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457 Charles H Dimmock Pkwy, Colonial Heights, VA 23834



(804) 520-7882

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3.70 (1.9K reviews)

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  • Sunday: 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Monday: 7 AM to 11 PM
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  • 1/5 Patrick L. 10 months ago on Google
    Management needs to do some retraining here! After a farce of trying to order a standard item word for word off the menu that two different staff didn't seem to know, I was given the wrong shake in wrong size. Explained to carhop and point to correct item on menu board. She brings back "new" shake that was same wrong item dumped in next size larger cup and topped off with little more ice cream. Literal clump of whipped cream and another cherry at bottom due to laziness. Try to call store to speak to manager and nobody will even bother to answer. Will not be choosing sonic for next ice cream treat.
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  • 1/5 Joseph A. 2 years ago on Google
    Co-review: I’ve never had fast food take so long with so many mistakes. We weren’t brought out straws or a spoon with our meal, along with them needing to bring us a kids drink that they forgot(which we got fairly quick). My burger bun was literally falling apart when I would take a bite of my burger. My drink was watered down due to waiting over 20 min for a straw and the blast was over half melted while waiting for a spoon. It shouldn’t be difficult to make sure the customer has utensils/straws with their order. Over half the screens were broken so it made paying for our meal difficult. The only positive was the tots tasted good, but it’s hard to screw those up.
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  • 4/5 Pat D. 10 months ago on Google
    The speakers are terrible. One can barely hear the order taker. Why is it that some of these fast food places tend not to follow your instructions. It happens so often, it drives me crazy, I'm only there because of other people. I ordered 6 prestels and asked them to put 2 in a bag. I get up there, and they hand me one bag. I handed it back and requested that 2 each be placed in separate bags. Sadly, a manager came to the window, looked, then took the bag and gave it back to me how he wanted it to be. He left 4 pretzels in one bag. It was for three different people. I was very ticked off. My little riders told me not to say anything. I thought his actions were very rude and unprofessional.
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  • 1/5 Big G. 2 years ago on Google
    This is the last time. Everytime I go there the service is soooo slow. Hardee's got them beat and that's bad. I ask for orange cream slush. She says we don't have that. Asked a second time like really? 30 seconds later. She comes back with yes we can. After the long wait in line. The cashier could barely hold her head up. Like she sick or hung over. Eventually comes to the window with a strawberry slush. I said no I wanted a orange cream slush. Few Mins later She come back with a cup that looks like a cream slush. Thinking she got it right. I pull off. It was a strawberry cream slush 🙉 with a lot of strawberries. Like way too many. It's not worth the hassle
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  • 1/5 G W. 1 year ago on Google
    Food wasn't prepared correctly didn't taste as good as before everything at this restaurant was pretty much slacking even when I try to pay the machine did not work right then I was giving an attitude to go up front to pay for something because of their machine didn't work properly the lady thought it was okay to take my debit card when I asked her know you cannot leave my sight with it she got mad do yourself a favor just don't go here. If I can give them a 0 out of zero that's what they would get. I will go somewhere else I will not try again.
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  • 3/5 Monica B. 1 year ago on Google
    We love the food, we always get an entree, tots, and shakes, and I know that it's gonna be way expensive, but my daughters love it. However, on this most recent trip I made a comment to the cashier about how expensive it was ($30 for two people) and she says that it's cheaper if I order the combos and just pay an up-charge to change the soft drink to a shake. I thanked her for telling me that, but what I want to know is how come nobody else has told me that when I order the food? Is that written on the menu? If so, I haven't seen it. Anyway, we will definitely continue to eat at this Sonic on occasion, but from now on I will order the cheaper way. I just hope that someone else learns from my expensive mistakes.
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  • 2/5 K “Mimiko” A. 1 year ago on Google
    We have come here twice in the past few months. Each time something ended up wrong. This last time our hotdog was cold, and the wrong kind. Then we got 2 orders of chili cheese tots but were given fries. One of the fries didn’t even have chili and cheese, instead they were placed on the burger. Then we were given all the wrong sized drinks/sonic blasts. All that was messed up in one order but everything was right on the screen. Maybe we’ll come back for something simple but I don’t think they can handle larger orders ($40+) effectively.
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  • 5/5 Betty T. 1 year ago on Google
    Your soft serve ice cream is the best! Milk shakes so creamy and flavorful also. The only place I’ve found in the area that makes cherry limeades like the old time soda fountains found in drugstores of the past! Keep them coming. Great service for me, good pricing, polite staff, I’ll be returning hungry and thirsty for more. 😁
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  • 5/5 angela o. 8 months ago on Google
    This is the only Sonic my husband eats the chilli cheese fries. They are delicious. Everything about this 'small-town' Sonic is impressive and surprisingly delicious. They're service is great. The ladies always have a great attitude and the coolest looking nails!

  • 4/5 Jason S. 9 months ago on Google
    If you like Sonic, this place was great. Keep in mind if you haven't been there before, it is reasonably priced fast food. Not much of an awesome atmosphere or anything but nonetheless delicious and fast! I am a sucker for the toaster or the bacon double Sonic burger with chili cheese tots and a cookie dough & Reeses Blast. They also have a huge selection of slushies if that is your bag too. The service was good, food was hot and the ice cream was cold. Can't get much better than that! Great job, team Sonic. We will be back!

  • 1/5 Nikki M. 6 months ago on Google
    If I could give 0 I would. Just because of service alone. I came through at about 7 and waited 35 minutes for my order to come out wrong. First red flag should have been when they assumed my order was a door dash and I had to repeat I’m a mobile order through app. The bag they handed me had my ticket on it. I order 2 kids meals that was in the bag and 3 drinks 2 sprites and Diet Coke. I also ordered a burger and some cheese tots. I got the 2 drinks and 2 kids meals but the wrong drink for me and the rest of my order wrong. I didn’t even leave the parking lot I pressed the button and waited. After 5 minutes I went to the door to explain to them that my order was completely wrong and wasn’t mine besides the 2 drinks and 2 kids meals that was correct. Only to be approached like I STOLE someone’s food. I was questioned about missing items. I took the kids meal bags from my kids and even brought them those bags aswell. For them to look through the bags for missing items out of the wrong order that gave me. After giving me my right order they handed me back my kids meals for my children that was no longer warm for them to eat. Absolutely disgusting to accuse a customer that’s just trying to get the order they payed for of taking items or stealing. How do you know you didn’t forget items I’ve been through so many drive through that’s been busy and had missing items. You correct it and move on. I get people get busy and they had “technical difficulties “ but you do not accuse customers of missing item’s especially when it’s their order that’s wrong and missing.

  • 1/5 Maranda R. 6 months ago on Google
    This Sonic is horrendous. I went through the drive through, experienced horrible service. I asked if they had chocolate chips that they said okay, I get my receipt and they put cookie dough. I nicely told them that I asked for chocolate chips and if they didn’t have them that was fine I was just unsure. They were all rude about it, they said I said cookie dough and I didn’t. They said chocolate chips are cookie dough. They gave me my plain banana shake without the cookie dough, but I was charged extra. No one offered to refund me what I was charged extra, they were all just rolling their eyes. On the side note my kids got food and the grease tastes like it hasn’t been changed in a year. Never coming back to this location.

  • 1/5 Rona C. 11 months ago on Google
    Asked runner to double check we had all of our food and items were still Missing. Called 7times and each time was forwarded to voicemail.

  • 1/5 david m. 1 year ago on Google
    Can not get order right every time I order! Decided to come back after a $60 plus order had all kind of issues, hoping this time with the managers help the experience would be different. It was just as bad as anytime I attempt to patronize. Cold fries cold burgers wrong size drinks waiting over 35 mintues for 4 slushes and 1 order of mozzarella sticks. Shop elsewhere spend your money elsewhere Kayla has horrible customer service, and will blame you for there mistakes.

  • 3/5 Seth G. 2 years ago on Google
    Milkshake was good but the chili cheese dog looks like it was flipped upside down in the container but it wasn’t… however the bun was either cut or ripped in 2… very odd. I remember why it’s been about a year since I’ve gotten sonic. It’s not the same as it was years ago.

  • 1/5 Michele G. 8 months ago on Google
    Come here for the ice and shakes are always bomb. I'm from Cali so Sonic is one of my faves, however this stores manager is very unprofessional thinking she can just cuss out customers when assumptions are made an angry customer got shunned and when she approached me from behind me, she assumed I was talking to or at her when I had no knowledge of her even being there I had been waiting for her her to come talk to me.then to talk to me that way and cuss me out I don't think so . And threaten me! The ppl in this state are very very privileged and get away with quite the attitudes and treatment of customers I see I'm blown away at how ppl are treated and I was under assumption the South was a So big on respect!! Ummm 🤔 not even, well I guess for themselves probably I'm sure they probably do demand it the way they walk around treating everyone it really would not surprise me those foul attitudes they all need some adjustments

  • 4/5 Christy W. 1 year ago on Google
    I LOVE their milkshakes! I’ve ordered on the app the last few times I have been to this location and unfortunately my order has taken a while and has come out wrong every time. I have left a tip every time I’ve come through too… not sure if that shows as an incentive for someone preparing the meal or not!?

  • 4/5 Suzan-Roselle K. 1 year ago on Google
    Been awhile since we've been. Great prompt service. Food hot and made correctly. Definitely was minimal wait. Plus prices right on. Will be going more often.

  • 2/5 Dillon W. 1 year ago on Google
    What happened? Tots were greasy and cold. The signature Limade was missing any flavor. We used to ALWAYS grab Sonic before a road trip and while back in VA from overseas we wanted to visit and feel all nostalgic. Nope.

  • 3/5 Jaime R. 1 year ago on Google
    Been here quite a few times, at times had service that took 45 minutes to get to us and had food under prepared, if you are going to order from sonic mostly stick with their beverage and shake options. Staff however seem very friendly yet a bit overworked. Great if you have a extra hour or so but not good if you are in a rush and need a quick bite to eat

  • 5/5 Rob B. 1 year ago on Google
    Got the new Butter Bacon Steak Burger and it was DELICIOUS! HOWEVER, as soon as I bit into it, it exploded juice all over my hand/sleeve. Be careful and it is certainly a gastrointestinal bomb! Best milkshakes in town!

  • 1/5 Savannah H. 1 year ago on Google
    There are tons of employees in there. They only had the drivethru open. We have been sitting in the line for an hour and 20 minutes behind 5 cars. We can see inside, the employees goofing off, they could not possibly care less. 14 cars drove away because of the wait. Completely ridiculous, I will not be returning to this Sonic. They really lost out on a lot of money today due to the poor service.

  • 4/5 Amber 1 year ago on Google
    Always love Sonics onion rings! & the sonic signature sauce is a must with them!

  • 5/5 H. D. 1 year ago on Google
    Their drinks are the best! I promise, try the chocolate and banana milkshake! It is so, so good! Another favorite of mine is the ocean water, and ask for them to add pineapple to it. It is really refreshing, perfect for the hot summer days that are already here!

  • 1/5 Courtney H. 1 year ago on Google
    I’ve been coming to sonic for years and I love their food ! But their service has gone down hill. I order on the app and still have to wait 30-45 minutes for my food and drinks ! It’s really gotten ridiculous! NEVER order a sundae every time I do it’s always melted by the time I get it from waiting on them to actually bring it out to me. When I talked to the manager she came out to my car, I told her what I was missing and she got smart with me due to the fact I ordered two of the same thing thinking that what I ordered was sitting next to me. How can you be a manager and get smart with costumers that are telling you and showing you their recipe that they are missing something. Very dissatisfied with Sonic !

  • 3/5 Missy W. 2 years ago on Google
    I have eaten here before many times before and enjoyed the food. I thought I had tried their chicken tenders also but I found them very bland and certainly not worth the price. My sweet tea was good, not too sweet. They could try putting a little less ice in the tea. I will continue to eat my favorites. The appetizers are really good from times past.

Call (804) 520-7882 Open on Google Maps


  • Parking
    • ✓️ Free parking lot
    • ✓️ Plenty of parking
  • Payments
    • ✓️ Debit cards
    • ✓️ Credit cards
    • ✓️ NFC mobile payments
  • Offerings
    • ✓️ Coffee
    • ✓️ Quick bite
    • ✓️ Late-night food
  • Popular for
    • ✓️ Lunch
    • ✓️ Dinner
    • ✓️ Breakfast
    • ✓️ Solo dining
  • Accessibility
    • ✓️ Wheelchair accessible entrance
    • ✓️ Wheelchair accessible restroom
    • ✓️ Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Dining options
    • ✓️ Lunch
    • ✓️ Dinner
    • ✓️ Dessert
    • ✓️ Seating
    • ✓️ Breakfast
  • Service options
    • ✓️ Dine-in
    • ✓️ Takeout
    • ✓️ Delivery
    • ✓️ Drive-through
    • ✓️ Curbside pickup
    • ✓️ Outdoor seating
    • ✓️ No-contact delivery


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