$$ Relaxed eatery for pizza & fresh pasta VAPIANO Köln Constantinstraße - Restaurant in Cologne, Germany

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Constantinstraße 87-89, 50679 Köln




0221 80082502

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3.60 (2983 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Sunday: 11:30am to 10pm
  • Monday: 11:30am to 9pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30am to 9pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30am to 9pm
  • Thursday: 11:30am to 9pm
  • Friday: 11:30am to 10pm
  • Saturday: 11:30am to 10pm


Frequently mentioned in reviews: staff (8) food (12) good (13)

  • 5Fad O. 2 months ago
    I was there yesterday... present in inna Müller concert...it was an unforgettable night...the food was very delicious ☺️ the staff was very nice and professional...i m sure i will come back to eat in vapiano restaurant...well done guys...💜

  • 5Simona V. 1 year ago
    Fast and good

  • 5Jeremy D. 1 year ago
    Excellent food at reasonable price. Kids loved it too.

  • 5Dr Wąsowicz “Dr Wąsowicz Vet Dentist” #. 3 years ago
    It is wonderul płace with good quality of food. It is płace for you. Cheap and full food and taste. I recommends pizza, Salads, soup, pasta with excellent deserts. You have to be here and taste it.👉🍽🍷🍾 If you are hungry, come in and dance💃🕺♥️

  • 5Danielle R. 3 years ago
    Great Food and Great Vibe

  • 5G C. 4 years ago
    Great concept, food is cooked in front of you. Lively spot

  • 5J. 8 months ago
    Nice food, although a little pricey. It fills you up very well and also the drinks are good. Would recommend. Spent like 22 euros per person.

  • 4Yahya A. 1 year ago
    v.good restaurant, self service, Italian cuisine.

  • 4Anastasia N. 6 months ago
    It's a nice concept to pay with a card and pay at the end for all together with what you purchased with the before handed card. It was really empty there. The food was really good and the drinks looked good as well :)

  • 4Neha N. 1 year ago
    Great place with live kitchen, with your own customization. Ambience: good - outdoor & indoor seating Taste : good Value for money: good Location : nearby to Köln messe S-bhan station and köln triangle Service : Friendly Recommended: Polo Piccante pasta and variety of desserts

  • 3Nico L. 4 months ago
    They let in more people than they actually could fit (probably because of an concert near by). Tables haven’t been cleared in a long time. The waiter that welcomed the guests seemed to be the only nice person for our stay.

  • 2Chris G. 1 year ago
    Man this place isn’t consistent with other vapaino’s we have visited, undercooked dry pizza, should have known as it wasn’t crowded at lunch hour… smh definitely will reconsider visiting another location…

  • 2k. 4 months ago
    Food: 3/10 Drinks: 5/10 Cleanliness: 10/10 Staff: 8/10 staff but 2/10 service Prices: 5/10 Interior/Exterior Deco: 10/10 Food waiting time: 2/10 Location: 9/10 Atmosphere: 7/10 Overall Recommendation: not recommended The was very underwhelming. The pasta was undercooked. The wait times were over an hour for some people in our group. While the waitresses were kind and professional, it seemed there was a staff shortage in the kitchen, as they could not keep up with the amount of customers (it really was not all that busy). The prices are not great either, especially for the quality of the food there. The only good things I have to say is the lovely interior and cleanliness of the restaurant, and that the people unsatisfied with their meals got a refund. Either way, I would suggest going elsewhere until the management improves the experience.

  • 1dj o. 6 months ago
    Terrible, incompetent staff. Came to collect a take away order, greeted by unfriendly staff who handed us our food. The staff didn't read the notes with our order, we ordered the bbq chicken pizza without bbq sauce, it was smothered in it. They forgot the ham on the prosciutto fungi pinsa, which was a standard ingredient. The ingredients didn't have much flavor overall. Won't ever eat at a Vapiano's again.

  • 1Stefan M. 9 months ago
    I go here regularly, because it is right next to my office but I regret it every single time. This is by far one of the most mis-managed restaurants in the country. Waiting times are huge, even though there are no guests. Every order is wrong. The staff is super unfriendly and the food is not good and totally overpriced. Please do not go here. I do not understand why this place hasn’t closed down ages ago…

  • 1עמיר . 7 months ago
    Unusual bad experience. The food was no good, half of the menu wasn't available

  • 1Big “Big Matze” M. 4 years ago
    My first Vapiano experience: What a dump! Long wait despite few customers, staff slow and uncaring, the counter and everything around greasy, no lasagne (out), the then alternative culinary pasta experience itself rather mediocre. At the bar again a long wait, no beer from the tap (also out). Can’t fathom what the hype is all about. Not recommended.

  • 1Marc W. 4 months ago
    Had to stand 45 min in the queue to get some pasta. That did not even taste good in the end. Ridiculous... No wonder their business is doing bad.

  • 1evan w. 4 months ago
    We went to this place on a school trip and there were several complaints from lots of students. A table of 6 were left with no food after all other students were ready to leave. I ordered a still water 4 times from two different waitresses and I didn’t receive any water at all. I also ordered a carbonara and it came after 40 minutes when all other students were finished eating. It was extremely under cooked so I sent it back and it was handed back to me 8 minutes later the exact same. The coke was the only thing I was ok with. The only positive thing I have to say is that I received a full refund after a few minutes chatting with the manager. All together stay far away from this place.

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