Worst rated: Bars and Pubs in Constanta, Romania

Constanța (UK: , UK: , Romanian: [konˈstantsa]; Greek: Κωνστάντζα, romanized: Kōnstántza, or Κωνστάντια Kōnstántia; Bulgarian: Кюстенджа, romanized: Kjustendža, or Констанца Konstanca; Turkish: Köstence), historically known as Tomis (Ancient Greek: Τόμις), is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania.
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  1. Champs Arena   -   2.80 (10 reviews) Cosy
  2. Luv Club   -   3.80 (30 reviews) Great cocktails
  3. Piano Bar   -   3.80 (36 reviews) Cosy
  4. Restaurant Rustic   -   3.80 (984 reviews) Late-night food
  5. Goblin Constanta   -   3.90 (53 reviews) Great cocktails
  6. Racing Pub Constanta   -   3.90 (1108 reviews) Cash only
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