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  • 1Kat E. 10 months ago
    Today my family visited this playground and were yelled at multiple times about playing with our son on the equipment. We were told we needed to sit with the other parents and just watch our son. Why have a family park if you are not allowed to enjoy it with your children. I am beyond disappointed with the city of Chicago with allowing this mistreatment. I am born and raised in Chicago and want to bring my son to the places I enjoyed as a kid but will no longer be visiting this park.

  • 5Bill A. 11 months ago
    Amazing play area for kids. Well themed and each play area marked with recommended age for the kids.

  • 5Stephanie M. 11 months ago
    A FREE kids park, in the city. We're they can play!! 😊 I saw a sign for ages 12 & under

  • 1Shirley R. 1 year ago
    As a parent of one child within a playground with very few individuals present, it would be very much appreciated to not have “staff” yell during any attempt at fun. Sorry that I like to interact with my kid and play. Btw, we can smell and see you smoking pot Mr. “Staff”

  • 5Meng T. 1 year ago
    Clean. Great place to sit and chill. Lots of places for the kids to play. Probably the best park about downtown Chicago. Yes, you heard it here. Get busy fast.

  • 5Jesse L. 1 year ago
    Great immersive playgrounds for all ages

  • 5Louis B. 1 year ago
    Best park in the city! Perfect for my 7 year old.

  • 5borg V. 1 year ago
    Nice , large playground with many things to do the kids ...

  • 5Jenni L. 1 year ago
    Really nicely structured and designed; This park is super cute and attractive; the kids love it;

  • 5k. 1 year ago
    My favorite park ever! Wish I was taken here as a kid. I wish it was all ages, ha! So many climbing structures, swings, & different places to play here.

  • 5Marcel A. 1 year ago
    Amazing play ground my kids love playing here all year long including when there is a lot of snow

  • 5K. 1 year ago
    Really love this park. They have a ton of options when it come to slide, swings, water play place and so many more activities for the kids! There is a ton of room and many different sections of the park. There are some for younger kids 2-5 and older kids like 6+. If you are in Chicago, this is a MUST VISIT!!!

  • 5Sandra C. 2 years ago
    Excellent park and jungle gym for youngsters, everything being equal, - from simply strolling babies to youthful adolescents. It's HUGE and settled right midtown and right by the lake. There's stopping at the thousand years carport and food of numerous sorts right external the recreation center when the fam gets starving. Simple stroll to Art Institute or down the Mag Mile. Buckingham Fountain close by and other water highlights inside the jungle gym make this spot a particularly incredible summer escape. There's additionally little golf and a climbing divider for a couple. Something else, it's all free! Genuinely a Chicago treasure for the entire family.

  • 4Kris T. 2 years ago
    Awesome place to take your kids and have fun. But beware: Germs are EVERYWHERE. Everybody grabs the rails/bars/chairs/benches. Not to mention there's always kids either picking their nose or sneezing on their hands and touching everything. Not that big of a deal but if you're a germaphobe you will not enjoy this place. It would help if the park offered hand sanitizers around the playground or even hand washing stations.

  • 5Chris “Lucky” R. 2 years ago
    Clean, well kept, security around keeping us safe. Lived the different areas. Thank you

  • 5Samson C. 2 years ago
    Beautiful park and playground for kids of all ages - from just walking toddlers to young teens. It’s HUGE and nestled right downtown and right by the lake. There’s parking at the millennium garage and food of all kinds just outside the park when the fam gets famished. Easy walk to Art Institute or down the Mag Mile. Buckingham Fountain nearby and other water features inside the playground make this place an especially great summer escape. There’s also mini golf and a climbing wall for a few. Otherwise, it’s all free! Truly a Chicago treasure for the whole family.

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