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  • 1/5 Mathieu B. 7 months ago on Google
    I strongly do not recommend this resort. Totally unjustified value for your money. Advertised as being a luxurious camping as in Glamorous Camping (Glamping) … not exactly what we experienced, to say the least. We spent two unpleasant nights here in July: 1. It has not been a good sleeping experience due to the earwig infestation that kept me, my wife and my two daughters awake for several hours each of the two nights of our stay at the Blue Bayou resort (dome #19). My youngest had one earwig crawling on her head while sleeping and I also got one on my pillow. They were everywhere : floor, walls, windows, sink, table, shower, beds!! We killed over a hundred specimens in total. The day after the first night, I informed the owner of the unacceptable situation. He told me that the three domes next to ours (#16-17-18) had experienced the same kind of infestation in the previous weeks but by his own admission, they forgot to treat our dome!! He therefore asked an employee to come and treat the inside of our dome with a product while we were inside …The whole thing turned out to be ineffective because the following night, the quantity of insects was unchanged or even higher. The owner even dared to tell me that we weren't the only ones to have earwigs in our dome at the moment but that we were the only ones complaining!!! The owner seems not to care at all given the fact that the problem has even been known for more than 2 years if we rely on other comments left here before. 2. Our dome was also very warm during the day feeling like a green house. There is no AC and the fan provided clearly doesn’t do the job. Better hope for a cool night otherwise it stays quite warm inside the dome at night. The sheets are minimalist and uncomfortable so you are probably going to push them away anyway. 3. We’ve been told that one cool thing about those domes is the transparent ceiling so you can watch stars at night. Another deception, it's been impossible for us to enjoy the sky during our stay. Our supposedly transparent ceiling was burned out by the sun so everything was blurry. Seriously, simply shameful and unacceptable.
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  • 3/5 Taylors T. 9 months ago on Google
    Loved the concept but definitely don't think the price justifies the value when it was more expensive than most of the hotels we booked while travelling the east coast! It is described as a luxury experience, and when comparing it to camping in a tent it absolutely is but I do feel more could be done to make it more luxurious. More pillows in the bed (1 quite lumpy pillow per person), and furniture that is more than just Ikea basics, in my personal opinion would add a lot! It was very hot when we were there but the fans were enough for us to sleep okay. We got a water front, but I wouldn't recommend it as the tents beside us fire pit and table were right in front of our view and because we were so close to the water anyone who walked down to the dock could see right in. So it was either have no privacy or close the curtains and have no view.
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  • 2/5 Alison M. 6 months ago on Google
    This was a neat experience staying in a dome but would definitely pick a different one next time as this one while advertised as luxurious was very bare minimum. We had booked a weekend away for our first year wedding anniversary and definitely were disappointed with how non luxurious this place was dispute it being advertised that way.Most places have a small kitchen area this one did not really it had a very small table with a spot to wash your mug that they provided but that was all that was provided. No silverware, no regular drinking cups, no paper towel,not even a mini fridge to store your food in. Not that there was really much of a place to cook your food on. Other ones we looked at has small spots to cook or had BBQs but we clearly got mixed up with which one we booked as we thought the one we had included a BBQ. And with the location of these domes, food was a bit of a drive in either direction.The domes were pretty close together too, we could hear our neighbours talking at night time. The bed was not comfy either, it was very hard with only one pillow for each person and the bedding was low grade. For the price of the dome I was expecting a bit nicer bed and bedding. It seemed like they tried to do things as cheap as possible in the domes. Again it was a cool experience but wouldn’t recommend these ones if your looking for an actual luxurious time. Also the rule for dogs to be on leash is great except the owners do not follow this rule. Almost every time we were outside with our dog their dog came over and was very intimidating to us. We had a camp fire and couldn’t even have our dog sit outside with us as their dog kept coming over and they were nowhere to be found to get their dog.

  • 5/5 Chris H. 7 months ago on Google
    So cool to stay in a dome! It was very comfortable. I was impressed by the shower and hot water. Tip: there's a dehumidifier inside around the other corner. We jumped off the dock for a quick swim, and saw a father and son put on lifejackets and kayak around the lake. We got a bucket of firewood and chairs for $8. Super relaxing pleasant vibes all around =)

  • 5/5 Stuart M. 7 months ago on Google
    My wife and I decided to stay here for our first vacation without kids. It also happened to be our 20th wedding anniversary week. The owners and their dog are supper nice and accommodating. They stopped by a couple of times to make sure that we had all that we needed and were lacking for nothing. Along with the serenity of the location and the stunning sunsets, what more could you want for a relaxing and restful vacation.

  • 5/5 Zeph M. 7 months ago on Google
    Amazing place! The staff is fabulous! The Domes are an amazing experience and the grounds are clean and full of many opportunities such as making or canoeing. You can make the day perfect with a trip around the inlet (rentals are cheap) and you can have a perfect end to the day with an evening bonfire (can purchase a bucket of would). In the dome, you can stargaze as you relax and take it all in. Our team/family at PhotographingInTheMoment (insta) absolutely loved the experience and will definitely be back!

  • 5/5 Lina P. 8 months ago on Google
    Our family had a lovely 2 night stay in a Geodesic dome. When we first arrived, I was disappointed that the domes seemed to be close together, but once we got settled it wasn't a problem and was very private with our own fire pit, picnic table and charcoal grill. We didn't get a chance to use the complimentary kayaks and paddle boards (too busy exploring the trails!), but caught a beautiful sunset over the south harbour. Very friendly staff upon check in. You can purchase pails of fire wood for $8 and they also have charcoal (but were sold out when we got there) so we cooked our dinner over the fire with a grate over the fire pit. The rooms were comfortable enough and spacious. A low cot was provided for my 3rd child but it was a bit unbalanced and she flipped off it in the middle of the night - her fault, but just be aware. Something to note: there is no door or curtain separating the bathroom (just the wooden partition), so it's not very private. This was fine for our family, but if travelling with another couple or friends, could be a bit awkward. Thanks for the great stay on Cape Breton! Oh - if you get a chance, try for the sunrise at Dinwall beach! Pictures below.

  • 5/5 RAMPRANAV N. 8 months ago on Google
    My family had a wonderful stay for 2 nights in the domes. For a first time glamping experience, I was shocked with the amount of area in between each dome. Folks don’t worry, they’ve left plenty of room for it to feel like you are truly in the middle of the forest. The room is spacious and well made considering it’s a dome. The water basin and bathroom are practical but also have a charm of a hotel. Few things to keep in mind: as you are in the forest expect bugs and mosquitos, while being outside bug spray works. Make sure to keep the door closed. It was mostly cold when we were there but when it was sunny I felt the room heat up. This is expected, the fan may help during these timeS. But honestly look at it as a wake up call to enjoy the sunny weather outside 😂. Anyways 100% recommend this place for a couple of nights. Make sure to have a campfire (they provide wood for 8$) and toast some marshmallows. Also shout out to the staff: quite helpful and down to earth people.

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