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  • 4Neha V. 4 days ago
    4 stars only because the Bean is under renovation and we really wanted to see it! Otherwise, the park is beautiful and has some really cool attractions. I loved the fountain at the entrance of the park. You can find restrooms at the lower ground level right below where the Bean is located.

  • 4Alicia N. 6 days ago
    Would have been nice if the Bean wasn't under construction and I didn't have to peak between the fence to see it. But the park was nice. Fountains with the faces were fun to watch.

  • 5Inferno S. 1 week ago
    It's a beautiful park in the downtown Chicago area. Very modern but all sticking to nature. Lots of shade, easy to get around. At the moment of writing this 9/14/23-9/16/23 the park is under construction so limited viewing on 3-4 certain art sculptures. It's quite a small park although it looks big. Parking is $30 for 0-3 hrs, so use that time & venture outwards after. A nice garden although some flowers were dying.

  • 4Charlie T. 2 weeks ago
    It's a cool park to walk through to see some cool pieces of art/sculpture. They have security art the entrance, making sure you are not bringing anything illegal in. We really wanted to see "the bean" (Cloud Gate), but it was fenced off for some maintenance. There were still tons of people trying to take pictures.

  • 4L. 3 weeks ago
    A must visit park while in the Chicago area. It’s a close walking distance from the iconic River walk and it’s right on the Michigan Avenue, just south of the river. It’s a quiet park, considering the hustle and bustle of the downtown. The park is very well maintained and has a few entrances, controlled by security throughout. You can easily spend 2-4 hours in the park, depending on what you want to do here. There are also regular events held here at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, one of the premier outdoor Amphitheaters, so that will have to factor in. It’s free entrance to the park itself. You will see ‘The Bean’ work of public art here. The sculpture, which is officially titled Cloud Gate, is one of the world’s largest permanent outdoor art installations, currently undergoing some construction work. Lake Michigan is just a few minutes away from this park and so is the Chicago River. If you took the hop on hop off bus tour, there is a stop at this park as well.

  • 5Khrista C. 1 month ago
    I went on a Sunday and you can clearly see there's a lot of people. Even if there's a lot of people, there's plenty of space to move around. There's even a bathroom nearby that's down the stairs beside millennium hall. It's a great way to spend the day and look around. Parking is a hassle so unless you have someone to stay with the car .... good luck.

  • 5Brian P. 1 month ago
    I loved my time in the park, it was just pure fun spending time with my family, enjoying the weather and taking pictures. The bathrooms were good. The park is filled with amenities and was very safe. Great place to go and hang out.

  • 5Mona G. 1 month ago
    First visit to Chicago. It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was amazing. The natural foliage and the landscaping were breathtaking. It was so much to see and appreciate. Walking into this park centered within the city is perfection. A must see!

  • 5Cindy M. 1 month ago
    The Bean was in our sights as a "must see" on this trip to Chicago. It did not disappoint. We discovered how beautiful the Millennium and outskirts of the city was as we walked for hours in shear awe. While it was raining, the umbrella kept us semi dry. The smiles, laughter and happiness of people finally being able to be out and together again, is exactly what COVID took away. It feels good. We will return.

  • 5Nasir I. 2 months ago
    Beautiful park for children’s and spent some time out of busy life. Millennium Park is a prominent public park located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. It is known for its iconic attractions and cultural significance. The park spans 24.5 acres and offers a variety of features and activities for visitors to enjoy. One of its most famous landmarks is "Cloud Gate," also known as "The Bean," a reflective sculpture that has become an iconic symbol of the city. Millennium Park also features the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue known for its striking architecture and hosting various performances and events. Additionally, there are beautiful gardens, fountains, and art installations throughout the park, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

  • 5J. 2 months ago
    The Millennium Park is everything everyone wants to spend a day strolling, photographing, and picnicking. Not only can you enjoy a largest bean on earth ( I proclaim that myself), also can you walk to the lakeside pathways and piers. You could take a ride on the boats there. One thing, if you park underground, choose to park at the pier lots. It situated between the Bean, park, and the piers…so you don’t have to walk as far as I did…

  • 5Adrienne S. 2 months ago
    I loved the different areas of Millennium Park. Cloud Gate was so interesting. My favorite part was inside, looking up at the middle. Downtown Chicago has so many amazing outdoor spaces. The architecture is beautiful and I love how art is sprinkled throughout the city. If you want to get pictures with less people there, you'd probably have to go very early in the morning. I was here in the middle of May, in the middle of the day, during the week and it was busy as if it were the weekend.

  • 5Neil S. 2 months ago
    Built on top of a railroad, this place has a great family atmosphere. Plenty of places to walk around and see, but the bean is the highlight. Great for photos. Food and drink sellers around and restrooms available.

  • 5Pravil P. 2 months ago
    This park is a beautiful spot in downtown Chicago, where you can enjoy the greenery and the skyline view. Although there is a security check before entering, it is worth the wait. This is a great place to hang out with friends or family. If you are looking for a scenic spot to enjoy the city, you can see the beautiful Chicago skyline from this place.

  • 5Asis C. 2 months ago
    Millennium Park in downtown Chicago is a world class park with amusement and cultural service facilities for the visitors. At the heart of downtown Chicago, the Millennium Park is a jewel of Emerald. Surrounded by tall skyscrapers and Victorian palaces, the park is a very good piece of Nature in a busy metropolis. The park had some famous landmarks like the Cloud Gate (popularly known as "The Bean"), the Crown Fountain, the Millennium Monument etc. There are food stalls serving a variety of cuisines. Restroom facility is also there. Parking spaces for cars are available nearby. Art Institute of Chicago is nearby. The crowd becomes heavy on weekends and during holidays.

  • 5Kyrie M. 3 months ago
    Millenium/Maggie Daley parks were great. Spacious, clean, and beautiful. The kids loved the Cloud Gate and the water art installation thing. The playgrounds were well maintained and safe. Will definitely visit again next time we're in Chicago.

  • 5Jorovie M. 3 months ago
    Very nice park in downtown Chicago, but upon all the different parks, somehow, this one is the only one where you have to lineup just to get in and also there are lots of police and security guards stationed around the park. I guess you can say it's a good thing since they help keep the shady bad people away from the park, making you feel a little more safe when visiting this park. This is also where the giant bean is located and it has all kinds of different attractions inside too and it's very close to the museum as well as other parks and the lake.

  • 5Sayantan P. 5 months ago
    Millennium Park is the BEST park of Chicago and is a MUST visit place, when visiting Chicago. We visited this park back in 2019 when we visited Chicago and spent a whole day exploring this park. You would love the views of Historic downtown Chicago from this park. The cloud gate (a large steel shaped bean looking architecture) is also located on this park.

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    I came here a while back, around a couple years ago, and recently and it was so nice both times. I love the big bean and the metal rails and amphitheater (we actually saw a live practice session today in preparation for their performance in a couple days!). I also like how you can take lots of cool photos from the metal road thingy and the well maintained lawn and flowers. It's genuinely a nice place to be. There was also a place where you could rock climb, rollerblade and skate during the summer and during the winter, they freeze the area so you can ice skate!

  • 5Saiprabhu B. 1 year ago
    We are never tired of this place. It's almost like a ritual to visit this place whenever we are on a trip to Chicago irrespective of the season. Be it watching the reflections of the majestic Chicago skyline on Cloud gate AKA Bean or the nearby Crown Fountain or catching bands perform in the pavilion, or the Christmas tree during holiday season, or taking a stroll upto the Buckingham fountain in nearby Grant park, or the Ice-skating rink, there are lots of things to see/experience here. Absolutely must visit. Roadside Parking is a hit or miss here depending on the crowd.

  • 5Amy Y. 1 year ago
    When we are in Chicago we always try and visit the Millennium Park. It has such a laid back vibe and just so much for the kids to explore. They have food trucks and vendors with carts always selling snacks or great authentic food. Across from the park is more food. So you can't go wrong walking around the park and exploring. Such a great family friendly area.

  • 5Jian M. 1 year ago
    If you're going to Chicago, then you definitely need to stop by Millennium Park and visit Cloud Gate (The Bean). It's such an amazing place to visit and spend an afternoon walking around the park or simply have nice picnic. Great atmosphere! Highly recommend it.

  • 5Mac A. 1 year ago
    Millennium Park is a great oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Chicago! While it’s known for “The Bean,” it’s got more to offer than just that! The green spaces are a great place for a picnic or just relaxing. You’ll never feel completely isolated from the city, though, as the skyline beautifully borders the park. My best advice for tourists - get your Bean picture, then move on to check out the remainder of the park. All in all, it’s a must-see destination when in Chicago!

  • 5Sandy T. 1 year ago
    Beautiful place!!! You can spent so much time taking pictures around the bean but we also enjoyed the ice skaters. It was not too cold so we could spend quite a while around. Lots of nice places close too.

  • 5fahim m. 1 year ago
    It is a really good touristy place for everyone to come and hangout with their friends/family/partner. I went during Thanksgiving as well as New Year's day. The snow never stop anyone there are always people around the park. Also, overview of the Chicago skyline is must to watch and nearby to all other attractions nearby.

  • 5Albert S. 1 year ago
    Such an amazing place to visit and a must in your in the Chicago area. Great place to capture amazing photos of the famous Bean and downtown area. I really enjoyed hitting the ice skating ring for a few laps. I highly recommend coming here to visit a iconic piece of Chicago.

  • 5angela l. 1 year ago
    There are so many things to do at Millennium Park for FREE! Visit the "Bean" and see the other sculpture there or just walk the trail. Ice skating is also available with the Chicago skyline around you. The Christmas tree was beautiful! There are public restrooms and a little place to get hot chocolate 😍

  • 5RaBar X. 1 year ago
    Amazing architecture. Beautiful places, simply beautiful. Chicago is beautiful. A lot of Poles. You can communicate in Polish. At times I felt like I was in Poland. A beautiful adventure in life. Lots of experiences, getting to know new cultures. I hope to visit the USA more than once again.

  • 5Robert L. 1 year ago
    Here's a few reasons why Millennium Park during Fall Season is a wonderful location to visit. Don't simply take my words for it. Please view the pictures and make a decision based on them.

  • 5Brandi H. 2 years ago
    Could spend hours here with the views and art and sculpture and architecture are absolutely incredible. I highly HIGHLY recommend you make time to visit this spot. From “the bean” to the led wall fountain that spits water, it is an awesome place to be. MAKE TIME TO COME HERE and bring your camera!

  • 5Karen H. 2 years ago
    Great time in the park. So many things to do. The modern art sculptures and exhibits were lovely. The grounds were beautiful and well maintained. We had lunch in the middle of the park at Plaza in the Park. It was great!

  • 5Sandrotti 1. 2 years ago
    This year was the fabulous concert " Chicago Tuned" on the location of the Millennium Park, so pacific, relaxing and beautiful. I have the opportunity to see live to KD Lang, and just wanna say Incredible!!! Obviously can't leave to walk around to The Bean and his sense.

  • 5David A. 2 years ago
    So much fun! Been here several times and it never gets old. Great to bring new timers and friends!

  • 5Naresh V. 2 years ago
    One of the famous attractions in Chicago. Plan to visit either early in the day or evening. You can park ur car in the garage next to it. Its an open park with beautiful skyline view. So many attractions near by. If you are planning to visit with kids then it’s better to get stroller. If your child loves bike you can take that too.

  • 5Kevin P. 2 years ago
    Used to take the South Shore all the time when I was younger, and would drop you off at Millennium Station. I had since moved out of the metro, but had the opportunity to stop by when returning to visit family. Beautiful scenery, fantastic views of the Chicago skyline, plentiful events, and family activities. Almost making me pine for the great Chicago vibes

  • 5Jay P. 2 years ago
    Millennium Park is such a beautiful place! You get to see the Bean and then the fountains with the faces that shoot water out. Such a fun experience and worth the effort if you are in Chicago. It's a long walk from Navy peer so don't make that mistake like I did lol. There is parking that is under or around the park. I recommend going there and walking around.

  • 5Randy C. 2 years ago
    This was a nice park for an urban setting. It was well laid out with art sculptures and green spaces as well. Lots of beautiful flowers were in bloom. My son's favorite was the reflective art sculpture piece. We liked it a lot.

  • 5Casey T. 2 years ago
    Awesome park! Lots to see and do + many photo opportunities! You can bring your kids to Crown Park and let them play in the water. Gets pretty crowded over the weekend but still pretty walkable. The park closes at 9pm and they WILL herd you out.

  • 5Chad W. 2 years ago
    Great place to spend some time. Fun to walk around and through the bean. Huge park nearby for kids to play. The water feature just a little to the south is also lots of fun. We stop here every so often and enjoy it every time. There are very pretty gardens and landscaping as well.

  • 5Arman B. 2 years ago
    It’s a good place to visit. There’s are so many things to see. Kids enjoy the water park falls in a hot weather. There are chairs that you can seat and enjoy and watch people. One of the place to visit when you are in the area. This is just 5 minutes away from our hotel so we were able to visit it twice. One in the late afternoon and early morning where not much people around. There is an auditorium who held concerts. People enjoys the place which is good for photos.

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