Temple Entry Fee:- ₹30

  • 5Ashish B. 1 month ago
    1. Best place to visit with Family in Bhagalpur. It's nearby Budhanath mandir. 2. Kind of park and museum with amusing people. 3. Location is awesome you have to visit by Boat 4. It's for everyone like child and family. 5. Negative point is that some college rural couple spoil the positive environment of the park. 6. There are under-construction museum building as well 7. Food and tea are very costly 8. Entry fee is Rs 30.

  • 5KANIKA S. 2 years ago
    I have never seen this type of beautiful park in Bihar..Very Nice Park....!

  • 5Rishikesh R. 2 years ago
    This is my one of the favorite Park.

  • 5Amod K. 2 years ago
    Very nice green park . Park is situated at the bank of river .Very Good !!!!!

  • 5SONALI M. 2 years ago
    I visited several time with my parents , very lovely park !!

  • 5SAURABH P. 2 years ago
    India best driftwood park. You can hangout with your friends, your loved ones and family members. Also great place to take pictures. Great ! Once again one of the best park in India......

  • 5PRABHAT S. 2 years ago
    GREAT PARK !!!

  • 5prabhat k. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice place. Due to being on the other side of the river, the atmosphere here is quite calm. (Original) बहुत ही बेहतरीन जगह है। नदी के उस पार होने की वजह से यहाँ का माहौल काफी शांत है।

  • 5M. 2 years ago

  • 5PRITY D. 2 years ago

  • 5Mustafa J. 2 years ago
    Had a good time

  • 5Harsh n. 2 years ago
    Nice place

  • 5Ekta K. 2 years ago
    Nice to be hear "Very good park so much clean and staff service is also so much good""

  • 5Alpha Marble and Granite K. 2 years ago
    Amazing park 😍 innovative idea and a great effort loved it 😊❤️

  • 5Akanksha j. 2 years ago
    Nice place to hang out.....

  • 5Kshudirampally S.S. B. 2 years ago
    Awsome atmosphere

  • 5Rintu R. 2 years ago
    I love this place its located in ITI More in Malda town amazing creation of green city project.

  • 5Narayan Chandra M. 2 years ago

  • 5Bidyut G. 2 years ago

  • 5DPR V. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Apurba (Original) অপূর্ব

  • 5DEBDAS S. 2 years ago
    Good place

  • 5joker d. 3 years ago
    Its awsome place...i love it

  • 5gopal s. 2 years ago
    This place famous Named by ITI More

  • 5AMAR D. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) ITi more malda (Original) ITi more malda

  • 5Banty K. 3 years ago
    Best place to go

  • 5THE D. 2 years ago

  • 5Koushik R. 2 years ago
    Pics full place

  • 5kelvin s. 3 years ago
    most probably the biggest fountain in maldah. beautifully decorated.

  • 5Md Sirajuddin A. 2 years ago
    Nice place

  • 5CHANDAN L. 4 years ago
    He was a philosopher, academic educator, writer, translator, printer, publisher, entrepreneur, reformer and philanthropist. His efforts to simplify and modernize Bengaliprose were significant. He also rationalized and simplified the Bengali alphabet and type, which had remained unchanged since Charles Wilkins and Panchanan Karmakar had cut the first (wooden) Bengali type in 1780. He also forced the British to pass the widow remarriage act.[3] He received the title "Vidyasagar" (in SanskritVidya means knowledge and Sagar means ocean, i.e., Ocean of Knowledge) from Sanskrit College, Calcutta (from where he graduated), due to his excellent performance in Sanskrit studies and philosophy. Noted Bengali mathematician Anil Kumar Gainfounded Vidyasagar University, named in his honour.[4] In 2004, Vidyasagar was ranked number 9 in BBC's poll of the Greatest Bengali of all

  • 5Md Mahamud A. 2 years ago
    This statue is reminder for reached Malda from Ratua,my village

  • 5Kazi Naurin A. 2 years ago
    Beautiful fountain with small park for evening walker

  • 5Ankur A. 2 years ago
    Wonderful place to get ready for the ceremonies like Marriage, Birthday, Anniversaries, Parties, etc

  • 5PROSENJIT R. 3 years ago
    Iti more

  • 5Biswajit C. 2 years ago
    It's amazing and fantastic roadside scene

  • 5Noor A. 2 years ago
    Good view

  • 5Sahil s. 2 years ago

  • 5MANAB KUMAR D. 2 years ago
    Nice replica

  • 5Narayan Chandra M. 2 years ago

  • 5Debapratim S. 3 years ago
    Very nice looking and mind blowing place to visit .

  • 4Samipendra B. 2 years ago
    The statue that remembers one of India's greatest social reformers. This year is his 200th birth Anniversary.

  • 4Traveller A. 1 year ago
    #Dwiftwoodpark situated in between the gangetic plan. This place is very safe and calm for all(Family, Kid, Couple). Beautiful garden, small pond, swan, many sulpture and butterfly these all give you the inner peace and happiness. Many photographic location are created: artificial as well as natural. #bhagalpur #bihar #budhanath

  • 4Biki D. 2 years ago
    A small park center of road and a beautiful place.

  • 4Pranav K. 1 year ago

  • 4Jisun A. 2 years ago
    Nice one

  • 4danish v. 2 years ago

  • 4Subhomoy M. 2 years ago

  • 4Ankit D. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Adda marar vlo jaiga (Original) Adda marar vlo jaiga

  • 4Prashant Y. 1 year ago
    Lovers point h ye

  • 4a. 1 year ago
    Nice place to enjoy weekend with friends family or someone special. Nowadays it's favourite spot of couple. Mostly crowded always. Place is created and organised very well. Nice management. Staffs are good at their work but not trustworthy as some of visitors reported dispute against few of staffs that they sometimes uses hidden camera to misuse privacy of visitors, rest are good. Nice views. Lighting awesome. The small river with small boat to reach this location is the best part here. It now have a small bridge of woods, decorated and organized very well. Surrounded with nature and filled with fresh air. Photography lover must visit here frequently. Some infrastructure development work is still going on here, in upcoming time something more special will be available here for visitors to see enjoy and explore.

  • 4Ricky B. 4 years ago
    This statue is recreated and renovated under Gren City Project of Govt of West Bengal under Malda Municipality. Now this is fully decorated and also create a small green park. Nice place for hangout with family and children.

  • 4Rohit K. 1 year ago
    Good place to escape from the maddening crowd of Bhagalpur and find some solace!.... There are a number of interesting art works here as well as a decent restaurant inside having reasonable rates. There is a lot of scope to expand this museum and it is small in size. If interested, there is a lot of vacant land outside this museum as well where people can take a walk along the banks of Ganges.

  • 4Tanya J. 1 year ago
    Awesome place

  • 4TARIT B. 2 years ago

  • 4Lg N. 2 years ago

  • 4vivek v. 1 year ago
    Very nice

  • 4shashank s. 1 year ago
    Nice place.

  • 4vishwajeet r. 1 year ago
    The park is a very good place to visit. The atmosphere here will give you a different feel. But you can not go here with your family because here you will get to see the kissing scene openly, if the administration stops it then this place will not be less than heaven.

  • 3Soumyadeep C. 2 years ago

  • 3Subhankar S. 2 years ago
    nothing see or travel

  • 3swarnendu c. 2 years ago
    Its a piece of art which is situated in the cross road. Nothing more nothing less.

  • 3H. 2 years ago
    One of the nice place to visit in bhagalpur , can be developed more , restaurant is costly.

  • 3Tathagata C. 2 years ago

  • 3Masum B. 2 years ago
    It is a place between roads.

  • 3Mayank J. 1 year ago
    I think this place is only for couples

  • 3Mohit k. 1 year ago
    Good but improvement required.

  • 3Kunal S. 3 years ago

  • 1Vikas Narayan J. 2 years ago
    Don't like this place...bad memories.

  • 1Anand K. 2 years ago

  • 1E. 2 years ago
    It is not a park. Just a fountain is having here.

  • 1SK NURUL I. 2 years ago
    My gosh

  • 1krishna m. 3 years ago
    Kamat Stand

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