Garoonka Diyaaradaha ee Bender Qaasim - Airport in Bosaso, Somalia

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Bossaso Airport, Boosaaso, Somalia


+252 906 796 900

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  • 5Bile A. 9 years ago
    Bosasso is the main city in the NE corner of Somalia. The city needs airport that will serve the neighboring cities and states. The Somali capitol is more than 1,000 km away, so it is not cost effective to use Adan Adde international airport, or other regional airports such as Jabuti or Barbara. Way to go. Thanks to the Italians and who ever helps build the Bender Qassim airport

  • 5Tony H. 10 years ago
    When I first arrived at Bosaso in 1986 it was no more than a smallish village and I am amazed to see it now in all it's glory. I was employed by Astaldi from Rome to run the Laboratory with respect to monitoring materials used in the construction of the road going 100 Miles south from Bosaso and that they were correctly used by testing them on a daily basis for various qualities. Later in that contract work started on the Long Sea Jetty using rock blasted in an area about 2 Km. East of Bosaso and on my final day there I did the soil survey ready for the upgrade of what was then the old wartime landing strip used by the RAF but maintained and used by Somali Airlines.

  • 5Brightling Co L. 1 year ago
    Best airport in horn of Africa, Puntland

  • 5Abdullahi A. 7 years ago
    i iliked i never see air port lake this they have excelent customer

  • 5Abdifitah J. 5 months ago
    The airport in Boosao city is called Bandar Bayla. It is a big airport on the famous beach in Bosaso city. I really didn't forget it. I used to work there from 2000 to 2002 when I was very young. I miss my home town

  • 5Shayma M. 2 months ago

  • 4Mwangangi M. 7 years ago
    Currently i am senior site inspector of works upgrading Bosaso airport. For those who are optimistic to visit this city by january 2016 2 month from now you shd land on this airport.

  • 3Badria A. 10 years ago
    CORRECTIONS: I think the names Boosaaso, bosaso, boosso, or even bosasso.... is misnomer, the correct name is Bossaso, Puntland State, Somalia.

  • 1Abdullah U. 5 years ago
    Price of exit so high it is 30 usd. Be careful

  • 1Galal B. 2 years ago
    Very poor airport

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