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  • 5Duru B. 2 months ago
    If you’re in Cascais , should visit this restaurant. Sea food were really fresh and our fav is octopus!! It was one of the best I’ve ever eaten in my life 🤤🤤 But be aware that portions are really big for one person

  • 4Vitalina L. 4 months ago
    Food was good. Prices were good. Staff were good, except an older waiter in glasses. He didn’t give us enough time when we ask, he didn’t recommend us starters, he left without giving us a chance to order drinks, so he forgot about drinks. I guess it’s time to give younger people more working places, because we would spend much more money if we got a good waiter!

  • 5L. 4 months ago
    Delicious meal, great views, service amazing. We had the fish soup, the grilled shrimp and the grilled octopus. This last one was probably the best one I’ve had in my life. Tender, flavorful, absolutely delicious. Definitely would go back.

  • 3Julie H. 4 months ago
    Pretty average honestly; we were kinda disappointed. We got one of the huge seafood samplers and some of it was very good and some was really not good. We were concerned because the raw oysters were quite warm, seeming like they hadn’t been kept on ice. The stuffed crab was superb though, as were the mussels. I think for the price and reputation we just expected way more flavorful food. Dining area was loud and crowded, but it’s a popular place with tourists so no surprise there. Sangria was good and staff were friendly.

  • 5Vinod D. 5 months ago
    Portugal is full of fresh seafood restaurants. What sets one apart from the others? Besides ambience, service and price, the preparation and presentation of the food is what is most important in the end. Especially when all the points I mentioned come together in one place. And yes, the view!!! Numerous people recommended for us to try Baía do Peixe as one of the nest seafood restaurant options across the Cascais Marina. We were not disappointed at all. We ordered a preset three course meal that comprised of Soup (appetizer), Grilled assorted seafood (main course) and choice of chocolate mouse or cheesecake (dessert). Wine was very well priced. We ordered a Bio white Portuguese wine bottle for about 17 Euros. This restaurant is very well located, overlooking the Marina with beautiful sunset views. Staff was extremely friendly. The manager was very accommodating even though we did not have a reservation and the restaurant was (always is) quite full. It did take about 20 minutes for us to get our appetizer after which the rest of the dishes were served promptly. Definitely deserves repeated visits to try their elaborate menu. Very high recommendation from my side. Look forward to being there again!!!

  • 2Phoebe P. 6 months ago
    the ladies at the reception were so rude and inattentive. apparently if u don’t book table, don’t even try to come in. cause they will show stoned cold face to you and try to make your life difficult asking to dine here. we made reservation but let us wait outside for like 10 mins over the booking time. when we went in to ask after the wait they said they have a table but in a room without window?! and only have 1 hour for us to dine there. then the girl left the spot (so rude) and we need to emphasize to her colleagues that we booked a table prior. they let us when into the restaurant but didn’t let us go up stairs for a nice view. the food was fresh but the service was hasty. didn’t enjoy the time here. they don’t checkin on you and you constantly need to ask for minor things like tissue, wet wiper, etc. for the fresh seafood, it is nice but the rest is 1 star

  • 4Dom E. 7 months ago
    Good seafood, but I frankly expected a tad “better” after reading the manu rave reviews. I guess my expectations were a little too high upon walking in. Great and friendly service though, which made up for the “good but not excellent” seafood dishes.

  • 4J. 8 months ago
    Beautiful place with wonderful views of the sea. Amazing and attentive staff, they took away all our seafood shells like clockwork. The sangria was amazing, the best I've had in Portugal so far. I do wish the food would have stayed warm for longer but it was quite cold inside so I imagine that didn't help. The prawns were lovely, not a fan of barnacles, the crab is a bit difficult and lacking meat but the lobster was beautiful. The bread wasn't great I don't suggest it. Also if a place has octopus on its menu in Portugal, always get it.

  • 5Kammi F. 10 months ago
    Lucky we walked in having a table without reservation. I love that they did not up sell us to the more expensive all-you-can-eat seafood, but recommended us to get the sea mix for two. Great value for fresh seafood. So much food that we couldn't finish the potatoes.

  • 5Al-Attar C. 10 months ago
    We took an Uber all the way from Lisbon to Cascais just for a dinner at this restaurant. I am happy to report, it was worth it 🎉 Seafood was phenomenal, wine recommendation was on point and the service is one of the best I have ever encountered. This awesome place have managed to satisfy a group with different tastes and leave them in ecstasy 😊

  • 4Luka V. 11 months ago
    Good sea food. The clams were amazing. The fish plate did not convince me though. A bit pricey. You need to make a reservation because they are very busy. Service is very kind and quick.

  • 1Sara R. 11 months ago
    We booked through fork first, the restaurant rejected the booking probably because the person who booked had a Muslim name. We’ve seen a lot of racism in Portugal. Anyway, a Portuguese friend called and they had space for her! So she booked for us. When we arrived it was Ironman races so very loud the whole time. The food was very good and huge portion. But that doesn’t matter when the service is so horrible. They didn’t know their wine. They were surprised when we asked for dry wine! The waiter would hand the plate of food to guests to put on the table! We had to ask 5 times for the bill. They forgot about our tea and coffee and when reminded it took them 40 minutes to bring and when we said it’s late we gonna miss our train they said we have to pay for it because we ordered it. So I had to complain to the manger and at the end we went to the till to pay because apparently 50 minutes is not enough for producing the bill. Horrible place! Don’t set a foot!

  • 5Serena Z. 1 year ago
    Great value, I would say it’s really cheap! Ingrédients are not the top quality kind which to sell to high end restaurants but fresh and using the most simple way to cook for maximum showing thé original flavor. This is the ideal restaurant to go often if staying at Casais for days. Tasty and friendly.

  • 5g. 1 year ago
    Wow! We had a seafood platter to share and it was incredible! We've been stuffed at the end and just about managed to finish it all. The quality of the fish/seafood was top. So delicious and fresh. The staff was also very friendly and attentive. It's slightly more expensive but it's really worth it. I'll certainly be back! Plus you have a great view from the top over the bay.

  • 5Duane W. 1 year ago
    We had a late lunch here with the extended family and the food and service were equally on par - so grateful to have found this gem in the hot sun. The views are just fabulous and compliment the food and wine to create a memorable experience. We had the shellfish rodizio for 4 people and the food just kept coming till we were bursting at the seams. Great value for the experience.

  • 5Jhih-An Y. 1 year ago
    Amazing restaurant. The fantastic all-you-can-eat seafood is only less than 30 euros! The quality of the seafood is very fresh and the sangria is also tasteful. The view to the harbour and the sea is also beautiful.

  • 5Jack H. 1 year ago
    We’ve booked it through Fork , and wanna have a table next to window , when we arrived , the waiter bring us to the best seats with ocean view ! The service is good here and the mixed seafood with no limit reorder is very fair price !! Waiter recommend the wine is also perfect ! We had a great time here , thanks !!

  • 5B R. 1 year ago
    If you want a seafood feast, this is the place for you. The food is fresh and well presented. Portions are generous (the sea food platter is great size and you can repeat as many times as you want) the location is perfect, overlooking the Cascais Bay. Price is very fair for what you get. Service is good. Highly recommended.

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