$$ Fried chicken restaurant chain KFC - Chicken restaurant in Cologne, Germany

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Frankfurter Str. 751, 51149 Köln




02203 103556

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3.50 (3344 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 11am to 1am
  • Saturday: 11am to 1am
  • Sunday: 11am to 12am
  • Monday: 11am to 12am
  • Tuesday: (All Saints' Day), 11am to 12am, Hours might differ
  • Wednesday: 11am to 12am
  • Thursday: 11am to 12am


  • 5M. 3 years ago
    KFC is the bomb! Well done colonel Sanders👍👍👍 Filet bites are my favorite in the buckets, it'll be great to have double down and popcorn chicken back on the menu

  • 5Pamela M. 1 year ago
    Take-out and drive-thru available now, due to COVID, with a lot of safety precautions. The food was made to order and didn't feel like it had been sitting, waiting for the next order. They even have touchscreens to make your order so there's little direct contact with people.

  • 5E. 1 year ago
    I always love going to KFC! The chicken tastes like nowhere else. The only downside to Kfc is the enourmous prices. Out of all the fastfood chains in germany (McDonalds, Burger King, KFC) they are by far the most expensive. I only go there when they have the special offer for 25 wings for 10€! I wouldn't order anything else than the chicken wings though, as the rest just tastes like in other fastfood places and is probably cheaper too.

  • 5Mr. P. 4 months ago
    I dont understand why people like McDonald.. KFC is still better

  • 3Mirna B. 3 years ago
    This is the first fast food chain that had extremely clean toilets even though it was full of people! The food is very delicious and the premises are very well looked after. But the waiting time was soooo long. That is why I can only give three stars. I don't know if they are usually understaffed here because we were just passing buy but we waited over half an hour for our meals. Otherwise the staff is very friendly, speak English and if it's nice outside the playground toboggan is very safe and well maintained. The place is pretty spacious and it was full of people but everyone had their privacy.

  • 3Jacek N. 5 months ago
    I am not sure who planned the area for drive through. It's so narrow, that if you drive with van, you will scratch your rims for sure. Quality - normal KFC. Personnel - cool !

  • 3k. 6 months ago
    not the best kfc experience. the restaurant was extremely busy, but at least the taste was as good as expected. super stressful atmosphärisch there.

  • 3Marcin (. 2 months ago
    Food is standard like everywhere else but somehow you get the impression that people working there do not know what they do or are just angry at their job and you feel it when they interact.

  • 2Honest Food M. 10 months ago
    Chaotic. The purchasing kiosks had no paper but still processed the orders - good fun getting your order without the printed receipt. Rat traps next the smashed entrance door. The fried chicken was still good though.

  • 2C. V. 1 year ago
    The place was clean and the food as normal, but the staff was rude and unpolite. We were asked in an aggressive way to provide our negative test to be able to eat in.

  • 2Ruzanna K. 7 months ago
    Well not the best experience of kfc 😕sanitary wise not super clean as you can feel how the shoes are sticking to the floor. We have ordered different items and can’t say that at least one of those become favourite, while ordering the same in Dubai or Yerevan could make you come back again here i didn’t feel the same

  • 1R P. 10 months ago
    Drive-in has a very slow processing time with long queues and delays. The chicken was also not well cooked.

  • 1S. 1 year ago
    slow and inadequate service, while we waited for 20 minutes for an order (2 Burger menu) the staff managed to issue 11 orders out of 10 wrong, arguing at the checkout in front of the guests and directing their anger towards the guests, and when our order finally arrived burgers were old as well as french fries and of course they managed to issue us an incomplete order

  • 1A. G. 6 months ago
    Strange place .. the order was placed twice .. the lady in the window could not understand that someone might want sparkling water ... arrogance at the highest level ... the shift manager did not deign to appear on the complaint .. never again even one star is too much for that place sorry

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