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  • 5Angie M. 3 months ago
    Hands down the best restaurant I have EVER been to in the world. The seafood is super fresh, and cooked to perfection. The service is amazing and considering the area this is in, with amazing views, amazing food and amazing service, the price is really reasonable. Me and my partner will be returning! Looking forward to our trips to Portugal to come to this perfect place.

  • 4Irina D. 4 months ago
    The food was really high quality and amazing Green wine. And ofc beautiful view♥️ Unfortunately not all stuff speak English

  • 5Tim P. 4 months ago
    Thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Marisco na Praça. Loved our waiter, he really took care of us. We targeted the restaurant for their percebes. The percebes and the monster prawns out of Malta were terrific. Our best meal so far in Spain and Portugal. Excellent wine choice as well.

  • 5Sikhei L. 4 months ago
    Located in a beautiful market square, this lovely seafood restaurant offers a fantastic dining experience. With a cozy and friendly atmosphere, the place uses fresh, local ingredients to make delicious dishes. The talented chefs skillfully mix traditional and new cooking methods to create tasty seafood plates. Try the amazing shellfish platter with a variety of well-prepared seafood, or enjoy the tender octopus carpaccio that delights your taste buds with its gentle flavors. The menu has a wide range of seafood choices, suitable for different tastes. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable, making sure you have a great time. They are also ready to help you choose from the large wine list. Don't miss this great seafood spot, as it offers an unforgettable dining experience for everyone.

  • 5An P. 9 months ago
    Gorgeous fresh seafood with homemade recipe. Everything came in huge portions so make sure you’re hungry. Service is fast and super helpful with great recommendations. Must try: shrimp in homemade garlic spicy sauce, crab meat and seafood risotto.

  • 5Chef L. 10 months ago
    We came here after looking for fresh seafood. They didn’t disappoint us!! Their seafood are really fresh like in a fish market. The oysters are really good and in general oyster in Portugal are good. Their lobster are excellent and they even have a huge aquarium full of lobster for you to choose from. Highly recommended!!

  • 5Naomi G. 10 months ago
    This is worth getting off the beaten path of Cascais! No water front view but this is where the fresh fish are delivered! Near an open air farmers market and with a vibe that keeps you coming back. You pick the fish still alive and then enjoy it simply grilled in olive oil. Seasonal and simple, the best way to enjoy the coastal flavor of Cascais

  • 5Jamie P. 11 months ago
    Not only the best seafood in Cascais, the way they cook it is second to none. So fresh and the lobsters are grilled to perfection. You pick them from the tank and they cook to order. Special shout out to our two favourite people there: Lily and Francisco! Who always make us and the kids feel welcome. Recommended you book as it's always busy.

  • 5Bradley P. 11 months ago
    This is THE spot! This restaurant has the real deal Portuguese cod dish. I also took a risk and ordered the traditional bean soup with seafood and it was a home run! My wife even loved it too. This was the best place we ate at in all of Portugal! If we weren’t leaving tomorrow I would come back again!!

  • 4Lucy S. 11 months ago
    Unfortunately the seafood wasn't as great as people describe here. It wasn't bad, but nothing ecstatic. Clams in oil and garlic were kinda blant, I did like the prawns and the crab, even though when it's almost overcooked it's not good . I would do a solid 3.5 stars. Oysters were also just OK

  • 5Mai T. 1 year ago
    Dined here on my first night in Portugal (Cascais) and loved it. Right when you walk in there’s a counter presenting a wide variety of fresh seafood on ice which you can choose from for your meal. The prices are indicated for each, and you tell the employee behind the counter how much you want (by weight). At the table there’s a menu of cooked dishes. I really enjoyed my meal, everything was fresh and well seasoned, not to mention very fairly priced! Service is courteous and friendly. Definitely recommend!

  • 5Marco C. 1 year ago
    Very good food quality, you can personally choose fresh fish directly from the counter. Fair prices and friendly service, loved it

  • 5LJ C. 1 year ago
    Highly recommend. The freshest seafood prepared simply to enjoy the fish. Very cool space in the farmers market building. You can pick your own seafood or select from the menu. The octopus was excellent. So was the service.

  • 5Kyoji N. 1 year ago
    arroz de Marisco cl lagosta, seafood risotto including lobster 42 Eur is tasty, volume wise it is good even for 2 adults and 2 kids.

  • 5Δήμητρα �. 1 year ago
    Great dinner! We were in cascais for a few hours and wanted to enjoy a good dinner. The only places we could find were very touristic, However this one was something else. Very unique concept, you choose the seafood and they cook it for you. You can also choose main dishes. We loved the Crab (the way they cooked it) and the rice with lobster (it was supposed to be for 2 people and we were 3 and couldn’t finish it). White House wine was great. Everyone could speak English and they were all very polite and taking care of us. Price around 50pp but we bought many different shrimps, crab, oysters for starters, lobster rice , salad and side dishes, 2 bottles of wine and also dessert. We would pay double in a different country! Worth a visit.

  • 5Robert P. 1 year ago
    The best sea food dinner in Portugal so far! Very fresh...located beside the fish market in Cascais. You can't go wrong if you love sea food 😀

  • 4Bernardo A. 1 year ago
    Great service, food is of quality and fish very fresh. The decor makes you feel at the ocean!

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