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  • 5/5 Thomas M. 3 years ago on Google
    The park is already amazing but in mid-2021 it's being updated to be handicapped-accessible. This is excellent! That also will make it better for people pushing baby strollers and anyone with limited mobility. So: You may find parts of the park off-limits due to construction.
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  • 5/5 A S. 1 year ago on Google
    Lovely park to take a stroll or a picnic
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  • 5/5 Terese H. 1 year ago on Google
    A relaxing park that is near Place de Tourney in Bordeaux city. Here you will find the Nature and Science museum, an outdoor cafe terrace, space to picnic and play games. There is a children’s carousel and a small boat for the picturesque water feature. Open till 8pm in summer.
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  • 4/5 Marina L. 10 months ago on Google
    Wonderful garden! It’s really calm, peaceful and there are lots of shady spots with benches where you can sit, relax and cool down, which we’re loving during the current heatwave. As it’s a botanical garden, there are also so many different plants and flowers blooming, which is a really pretty sight and makes the garden smell lovely too. Don’t hesitate to come to the public garden for a lovely morning or afternoon stroll!
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  • 5/5 Ionel N. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) It's beautiful ... natural (Original) E frumos..natural
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  • 5/5 Elena K. 2 years ago on Google
    Such a lovely place, very cute and very clean. Had an amazing afternoon there.
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  • 4/5 Victoria B. 1 year ago on Google
    Lovely park for a picnic. Great atmosphere and plenty of spaces to lay down our blanket!
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  • 5/5 Deleted User (. 1 year ago on Google
    I visited Jardin Public with my family last weekend and we had a wonderful time. The park is beautiful, spacious and well-maintained. There are plenty of benches, fountains, statues and flowers to admire. We enjoyed walking around the lake, watching the ducks and swans, and playing with the kids in the playground. The park also has a botanical garden, a natural history museum and a library that are worth visiting. The staff were friendly and helpful. We felt relaxed and refreshed after spending a few hours in this green oasis in the city. I highly recommend Jardin Public to anyone looking for a peaceful and charming place to unwind.
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  • 5/5 Marcus Vinicius C. 2 years ago on Google
    Gorgeous green park in the city center.
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  • 5/5 Steve H. 1 year ago on Google
    Beautiful park, large with lots of space to sit around on benches or on the grass. Plenty of space in the shade or in the sun. Kids play area. Ducks, pond. Botanical area with interesting plants. Room to cycle around the large paths. One of the nicest parks Ive ever been to. Recommended.
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  • 5/5 Luh F. 5 years ago on Google
    Very good spot to get sun, layin on the grass and enjoy a beer or two,sunshine and it’s children friendly also pets are allowed. There’s nice pond with ducks, goose and pigeons around.
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  • 5/5 William 2 years ago on Google
    Quiet. Relaxing. Pure air. Enjoyable.
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  • 5/5 Jac l. 7 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Nice walk along the Garonne. Fishing hut and greenery. Nearby it includes a natural environment of great ecological value: the riverside forest on the banks of the Garonne. It mainly consists of alders and willows, under which the angelica of estuaries develops, a plant protected at European level. The banks are selectively maintained by the city's gardeners, to preserve the hundred feet of angelica present. (Original) Jolie balade en bord de Garonne. Cabane de pêche et verdure. Il comprend à proximité un milieu naturel de grande valeur écologique : la forêt riveraine des berges de Garonne. Elle est constituée essentiellement d'aulnes et de saules, sous lesquels se développe l'angélique des estuaires, une plante protégée au niveau européen. Les berges sont entretenues de manière sélective par les jardiniers de la Ville, pour conserver la centaine de pieds d'angéliques présents.
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  • 5/5 Denis B. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Very safe (Original) Très sauvave
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  • 5/5 Alain E. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Quiet and relaxing corner outside of town (Original) Coin tranquille et reposant en dehors de là ville
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  • 5/5 Ian M. 7 months ago on Google
    Beautiful place to visit. Popular with locals , watch the squirrels, people cycling, some walking their dogs, others relax on the bench. There is also a cordoned off area for dogs to run without their leash.

  • 4/5 Ian H. 10 months ago on Google
    Rather weather worn public gardens with lake, pond, ducks n geese. Play equipment mainly for under tens.

  • 5/5 Kev F. 1 year ago on Google
    One of the best public parks I’ve ever been. Stumbled across by chance and what a wonderful surprise. Beautifully manicured gardens, a boating lake, punch & judy shows, old time dancing, bar/ cafe and hundreds of people playing in the sun. I would highly recommend a visit.

  • 5/5 Maggie L. 1 year ago on Google
    Sehr schöner öffentlicher Park, in dem man wunderbar ein Picknick machen kann. Es stehen auch einige Parkbänke bereit. Für Kinder ein schöner, großer Spielplatz vorhanden. Es gibt auch ein Café mit Sonnenterrasse.

  • 4/5 Noah R. 1 year ago on Google
    Pretty good experience , there are some animal that you can approach and take in picture and if you follow the principal path , you can find an area of grass where you can take your towel and just sit or lie down on it to chill with your friend or family There are a space for children's where you can find swing, a big wooden ship and some other things for children's Finally you can paid a ticket to do a tour of the park in a little boat that can contain 12 people max At all a pretty good experience

  • 5/5 Анна �. 1 year ago on Google
    Beautiful parc in the city centre. Maybe during late spring and summer could be open longer🥲

  • 5/5 William F. 1 year ago on Google
    Beautiful park in a great location. Absolute must visit to just sit and relax in a wonderful spot.

  • 4/5 Moran R. 10 months ago on Google
    Nice English inspired park. Came on a sunny afternoon and it was lovely to see the locals enjoying some ball games or just sunbathing on the grass. The cherry on top was a brief encounter with a red squirrel! 🐿️

  • 5/5 serena w. 1 year ago on Google
    Beautiful park! Great place to walk around, picnic, take your dog, and hang out.

  • 5/5 Bex A. 10 months ago on Google
    Lovely well maintained garden. We spent about an hour walking around. Lots of butterflies and a Hummingbird Hawk-moth but no caterpillars, which was what I was hoping to find. I did spot a Scarce Swallowtail butterfly which is something we don't have in the UK 👍🏽

  • 5/5 Lenu 7 months ago on Google
    There are ducks just running around, who seem to have no fear of humans which was quite entertaining during our stay. A lot of flowers and good gardening. Perfect place to just sit down on the grass. It closes quite early, which is the only downside (6pm)

  • 5/5 Francisco F. 10 months ago on Google
    Beautiful park, with a lagoon filled with wild life. The grass and plants are very well maintained. There was a huge area with pumkins, amazing

  • 5/5 Nicola H. 1 year ago on Google
    Love this place! It’s a fantastic park, very well kept, clean and quiet. A great place to go in the heat - plenty of space and shade. The large lake and area by the bridge is very beautiful and there is even a short boat ride around the river to look at wildlife. There is a botanic garden, a restaurant- bar on the terrace plus small ice cream cafe. For children there is a playground and a puppet show, and the natural History museum is in the corner. Great for picnics and strolls and a must see when in Bordeaux.

  • 5/5 Molly N. 1 year ago on Google
    Beautiful gardens a short walk away from the centre of Bordeaux. A wonderful place to sit and relax and admire nature. If I was lucky enough to live in Bordeaux I would visit Jardin Public every day!

  • 4/5 John S. 9 months ago on Google
    This is a wonderful park with winding pathways, two bridges over streams and wide lawns. There is also an eatery on one side and it accesses all parts of Bordeaux. Definitely worth a visit.

  • 5/5 Engee001 10 months ago on Google
    Lovely park for a relaxing walk and then coffee on the terrace

  • 4/5 Victor S. 11 months ago on Google
    Well worth a walk around stop for a coffee or a meal at the Orangey Cafe. Bit disappointed with labeling in the Botanical Gardens most of the plants were not named. I have lost the label at home in England and I know it is a hibiscus but what variety? See photo

  • 4/5 rajesh r. 5 years ago on Google
    Would have expected more Garden, Less walkways/jogging / running paths. Reasonably large space - found a good shaded spot for a siesta. Is a historic garden, read from my picture. Also had an interesting vertical wall. Forgot what it’s called.

  • 1/5 Henri G. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Park abandoned ... The last wheel of the coach (Original) Parc à l abandon... La dernière roue du carrosse

  • 5/5 Costan C. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Superb (Original) Superbe

  • 4/5 Véronique V. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Very pleasantly surprised I found the beautiful layout compared to a few years it is clear clean very lively green space I liked very much (Original) Très agréablement surprise j ai trouvé l aménagement magnifique comparé à quelques années c est clair propre espace verts très vivant j ai beaucoup aimé

  • 3/5 józsef o. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Little Flower (Original) Kisvirág

  • 3/5 Rosa B. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Possibility to walk the bike ride with children and animals.Pre stop tram Berges de Garonne. (Original) Possibilité de faire de la marche à pied du vélo promenade avec les enfants ainsi que des Animaux.Pre de l'arrêt du tram Berges de Garonne.

  • 5/5 Christine T. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Park not suitable for children. Here the quietude is queen, for this reason the cyclists put feet on the ground, the humans are asked not to make noise, the fishermen are there to remind you the tacit rules of the park. And that's good ! It is a wild and silent park. (Original) Parc non adapte aux enfants. Ici la quietude est reine , a ce titre les cyclistes mettent pieds a terre , les humains sont priés de ne pas faire de bruit , les pecheurs sont là pour vous rappeller les regles tacite du parc. Et c est tant mieux ! C est un parc sauvage et silencieux.

  • 5/5 Globetrot With M. 2 years ago on Google
    A calm and nice park in the city of Bordeaux. We had the chance to visit it in Autumn so we marveled on the beautiful colors of trees and plants. You can also admire the black geese and birds around the park. If you’d like to, you can take a boat tour in the canal.

  • 3/5 Abdulaziz A. 2 years ago on Google
    The garden is good for a walk or a chill. It gets kinda boring, and the botanical garden was catastrophic

  • 5/5 Michel -. 2 years ago on Google
    Beautiful garden. You should see it.

  • 5/5 Radion B. 5 years ago on Google
    The perfect Park for relaxation, reading, escaping stress, hanging with fiends or just having a walk. In sunny days you can find shelter under the trees shadows or grabbing a (not so good) drink at the bars nearby. The park is beautiful and packed with animals near the water. Around you see the perfect representation of a French park like on famous paintings. Recommend for everyone!

  • 3/5 June A. 1 year ago on Google
    Expect seagulls and cute alleys. The main botanical part is on the other side of the river.

  • 5/5 Nikola H. 2 years ago on Google
    Very nice place to hang out alone or with friends as locals do. Perfect place for sports in the heart of the city, but at the moment huge restorations are ongoing, especially in the alleys, so the running paths are kinda shortened because half of them are impacted. Nice coffee/restaurant is located in the southeast part of the gardens.

  • 5/5 Jos A. 2 years ago on Google
    Nice park to have a stroll or just relax on the grass. It has a playground for the younger kids. Two automatic public toilets are however not enough for the amount of people visiting.

  • 5/5 Shuhong 1 year ago on Google
    Lovely little park with lots of shaded. Nice to hang out in on the weekend.

  • 5/5 Lyubov L. 2 years ago on Google
    Green and peaceful place for a hot day. There are canals with ducks and geese, lots of different paths and benches in the shade. Beautiful fruit trees - interesting to explore.

  • 5/5 Nicole 2 years ago on Google
    Really nice public garden in the city center of Bordeaux. It is well kept and full of people playing games or walking dogs. A very pleasant place to be.

  • 5/5 Sara D. 1 year ago on Google
    A very pretty park with lots of water for geese and ducks, flat pathways for walking or cycling, children's play areas, mature trees and a relaxed atmosphere near to the cathedral. We found a delightful bar and enjoyed a drink with a view.

  • 5/5 FAMILY O. 5 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Departure of the tram for Bordeaux center. Direct ideal !! (Original) Départ du tram pour bordeaux centre. Direct idéal !!

  • 5/5 Zippo G. 1 year ago on Google
    I love that there is a small public library in the park. Sharing knowledge is caring. You could read one of the books and put it right back. Well done 👏🏾👏🏾

  • 5/5 Özge E. 1 year ago on Google
    A nice park in the center of Bordeaux, a great place to escape the hectic, buzzing streets and find some peace while appreciating the nature. In the winter it is missing some flowers and such but it is still beautiful. You can also find a botanical garden inside, there are benches to sit, a public restroom and even a small library where you can borrow books 😊

  • 5/5 Drew S. 1 year ago on Google
    A really nice place to take a minute and just relax during a busy afternoon


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