Hanscom Park Pavilion - Event venue in Omaha, United States

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3201 Woolworth Ave, Omaha, NE 68105, United States




+1 402-444-5920

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4.30 (671 reviews)


  • 5Michelle J. 7 months ago
    If you have little ones under the age of 8, and would like to take them swimming, this is definitely the place for you and your little ones to go and enjoy some fun in the sun. They are only open from 12:00 p. m, to 6:00 p. m. Weather permitting and they are open. The depth of the pool ( or wading pool) does not exceed over 2 to 3 feet. Any children under the age of 6, will be required to wear a wristband and so will the parent and can not be farther than arms length away from a parent at all times. It's great for a low cost entry fee of $2.00 for adults and children are $1.00 (please check ahead in case price has increased) they have a mandatory rest break every hour and offer a little sand area and showers to wash away the sand before reentering the pool. It's got a little water slide and only one child allowed on the steps at a time, and a small slide for littler ones. Be sure that you make your little ones wear shoes into the bathroom and everyone must take a shower before entering the pool. There's plenty of shade to allow for picnic blankets and they do offer some lounge chairs and umbrellas for extra shade. But, be aware that they can become extremely busy with day cares and large families and some kids that should not be in there because they are too rowdy and don't seem to listen. Lifeguards are very strict and don't allow anyone to run or climb on any of the water structures that have water or walking up a slide. It's good for short time in the sun or late afternoon play, just be advised that the parking lot is small and not easily to turn around in or enter or exit from. Call ahead and find out if they are open or allowing outside food and drinks inside the pool area.

  • 5Justin L. 1 year ago
    Hanscom Park has a DISC GOLF course now!!! I just discovered the course today so I have not yet played it but I plan to the first opportunity I have!0

  • 5Jennifer D. 3 years ago
    Loved it! Has a great dog area......everyone there was friendly and dogs were all well behaved. Very clean compared to some parks ive been to. I will definitely be making another trip there soon!

  • 5Mark G. 8 months ago
    Great place to bring dog while visiting from out of town and free to the public

  • 5Michael C. 4 months ago
    Beautiful park with lots of history. Omaha's oldest park. Nice pond. Some wildlife. Great trees. Dog area. Zip lining! Fishing too. A recent fire destroyed a pavilion.

  • 4Jered J. 4 years ago
    Good dog park but the grass is often non-existent. Good mix of dogs, usually friendly and well trained but sometimes there will be an angry one on the mix.

  • 3Tim W. 3 years ago
    Tennis courts and playground need lots of attention. Lake needs to be finished. Has a nice dog park and meeting building. Walk paths need to be cleaned. Great trees for shad

  • 3Ray W. 3 years ago
    I stopped in at the greenhouse as kind of a blast from the past memory tour. I used to go there every once in awhile but hadn't done so in decades. The people that I talked to were very friendly and welcoming. All the plants were just starting to come up. Most of the greenhouses just had seedlings but in greenhouse 3 there was a nice section some nice mature growth. Mo

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