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  • 5Jordan C. 5 months ago
    They don't call it "the friendly confines" for nothing! I went to my first cubs game, and it was nothing short of amazing! The stadium was super clean, I felt safe the entire time, and had incredible seats! If you sit in the upper deck on the third base side of the field during a 1:20 start time game, you will be shaded almost the entire time. Everyone here was so friendly, and the gift shops weren't overly crowded. I can't wait to come back! Go cubs!

  • 5Greg S. 11 months ago
    We took a tour of historic Wrigley Field while visiting Chicago. Our tour guide, Steve, was interesting, humorous, and friendly. He shared the history of the stadium in an engaging fashion that even non-baseball fans would enjoy. He really is a great story teller! The tour lasted an hour and a half, and during that time we were able to sit in the bleachers, see the rooftop seats, have our picture taken in front of the iconic outfield ivy, sit in the press box, peek in the broadcast booths, go into the visitor's clubhouse, sit in the dugout, and more! It was well worth our time and money! Touring Wrigley Field is an item that has long been on my bucket list. I finally got to do it and I was not disappointed. It was a great experience!

  • 5B. 1 year ago
    We went to Wrigley on a whim and got seats in section 305L. The view was unobstructed and the hike up gave us a great chance to see the architecture of the place. Wrigley Stadium is really neat and a product of the time. Cubs fans are a great time so grab a ticket and enjoy the game!

  • 5Donald h. 1 year ago
    Wrigley Field is the home stadium to the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball. It is also one of the most iconic and oldest stadiums in the league. It originally opened in 1914. I was able to take a stadium tour when I was visiting the city a while ago for a conference. The tour was amazing and I would definitely do it again. The guide took us around the stadium and got to see areas we normally wouldn’t get to see or go such as the visitors team room and the press box. We also got to go in the visiting team dugout and on a small portion of the field. I highly recommend to anyone even if you aren’t a baseball too take this tour of the Stadium. I fortunately I have not been to a game here though. Whenever I have been in the city the Cubs haven’t been playing but plan to get back here to a game soon and I would do the tour again.

  • 5Pia M. 1 year ago
    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! What a great time at the Cubs game. We are in town to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday and went to a game. Great vibe, great atmosphere, great game and so much fun. Loved watching the game from the 400's. You can see everything from up there.

  • 5F. 1 year ago
    This is a very cool, historic stadium. There’s plenty to explore and see here. There’s a lot of charm and a very festive atmosphere throughout the stadium. There’s plenty of seating, plenty of dining options, it’s clean, the atmosphere is pleasant, staff is friendly, and it’s great to walk around. You need to see a Cubs game if you’re in Chicago.

  • 5MJ K. 1 year ago
    It was my first time at the Wrigley Field ever, thanks to a good friend who has season tickets to the Cubs game! 🥹🤭 The venue was really clean, spacious, and well-kept, rest rooms included. Although it did take us some time to get out after the game ended, it wasn’t too crazy considering how crowded it was. Now I feel like I can officially say I’ve lived in Chicago & enjoyed its gorgeous summer! ⚾️🏙 P.S. If it is a windy day, you might feel a bit chilly so do bring an extra sweater or something on days like that!

  • 5Matthew S. 1 year ago
    The old fashioned charm of the field was amazing. I have been to several newer parks and they can't compete to the authentic Wrigley feel. Every seat is close to the action and it has nooks and crannies to explore that bump up right next to the field. Attending batting practice is great as well in the outfield as there is a chance to get a ball. The food vendors are reasonable. I Ioved attending a game here!

  • 5Dave P. 1 year ago
    Hard to be even handed since this place has so many great childhood memories, but my honest take is that the new ownership has turned this from being just a nostalgic place to a fantastic area attraction. The new Wrigleyville vibe is wonderful (I remember that area being a dodgy parking lot) and the reworked stadium 🏟️ lifted the experience while keeping the historical appeal. Food and in-seat ordering is a plus. Add to all this the continued energy Cubs fans bring to a game and you have one of the best experiences in baseball ⚾. Of the five parks we've visited this year - this wins by several runs.

  • 5M. 1 year ago
    Take me out to the ballgame! Wrigley Field is one of the most well-known baseball stadiums having been built for over a century. It’s still the home of the Chicago Cubs on the north side of the city. It’s ivy wall is distinct and still causes players to adjust to the occasional trapped balls! The area around the stadium is also quite nostalgic. There are restaurants, bars, sporting goods, and souvenir shops catered towards the night scene around the baseball game. There are also neat statues of former star players including Ernie Banks and Billy Williams.

  • 5John L. 1 year ago
    Such a great venue for a ballpark! It’s fun, more intimate than other ballparks and just has a neighborhood vibe that’s very enjoyable. The ivy is great and the Cubs Hall of Fame, while small, brought back some good memories. Yes, there were some old things like support beams blocking the view from some seats, and there’s fewer activities than newer parks, but the charm and nostalgia of the field more than makes up for it!

  • 5Sandi D. 1 year ago
    I always love visiting Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs! We had great seats under the upper deck, section 210. Late June is a great time to visit because the weather is nice, not as hot and humid as it is back home. The only thing that would have made my visit better would have been for the Cubs to win and see the "W" flag fly.

  • 5Lovey S. 1 year ago
    Was so amazing to finally experience Wrigley field! I was in town & visited during dodger cubs games. There was a double game due to bad weather the previous day so there was a lot of fans in the area for both back to back games. So many bars and restaurants outside of Wrigley field. So many shops for souvenirs! All the staff was extremely friendly that worked at the park. Chicago dog at self serv kiosk was amazing! Will definitely be back in future!

  • 5Alfonso C. 1 year ago
    Amazing scene with 21-0! Win over the pirates, food was amazing drinks were amazing and the crowd and team were amazing! It was fully packed with almost a full house the weather was great and it was just a really good time with the family, if you ever just want something fun and easy go to a cubs game you won’t regret it just always a good time!

  • 5Steve Y. 1 year ago
    Just a wonderful ballpark. It's such a classic place to see a game. And everything is grade A+ maintained. Cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen and the friendliest staff all around. It's a warm and welcoming way to cheer the Cubs. Almost losing a star for stupid beer prices. Geez!

  • 5Karen G. 1 year ago
    This was our first time visiting this historic ballpark and we absolutely loved it! We utilized the free parking with the bus shuttles and that made our little girls' day, as it was their first experience riding on a school bus! A Cubs pitcher made our almost 6 year olds birthday celebration even better when he personally handed her a baseball. The hospitality everywhere in the park was fantastic and the concession prices were thankfully better than I had expected.

  • 5Jason G. 1 year ago
    A absolutely beautiful stadium full of history. I was lucky enough to snag a great deal on Catlaina Club tickets and I'm glad I did. The food was amazing, beer cold, and service was amazing. I highly recommend bucking up for this club seating level.

  • 5Kenny T. 1 year ago
    Fantastic Baseball Field. This team and field and everything about it is how baseball should be done. I visited for the first time and I had no problem getting around and as you'd expect the staff was nice and helpful. Food and Drinks were expected but I wasnt shocked by any of the prices except the gift shop when I rang up. That stuff adds up fast 😂.

  • 5kate 9. 1 year ago
    Went to my first game at Wrigley on Sunday when they played the Brewers. I'm a lifelong White Sox fan but i still had a great time!

  • 5Mac A. 1 year ago
    Having been a baseball player, and fan, all my life, finally seeing Wrigley was a dream come true. In all honesty, I thought it would be much bigger than it was. With that said, Wrigley still exceeded my expectations! I felt like the Ivy, manual scoreboard, intimate settings, etc. transported me back in time … wild. I hope you enjoy Wrigley as much as I did!

  • 5Amanda C. 1 year ago
    One of the most beautiful stadiums I have ever been to, especially since the recent remodel. We are huge Cubbies Fans so we visit Wrigley quite regularly. Always a great time when we go as long as we can find parking. We have used indoor lots close to the stadium and also rented parking spaces on Spot Hero. If you are going to visit this big city, plan ahead for parking. Neighborhood around the stadium is also clean and safe. We have parked and walked to the stadium as well and did not ever feel unsafe walking. The train is also an option. Rooftop seats are not my favorite, they are expensive and you never know what kind of view you will have, the view from some of these seats is blocked by the score board and jumbotron so take this into consideration when planning to watch a game here. Beautiful and historic stadium in a beautiful city, we'll definitely be back!

  • 5Clyde K. 1 year ago
    Great old school vibe, and love a small park. These are some dedicated fans. I'm from Seattle. Enjoyed my 1st Chicago game.

  • 5Dimitri K. 1 year ago
    If you’re a baseball fan, Wrigley Field should definitely be on your Bucket List! The stadium is littered with history and excitable energy. I’m so happy I was able to see it in person.

  • 5John van de G. 1 year ago
    My first visit, and a bucket list item marked off the list! This is truly a classic baseball stadium that should be visited by ANY true baseball fan. This building is over 100 years old and shows no sign that it's that's old. The surrounding area, Wrigleyville has many restaurants, stores and pubs and a great variety of entertaining venues, easily an all day trip! I will return again!

  • 5Rebecca s. 1 year ago
    Cubs vs pirates game was awesome! And the Cubs won!!! If you’re looking for advice on where to site make sure you get seats in the middle of the row. There are big poles on each side of the rows that takes a few seats down to get away from blocking your view. But that’s because it’s an older stadium so totally understandable. We had a great time! Loved that they offered vegetarian/vegan options for food and dessert! This was such a wonderful experience and loved I got to share it with my parents.

  • 5Jesse W. 2 years ago
    Cubs/Cardinals especially in Wrigley is amazing. Seats were great. Fans were so awesome. I'm really excited to go back.

  • 5Don W. 2 years ago
    An Absolutely Amazing Historic Ballpark. Packed, not only with unmatched history, but also the best fans in the world! Welcome To The Home Of The World Famous CHICAGO CUBS!!! Hey Chicago What Do You Say? The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today!

  • 5J.T. C. 2 years ago
    I have only been to Wrigley for concerts, but I have been multiple times. Of course the historical context of the stadium is absolutely wonderful for a show. It doesn't have everything that a nice new facility would have, but it's absolutely sufficient. The beauty of its simplicity in history is wonderful.

  • 5Richie P. 2 years ago
    Iconic. Gorgeous. Perfect blend of olde and new. Can not wait to go back. Highly recommend taking in the stadium outside for an hour or two before the game. The bars are fun especially the corner sports bar upstairs. Inside the Chicago style hot dog and polish sausage were crisp on the outside and juicy inside tasted delicious. The views are spectacular. Crowd inviting ushers super friendly. Just outside the gates you can watch the game on a huge screen while having the feel of being inside the ballpark still with live music. If you haven't gone please go it's worth visiting.

  • 5Marc A. 2 years ago
    We’d never been there before and didn’t know what to expect. Given the age of the park it wouldn’t have surprised us if it was a little run down. It wasn’t. Everything was clean and modern and in great shape. We had a wonderful experience. It’s a shame that the day we were there the Cubs lost but what can you do?

  • 5Chris A. 2 years ago
    Wrigley Field has had some updates done over the past few years and the mystic of this historic field has been enhanced. Really wasn't a bad seat in the house. Definitely a great stop for any baseball fan regardless of your favorite team. Lovable losers no more.

  • 5Jon O. 2 years ago
    Great concert venue. Had good seating, beers are $11, pretty quick in and out. I recommend parking a bit away from the stadium to avoid 40,000 people trying to leave at once. Alternately there's also plenty of good public transit options for locals.

  • 5Sinan D. 2 years ago
    If you love baseball this is the place to be!! If the Cubs are winning or losing its always full and a great atmosphere. I was shocked how quick the time flies here. It felt like when you sat down and took a drink and cheered the game was over with how much fun you're having here. Historical in every sense and it'll really take you back in time and you'll want to take pictures at every turn. Worth checking it out and enjoying the sights and sounds of Cubs baseball at Wrigley!

  • 5Dinger C. 2 years ago
    Well making your trip to Wrigley field has been on the bucket list and I'm so glad we finally got to check it off. I'm so glad we did the Wrigley Field tour, it is a must do if you're into the Chicago area, and you have some time to kill. The staff and personnel at the field was hands down the best we've been around on stadium tour, and were very acknowledged on the history of Chicago Cubs baseball, and the history of Chicago in general. The tour itself is not very strenuous, and they do have elevators available for part of the tour also if needed. I am a larger fellow and made the trip around the stadium just fine. You can plan on about an hour and a 1/2 you can plan on about an 1 1/2 to 2 hours walking around Visiting the stadium on the tour, so wear comfortably clothing and shoes. Make sure and hit up some of the local food joints around the perimeter of the stadium also to get even more history on the Cubs baseball franchise and the Chicago scene in general. If coming from downtown I would take the L-train up or grab a ride share to the stadium. Parking by the stadium is very hard to come by even on non game days. Well I hope this helps, and if you decide to go, I hope you enjoy the history lesson as much as we did.

  • 5Taylor A. 2 years ago
    Wrigley field is an icon in the baseball world and a must-see if in town and enjoy the game of baseball. Classic exterior with an updated inside, this is how baseball should be. Plenty of seats in shade or in the sun…or general admission bleachers in the outside if you wish. Clean & affordable concessions (they’ll delivered to your seat via the Ballpark app) and clean restrooms make this a must go. BTW, condiment bar has quartered pickles for free, delicious!

  • 5Jonny D. 2 years ago
    go cubs!!

  • 5Joshua P. 2 years ago
    Great stadium. Good food, but the food is not as good as the food at Truist Park. But probably one of the best.

  • 4Isael S. 2 years ago
    Such an iconic stadium. I was glad to at least be able to be around this great baseball stadium. So much history with this place and for them to finally win after over 50 plus years...I bet this place was lit. I wish I could've been here for that moment. I would've taken a tour of this place, but when I was visiting at the time, they were doing construction. So if you have the chance, take a tour. I bet it's amazing

  • 4Yash Vashisth T. 2 years ago
    History Edit Main article: History of Wrigley Field Baseball executive Charles Weeghman hired his architect Zachary Taylor Davis to design the park, which was ready for baseball by the date of the home opener on April 23, 1914.[9] The original tenants, the Chicago Whales (also called the Chi-Feds) came in second in the Federal League rankings in 1914 and won the league championship in 1915. In late 1915, Weeghman's Federal League folded. The resourceful Weeghman formed a syndicate including the chewing gum manufacturer William Wrigley Jr. to buy the Chicago Cubs from Charles P. Taft for about $500,000.[10] Weeghman immediately moved the Cubs from the dilapidated West Side Grounds to his two-year-old park. In 1918, Wrigley acquired the controlling interest in the club.[11] In November 1926, he renamed the park "Wrigley Field".[12] In 1927, an upper deck was added, and in 1937, Bill Veeck, the son of the club president, planted ivy vines against the outfield walls.[11] Renovation Edit Main article: Wrigley Field renovations The Ricketts family aggressively pursued a Wrigley Field renovation since buying the team and the stadium in 2009. During the annual Cubs Convention in January 2013 the family revealed the 1060 Project, which called for a $575-million, privately funded rehabilitation of the stadium that was to be completed over the course of five years.[13] The proposal was vast, and included planned improvements to, among other things, the stadium's façade, infrastructure, restrooms, concourses, suites, press box, moving the bullpens and clubhouses, as well as the addition of restaurants, patio areas, batting tunnels, a 5,700 square foot (530 m2) jumbotron, and an adjacent hotel, plaza, and office-retail complex.[14] After months of negotiations between the team, local Alderman Tom Tunney, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the plan obtained the endorsements of both the city's Landmarks Commission and Plan Commission before receiving final approval by the Chicago City Council in July 2013. To help fund the project, the team planned to more than double the amount of advertising signage in and around the stadium to about 51,000 square feet (4,700 m2), including additional signage to be placed beyond the outfield walls – a move that was opposed by many owners of the rooftop clubs that surround the stadium who worried that such signage would obstruct their sightlines.[15][16] Before work on the project began, the team wanted the rooftop owners to agree not to pursue legal action challenging the construction and continued to negotiate privately with them – offering to reduce the size and number of signs to be built – in order to gain their assent.[17] The team could not come to terms with the rooftop owners who had a lease agreement with the team until 2023 in exchange for paying 17% of the gross revenues. In May 2014 the Cubs announced they would pursue the original 2013 plan to modify the park.[18] Over the course of the next three years, the Ricketts family began to purchase many of the rooftop locations.

  • 5Ruben C. 2 years ago
    Took a 20 hours drive just to see this historic park and watch a cubbies game. Can't wait to do it again.

  • 4David R. 2 years ago
    Such a great historic park. Make sure you order an Old Style and check out the Cubby Bear before or after the game. Using the men’s bathroom is definitely an old school experience too.

  • 5Anthony B. 2 years ago
    Love love love

  • 5Jae-Hyung L. 2 years ago
    too bad I coudn't get in. Here's the view from the outside tho. Can't to go back!!

  • 5J. 2 years ago
    Was lucky enough to take in a game under the not-so-old lights in September 2016. Have also been on the tour. Great classic stadium.

  • 5Kevin G. 2 years ago
    A classic ball park. One of the best places to ever watch a ball game. There is so must history in this park. They certainly do not make stadiums like this any more.

  • 5m. 2 years ago
    1060 W Addison St Thats Wrigley Field!!!! Jake Blues

  • 5jochen m. 2 years ago
    Love it😍

  • 5Dan Z. 2 years ago
    When is T time again?

  • 5Gratzi Awaken S. 2 years ago
    It was great visiting, is obvious that they are close , however it was nice to stop by and go sight seeing during this road trip from Long Island, NY to Lathrop, CA. This city reminds me a little bit like NY city or any big city at most.

  • 5Steve S. 2 years ago
    Our bucket list is to visit every ballpark in the country, we're over halfway done. Beautiful ballpark great fans. FYI I bleed Cardinals red. Wrigley and Fenway are my top two. Always do the ballpark tour. They are always a blast.

  • 5Greg S. 2 years ago
    Last time I went home to Chicago we went to a game with the old man made me feel like a kid again! Best ballpark and the friendliest people I have ever met I'd love to go back home again but it's just too damn cold in the winter time

  • 4Daniel P. 2 years ago
    Sat in the right field bleachers, saw Jose Bautista; building had that old-time baseball feel Seen here: Chicago Cubs (8/19/17)

  • 5Amara K. 2 years ago
    Wringley Field

  • 5Katrina W. 2 years ago
    One day I will be in Chicago on game day and will experience the pure awesomeness of this place in full.

  • 5Jeff R. 2 years ago
    Wriggled Field is the best stadium to watch a baseball game. Go Cubs Go

  • 5Lucy J. 2 years ago
    This was a great experience and not just because the Cubs won. It was cold, even though it was warm in the sun, once you're under the roof IT IS COLD. (we went in Sept) Strongly advise you to bring a blanket. There are plenty of shops outside where you could get one cheaper than if you buy a blanket inside. You can't bring in food but you can bring in hats, blankets, cushions. The seats are tight!! Luckily we were snuggled up with some great people and we all got along great. We even ended up sharing our $40 overpriced $5 blanket. It is busy down below with food and gift shops. If you have kids keep them close. Streets are opened after the game so you can walk back to your car right down the middle of the street, hopefully celebrating a great win!!

  • 5Spartan S. 2 years ago
    As a young lad from Indianapolis I was about to go on a school trip to Chicago and visit Wrigley Field and watch Sammy Sosa run out to the field turn around and waive to the crowd. I felt like Micheal B Jordan in HardBall💪

  • 5John C. 2 years ago
    It was fun to go see this historic field! The elevated train will take you straight to it. Huge field! Lots of bars nearby!

  • 5Jonah G. 2 years ago
    one of the best baseball fields ever

  • 5Mohammad P. 2 years ago
    Best place to watch a Cubs game! GO CUBS GO!!

  • 5Dillon V. 2 years ago
    Awesome ball park, glad I got the chance to see a game while we were in town.

  • 5Harold W. 2 years ago
    Everything is there housing,hotels, food i mean everything is right there around this historic ballpark

  • 3Karina J. 2 years ago
    My husband loves this place

  • 5Charles E. 2 years ago
    Good old Wiigley Field.... Love it

  • 5Prince Adonis O. 2 years ago
    AMAZING PLACE...get ready to eat some hot dogs and have a good time!

  • 5Shane A. 2 years ago
    Second best park in MLB. Great experience.

  • 5MandyandChuck D. 2 years ago
    These greatest place on earth!

  • 5Chris O. 2 years ago
    Great place to meet up with Chicago Onewheelers !!

  • 5s. 2 years ago
    Best place to watch a Cubs game, if you want to watch a sox game you have to go south a bit.

  • 5JAMES C. 2 years ago
    The GREATEST baseball stadium in baseball!!⚾️..Nothing like the friendly confines!

  • 5susana g. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Everything looks good I like everything (Original) Todo se ve bien me gusta todo

  • 5Tom K. 2 years ago
    Best park in the world

  • 5Roman M. 2 years ago
    AMAZING place!!! GO CUBS!!!!!!!

  • 5Garrett M. 2 years ago

  • 5Dwayne I. 2 years ago
    A beautiful and storied piece of baseball history!

  • 5felix p. 3 years ago
    Old iconic stadium, Fans wonderful and history place, only chicago have beautiful design and original natural ballpark,I like visit again soon, to stadium very close chicago cubs and chicago white sox, good transport, train is better way,I can recommend

  • 4C. 3 years ago
    Wrigley Field at night time is a beautiful place to be. It's been close to seven years since my last visit and I was blown away by the architecture and all the new construction. I had a great time despite the covid-19 restrictions. I love Chicago and I miss it dearly!

  • 5Raymond R. 3 years ago
    We went to Wrigley field and it was easier there to meet the players then anywhere. This place is a must I’m going back. It makes you feel like your in the 30-40s

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