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  • 5Hope W. 5 days ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo is within Lincoln Park. It’s literally right by the lake. But you can’t really see the lake. Lots of things to do around the zoo area here. Beautiful botanical garden near zoo truly amazing. Lots of action with gorillas 🦍. Very nice place. Nice birds as well.

  • 5Patricia G. 1 week ago
    What a find! After exploring Chicago for 3 days and having a few hours to spare before our Amtrak train, we decided to get the bus to the zoo. The bus stopped right outside, and the free entry meant we just walked straight in. There was a good range of animals to see, and we took our time wandering around. Our particular favourites were the otters, the gorillas and the lions. We didn't eat there, but there were cafes to eat at and plenty of benches to rest on.

  • 5Max R. 1 week ago
    A wow experience. Simply walk in (it’s free!) and enjoy a multitude of immersive exhibits, ranging from seals to gorillas to zebras. On a nice day, all the animals are out and about and are front and center for you to see. At the same time, they have plenty of room to roam and hide, a crucial component of an ethical zoo. The zookeepers seem to genuinely care about the animals and will talk with you about them, oozing passion. Highly recommend this zoo as one of the most beautiful, walkable zoos in the nation.

  • 5Michael P. 1 week ago
    Can't express how great this zoo is, and the fact that it is free is amazing. What a gem. Right in the middle of several amazing parks. The grounds are really set up well, the animal enclosures are fantastic, and it's a beautiful garden. If you are ever in the area it is completely worth the visit.

  • 5Artemis “Artie” A. 1 week ago
    Such an amazing place. The staff are all friendly and helpful. The animals are all in good health and happy. And the prices are reasonable. Got a new spotted dog to replace the one I lost in a breakup.

  • 4Christina A. 3 weeks ago
    Have never been here before. Of course took myself and the kids on a very hot holiday. They had fun but the entrance was hard to find especially because Google Maps had us get off the bus at the conservatory not the entrance to the zoo. The only reason I'm giving 4 vs 5 stars is trying to find the entrance to the farm was very hard from the zoo. We ended up finding it after circling the pond. Otherwise the ac was great in most of the buildings and eventhough it was hot the animals were able to be seen. All in all a fun day.

  • 5Laura R. 3 weeks ago
    This is such a special place! And I can’t believe it is free! We loved seeing the gorillas and chimpanzees, as well as the educational seal show. You can watch undr after as they feed them and it is magical. The grounds are very pretty with many different flowers. Loved our afternoon here!

  • 5Gary S. 3 weeks ago
    The zoo is very nice and clean and has a relaxing atmosphere,beautiful scenery and a park next to it. It's a great place just to hang out and relax and enjoy the weather too,plenty of animals to see.

  • 5Nupur G. 3 weeks ago
    This park/zoo is free to enter. You can spend quality time with toddler and enjoy the beauty of this place . We went there with the toddler and he enjoyed every bit of it . He was amazed to see the lions eating food/bones and was excited how they are eating it. We saw different species there and were amazed by all. We also observed flamingos 🦩 there , I saw flamingos for the first time .. Park has cafe inside it which was also good place to eat.

  • 5Aleah B. 1 month ago
    The whole zoo and surrounding was absolutely beautiful. Each exhibit has fun and interesting facts about the animals. You can clearly see that all the animals and their enclosures are well taken care of. It was such a treat to see the lions eating off of fresh bones and the chimps drinking from coconuts and swinging from the ropes in their enclosure. And all with no cover charge to enter the zoo! 100% recommend.

  • 5Kat R. 1 month ago
    Very nice free zoo! It was a ridiculously hot day, but we still had a blast. A few animals weren't out due to the heat, so we'd love to come back when it's cooler. Good size for younger kids.

  • 5Andre G. 1 month ago
    Ein toller Zoo mit freiem Eintritt. Es wird viel für die Tiere getan. Auf die Gehege wird geachtet und die Tiere werden auch beschäftigt. Als wir da waren, war ein Tag zuvor ein Zebra geboren, bei den Löwen und den ganzen Affen waren auch Jungtiere.

  • 5Jacki M. 1 month ago
    Such a BEAUTIFUL zoo and the best part is that it’s free!!! Beautiful landscaping, nice, big enclosures for the animals, a good variety of animals, extremely clean! Definitely one of the best zoos I’ve ever been to! I highly recommend going to this zoo! We had googled how much time people usually spend here and it said 2.5 - 3 hours but it took us from 11 till close (5:00) and we would have been there longer if they hadn’t closed at that time!

  • 5Josh B. 1 month ago
    This zoo is really nice. It’s a decent size and is nestled right beside Lake Michigan. I’m not sure how they manage to keep the entry free. There’s a huge variety of animals with a good mix of indoor and outdoor enclosures. There are also several other activities within the zoo.

  • 5Jennifer K. 1 month ago
    Parking is rough, but there is pay parking a little walk. The zoo is amazing with lots to see! (And I live in San Diego!) I really enjoyed the beautiful buildings that housed the exhibits. They have an amazing old architectural style of an era gone by. You walk through each one to experience the exhibits from birds, to lions, to African safari. The buildings were hot inside in the summer when I went. We had lunch at their restaurant right on the water. It was good food but a little expensive. I was ok paying the price to help the zoo, considering the zoo admission was free. Also bought the kids souvenirs at the gift shop to help support the zoo. The gift shop is the only building there that has proper ac if you're overheating in the summer like we were. Would go back! Highly suggest it for everyone. I can't believe it is free!

  • 5Elsie E. 1 month ago
    Such a wonderful Zoo! A wonderful and memorable experience for sure! We went here a long time ago- only to find when we returned it was more special than ever! The animals seemed well cared for and the caretakers and workers were so kind and helpful. Personally my favorite part was the seal training, it was so fun to watch! This is a must stop destination if your in Chicago- tickets? It’s free!

  • 5Nurzhan K. 1 month ago
    We really enjoyed our time here, there are lots of different animal species, and what is important is that they are kept in close to natural conditions. There is no entrance fee, but the only disappointment was to find a parking spot - it’s a bit challenging task. Overall, a great place to spend time with kids and family!

  • 5Mandy my P. 1 month ago
    It is an incredible destination offering a delightful experience for all. Being free of charge makes it an excellent option for families seeking a fun outing without breaking the bank. The zoo boasts a wide variety of animals, captivating both kids and adults. The picnic areas provide a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a meal amidst nature. It's an ideal activity for spending quality time with children, as they marvel at the diverse wildlife. It is an amazing place where families and visitors make unforgettable memories with captivating wildlife.

  • 5J. 2 months ago
    A very well maintained facility for a free zoo, pleasantly surprised as this was my first time visiting Lincoln Park Zoo. They have various kinds of animals on site a long with cafes and small snack vendors. I recommend visiting if you have a chance to make it the Lincoln Park Zoo during your stay in the downtown Chicago area. In the spring and summer months, they also have gorgeous flowers along the landscape.

  • 4Cierra M. 2 months ago
    Free zoo with lots of animals and friendly staff. The aviary was really neat! Highly recommend visiting the McCormick Bird House. Something about a polar bear in Chicago doesn't seem quite right., but it was neat to see nonetheless.

  • 2M. 2 months ago
    So visited this last Saturday, and so very disappointed...Most zoos have animal's..So in 2 hours we saw a Deer, seal, and 1 monkey if Noah had this type of set up..there would be zero zoo's. The staff very helpful,the parking lot very empty, 30 dollars for parking..An effort should be made, to increase the animal count love this zoo, but increased inventory is needed..

  • 5AnaCecilia L. 2 months ago
    This was a really great experience! Lots of cool animals, their enclosures were large and well maintained. It is a large zoo, so expect to walk a lot. Only downside is some of the exhibits were closed either due to season/renovation but there was plenty to see and do regardless. Admission is free, so be sure to bring cash and donate if you can!

  • 5Aileen M. 2 months ago
    Spectacular 🤩 it’s free; you can make donations to help keeping the zoo with free admissions…. Beautiful; there are many animals you can see nearby… My family loved it!! A must visit place to go while in town.

  • 5C M. 2 months ago
    Great place for children and all of the family. It's free and you can bring a lunch to eat there for free. One of my favorite things to do in the summer on a budget. Take public transportation because the parking is $30 for 4 hours.

  • 5Kate F. 2 months ago
    Wonderful zoo! Definitely worth coming here. Cleanest zoo I've ever been to and lots of info signs at the exhibits. Recommend taking the bus, it drops you off right at front gate. Parking can be crazy and runs $30-40.

  • 5Joshua J. 3 months ago
    One of my favorite zoos. It’s free to enter. They have plenty of facilities and it’s easy to navigate. The lion exhibit is fun to watch. Especially with the new cubs! They are so cute.

  • 5Yurii D. 3 months ago
    overall impression 5. clean, lots of space for leisure. I was with the kids and really enjoyed it. the management of this establishment is in place. it is also important to remember that this is a social project, so everything is super. the bathrooms are clean, the territory and enclosures of animals are well-groomed. thanks for the experience

  • 5Robert H. 3 months ago
    I like to come here. Periodically. The animals are always nice I love the rhinos and the zebras a lot. Especially the rhinos and zebras. It's just a nice relaxing place to go to. It's accessible by public transportation. And it's in a safe environment. Is it a free zoo. You can bring your lunch from home and you don't have to buy lunch there if you don't want to.

  • 5Richard G. 3 months ago
    Beautiful urban zoo nestled in Lincoln Park, the animal exhibits are inviting and the foliage gives an added nature touch. This is a free admission zoo. The ponds are something to behold with a variety of birds, turtles and fish. Lions, gorillas and the red panda are just a few of the animals you will be able to see. For the little ones the farmland area is perfect. I do recommend visiting the nearby Lakefront trail and Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond if you have time.

  • 5donnie m. 3 months ago
    Very nice zoo to be free. We saw Lions, Apes, Monkeys, and Giraffes to name a few. This is definitely worth a visit. They also had a demonstration with the seals while we were there.

  • 5Noel L. 3 months ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo is one of Chicago's treasures located right by scenic Lake Michigan in Lincoln Park. Not only us the zoo large with a myriad of animals from around the globe, but it is also free of charge. Parking is your typical expense ranging from $30+ based on how long you stay. You can park there and go to the Nature Walk, the different park amenities, and the zoo. We enjoyed the food at the zoo with lots of options.

  • 5Bethany D. 3 months ago
    I often visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, it’s lovely to walk around, free, entertaining and educational. The restaurants are nice, better than you’d expect in a free zoo. The cafeterias are standard. The enclosures and animals are obviously well taken care off and loved which is so great to see! There are a variety of different themed and seasonal events. As well as ones for the families, little kids, and adult only! Zoo lights adult night out is a personal favorite of mine!

  • 5Sherlonda Baskin S. 4 months ago
    If you think your getting the San Diego Zoo on this trip that's not gonna happen. However, for this zoo to be free it is very nice. Parking is the only crazy thing Chicago. My children really enjoyed the Zoo.

  • 5Stephanie M. 5 months ago
    The zoo is free, and it's a pretty decent size! There are a lot of animals and exhibits to look at! The animals are also super cute and very active. I do recommend visiting during the spring/summer as the weather is a lot nicer and there are more open exhibits and kiosks that sell food and merchandise. It's super easy to get to the zoo through bus, and very walkable. I truly recommend visiting this zoo!

  • 5Kimberly T. 8 months ago
    Wow were we impressed! When we heard “free zoo” we thought the grounds might be run down and there wouldn’t be many animals, we were so wrong! The grounds are kept very nicely and we saw SO many of the animals out considering it was a chilly day. Highly recommend this zoo if you’re visiting from elsewhere. I’ve been to many zoos in the U.S. and this is definitely at the top of my list now!

  • 5Catrina K. 9 months ago
    Checked out Zoo Lights this year! Very fun and light-hearted event. Good for children and adults…family friendly and solid date night. Snacks, hot cocoa, and spiced wine (my favorite) are just brief intro to what you nibble on or sip. See the animals, ride the carousel, take lots of pictures, enjoy!!! This year it’s free on Mondays (Check out Eventbrite to secure in advance) and carousel rides are $4 a person.

  • 5Wyatt N. 10 months ago
    This zoo is probably my favorite zoo I’ve visited yet and definitely the best free zoo I’ve ever been too! They do a great job at packing in a diverse collection of animals while making sure they have the appropriate space. Admission is free. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the animals and the zoo itself. The reptile house is very well done; as is the primate house.

  • 5Lennon G. 10 months ago
    Small zoo with it's own charm! I think it's one of the few zoos in the US that has free admission and they do accept donations from visitors. It's a nice place to just walk around and see animals although there were a few areas where I didn't see animals in them. There are also rides for kids and food available in the main court. It's not the biggest zoo you can be in but it's definitely worth the time to see what they have; and the best part about it is that it's free.

  • 5TJ B. 1 year ago
    I was shocked this is free entertainment. Our local zoo is a $25 per person which is fine to help out the animals but it is quite nice that this zoo is able to keep it free. Go NOW if you haven’t seen the baby lion. One of the cutest things I have seen!! It is a smaller zoo but had a perfect variety of animals. I really enjoyed visiting.

  • 5Rafaella L. 1 year ago
    Lincoln Park is beautiful and this zoo is so much fun. Very organized, good signage and explanations about the animals, great animal variety and free! Definitely check out the birds and primates (ape house and small mammals). Walking distance to North Avenue beach, head there for some relaxing time after walking around in the zoo!

  • 5Adam W. 1 year ago
    We visited on a rainy afternoon. Pros: fewer people! Cons: animals also seemed to be retreating from the rain. Was still a great time. Good mix of animals, not so big that it's overwhelming or takes an entire day. Good use of a couple hours. We parked on the street outside for free (got lucky and found a space, but you might too!) so the whole experience was zero cost. We enjoyed it!

  • 4Feryal A. 1 year ago
    The zoo is free and is in the nice Lincoln Park area. Great views nearby and it is at a relatively convenient location with respect to the main attractions downtown. It is a little over an hour of leisurely walk from the Millennium station. The zoo is not large so there are not many animals to been with. I was able to see some animals but a few were not available. I did not check out the farm, train, food options or the gift shop, so no comment on those.

  • 4Matthew S. 1 year ago
    A nice zoo housed within a beautiful park and close to downtown. Well maintained and a good selection of animals. The zoo is small, as it only took 2 hours to see everything. A few of the exhibits were closed for maintenance. The large ape house was closed for a special event which was strange in the middle of the week on a morning. You can't beat the zoo being free though, especially if you have several people. You just notice that it isn't as high caliber as other large city zoos because of the lack of entrance fee.

  • 5Melissa B. 1 year ago
    Beautiful zoo! Loved everything! The gift shop had a really great selection of goodies and we especially appreciated the ac in the building next to the lion habitat. 10/10 would visit again!

  • 4Amber Luisa O. 1 year ago
    I love a free zoo! The zoo was very up to date & had some new technology. There were disability wave sensor activated doors. Single strollers fit through all doors. The animal enclosures were tidy & the animals seemed content. We didn't see all the animals due to probably the temperature. Hopefully the next time we come we'll see more animals.

  • 5Patricia F. 1 year ago
    Fantastic. Will go again. Clean. There are a lot of places to use facilities all around Zoo. Lot's of Great experiences. Can get very close to the animals. Free to get into (can leave a donation in a box, if you like) for all ages. A great way to spend a day (if not too warm!). Food & drink a wee bit more expensive, but you can bring your own, there are places to sit (with tables). 151 (as of 24/06/2022) bus stops right outside. Have Fun.

  • 4Kimberly S. 1 year ago
    It needs some TLC. The park is free and there were animals I had never seen before. The cafeteria was like going to a 3 star restaurant. Never had that great of food at a zoo. Quite a few closed animal cages. All in all a nice time . Parking is alot at lot in front of park. Try to park on street. Very inconvenient.

  • 5Eithne M. 1 year ago
    I've been coming to the zoo since I was a little girl. When I became a mom, I brought my own kids to the zoo. And now I bring my grands - what a joy! One of the things I love most is that the animals can come and go from the public viewing as they please - that's often why you can't see anything in some of the displays. The penguins aren't feeling it today and that's alright! I also enjoy learning about how the animals are cared for by the staff, too. Oh, and their events are a lot of fun!

  • 5Mihir V. 1 year ago
    Beautiful zoo in downtown Chicago. There are a variety of animals, and the experience is so wonderful, you wouldn't believe that the zoo is free! Great facilities, however the food is on the pricey side (just how most zoos and recreational areas are). l will definitely come again, and recommend it for children.

  • 5Chai L. 1 year ago
    I visited Chicago and had this on my list as #1 want to see. I'm so glad I got to! We saw the lion club playing and it was adorable. The zoo is really nice and clean, very spacious and you don't feel crowded. The animals all look well taken care of. I'll definitely be back next time!

  • 5Addison C. 1 year ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo is such a treat. It's free to visit, but parking is paid. I paid $25 for parking at the zoo, and there are both cash and credit card pay stations as you're driving out (make sure you keep the parking ticket so you can get out). I spent a couple hours enjoying the nice weather and the different exhibits. I got to see the polar bear, rhinos, lions and more. It's not the largest zoo, but it's cool that it's so close to the city. Alcohol is available in the zoo, as well. Plenty of spots to eat/drink, and there is a pretty large gift shop with unique animal-themed toys and whatnot for the kids.

  • 5Brendan S. 1 year ago
    So many animals and exhibits! The zoo layout is great and very easy for people of all ages and abilities to get around. Our kiddo loved the lions and the polar bear. And by the way, it’s free! Park on the street between the zoo and the city, that is free as well.

  • 5Apurba P. 1 year ago
    I was surprised to see that there is no entree fee for the zoo, it is completely free. Not very big zoo, but nice, well maintained. Have nice collections of animals. Close to downtown and well connected via bus. Which is really good news for people coming from outside.

  • 5Aaron B. 1 year ago
    This is a beautiful zoo! Well designed and lots of staff to help with questions. Many of the animals were not out and we assume it was due to the cold. They also had a special event so we could not see the penguins. But we got to see lions, polar bear, monkeys and painted dogs The best part is it is free!

  • 5John K. 1 year ago
    Could not believe this place was free. Very nice zoo, there were fewer animals than at the peak of the season, various exhibits we're temporarily off exhibit. What was available was very nice though, even on a very windy day.

  • 5Brady C. 1 year ago
    I took my son on his first trip to the zoo and he had a blast. Due t his age, he rode in a stroller. The entire place was very easy to navigate and my son was able to get good views of the animals. Given the time of year, there was a fair amount of grounds and exhibit maintenance happening. Although disappointed we couldn't see everything, it's great to see that the city is doing a great job to keep the facilities looking good.

  • 3Florian P. 1 year ago
    Amazing habitats for some of the animals, but overall somewhat disappointing. Not a lot of information about animals on the signs, and pretty basic selection of animals that live there (exception to this being the snow leopard which is awesome). Still decent for a free of charge location. I recommend taking the bus, as parking is pricey.

  • 5Sera E. 1 year ago
    I am not sure if there is an entrance fee during summer but winter you can just walk in for free . Perfect area to walk while enjoying the wild life right at the heart of Chicago. Also one of the best spot to capture landscape and city view pictures.

  • 5Carolina O. 1 year ago
    This is always a family favorite. It's a great place to take the kids during the holiday season to enjoy all of the beautiful lights. It's also a great activity to do on a date. You can walk around holding hands and get some great pictures while you're there. A must for me every holiday season.

  • 5Shahida b. 1 year ago
    Perfect place for family activity. Lots of walking area and picnic spots. Food courts and animals farm kids favorite. Spread around amazing sculpture. Beautiful greenhouse with flowers and unique plants. Kids small rides area and small lake with boating. Lots of trails for walking.My favorite one is going towards Lakeshore bridge and North Beach.

  • 5Ian T. 1 year ago
    Went in the evening to attend zoo lights. Parking was a little tough as the traffic getting into the lot is pretty rough, but we were able to find a spot. My expectations were definitely exceeded in regards to the number of lights and overall enjoyment of the event. Obviously, a lot of the animals were asleep or not out in their enclosures, but you can still see a number of the animals. The sleeping gorillas were a huge hit with the kids and they also really enjoyed the small mammal/reptile building.

  • 5Aide M. 1 year ago
    We attended Zoolights on a Friday night. It was a good crowd but not overloaded. The lights were fun and so beautiful! It was worth it, some animals are asleep & some are not. Very enjoyable! A lot quicker & easier to purchase tickets in advance! They're $5 a person & $4 each for the special shows. If you plan on going, make sure to go ahead of time to find parking.

  • 5B G. 1 year ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo is amazing in itself. Warm weather brings tons of fun for the whole family. A special treat is visiting the Zoo Lights during the Holidays! Truly a special time. Lots of hot Cocoa and entertainment for all. A must see!! I will be back 👍

  • 5Syed H. 1 year ago
    Lincoln park zoo Christmas lights were great! Really fun walking around with plenty to enjoy. They had hot chocolate available for purchase, make sure to buy the tickets in advance if you plan on visiting. Look for free days else they do have tickets for 5 dollars for purchase. A must see!

  • 5G. 1 year ago
    We went for the holiday lights event, it wasn’t anything special but fun nonetheless. Nice to see the gorillas and the one little penguin. They’re handling covid pretty well.

  • 5Lupe C. 1 year ago
    Lincoln Park has been here for years. I recently came to visit Chicago. I was born and raised here and wanted to visit and check on the animals. Glad I did. Place was busy even though covid is still a concern but zoo is clean and fully staffed. Will return and bring my grandson.

  • 5Vasu S. 1 year ago
    Tremendous experience at this family friendly fun place for all ages. A great collection of animals, who are mostly rescues or born in the zoo and well taken care of. The entry is FREE! Which is so hard to believe for a zoo this well maintained. My personal favorites are the gorilla, lion, penguin and polar bear exhibits. Even the bird exhibit is fantastic along with the seal show.

  • 5John T. 1 year ago
    It is free! Lots to see! Fun for everyone. Some parts are under construction/repair/maintenance but there is still plenty to see. A nice walk! Some things cost like telescope, train ride, merry go round.

  • 5Stacey S. 1 year ago
    We enjoyed the zoo. It's not huge, but big enough to spend several hours. It has some really nice exhibits. I was impressed by the lion exhibit. Paths are well maintained for easy walking. There is no entry fee, donations are accepted. I would visit again if in the area.

  • 5Simi C. 1 year ago
    Fun day walking around by myself while I had some time away from a conference I was attending. The new lion exhibit was so impressive. You can pretty much do the entire zoo in an hour and a half but it was such a beautiful Fall Day I spent a few hours roaming around.

  • 5S. 1 year ago
    One of the best zoo's we visited all across the globe. And the best part is that entry is free. This is located right beside the Lincoln Park. The area is quite huge. The zoo is very well maintained. And plenty of exhibits available. One needs atleast 4hrs to cover the entire zoo. There are eating options inside the zoo. The main attraction of the zoo which are the lions are located right at the front of one of the main gates. Was ever thrilled to see them. There are buses which stop right opposite to the entrance. Overall, a great experience and a must visit place.

  • 5Tony G. 1 year ago
    A free Chicago?! You just have to pay for parking if you want to visit Lincoln Park Zoo. Parking ranges from $20-$35 depending on how long you stay. Our kids loved seeing the giraffes, lions, apes, and rhinos. They have food and drinks for sale there, but you can bring your own food in as well if you want to do your own picnic lunch. Masks are currently required anytime you are indoors at the zoo. Have a roaring good time!

  • 5Jasmine M. 1 year ago
    Free and had a great experience! This was my first time exploring Chicago and there was a lot to see! This zoo had so many animals that provided a lot of goofy entertainment. It was a super busy zoo but what do you expect when it’s free? I still got to see everything without anyone blocking me and the animals were really active.

  • 4sanjeet chandra g. 1 year ago
    Kid friendly, and a nice zoo to spend time. The only reason for giving 4/4.5 is, they could have done a better job designing the directions for where to go for what species/animals. They have signs, and names but segmenting the zones will make it easier. There’s a carousel for kids - bonus. Has food carts, and a huge restaurant/food place as well. Few of the animals are not present, but it’s worth the visit - Free to anyone !

  • 5Darian J. 1 year ago
    So insane that this zoo is free to the public. I love to come to clear my head and visit the gorillas. Seriously, I could spend hours just sitting there observing the gorillas interact with each other and the other patrons. Every exhibit offers something great to enjoy. Love it here.

  • 5Sean D. 1 year ago
    Very nice zoo. Everything is easy to get to and the park is very clean. Some exhibits were closed for maintenance, but still a great overall experience

  • 5Howie K. 1 year ago
    Amazing place with no entrance fee. Lots of cool exhibits. Great place to bring your family.

  • 5Mike V. 2 years ago
    How can you not give a free zoo five stars? Back home, entry would've cost $30. The zoo is very well maintained, the enclosures are not overly restrictive, and the park that surrounds the zoo is equally appealing. There was a lot of construction going on to the big cat area during our visit and we couldn't see the polar bears either but it's a zoo, so you can't always win. Great place to bring the kids or stop by if you're trying to kill time. You can't go wrong, it's FREE!

  • 5Michael H. 2 years ago
    I just can't believe that this place is free and open to the public. They have a number of wonderful exhibits, which was apparent even though many of the animals were tucked away on a hot late summer/early fall day. Unlike some other zoos you can really tell that Lincoln Park Zoo gives the animals options in their habitats. While they are most certainly contained, the exhibits don't feel as much like cages as I have seen in other places.

  • 3Alex L. 2 years ago
    Lion exhibit is under renovation, can't see them. Lots of other animals were not out. The upside was it wasn't very crowded at all. Conservatory can only be visited by booking a tour in advance.

  • 5Greg K. 2 years ago
    It’s hard to beat this zoo! Located in Lincoln Park, which is bigger than Central Park in NYC and is Chicago’s biggest park. It offers a huge nature trail for jogging and walking your dog. There are many animal exhibits featuring all of your favorites. There are plenty of restrooms, vending machines, cafes, and restaurants to sit down and eat. It offers city views and plenty of places to grab your selfies. I have been to lots of great zoos around the country, but Lincoln Park is far and away my favorite!

  • 5Marc A. 2 years ago
    We’ve been there so many times. It’s in a wonderful, park-like setting, and there are so many interesting animals and things to see and do. Best of all it’s free. At this time the enclosure with the lions and tigers is closed and when we were there the great ape house was closed, but I think that was temporary.

  • 4Traci M. 2 years ago
    Beautiful facility! Sad the lion habitat was under construction, but hopefully I'll be back. Would have loved more signage about bringing in parking ticket - had to walk pretty far to bring it back in. Loved the otter and gorillas!

  • 5Small Man Big A. 2 years ago
    This zoo is better then most zoos in the U.S. and it's free. I personally like coming here to eat, drink, and lounge around. If you get a chance there are donation boxes all over. Also the cat house is closed for remodeling if that's what you mainly wanted to see.

  • 5Michael Y. 2 years ago
    I had a blast. The zoo is vast; you at least need 2hrs to cover every scenery.

  • 5T. 2 years ago
    They say nothing in life is FREE. Turns out this zoo really is free but expect to pay 25$ for parking and the same if not more for a drink. Pro tip bring your own drink and don’t walk all the way to the barnyard because it’s closed right now anyway:( it was still such a wonderful free zoo. Our favorite the gorillas and the fish. Make sure you grab a gift before leaving they are decently priced and are for a good cause contribute to wildlife and keep this place afloat because it’s a gem :)

  • 5Rebbekah K. 2 years ago
    Amazing experience again this time, although it rained we had an area to stand and stay dry, and the kiddos got to look at the baboons while we waited for the rain to let up. I wish there were more options for drinking as the fountains were closed off due to Covid, but I also don't mind supporting the zoo by purchasing a water. So much to see, we had a blast! Be prepared to follow a map on your phone as they're also not aloud to hand those out due to Covid.

  • 4Fahd Nait A. 2 years ago
    It was fun and free. Most of the animals were not available due to covid. Worth the visit. Enjoy your ice cream or coffee

  • 5Victoria H. 2 years ago
    What's not to love about a free zoo for starters? I will admit I was disappointed to see most of the farm buildings are closed due to Covid-19. Additionally, the Lion House is still under construction but does seem to be getting closer to completion. Masks are required inside the buildings but you can take them off when are outside if you desire to. The children's zoo area and playground is also temporarily closed which includes the wolf and bear sections of the zoo. Hopefully, the zoo will gradually reopen these areas to the public. As of currently, just be aware that unfortunately you will not be able to experience the zoo to its maximum extent.

  • 5Liliia Y. 2 years ago
    Great place to relax with children and the whole family. The zoo is free. In hot weather, you can buy cold water or ice cream at the zoo. I recommend visiting this place.

  • 5Sneha M. 2 years ago
    A great place to spend a day in Chicago! The zoo is very large and had a plethora of animals, though many of them are not currently on display due to COVID and renovations. It amazing for a zoo that is free to visit, though we always donate when we go and encourage others to as well! The animals are well-kept and the caretakers are kind and understanding. Would highly recommend for a day of family fun!

  • 4Nate B. 2 years ago
    Currently under construction but it's FREE! expect to pay $30+ for parking (city prices) but a nice few hours of fun for the family. Head to the seal underwater viewing area to cool off on hot days. Usually Never say this but their gift shop is cheaper for some items than Amazon!

  • 5Frank V. 2 years ago
    As for someone who works at a zoo and loves visiting other zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo was awesome. Loved the primate collection. I definitely would pit Lincoln Park Zoo on my top favorite zoos I have visited. Staff were friendly and animals were enjoying the day. Also first time seeing a polar bear which was awesome.

  • 5Hector I. R. 2 years ago
    FREEE! Let's start with that, as a non-profit organization will not push the "viewing" of animals for an income. This is great! Excellent space, very well kept! Parking is a nightmare, but you can easily reach the zoo through public transport. The area around the zoo is busy, so be sure to prepare. Animals seem to be happy and taken care off. Great for family fun, dates, and to bring your kids.

  • 5Константин �. 2 years ago
    Очень интересно место! Рекомендую!

  • 5Яна �. 2 years ago
    Зоопарк просто чудо! Были в отпуске в вашем городе, за две недели были с ребёнком в зоопарке 3 раза! Волшебство!

  • 5Алексей �. 2 years ago
    Довольно большой по территории, вокруг сосновый бор, отличное место для прогулок, представлено приличное разнообразие фауны

  • 5Мария �. 2 years ago
    Замечательное место. Красивая территория, животные выглядят ухоженными. Немного отпугнули толпы тараканов кишаших в клетках животных

  • 5Маруся �. 2 years ago
    Очень рекомендую👍🔥

  • 5Елена �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great place to relax with the whole family! (Original) Отличное место для отдыха всей семьей!

  • 5Ilya S. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The day passed very quickly and interestingly. Lots of great photos. (Original) Очень быстро и интересно прошёл день. Много отличных фотографий.

  • 5Юлия �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Mast si in Novosibirsk (Original) Маст си в Новосибирске

  • 5Victor P. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Wonderful zoo. It occupies a large area for its purpose. Many types of monkeys, polar bears. The golden eagle is the largest bird of the eagle tribe, as well as a falcon and a hawk. The vulture is the largest of all birds of prey, rather agile and agile. For the first time visitors to the zoo, it is very touching especially for the kids. There are paid premises for common household needs. (Original) Замечательный зоопарк. Большой площадью занимает своё предназначение. Много видов обезьян, белые медведи. Беркут самая большая птица из орлиного племени, а также сокол и ястреб. Гриф это большие из всех хищных птиц, достаточно проворны и подвижны. Для посетителей зоопарка впервые, это очень трогательно особенно для детворы. Есть платные помещения для бытовых нужд общего пользования.

  • 5Fredi G. 2 years ago
    We had such a good day there. So much to see and do. To go round and see it all in one day, is impossible. So we will be back soon to make sure that we do see it all. With so much going on round you, it's so easy to lose track of time and before you know it, it's time to go. There were lots of benches so you could have lunch and a quick drink. And caffe shops and reasonably priced too. We got to feed the giraffes, but unfortunately the battery on my phone went dead, so no photos at this time. Luckily, we had a camera so we did get planty photos. We were blessed with a beautiful dry day till round 4 oclock and than it started to pour down. All and all , it was a wonderful time/experience for our two little ones. 👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • 5M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) In my opinion the best zoo in Russia .... Well done (Original) По моему мнению лучший зоопарк в России....Молодцы

  • 5Виктория �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) OK (Original) Ок

  • 5Anna M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Will definitely be back in summer (Original) Обязательно вернусь летом

  • 5Сергей �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I love our zoo very much !!! (Original) Очень люблю наш зоопарк!!!

  • 4Кристина �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very cool. it is a pity that everything like that in Russia in figs no one needs. animals are rare, funny. the content is terrible, the stench, cockroaches in the pavilions ... outside the terrarium ... (Original) Клёво очень. жаль что все подобное в России на фиг ни кому не надо. животные редкие, прикольные. содержание ужасное, вонь, тараканы в павильонах.... вне террариума...

  • 5Олеся �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Wonderful, huge. Take a snack with you and be prepared for the fact that by the end of the examination you will be tired :) but you will be happy :) (Original) Замечательный, огромный. Возьмите с собой перекус и будьте готовы к тому, что к концу осмотра вы устанете :) но будете счастливы :)

  • 5Дмитрий �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Norm (Original) Норм

  • 5Максим �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I advise all tourists to visit this zoo. (Original) Всем туристом советую посетить данный зоопарк.

  • 5Steve S. 2 years ago
    Can't wait to return

  • 5Елизавета �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) We went to visit the penguins. They are positive! And polar bears play even better in winter than in summer. (Original) Ходили навестить пингвинов. Они позитивные! А белые медведи зимой играют ещё лучше, чем летом.

  • 5Kseniya C. 2 years ago
    The best place in Novosibirsk. You can meet different rare animals from all over the world. The area is very big, and cages are good enough. There are a lot info boards that teach how you can help the wild and what exactly zoos do for animals. Strongly recommend!

  • 5Alina S. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Big beautiful zoo, sorry we didn't see the liger (Original) Большой красивый зоопарк, жаль не увидели лигра

  • 5G. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Cool !!! (Original) Классно !!!

  • 5Елена �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The best place on earth. (Original) Лучшее место на земле.

  • 5Gitano D. 2 years ago
    Nice for a free zoo.

  • 5Лариса �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I was at the zoo in winter for a long time, but in vain! Today my son and I walked along the snowy paths of the zoo. In frosty weather, many animals hide in their houses, so not everyone can be seen on the street. Surprised by the king of beasts, who went out to walk through the frost. But in the Tropical World pavilion it is much more convenient to observe the animals than in summer. Here animals are behind glass, and summer foliage does not interfere. We were at lunchtime, about 15 o'clock and ended up at the time of feeding the animals. Elk, bison, red deer come very close to the grate, waiting for feeding. You can take a good look at them, observe them. And, of course, it is in winter that you should admire foxes, arctic foxes, wolves. They are fluffy and pretty this time of year! (Original) Очень давно была в зоопарке зимой, а зря! Сегодня с сыном погуляли по заснеженным дорожкам зоопарка. В мороз многие животные прячутся в своих домиках, поэтому на улице можно увидеть далеко не всех. Удивил король зверей, который вышел пройтись по морозцу. Зато в павильоне Тропический мир наблюдать за животными гораздо удобнее, чем летом. Здесь животные за стеклом, да и летняя листва не мешает. Были в обед, около 15 часов и попали на время кормления животных. Лоси, бизоны, маралы подходят совсем близко к решетке, ожидая кормления. Их можно хорошенько рассмотреть, понаблюдать за ними. И, конечно, именно зимой стоит любоваться лисицами, песцами, волками. В это время года они пушистые и красивые!

  • 5Ian Y. 2 years ago
    Large variety of animals kept in humane conditions. Lots of opportunities to see keepers with with their animals. Grounds kept in immaculate condition and very pretty to walk around. Since the first lockdown, I have taken a walk past the zoo roughly once a week. Although now closed, you can still see reindeer, pigs, horses and donkeys in adjacent fields. During the first lockdown one enclosure housed llamas and alpacas, followed by all the goats in the zoo.

  • 3Александр �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) In winter, everything is half-empty, there are few places to warm up with children, if without a car at the exit they could open a warm room for waiting for a taxi, the cafe does not work, the current is a mini-girl with a small selection of snacks for children, but emotions, impressions and good mood were received with the children. 👍 (Original) Зимой все полупостое, погреться мало где можно с детьми, если без авто у выхода могли б открыть помещение теплое для ожидания такси, кафе не работает никакое, тока миниминистойка с малым выбором перекуса для детей, но эмоций, впечатлений и хорошего настроения получили с детьми на 👍

  • 5Dmitry T. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) We visited Novosibirsk with children for the sake of the zoo. (Original) Посетили Новосибирск с детьми ради зоопарка.

  • 5Ксения �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I liked it very much! Especially on a weekday, not many visitors) The animals are just a miracle! Some even show themselves on purpose) (Original) Очень понравилось! Особенно в будний день, не много посетителей) Звери просто чудо! Некоторые даже специально себя показывают)

  • 5Сергей �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very cool, kids are thrilled (Original) Очень здорово, дети в восторге

  • 4Yash V. 2 years ago
    The zoo was founded in 1868, when the Lincoln Park Commissioners were given a gift of two pairs[6] of swans by Central Park's Board of Commissioners in New York City.[7] Other animals were soon donated to the park, including, a puma, two elk, three wolves, four eagles, and eight peacock.[8] In 1874, a bear cub from the Philadelphia Zoo was the first animal purchased by the zoo. The bear became quite adept at escaping from its home and could frequently be found roaming Lincoln Park at night.[9] In 1884, reportedly the first American bison born in captivity was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo.[10] At this time, the species had almost been hunted to extinction in the wild—in 1896, the United States government purchased one bull and seven cows from the Zoo's bison herd to send to Yellowstone National Park to assist in the species' revival.[8] From 1888 to 1919 the director of the Lincoln Park Zoo was the flamboyant Cy DeVry, who organized the collection, built many new structures, and obtained the zoo's first elephant and monkeys. A new Lion House opened in 1912. It was later renovated and reopened in 1990. The Primate House opened in 1927, and was known for housing a popular gorilla named Bushman (1931–1951), one of the only gorillas in a U. S. zoo at the time.[11][12] The zoo's great apes were moved to the Lester E. Fisher Great Ape House in 1976, named for the zoo's outgoing director, and the original Primate House was later renovated and reopened in 1992 as the Helen Brach Primate House, featuring more naturalistic settings. Marlin Perkins, who gained fame as the host of the television program Zoo Parade and later, Wild Kingdom, was director of the zoo from 1944 until 1962. He created and recruited a citizens group to support the Zoo's mission, the Lincoln Park Zoological Society. The facility underwent a dramatic transformation in the 1970s and 1980s, with the additions of many new, naturalistic exhibits. In 1995, the Zoological Society assumed management of the zoo from the Chicago Park District, which remains the owner.[11] Zoo administration is currently housed in the nearby building previously used by the Chicago Academy of Sciences, which moved to a new facility in 1999. The Kovler Sea Lion Pool opened the same year after an extensive renovation, and is now home to the zoo's harbor seals.[13] Regenstein African Journey, a renovation of the zoo's former Large Mammal House, opened in 2003, turning the zoo's largest building from concrete showcases for a few large mammals into a series of naturalistic settings that tell the story of the wildlife of the African continent, welcoming the return of the zoo's African elephants and giraffes as well as new additions such as the aardvark, ostrich, and African wild dog.[14] Two years later, the zoo renovated its Great Ape House, opening the Regenstein Center for African Apes, which focused on the zoo's troops of common chimpanzees and western lowland gorillas, putting a special emphasis on researching the behaviors of both species and creating new, naturalistic habitats.[15] In 2003, the book The Ark in the Park: The Story of Lincoln Park Zoo was also published by the University of Illinois Press. The book was written by Mark Rosenthal, Carol Tauber, and Edward Uhlir.[16][17] In 2010, Lincoln Park Zoo transformed the adjacent South Pond to create the Nature Boardwalk, an ecological habitat designed by Studio Gang Architects that features native wetlands plants and wildlife.[18] In December 2011, the Kovler Penguin-Seabird House, which had previously been home to rockhopper, king penguins, common murres and puffins closed down after thirty years at the zoo due to worries about the deteriorating condition of the building, prompting outcry from some Chicago residents.[19] It was soon announced it would be replaced with a newly renovated West Gate, featuring a children's train and an all-new exhibit, Regenstein Macaque Forest, featuring Japanese macaques, or "snow monkeys", in a state-of-the-art exhibit with a hot spring, set to open in fall 2014.[20] It was announced in March

  • 5Андрей �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great zoo. (Original) Отличный зоопарк.

  • 5Oleg M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great place for a family weekend. A bunch of animals from all over the world - children are incredibly happy. 👍😁 (Original) Отличное место для семейного выходного дня. Куча животных со всего мира - дети безумно рады. 👍😁

  • 5Оля �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The widest choice! You don't have to travel around the city, but buy what you need there (Original) Широчайший выбор! Можно не ездить по всему городу,а купить необходимое там

  • 5Михаил �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great impressions, excellent planning of the territory, good place for walking with children (Original) Впечатления прекрасные, отличное планирование территории, хорошее место для прогулок с детьми

  • 5Денис �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) As always. The best place to relax and walk with your family. (Original) Как всегда. Лучшее место для отдыха и прогулок с семьей.

  • 5mohammad a. 2 years ago
    Great service and food as always

  • 2павел �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) There are very few animals in the winter period and the price tag is the same as in the summer, there are no warnings that you cannot enter the circular because of the renovation of the building, I had to go back (Original) Очень мало зверей в зимний период а ценник такой же как летом ,нет предупреждений что в круговую не пройти из за ремонта здания ,пришлось возвращаться в обратную

  • 5Владимир �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Just cool (Original) Просто круто

  • 4Ahmad A. 2 years ago
    Great for a walk or relaxing but the parking is hard to find

  • 3D. 2 years ago
    Very enjoyable

  • 1Дима �. 2 years ago
    I have childrens 3 and 1.5 years old, security dont let in without masks. It's ridiculous. Not recomend, and never come back

  • 5Антон �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Perfect place (Original) Отличное место

  • 5Ярослава �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) In👍 (Original) Во👍

  • 5Ирина �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I liked it very much, I recommend it! (Original) Очень понравилось, рекомендую!

  • 5Екатерина �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) It's simple, he's the best! (Original) Всё просто, он лучший!

  • 5Аленка �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The Novosibirsk Zoo is the largest in the Russian Federation! The last liger in the world died there! 🦁🐯 (Original) Новосибирский зоопарк самый большой в РФ! Там умер самый последний лигр в мире!🦁🐯

  • 5валентина �. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) One of the most beautiful and favorite vacation spots for residents of Novosibirsk and guests of our city. The zoo is a whole complex of observation, entertainment and more. All animals are in excellent condition. Beautiful and spacious aviaries, calm animals. If you want to spend time with your friends and family, go to the zoo for the whole day! (Original) Одно из самых красивых и любимых мест отдыха жителей Новосибирска и гостей нашего города. Зоопарк представляет собой целый комплекс наблюдений, развлечений и не только. Все животные находятся в отличном состоянии. Красивые и просторные вольеры, спокойные животные. Если вы хотите провести время со своими друзьями и близкими - сходите в зоопарк, на целый день!

  • 5Анатолий �. 2 years ago
    Very good

  • 5Richard B. 2 years ago
    One of the best Zoo's in the world and that's a fact!!! Looking forward to visiting again soon

  • 5Alma K. 2 years ago
    Such a great zoo! Great experience every time, lots of walking which is great .

  • 1m. 2 years ago
    The lion ate my pizza help

  • 5Alex M. 2 years ago
    Must visit when they have the lighting put on

  • 4Carol S. 2 years ago

  • 5Manuel A. 2 years ago
    Animals, gotta love em

  • 5Daniel O. 2 years ago
    Best zoo in America, and it's free!

  • 5Josh W. 2 years ago
    great place for the fam

  • 5Everest J. 2 years ago
    Should be a public announcement whe is said you have to buy your tickets online!

  • 5Fernando T. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Too bad it's not open yet (Original) Que lastima que aún no esté abierto

  • 5Maureen R. 2 years ago
    We had a fun day at the Lincoln Park zoo. This past weekend was for members only. This time a had gloves.

  • 4Tonya B. 2 years ago
    One of my favorite places to take my son. There are so many fantastic areas to explore at Cal Academy and it incredibly exciting for kids and adults to explore. I love the rotating exhibits to keep it fresh, as well as all of the mainstays - Aquarium, rainforest, penguins, planetarium, living roof. Love being a member here!

  • 3Joshua K. 2 years ago
    Light show was disappointing, didn't have the lights synced to music this year..

  • 5D. 2 years ago
    Sorry about access during Covid. Expect a March reopening...

  • 4Susan H. 2 years ago
    This is a place that I wish we had more time to explore! It's a aquarium, planetarium, and science museum all in one place. I heard the Steinhart Aquarium is better than the Aquarium of the Bay, so we decided to go here our last day in San Francisco. Pro tip: You can get a discount if you took public transit. Also you will want to get tickets (they're free) for any Planetarium shows you want to see when you first arrive, as they can run out. I think you could easily explore this place from the time they open until close! They have Night hours on Thursday nights, but you'll want to buy those tickets in advance. One of my favorite things was the Rainforest Exhibit with butterflies flying all around you.

  • 5Kuan-Yu C. 2 years ago
    Drive thru Zoo. We can get close with wild animals in short distance.

  • 4H. 2 years ago
    Hard to understand the ticket situation associated with the Holiday Light Show.

  • 5M B. 2 years ago
    Very great place to visit. You can really see that animals are treated well.

  • 5Liam R. 2 years ago
    Me and my family go here alot. My cousin has been raising money for the Zoo, I am really happy about that. Perfect for a day out with a family. Highly recommended! 😃

  • 1Dominick P. 2 years ago
    New covid policies ruined my trip to the zoo.

  • 5D D. 2 years ago
    Awesome free zoo in a beautiful area of Chicago. Take public transport or bike /walk if you can, parking is a nightmare

  • 5Joker S. 2 years ago
    Best Christmas 💡 light.

  • 4Manu Y. 2 years ago
    Nice fresh air and quiet in the big city

  • 3Marco M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Nevesitas make an appointment to enter and close too soon and that inf was not on their website (Original) Nevesitas hacer cita para entrar y cierran demaciado pronto y esa inf no estaba en su website

  • 5Amara K. 2 years ago
    LINCOLN Park Zoo

  • 4Mallory K. 2 years ago
    My fiend Colton has been living with the hippos lately. I came back to visit and it seems like he’s gained some weight. This zoo definitely feeds their animals and Colton right.👍

  • 4Khadiga G. 2 years ago
    I like it and it was free but the animals were sleeping or because of bad wheather we haven't saw alot of animals also I would recommend to go early before 1pm

  • 4Q U. 2 years ago
    Nice organized zoo , unfortunately we couldn't see the lions and cats due to habitat constructions

  • 5mεητσr w. 2 years ago
    Really enjoyed the light show. Lincoln Park Zoo is much better than when I was younger. Enjoyed bringing my kid here.

  • 5robert H. 2 years ago
    Great day out with the family

  • 5puppy L. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I love decoration (Original) Me encanta decoración

  • 5Becky V. 2 years ago
    Fun fun fun glimmering night of new fallen snow!

  • 4Latoya P. 2 years ago
    Awesome museum for the whole family. Everything from butterfly exhibit/rainforest, to planetarium, to a rooftop with native plants, flowers, birds, and many other fun exhibits. Go--just go!

  • 5poorvi t. 2 years ago
    It was exciting to see the zoo lights.

  • 5Doge C. 2 years ago
    As always, Zoo Lights this year were amazing, even if a ticket was mandatory for entry. Every ticket had a half hour entry period for about 250 people in total to ensure not too many people were in the park at one time.

  • 4Matt G. 2 years ago
    The lights were great. The $30 to park for the hour n a half we were there was a bit much if you ask me.

  • 4Mariam A. 2 years ago
    Went to the zoo to see the Christmas lights and they were beautiful! Didn’t see any animals though! There was a beautiful area to sit on the top floor at one of the building full of lights above the seating area, but they did have a $3 entrance charge which was kind of inconvenient! The parking for 31 minutes to 2 hours was $20. Overall it was an ok experience, too many fees here and there, and not much to do besides walking around to see the lights.

  • 5Sergio R. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very beautiful place! (Original) Muy hermoso lugar!

  • 1Manny T. 2 years ago
    I saw an animal being punished for trying to runs around and was whipped with a leash.

  • 2A D. 2 years ago
    Zoo Lights on NYE!! I guess you can't expect much when you pay $20 for a family of four but I'd rather pay more and get more then to visit this again. It could've been more lights and maybe a light show to the beat of music. The kids were bored and ready to leave before it was over. For NYE to make it an actual event maybe they can add fireworks or fill in the much empty space with more lights.

  • 5Josh C. 2 years ago
    Wonderful winter light shows.

  • 2Larry O. 2 years ago
    They didn't have the lights on when we arrived.

  • 4Jennifer K. 2 years ago
    The zoo lights do not disappoint. Even better than in the past. Be sure to follow the arrows to see all of the lights throughout the zoo.

  • 5Andy B. 2 years ago
    Great zoo, good for all the family. Well organised and felt secure even during covid.

  • 4Diego L. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) In winter you don't see little animals, but they have quite beautiful lighting, it is an ideal plan to walk and see a different space. From there you can take an excellent photo of the Chicago skyline. (Original) En invierno no se ven animalitos, pero tienen una iluminacion bastante bonita, es un plan ideal para caminar y ver un espacip distinto. Desde alli puede tomarse una excelente foto eel skyline de chicago.

  • 5Ajayi P. 2 years ago
    I went to see the lights with some friends and it was a super nice view!

  • 4Mayra R. 2 years ago
    Zoo Christmas Lights

  • 5Joseph P. 2 years ago
    This is a fantastically compact zoo, suitable for all ages. Everything is easily accessible. The staff are always friendly and you can get right up close to most of the animals. Set in the beautiful Essex hills, it's a place to escape to for the day. Themed in such a way that it could feel a little like an amusement park, rather than just feeling like a huge field with fences around animals. Well worth the yearly membership.

  • 5B H. 2 years ago
    muggins and i were riding bikes one day and ran into some gorillas... there's a zoo in downtown chicago?!! crazy! watch out for the zebra with the big dangler... might not be appropriate for children

  • 5David L. 2 years ago
    Great lights at Christmas!

  • 5Ann R. 2 years ago
    Classic zoo tucked in the heart of the city. Always a great time

  • 5Kevin B. 2 years ago
    Most exhibits are closed at the moment due to covid-19, but the Zoo Lights are beautiful.

  • 5Chantry H. 2 years ago
    Magical place for all the family. Great visit and lots to see and do

  • 5lukas k. 2 years ago
    So nice and big place, a lot animals good spend time with kids :)

  • 5Stephanie N. 2 years ago
    Attended Zoo lights. Thank you LPZ for still making this happen. I wish they could have welcomed more people as the decorations are beautiful. At times I had the walking path to myself. Be aware you won't see any animals at night. Decorations were scaled down due to Covid but we still enjoyed it. I did buy the extra tickets for Snowy S'mores. I was confused as the ticket only is for admission to the fire pit not the s'more kit. I recommend the maze vs the enchanted forest. We did both.

  • 5L. 2 years ago
    Great place for a day out

  • 5Ollie H. 2 years ago
    Really great place during lockdown

  • 5LxcaS 1. 2 years ago
    Great all ages

  • 5Jeanne-Marie C. 2 years ago
    Kudos to Lincoln Park Zoo for doing an excellent job socially distancing Zoolights. We had a blast! Our annual holiday traditions include a night at the Zoo so the new light installations and sponsors really stood out. Congrats to the Zoo for making it so festive! We need a little magic right now. 💫 Support your local Zoo!!

  • 5Cristie S. 2 years ago
    What a brilliant time was had here for my daughter's seventh birthday treat. Such excellent value for money. Lovely animals loads to do for kids and excellent facilities. The many cafes in site were so clean and full of choice and priced very good. Have a lovely day here and can't wait to come again even though it's two hours from our home. Very helpful friendly staff and all the animals and enclosures were well looked after. We learnt a lot of facts too. Would recommend everyone visit here. Would give a hundred stars of I could. Definitely buying a season ticket gold card. Thank you for making my daughter's birthday weekend special. Covid safe and plenty of places to wash and sanitise your hands. Well done Colchester zoo xx

  • 5Alex B. 2 years ago
    No chance to get to Christmas Lights neither at Lincoln Zoo nor at Botanic Garden in time of COVID 19. But just to be there, take a walk around, chat with a strangers, patting the dogs & exchange couple wards with their owners, all of this gave a windows to the normal life, to the community, to feel yourself as a part of this wonderful town & it's community.

  • 4Tori P. 2 years ago
    Socail distancing not great indoors but lovely zoo

  • 4Daniel S. 2 years ago
    Great zoo and needs supporting

  • 5Donna O. 2 years ago
    Amazing zoo-have been every Christmas since 1992. They just make everything so magical and each year sees an improvement to another enclosure. #bestzooever

  • 5Paul S. 2 years ago
    Always a good visit plenty of social distance signage

  • 5George S. 2 years ago
    Animal / Zookeeper experiences are thoroughly recommended.

  • 4terry c. 2 years ago
    Great as usual

  • 5ReaLee_High L. 2 years ago

  • 5Adrian C. 2 years ago
    A great day out for the family. The zoo has a wonderful collection of animals with new arrivals throughout the year (helping conservation). Our favourite area is the African animals where you can see Rhino (including 2 babies), Giraffe and Elephants. The facilities are well looked after and the catering offering is good. Currently there is a one way system in operation to aid social distancing. You do need to pre-book - social media channels will let you know when tickets are released. Definitely worth a visit.

  • 5Stuart G. 2 years ago
    Great compact zoo with great variety of animals.

  • 5Nicola B. 2 years ago
    We was lucky my grandsons favourite is the lions and they came a wake when we got there

  • 5Gill K. 2 years ago
    Colchester zoo was a magical experience when it became dark and was lit up

  • 4Joseph V. 2 years ago
    Would be better if not for covid19

  • 5Siam H. 2 years ago
    Lovely animals, not too crowded, great animal welfare+amazing information about preserving the wildlife and conservation 100% worth a visit

  • 4Pip H. 2 years ago

  • 5James W. 2 years ago
    Great zoo

  • 5Jackie B. 2 years ago
    A fantastic day out . Well organised during our current covid crisis

  • 5D. 2 years ago
    I really like the zoo. I appreciate that it's free. They do a pretty good job here. It's not as expensive as some other issues, but it's a nice place to bring kids or to have a date. A real gem of the city. At the moment they're doing lots of construction, but that's a good thing. They're keeping the zoo in good condition.

  • 5andrew k. 2 years ago
    Christmas lights at the zoo👍

  • 5Emma C. 2 years ago
    Great zoo with animals living in interesting well thought out environments and fun play areas for children.

  • 5Peter B. 2 years ago
    Brilliant day out with all the xmas lights

  • 4peter s. 2 years ago
    Nice day shame about the weather

  • 4Peter K. 2 years ago
    good day out for all ages

  • 5Karen H. 2 years ago
    Fantastic Christmas themed day out at the zoo. The Madagascar train ride was great for big and small kids alike. Very easy to social distance and lots of Covid safe measures in place.

  • 5Paul A. 2 years ago
    Great place to visit with or without children. Bigger than you think and you could easily spend a full day here and more

  • 4Caitlin S. 2 years ago
    First time visiting and was kind of disappointed. All the buildings were closed (reptile, primate, etc.) and there was a lot of construction. Because of this you weren’t able to see very many animals. I thought the arrows painted along the ground and various fences showing the correct walking paths were wonderful to keep people distanced but also made for extra walking and it was harder to get to/find exhibits. I appreciate their efforts during COVID. Good for a visit if your have an extra hour and are searching for something FREE to do.

  • 3Brenda B. 2 years ago
    Love this zoo, but we were very rushed through it. We could only get a 9pm reservation and the zoo closed at 10pm so we missed out on a few things because we didnt have the additional tickets and the gift shop was closed so we couldnt purchase them.. still a beautiful place to visit. And we will go back when its warmer and we can see the animals

  • 5Maryna K. 2 years ago
    Beautiful, interesting and exciting place for a walk with the whole family. Really nice time we spent in the Lincoln Park Zoo.

  • 5Urska J. 2 years ago
    This is during COVID 19, so a lot of blocked off stuff. However I respect their efforts during these times. I did have a great time still and will be coming back next year ^^

  • 2Polymnia S. 2 years ago
    The zoo was very clean and easy to walk through with all the arrows on the ground, what really bothered us and all of the people around us, was the fact that the rhinoceros was clearly under stress and was walking frantically back and forth trying to go through a closed door, the staff needs to pay more attention to the animals and their wants and needs, if the rhino wanted to go inside he should have been allowed to go and not be forced to stay outside so that we can see him. On our way out of the zoo we overheard a group of people complaining about the same thing to the man guarding the exit, it was very sad and it really ruined our day

  • 5Victoria H. 2 years ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo was fantastic at social distancing, clean & sanitized bathrooms, crowd control. Lots of animals in the outside enclosures for viewing. Vending machines only take cash though. There were outdoor food vendors sporadically placed. Plenty of benches, tables, outdoor areas for snacks & breaks. It was easy to reserve the free tickets on event brite.

  • 5D. 2 years ago
    An Excellent day out on the day before Halloween. Do stop by The Sausage Hut for their absolutely amazing food. Be warned some people still refuse to put their masks on in enclosed areas but overall a lovely day out for the family.

  • 5Kathy H. 2 years ago
    We have just had a fantastic few hours wandering around. We were very impressed with the enclosures. The animals all looked very happy. We particularly liked the Tigers. The viewing areas were very spacious and we felt very safe.

  • 5Katie H. 2 years ago
    An amazing zoo and well worth the money. The staff were all fantastic, friendly and kind. They have worked hard to comply with all the health and safety measures as well as making all the zoo accessible. The animal enclosures are all exceptional and the animals all looked relaxed, calm and happy. Had a really great day!

  • 5Dr. Ratna C. 2 years ago
    A fine Fall day and had a great time walking and watching various animals. The Zebra mom and baby were the star of the show.There was a seal show , where the seals were performing little antics. Not sure if they had to suffer while learning these tricks. The Giraffes looked happy in their lot but can not say the same about the caged birds. The Polar bear appeared sick, looked like he had no love for life left.

  • 5Ceyda A. 2 years ago
    Great zoo! Went on a Saturday, social distancing was okay too and toilet facilities in a good way. Definitely would go again

  • 5dan h. 2 years ago
    Lovely lake front zoo. Wow what a treat, in Chicago and on the lake front! Free admission, you have to pay for parking so that's to be expected (street parking if you can find it). Bring your walking shoes! We saw most of the animals and the fall setting was beautiful. Reserve ahead because the spots fill up quickly. Ample parking as well. Overall a great outing and great family fun for all.

  • 4David P. 2 years ago
    The Lincoln park zoo is pretty unique. Its free. Something that is not very common for most Zoos. Because of this, its absolutely worth a visit. However be warned that you could easily walk and see all the animals you might want to within 1.5hs, and maybe less depending on what's out. It is not very large, and is pretty compact. The draw is the price. There is however another zoo around Chicago that is much better. Be sure to check out Brookfield zoo if you really want a full blown zoo experience.

  • 5Ashley B. 3 years ago
    A whole day out.... Colchester Zoo is a fantastic zoo. The grounds and enclosures are really well maintained and spotless all around. Get some comfy shoes on as this is a big zoo and lots of hills to climb. The kids, adults and grandparents will all love it. You are never too old for the zoo. Highly recommended.

  • 3Jessi L. 3 years ago
    Well we are understanding that with Covid the indoor exhibits will be closed. What we didn't realize was there weren't going to be any animals at all. I have posted 16 pictures with is 1 of every single animal they had available to see. Including the ducks and seagulls. The big cats were not there because they are still under construction. ALL of the bears were gone. It wasn't what we expected. Even for a free zoo. We paid quite a bit for parking They could have said online that 3/4 of the animals were being kept inside with no way to see them. Had we known we would have went to Brookfield. We like Lincoln Park because it's the last free one and I love being able to donate which I do when I buy the tickets. I just wish they would have warned us. My daughters were ready to leave after 15 minutes of empty animal houses. Thankfully we chose a day that wasn't humid or we would have left without out seeing everything. Luckily they had the flamingos which was what my girls wanted most after the rest was empty. That's why we saved it for last or they would have wanted to leave after seeing them.

  • 5Holden W. 3 years ago
    Enjoyed my time at the zoo, even though I had to wear my mask. It also sucked that we couldn't go into the buildings but safety first! Also, they are rebuilding the lion house, which is awesome! Can't wait to see it when it's done!!!

  • 3Big apple C. 3 years ago
    Highly recommend coming here. Friendly staff. So many different type amazing animals. Great place to bring your family and good for all ages. Been good few times love coming back and if your love photography this great place to take pics of these animals if lucky may catch some funny pics which I've been lucky to get. But price is a bit over top. Food and drink is at good price.

  • 3Charity N. 3 years ago
    Lots of animals from all over the world. Although the zoo tries to make the animals comfortable it was heartbreaking to see large birds like eagles living in cages. I loved the trees. Beautiful park.

  • 2Karo R. 3 years ago
    The place is conveniently located in an awesome area and it can be nice having a walk around the area and the park, but there are pretty small spots where the animals are living, for example the monkeys. There are monkeys which live in pretty small places, it seems like a jail for them. They don't even have space to run or socialize. They are only displayed for fun. Are they supposed to be funny!? Wouldn't they better if they were in their own homeland? Is it necessary to bring a lion, a rhino or a wolf to a habitat which is not theirs?? There's no point in doing that.

  • 3pedro a. 4 years ago
    The zoo its ok. The place is nice and clean and the animals are well treated, but some cages are really small to those kind of animals like tigers or other felines. There's a family of polar beards really cute. They are the stars of the zoo. All time playing. Was nice to see.

  • 5Chelsea L. 4 years ago
    Adorable animals and Sweet animals my sister said she touched a giraffe.

  • 5Valeria G. 4 years ago
    An amazing zoo. One of the biggest and most amazing I've seen in my life. I think everyone should visit it and have a walk there if they have time!

  • 5Paula Vander B. 4 years ago
    The little farm for kids is super cute too!

  • 5Vagif A. 4 years ago
    Animals live in good conditions. Lions, tigers, bears, wolves and many many others.

  • 4Annette J. 4 years ago
    Lincoln Park Zoo, free with great walking trail for kids and couples too.

  • 5Rent S. 4 years ago
    Zoopark works year around. Most of the animals are in the warm buildings in winter. But its worthy to go and see. Cost 300rubles for adults.

  • 5Aditya R. 4 years ago
    One of most beautiful place specially during winter's, and huge zoo with lots of wild life and animals, highly recommended if you are in novosibrisk city.

  • 4Oto �. 5 years ago
    Nice and well kept zoo, with some amazing animals, they even have a liger.

  • 1Jocelyn b. 5 years ago
    H church bc big fix husks

  • 5Job J. 6 years ago
    One of the best zoos in the world. Has almost every animal you would ever expect. Language barrier is not a problem. Easy to spend over 3 hours there.

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