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4HGR+X2X, Calle 26, La Habana, Cuba



+53 7 8382260

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  • Friday: 8 PM to 2 AM
  • Saturday: 8 PM to 2 AM
  • Sunday: 8 PM to 2 AM
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
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  • Thursday: 8 PM to 2 AM

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  • 5/5 Justine V. 8 months ago on Google • 782 reviews
    This place was so cool! What an awesome idea. Entry is minimal and you receive a ticket that records all your food and beverage at the various stations which are scattered throughout the venue. Lots of little garden areas with seating for gathering. Inside the warehouses are different art installations and various musical performances. The night we went we heard a range from reggae to rock to a phenomenal acapella performance. Drinks and food were great and one of the most memorable things was that everyone was nice. Not like a club filled with annoying people who are rude, bumping in to you, or servers who are frazzled and don't seem to want to be there. Both workers AND patrons were friendly. I know it's an odd thing to point but it was just such a nice experience. We didn't stay terribly late, maybe it worse late at night. Lol It would be a real shame to have traveled all the way to Cuba and not visited this amazing establishment. It was one of our most memorable experiences!
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  • 5/5 Daniel A. 1 year ago on Google • 267 reviews
    Absolutely one of the best nights out I have had in the world. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that makes my whole trip to Cuba worth it. It's an art gallery, bar, concert venue, restaurant and night club all in one place. Everything from the art to the music was phenomenal and I wish this existed back home
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  • 5/5 adam t. 9 months ago on Google • 9 reviews
    I was in Havana with my wife & mother in law. I was especially looking forward to visiting 'Fabrica de Arte' having read glowing reviews online. While in Havana the level of expectation was raised when I asked the trendy t-shirt seller in the shop Clandestina what he thought of it, to which he replied "the best". After a long day of walking in the heat, a decent sized meal and a few cocktails in El Cocinero the energy levels had declined, my mother in law was feeling tired. From our table in El Cocinero we could see into Fabrica de Arte and it seemed quiet. Had we come on the wrong night? Was it not all we were promised from reviews. We gathered together the entrance fee and headed straight to the entry desk, there were no queues yet, we were each given a card that recorded our food & drinks purchases to be paid at the end of our visit, an unbelievable show of faith in the honesty of their patrons that this Welsh (British) tourist could only imagine being abused at clubs on my home Island. Our first stop immediately on the left of the entrance was a bar serving all the familiar cocktails, they marked our cards and sent us on our way. We toured the ground floor art, entered a small & easy to miss shop. We got another drink in a courtyard shipping container and continued to explore. My mother in law took part in a dance class while me and my wife tried to name all the bands in posters on the wall. We saw a live band play rock songs to an attentive and not too crowded audience, we continued to collect cocktails and marks in our cards as we moved around the venue looking at provocative pieces of art. I haven't experienced a night out like this before, in Britain I am used to any activity where alcohol is permitted to automatically mean that the audience is infantilised and met with disdain and aggression from bar staff and bouncers I wonder what a Cuban would make of the overzealous McDonalds bouncers who protect the countries happy meals every weekend. I found a new favourite cocktail here sadly not matched anywhere else during my stay in Cuba the 'Caipirissima' soon filled my card to the 4000CP limit which meant I needed to pay up & receive a new card to continue my purchasing drinks. I had a wonderful time here & should I visit Havana again I will certainly be visiting again.
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  • 5/5 Manfred M. 10 months ago on Google • 70 reviews
    What a unique experience art-food-drinks-music, multi-level building inside and outside. Entrance fee is only 500 Pesos. Love the concept of the food/drink card (you get stamps when you order drinks/food and you pay when you leave - just don't lose your card - if you do, you have to pay $35).
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  • 5/5 Valery Y. 1 year ago on Google
    Amazing art centre/nightclub/bar. The place is ample and has great art on display. Only open at night which is a shame because not everyone is interested in listening to techno while admiring the exhibitions. Still loved the space and concept. The queue to get in was long on a Saturday night but check it out anyway. Entrance fee is 250 pesos.
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  • 5/5 Allie 2 years ago on Google
    Havana has a gem in FAC. This is a happening arts experience for all ages. The creativity within the building mixed with the energy of the city comes to life here for a great time morning, noon or night. Reminds me of Meow Wolf (Santa Fe) in the United States but in a much more authentic form. Definitely visit!
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  • 4/5 Daisuke S. 1 year ago on Google
    There is an art museum of Cuba, but I feel like amusement park about modern arts. If we walk and see all exhibitions, we will just know modern arts of Cuba. Insides this institution, we can walk with something alcohol. It's consisted of 3 floors. It's opened from 8PM until midnight. In midnight, we will have a fabulous times. [in Nov 2018]
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  • 5/5 R F. 6 months ago on Google • 59 reviews
    Definitely must be on your itinerary when in Havana. The venue is amazing with art, music and culture, food and drinks on multiple levels. The venue has many pieces of art and live music with a wide range of music types. It’s $500 Cuban Pesos to enter which is the equivalent of $2.00 USD. Be sure to keep your entry ticket because whatever you eat or drink the ticket is stamped and you pay when you exit.
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  • 5/5 Cato R. 1 year ago on Google
    Definitely a must visit for anyone travelling to Cuba! The very essence of Art and artists in Cuba is beautifully encapsulated and showcased through galleries, concerts, performances, all under one roof, on multiple floors sometimes at the same time! Definitely a unique experience you can’t miss if you’re in Havana!
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  • 5/5 Nneka S. 2 years ago on Google
    I don't do clubs but a museum/art gallery/music venue/bar & nightclub is different.
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  • 5/5 Alex M. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) A spectacular place to have a good time with your family or get to know the city. Incredible large, thousand rooms, terrace, stairs, hallways, lights, art, good music, endless good vibes! The entrance costs 2 CUC and then once inside, you are asking what you want and when you leave you pay everything. It is a super comfortable method. It is full of people, paintings, concerts, colored lights ... the truth has never been in such a place. IT'S WORTHY TO PEN IT GO The bad? When they leave and ask for a taxi ... they are very insistent and get to bother a little ... And official taxis do not let them come ... (Original) Un lugar espectacular para pasar un buen rato con los tuyos o conocer la ciudad. Increíble de grande, mil salas, terraza, escaleras, pasillos, luces, arte, buena música, un sin fin de buenas vibras! La entrada cuesta 2 CUC y después una vez dentro, te vas pidiendo lo que quieras y al salir lo pagas todo. Es un método super cómodo. Está lleno de gente, cuadros, conciertos, luces de colores... la verdad que nunca jamás había estado en un sitio así. VALE MUCHO LA PENA IR. Lo malo? Al salir y pedir taxi... son muy insistentes y llegan a molestar un poco... Y taxis oficiales no dejan venir...
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  • 4/5 Jamar B. 2 years ago on Google
    I went to this place alone (away from my group) and had one of the greatest experiences in my clubbing days. As soon as you walk in it feels like fun. Fellas, you have to visit here.
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  • 5/5 Maria Teresa Gonzalez G. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) It combines everything, art, elegance, music, pleasant atmosphere, security both inside and outside the factory. (Original) Combina todo, arte, elegancia, música, ambiente agradable, seguridad tanto dentro como fuera de la fábrica.
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  • 5/5 Ciara L. 8 months ago on Google • 75 reviews
    The Cuban Art Factory is an absolute blast! It's a captivating blend of art, culture, and creativity that immerses you in a world of wonder. You'll be enchanted by the vibrant artistry and the electric atmosphere. A must-visit for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.
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  • 5/5 THEOFILOS K. 1 year ago on Google • 229 reviews
    If you don’t visit this place you don’t know what mean multi-room entertainment. Many stages with different kind of music, art exhibitions (paint, photo etc), live shows, concerts, good drinks. There isn’t such a place in Europe!

  • 5/5 Heitor de M. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Mix of ballad and arts museum. Amazing experience. Drinks are slightly expensive, but served very well. The food trucks' food is incredible. The art galleries, with mixes of Blues, Jazz and Latin music, give a very unique touch to the place. It is impossible not to pass the FAC when you are in Havana. Final grade: 10/10. Strengths: environment, drinks, food, music, everything! Points to improve: they charge extra to pass the card. (Original) Mistura de balada e museu de artes. Experiência incrível. As bebidas são levemente caras, mas são muito bem servidas. As comidinhas dos food trucks são incríveis. As galerias de artes, com misturas de shows de Blues, Jazz e música latina dão um toque bem único ao lugar. Impossível não passar da FAC quando estiver em Havana. Nota final: 10/10. Pontos fortes: ambiente, bebidas, comidas, música, tudo! Pontos a melhorar: eles cobram valor a mais para passar no cartão.
    1 person found this review helpful 👍

  • 5/5 Shima 6 months ago on Google • 7 reviews
    I had an amazing experience at FAC in Havana! The live music and entertainment provided a fantastic ambiance. Think of FAC as a high dose of cultural, fashion forward, modern, classic,rustic,boho and nostalgic experience all in a single location. The many bars and music genres gives you this incredible vibe and even though I was a solo guest there, I didn’t for a second feel bored. The food and drinks offered there were reasonably priced and even though the entrance for foreigners is twice more, it’s still worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my visit. I highly recommend FAC to anyone looking for a memorable and enjoyable experience in Havana. Kudos to the team for managing this incredible place! P.S The funky art display is a million dollar experience in itself!
    1 person found this review helpful 👍

  • 5/5 Heino E. 10 months ago on Google
    What a place! Super nice, with great music, great drinks - and the best company you can wish for. The place is amazing, has several floors and areas with different music playing. If your into art, combined with the company of your best friends, this is your place. Definitely going back when going back to Cuba in October or November
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  • 5/5 David L. 5 years ago on Google
    What a cool hip place where you get some wonderful art and music while you sip on your cocktails. Understandably, there's a long queue to get in but I think it is worth the wait as this place is simply amazing. One of the best venues if you are visiting Havana.
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  • 5/5 Fizza J. 1 year ago on Google
    This place is really special. Great spot to see and purchase local Cuban art (we saw a lot of cuban contemporary art while we were there). The place has shows, dance classes and art galleries all happening at the same time in different rooms. Take your drinks and move between the venues. There is also a great outdoor spot with food trucks. Truly a must see.
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  • 5/5 Dawn C. 5 years ago on Google
    There’s three places that spoke to my heart while in Havana. This was one of the places. Just in case you don’t know me, I’m an ArtisticSolutions. I have an artist energy and spirit. Art makes me happy and I seek it out like my favorite cotton socks! 😏 Given we were there for an annual arts fest, there was art to the left right up and down. Fabulous. This location is apparently the venue for artistic expression so it’s art on cocaine during an arts fest. I was so happy to be there. We dined upstairs first, a space for tourist. Priced for tourist. Created for tourist. By the time we left, the locals had filled the venue, laughter and 100% spirit. The art was phenomenal. It was an experience you can’t describe but only stress that should you have a chance to visit during the biennial, go!
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  • 5/5 Bernard N. 4 years ago on Google
    There are many unique places and this is a must if you ever end up visiting Havana, Cuba. I have never seen anything like it. The combination of food, art and music is one place and the amazing art work was dazzling. I had to go there twice to just observe everything again.
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  • 5/5 John D. 1 year ago on Google
    When you are in Havana, you MUST visit this place! This is the coolest place I ever been, definetly the best evening we had in Cuba! There are suprising rooms everywere and there are drinks and food all over the place. Life acts, Dj's and a dansbattle, we were in like a movie!
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  • 5/5 Arturo Gispert N. 1 year ago on Google
    The best place in Havana to find diversity of art, you can find from an exhibition of paintings, to theater plays, a wonderful classical music concert, to go through all genres, to find a Dj, also try typical drinks of the most famous, the cubalibre and the mojito, also has a restaurant next door that eats well. In addition to all this incredible mix, you can dance and learn to dance different styles such as Afro beat and Cuban-African reaice dances
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  • 5/5 Petra V. 1 year ago on Google
    Definitely worth visiting!!! Vibe is amazing, there's dance, there's music, there's art... Just amazing :)
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  • 5/5 Charles L. 4 months ago on Google • 92 reviews
    Huge, with multiple bars, multiple music venues, multiple gallery spaces, and has a great "artist loft" vibe. There was a special entry price for non-Cubans/non-stidents, and it was expensive (but I'd still recommend going).

  • 5/5 Teodora D. 10 months ago on Google • 21 reviews
    Very cool place, combining visual art spaces with concerts, food and drinks. I wish more cities would make art so accessible (especially for younger crowds). Definitely a must visit when you are in Havana.

  • 5/5 Aygul Y. 6 months ago on Google • 16 reviews
    Club in a Cuban way. A definitely recommended place to visit once you in havana to see Cuban art, have a party and meet local people. There are different stages and also sometimes dance workshops, the drinks are priced as in Havanna (not overpriced), the music is cool and the atmosphere is great.

  • 5/5 Keef T. 11 months ago on Google
    Dope. Good vibes. Art. Music. Drinks. The food is bad, tho. This place is 4.5/5. The food is terrible.

  • 5/5 Richard B. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) A must see. A must in Havana. (Original) A voir absolument. Un incontournable a la Havane.

  • 5/5 Leticia J. 4 years ago on Google
    Amazing place, great music!

  • 5/5 Lemuel R. 7 months ago on Google
    Very interesting location. Great music with options of different rooms for different sound. Visual and sounds Visit n have. Fun. And eat

  • 5/5 Michael P. 2 years ago on Google
    Best club in Havana in my opinion. Many different stages. The art is cool too. Closes quite early (2 a.m) so don't come too late.

  • 5/5 Larry 2 years ago on Google
    Amazing! A true highlight of my visit to Cuba and my favorite part of the trip thus far. When you first enter, there are some experimental and contemporary art pieces, but the fun starts with the music and dancing. There is a part with a live band and another with a DJ. Drinks are reasonably priced and strong. Would highly recommend!

  • 5/5 Javion B. 10 months ago on Google
    It is a cool place to visit with a good mix of visitors and local. I love the concept. It was very inspirational experiencing the venue. I had some great conversations with the locals.

  • 5/5 Dr. Rae La Roche, P. 2 years ago on Google
    What an amazing place! There is something available for everyone... Be sure to wear light clothing as you are guaranteed to sweat! Loads of creativity throughout the space. Art, music, crafts, jewelry, dance, eat, meet, greet! For the young at h'art!

  • 5/5 Leide P. 1 year ago on Google
    Vibrant place to spend an evening with music, art of all sorts, lots of people and drinks. In Fabrica, the restaurant Terra offers quiet and quality.

  • 5/5 ag. a. 1 year ago on Google
    One of my favorite spots in the world! An art gallery which is also a club which is also a bar and a restaurant. It’s huge and have different sections for everyone’s taste. There are also live shows going on in one of the sections so make sure to explore all of it!

  • 5/5 Thusjanthan K. 2 years ago on Google
    Best place for live salsa and a bit of hip hop. Great venue.... beautiful art and most importantly nice outdoor patio.

  • 5/5 Esmeralda R. 1 year ago on Google
    I wish there were more art galleries like this, especially here in America. More people would get involved in art. The artwork is spectacular and the restaurant next door is fabulous. One of the best parts of Havana

  • 5/5 Andrew G. 1 year ago on Google
    Amazing place and such an interesting vibe! Multiple rooms with good music, all within a former factory-turned art museum, with interesting art pieces.

  • 4/5 destination360 1 year ago on Google
    Cool place for the younger crowd. The night we were there a fashion show, music, and plenty of art for walkabout. The drinks though tasted like they didn't rinse the soap out of the glasses. Costs $30 RT taxi from Capitolio area, $8 Entrance, $2 drink

  • 5/5 Marcos M. 1 year ago on Google
    This place is comprised of all kinds of art. You have paintings galleries, gardens for conversations with friends, a place that works as cinema and theatre, a couple of dancing halls with different music, a few bars, cafes and a restaurant. The place is great for going and having a great time with friends and also for going on a date. You can meet people from a variety of cultures.

  • 2/5 Manuel A. 1 year ago on Google
    Top place for being Cuba. Took some of my friends there and they had a great time. I did as well, but not so much for loud music. Lots of tourist, so if you are reading this and trying to get out of the island, it is a great place for a first step.

  • 5/5 tuananh n. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) There is 1 small museum, displaying some artifacts. And 1 small theater, accommodating about 150 people. The atmosphere here is quite noisy (Original) Có 1 bảo tàng nhỏ, trưng bày 1 số hiện vật. Và 1 phòng hát nhỏ, sức chứa khoảng 150 người. Không khí tại đây khá náo nhiệt

  • 5/5 Rick D. 4 years ago on Google
    Worth popping in on and checking it out.

  • 5/5 Aireen P. 4 years ago on Google
    The best

  • 3/5 Edmundo T. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) The place is fantastic. I don't know what they can lose on their visit to Havana. It is well worth it. (Original) El lugar es fantástico. No sé lo pueden perder en su visita a la Habana. Vale mucho la pena.

  • 5/5 Caridad S. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Charming place where art is the only protagonist. Must visit !! I recommend going around 6pm as there are not many people. (Original) Lugar encantador donde el arte es el único protagonista. Visita obligada!! Recomiendo ir sobre las 18h que no hay mucha gente.

  • 5/5 Carlos Enrique P. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Learn and grow. (Original) Aprende y crece.

  • 5/5 Luis B. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Incredible place!! One of the best and funniest places I've ever been. A 10 !! (Original) Increíble lugar!! De los mejores sitio y más divertidos en los que he estado. Un 10!!

  • 4/5 Ghislane L. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Trendy place. Tourist prices (Original) Lieu branché. Prix touristiques

  • 5/5 Gaby P. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) The best party of life, music and art. To have access to the evening events you have to be early because so many people go. (Original) La mejor fiesta de la vida, música y arte. Para tener acceso a los eventos nocturnos hay que estar temprano por qué va muchísima gente.

  • 5/5 Javier L. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) It's a great place (Original) Es un excelente lugar

  • 5/5 Gricelidys A. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) You enjoy different environments in one place. Art, music, food and drink. (Original) Disfrutas de diferentes ambientes en un solo lugar. Arte, música, comida y bebida.

  • 5/5 Βασιλης �. 3 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Quite an important multicultural space (Original) Αρκετά σημαντικός πολυχώρος πολιτισμού

  • 3/5 Richard H. 4 years ago on Google
    Gallery, two stages, bars and restaurants. Nice place but nothing special from my perspective. When I was there, at the little stage they were projecting some music concert at the wall and two or three people were listening. At the other stage which is little bit bigger they were playing a comedy play, which wasn't sound that interesting. Some of gallery pictures were interesting.

  • 5/5 Michael B. 4 years ago on Google
    Just WOW Did not expect this in Havana. Buzzin cool space with number of locations/ rooms/ hide-outs merged with a art display. DJs, bands, art, drinks, hip people.... Worth the show!

  • 4/5 Mirko P. 5 years ago on Google
    Nice and interesting experience. Totally different. Quite good. Very tasty sandwiches and good buzz. Not worthed to wait so long to get in, but its unique experience. I do recommend to visit it once if you have time. But its not must visit part of Havana.

  • 5/5 Dave M. 4 years ago on Google
    Fantastic place to see People and Art. It was open Thurs-Sat at 8pm. There were lines both times I went but it moves pretty quickly. Cool drink charge process, they give you a punch card and any of the many bars, cafes etc will stamp it when you get a drink. You hand the card to the person at the front when you leave and they charge you all at once. Take some additional cash for tipping if that is something you like to do. Fun place!

  • 3/5 Jim M. 4 years ago on Google
    This is not a place for solo travelers or a social event place. Cool stuff to see and leave within an hour. This place is all tourists and couples on date nice.

  • 5/5 Alexandru B. 3 years ago on Google
    Such a fantastic and unique place! Generous Rum amounts in cocktails, very nice people, tasty art and delicious food!

  • 5/5 grandadinc 3 years ago on Google
    Art,food, live music and drinks. A very young and happening gathering spot. While I was there Amanda Palmer came out playing Radiohead CREEP on ukulele. Keep in mind this is Havana Nights real life. Happened

  • 5/5 Ena A. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) We loved it. Do not miss it, temporary exhibitions of photography and art. Live music. Very crowded but worth it. The bad was no beer. (Original) Nos encantó. No se lo pierdan, exhibiciones temporales de fotografía y arte. Música en vivo. Muy lleno pero valió la pena. Lo malo no había cerveza.

  • 5/5 Nazlı Deniz E. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Mukemmel

  • 5/5 Myoshi F. 4 years ago on Google
    Awesome place! Art, theater, music, dance and food/drinks

  • 5/5 Alberto R. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Excellent culture place and very safe rum (Original) Excelente lugar cultura y ron muy seguro

  • 1/5 elmo L. 4 years ago on Google
    Boring place

  • 5/5 Carly D. 4 years ago on Google
    Great people, great art, great music. I don’t want to spoil it. Just go.

  • 5/5 HIM M. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) An excellent place full of culture, good music, to share with friends. (Original) Un excelente lugar lleno de cultura, buena música, para compartir con los amigos.

  • 5/5 Alissa Kramer B. 4 years ago on Google
    Awesome, authentic space for Cuban artists to showcase their work, locals to meet foreigners and sample good food, drinks and music. Definitely get there early to miss the long line and to actually get to see the art work and appreciate the space. This place reminds me of Tacheles in Berlin, and is a big sign of change to come.

  • 5/5 Curtis M. 4 years ago on Google
    An art sensory overload!!! If you are in Havana, you MUST experience this modern-day Bohemia.

  • 5/5 שמואל �. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Great place, there is a restaurant here if fine dining great atmosphere, the building is of an old factory converted into a restaurant, adjacent to a restaurant in another building there is a kind of integrated club if a huge contemporary art studio if alcohol and dance music. Highly recommended. (Original) מקום נהדר, יש כאן מסעדה אם אוכל מצויין אוירה נהדרת, הבניין הוא של מפעל ישן שהוסב למסעדה, בצמוד למסעדה בבניין אחר יש סוג של מועדון משולב אם סטודיו ענק לאומנות עכשוית אם מוסיקה אלכהול וריקודים.מומלץ מאוד.

  • 5/5 Misael B. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) One of the best experiences in Cuba was the FAC, they cannot leave without visiting it. (Original) Una de las mejores experiencias en Cuba fue la FAC, no pueden irse sin visitarla.

  • 5/5 massimiliano p. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) excellent Cuban artistic-commercial operation. almost surprising to find an activity similar to Havana. you can find excellent music of all kinds, from Cuban to hiphop, from classical to jazz. excellent cocktails and various restaurants offering various types of international cuisine. the renovation of the building was done with much taste and practicality. interesting contemporary and photographic exhibitions. (Original) ottima operazione artistico-commerciale cubana. quasi sorprendente trovare un'attività simile a l'havana. si può trovare ottima musica di ogni genere, dal cubano all'hiphop, dalla classica al jazz. ottimi cocktail e vari ristoranti che offrono vari tipi di cucina internazionale. la ristrutturazione dell'edificio è stato fatto con molto gusto e praticità. interessanti le esposizioni d'arte contemporanea e fotografiche.

  • 5/5 Lina De La C. 4 years ago on Google
    It was a beautiful place. Its the better place to combine all forms of music and art in one place. Its great to have dinner, walk around see the new art installation, dance the night away.

  • 4/5 Diego Verkist P. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) It has several rooms with different decoration, music ... and even prices in mojitos. Very nice site (Original) Tiene varios ambientes con diferente decoración, música.. e incluso precios en los mojitos. Sitio muy agradable

  • 5/5 Emre A. 4 years ago on Google
    One of the most popular place to be at night in Havana, Cuba. Something for everybody. Food, bars, dance, it is half open half close area, possible to smoke in some areas, local girls, a lot of tourists.

  • 4/5 Mari Carmen G. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Quirky site ... (Original) Sitio peculiar...

  • 5/5 Joe H. 4 years ago on Google
    Great atmosphere and good drinks

  • 3/5 Francesco S. 4 years ago on Google
    (Translated by Google) Cuban hipsters (Original) Hipsters cubani

  • 5/5 Sarah W. 4 years ago on Google
    Definitely come here if you're in Havana! They're open Thurs - Sun. We were afraid that this would be cheesy or touristy - but it's not. Tons of locals here; there's different music in every room, lots of art, great drinks and places that sell food. You receive a card when you enter and when you buy food and drinks they mark the card, as you leave you settle up the bill. The bar as you enter makes an EXCELLENT mojito, don't miss out. We happened to see David Blanco live. It was a night we'll never forget, one of the coolest bars we've ever been to. It definitely deserves it's place as one of Time Magazine's 100 Best Places in the World.


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