Ramganga River - River in Bidhūna, India

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  • 5B. 5 years ago
    Very nice place

  • 5rizwan a. 4 years ago
    Holy river

  • 5Nitin P. 4 years ago

  • 5Anup C. 3 years ago
    Beautiful ram ganga river please visit here

  • 5Manohar Singh R. 4 years ago
    Holy river

  • 5जय राजपुताना �. 4 years ago

  • 5AER W. 4 years ago

  • 5PIYUSH A. 4 years ago
    polluted river

  • 5Ashutsh K. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Mind is a charming place (Original) मन मोहक जगह है

  • 5Rajesh K. 5 years ago
    (Translated by Google) As follows (Original) Sbb

  • 5govind T. 4 years ago
    holy river

  • 5Avadhya T. 2 years ago
    Beautiful place.

  • 5Ttiutrshingle N. 11 months ago

  • 5AMIR K. 4 years ago
    Beautiful river. You can tour to sundarban through this river.

  • 5dharamraj c. 3 years ago
    Sunset view is very good and nice peaceful place

  • 5atul d. 4 years ago
    It is the river which passes through corbet nantional Park. It is originated from the dudhatoli (pauri garhwal). As the corbet national park is well known for its tiger reserve and other vegetation, river ramganga allow to bloom them.

  • 5Shabista K. 5 years ago
    Very good river. I live in moradabad from where it pass. But now from few years ago the river is getting polluted

  • 5Nabakumar M. 1 year ago

  • 5Nagendra Singh Chauhan C. 3 months ago
    Historical river

  • 5shiva**** b. 3 years ago
    My house

  • 5Bhavishya P. 3 years ago
    There was a beatiful sunset & people enjoy it

  • 5Basudev M. 3 years ago
    Y fiftieth Gyjhyy Thursday night 21st

  • 5अरविन्द सिंह �. 4 years ago
    Very Good Place

  • 5Love u Z. 4 years ago
    Very nice place and very clean water in river

  • 5h. 4 years ago
    This is the only river of gana in bareilly

  • 5Rasmita S. 6 years ago
    I love this place because it has a good sinectic view

  • 5Damodar ji Maharaj Tyagi j. 2 years ago

  • 5Hero B. 3 years ago
    Small River

  • 5LALJEET S. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Laljeetsingh (Original) Laljeetsingh

  • 5Dr. V. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Nature the best, so 5 star kya millions of stars bhi de dunga. (Original) Nature is best, so 5 star kya millions of stars bhi de dunga.

  • 5Daily F. 4 years ago
    Clen river.

  • 5MANOJ KUMAR S. 4 years ago
    thanks Google

  • 4ashish k. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Ramganga River from Moradabad Rampur Bareli from Uttarakhand meets with the Ganga in Kannauj district from Farhokabad Hardoi, Shahjahanpur. (Original) रामगंगा नदी उत्तराखंड से मोरादाबाद रामपुर बरेली शाहजहांपुर फर्रुखाबाद हरदोई से कन्नौज जिले में गंगा से मिल जाती है

  • 4BHARAT P. 5 years ago

  • 4Sumangal B. 2 years ago

  • 4abhijit c. 4 years ago
    Nice place to relax away from maddening city crowd.

  • 4Abhishek K. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Jai Mai Ramgange, the holy water stream of cold water (Original) शीतल जल की बहती पवित्र जल धारा जय माँ रामगंगे

  • 3Vikas p. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Vikaspal7740 (Original) Vikaspal7740

  • 3Rajeev S. 4 years ago

  • 3sheel g. 4 years ago
    River is very much polluted.

  • 3Danish S. 11 months ago
    Ramganga river is nice to visit herepeople are spoiling the river and nature now from few years ago the river is getting polluted

  • 2sunil j. 4 years ago

  • 2Jeet Sharma S. 4 years ago
    Very durtiy pleace

  • 2Lakshay V. 4 years ago
    Very dirty

  • 1Joydev M. 2 years ago
    All right

  • 1KHOOB CHAND G. 6 months ago
    Super 🪔

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