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  • 4John L. 6 months ago
    Place is nice and cozy! I like the pork sisig. Ambience is good. They could have improve the taste of pork adobo since the last time i ate its more of a pepper in it and i cant taste anything except of pepper.

  • 3Connie D. 7 months ago
    The restaurant has a dark, warm, atmosphere, looks newly remodeled. Our favorite food was the lumpiang. The garlic sausage came with a really good spicy sauce that made it the best meat we had. I did not like the Adobong Baboy because it was overly fatty and I don’t like pork skin when it’s not crispy. I also found the sizzling sisig to fatty. The Bistek was just ok, the meat was tough, but good flavor. The prawns had good flavor but we could not get the meat out of the shell it was served in, very tough to eat.

  • 5Ajit K. 7 months ago
    Here's what you need to know: Absolute fantastic new restaurant with incredible food and amazing service. Just perfection! We ordered the entire menu and four dishes truly are a must for all diners - the bistek short ribs, the talong Chinese eggplant and the 2 desserts eaten together. OMG I will have visions and dreams about those. The lumpia and pork belly Ulam were absolutely outstanding too and I would highly recommend them. Our bill was $135 for a family of 4 with the food and 2 soft drinks - 2 adults and 2 kids

  • 4Jam M. 1 year ago
    The food was tasty! Not the best Filipino I've ever had, nor the best in the city, but it wasn't bad at all. Personally, I think the flavors were muted. Prices were high for the portions, but I understand due to where it is. I like the location (inside the food hall), and the customer service was great. The lumpia are big & the halo halo satisfied my craving, but doesn't have ALL the fixins

  • 5Noena Dale Z. 1 year ago
    I have so many nice things to say about Boonie Foods, so this might be a long read: If I could give Boonie Foods 10 stars, I would!!! This place is incredibly delicious and worth every penny. You expect the portion to be small because the container is small, but you get a relatively large amount of food! The garlic fried rice was the perfect balance of garlic and spices and not too greasy, the tomatoes were super fresh, and the baby bangus was crispy and juicy. My only regret was I didn’t finish my meal cause I WAS SO FULL! Joe, the chef/owner, really popped off with his creations!! My mom and I went to do tourist things after eating at Boonie’s but came back to get halo-halo as a treat, and it was THE BEST halo-halo I’ve ever had including when I lived in the Philippines! The ratio of all the items were perfect and it was the right amount of sweetness. Joyce, the cashier, was the sweetest person ever. She was super patient with our questions when we first ordered and took the time to explain the offerings. She also made the halo-halo and took time to chat with us about our trip and experiences in Chicago. Truly the nicest cashier we encountered at a restaurant in Chicago! Maraming salamat sa lahat! 💖 Can’t wait to eat here again. 😋

  • 5Mark N. 1 year ago
    Best food I ate in entire Chicago! Filipino food at its finest! Everything was so delicious I came back twice on my trip! Location: It is located inside Revival food hall. It is all the way to the end so don’t lose hope. This is food court type so there is a lot of seating. Service: Joyce is super nice and calm even there is a line. Chef Joseph is nice as well, he introduced himself to the customers and gave me free lumpia! Food: Everything was good that I have to come back the second time on my trip! SISIG: omg it was the best sisig I ate! I’m not sure what he put in there but the taste is so yummy! The pork has a combination of crispiness of the skin and the softness of the meat. The amount of rice is perfect on every bite of the sisig. The egg is a great addition to compliment everything. You can order pickled papaya or tomato salad. I ordered the pickled papaya cause it gives freshness and tanginess with the sisig. BAGNET PULUTAN: if you don’t want the full meal (usually with rice) you can order pulutan. The bagnet is crispy pork belly that is fried into perfection. It was another hit because it’s still crispy even the next day. LUMPIA: good amount of meat inside and the spring rolls are good with rice or as a snack. HALO-HALO: another of my favorite, I can eat two of this! Very refreshing and ubelicious! It is not that sweet which is great and the ube ice cream on top is the bomb! Price rating: 6/10, it was cheap for me. And worth every penny! Will definitely come back here when I visit again Chicago! It is definitely a must eat if ur visiting this city!

  • 4Fame S. 1 year ago
    Really enjoyed their crispy pork and chicken adobo, but prices are quite high. Would have wanted more meat for that price range. Loved that the food came with garlic rice with crispy charred pieces, fried egg, and a side of either picked papya or tomato salad. Would definitely recommend, and it is very filling.

  • 4P. 1 year ago
    I thought the serving sizes weren’t much so I ordered tons of food. But I’d say the servings are huge! The spring rolls are massive! I love the liempo - the vinegar sauce is perfect! The halo-halo is a must too! I’d come back for more!

  • 5david c. 1 year ago
    We really enjoyed the fried rolls! Super yummy as well as the rest of our items.

  • 5Gabriel T. 1 year ago
    I can't say enough great things about Boonie foods! Everything on the menu is so flavorful and special and made with love I highly recommend the liempo/bbq pork belly. And also the halo halo (pictured) if you want something sweet and refreshing on a hot day! Also the people who work here (Joe, Joyce, Sayuri, sorry if I missed anyone!) are the nicest and are super cool. Don't miss out !!!

  • 5Mark C. 1 year ago
    Dangerously delicious Filipino fare. Chef Joe has perfected Filipino takeout food with really strong, punchy flavors. The garlic rice and runny egg served with every fried rice plate is as critical to the experience as the main entrée and sides. If you’re not sure where to start, your best bets are the extremely hearty bagnet (crispy pork), sisig (crispy sizzling pork), or beef tapa (beef steak, as pictured). Throw in a side of the tomato salad or mac salad (Filipino mac n’ cheese) and you’re golden. Feeling feisty? Throw in some lumpia too because…why not? Needless to say, don’t miss out. Give it a try — you will fall in love. I certainly did!

  • 5Philip H. 2 years ago
    Delicious!!! Don't hesitate eat here! Hot and fresh to order and served with a smile. We ordered the chicken adobo. The chicken was hot and super tender. The marinade penetrated deep into the meet for a burst of savory flavor. It was served in a bed of rice to collect the juices and topped with a fries egg. We had pickled papaya slaw on the side that provided a refreshing fresh vinegar bite to balance the savory chicken. We got an order of lumpia... So good! It's kinda like a thin sausage egg roll served with a sweet sauce. Forget the other food hall options, do yourself a favor, and eat this Filipino food!

  • 5Molten H. 2 years ago
    Absolutely outstanding fried rice. Had the coconut milk shrimp, which were cooked perfectly.

  • 5N. 2 years ago
    Tried this place as I was in the mood for something I’ve never tried before. So glad I did!! I had no idea what to order as I’ve never had Filipino food but the host was so nice and recommended a few different dishes. I ended up going with the Sisig as it literally says best thing you’re ever gonna eat so why not? This was an extremely flavorful pork dish that had so much to love. The textures, the flavor of the sauce and the perfectly cooked egg was so good together. I usually don’t like rice too much but this rice so amazing even on its own! The portion size is great definitely enough for two meals and the pickled papaya was refreshing. It almost tastes like a sweeter version of sauerkraut? Idk take that description with a grain of salt. Anyways, love it and will be coming back to try more!

  • 5The W. 2 years ago
    Food was great and you get a lot. The halo halo is made with ube ice cream and isn't too sweet. Definitely coming back.

  • 5Spencer M. 2 years ago
    Smart, soulful menu combining classics with slightly more regional selections that you don't see at every Filipinx restuarant. Flavors, ingredients, and preparations were balanced and worldly without yielding to assimilation or "fusion." Really nice work - will be back.

  • 5Christine Y. 2 years ago
    Amazing, delicious food and great service! We tried the Sisig tacos and Vigin longanisa. Soooo freakin good! Some of their meals come with garlic rice and pickles which are great sides with the meats. Also, got a side of the Mac salad (we were hungry haha) and loved it too! The chef also gave us a slice of lemon blueberry Bundt cake that was his grandmother’s recipe and you can truly taste the love in it :) I don’t know if it was a seasonal thing, but they should have it on their menu forever! The flavors were complex yet balanced well and you can tell the chef is formally trained, but the dishes are unpretentious, comforting and just plain GOOD

  • 5Kelly H. 2 years ago
    Just had the best lunch from here! The spicy coconut shrimp was incredibly delicious, I highly recommend and will be back!

  • 5Janice K. 2 years ago
    Boonie foods is now one of my favorite place to go. The food, the people, the atmosphere , everything was perfect. If you want to try some good Filipino food this is def the place to go! Food is perfectly cooked with such delicious flavors~ I find myself constantly craving for their foods. Recommended place for sure!

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