€126 Yaas Hotel Dakar Almadies - in Dakar, Senegal

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Rte des Almadies, Dakar 16144, Senegal




+221 33 859 07 00

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4.00 (481 reviews)


  • Hotel
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Free breakfast
    • Accessible
    • Air-conditioned
    • Laundry service
    • Room service
    • Kid-friendly
    • Restaurant
    • Airport shuttle
    • Bar
    • Smoke-free
    • Pool
    • Fitness center


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  • 5Carl M. 1 year ago
    By far this was the most technologically advance hotel that we stayed at in Africa. The moment you arrive to reception you are transported to away from the hot streets to a hotel that would not be out of place in New York or Zurich, the quality is superb. They are taking the pandemic very serious at this hotel with temperature checks daily, hand sanitizing machine & with all staff wearing masks you feel very safe, this is not common in most African hotels, so it was a welcomed feature. Our room was a super modern pod style room that you tend to find in japan. Everything has been designed to make your stay more comfortable from the under bed storage to the internet tv & awesome air conditioning. We were super comfortable here at all times. The included breakfast buffet was fantastic & had a large selection of items from pancakes to fresh baguettes & local juices we stayed for hours enjoying it. They also offer lunch and dinner to. The staff are great, super friendly & speak good english. The location is in the embassy area so we felt very safe here & there are some cool restaurants close by. Flight information is displayed at reception & they can organize a taxi to pick you up for a set price.

  • 5veerendra b. 1 year ago
    Very convenient location, close to many restaurants.

  • 5Doctor D. 1 year ago
    Nice enough. Pizza is really good.

  • 5Robert S. 2 years ago
    A really lovely hotel in a great area. The rooms are comfortable, staff really hospitable, and the hotel food is excellent. You also have plenty of options for excursions (restaurants, landmarks, bars).

  • 5Herman Du P. 2 years ago
    Nice new age hotel, close to beaches and walking distance from some nice sights.

  • 5Boubacar m. 2 years ago
    Lovely place, friendly staff, cool design.

  • 5Ezekiel C. 2 years ago
    Nice place along Pacific Ocean!!

  • 5Ace W. 11 months ago
    Very nice and portable hotel. Neat and cozy

  • 5Amara V. 1 year ago
    Great decor. Loved it. Not sure about the cuisine, but the rooms were lovely.

  • 5Jędrzej B. 6 months ago
    Good hotel, nice clean room, comfortable bed. Food served in Restaurant was good as well.

  • 5Philips A. 8 months ago
    Out of this world experience. This is a smart budget hotel with high speed internet service. I love the artworks on the wall.

  • 5Craig S. 6 years ago
    Great hotel. Smaller, European style rooms, but very clean. Great internet. Good breakfast included with the room. You will have to ask, but they can whip you up an omelette that is pretty good. The staff is fantastic. Great value for the price!!

  • 5Marian B. 1 year ago
    I loved my stay. The staff was spectacular especially Christian and the rooms were always clean and tidy. They really want you to have the best experience. The wifi is fast and there’s good water pressure and a variety of food options for breakfast lunch and dinner. I would definitely stay there again.

  • 4emanuele l. 1 year ago
    Very small rooms quite clean but far away from town

  • 4Cheikh M. 3 months ago
    It’s very nice but they need microwaves and cool in the rooms I wanted to stay there 10 days but I just didn’t have access to those things.

  • 4Senam A. 8 months ago
    Very neat hotel. Internet service is surprisingly good. Price is a little bit on the high side and water is only given once upon checking in.

  • 4Eve Z. 8 months ago
    Very comfortable and easy hotel, perfect for business travel. The staff is genuinely helpful and kind. I really enjoyed my stay!

  • 4Rahmat Sai J. 7 months ago
    Clean rooms and respectful staff. Their breakfast options are wide compared to neighbouring hotels and comparatively affordable. No gym though.

  • 4Walid E. 6 months ago
    Rooms are small! They are very good option for Short stay! I like the food...very tasty....

  • 4Liss A. 5 months ago
    The hotel key feature is its price for the quality you get. Modern and comfortable, nice breakfast and lunch area, good service, anything you need if you come for business and need a place to sleep. You can get bigger room and better view, but price will be double.

  • 4Julia L. 6 months ago
    Nice staff, and the shuttle from the airport to the hotel was very convenient. Rooms are small but efficiently laid out and comfortable. Good wifi, nice breakfast. And it’s in a good location close to Almadies.

  • 4John K. 11 months ago
    Yaas is located in the quiet and residential suburb of Les Almadies, so despite the many building sites mushrooming around expect to be in dynamic yet quiet surroundings. This is way different from the usually swarmy neighborhoods of this charming city. Rooms are standard size but laid out in a very efficient and useful way. Food is good and affordable but service, especially at breakfast is irritatingly slow. Twice I ordered omelettes and twice they were delivered in no less than 30 minutes with waiters either forgetting to place orders or too lazy to remember you ever placed one. Other than that great experience to stay there.

  • 4Diyana B. 1 year ago
    Lovely place, clean, in a secured environment, and good competitive prices

  • 4AMKONGO T. 2 years ago
    Very neat, professional friendly staff...the 4🌟 are deserved. Bravo! Keep it up

  • 3Samuel S. 1 year ago
    Neat hotel but not to my taste. The rooms are like dormitories.

  • 3Herman Du P. 5 months ago
    This is a futuristic type hotel, the rooms are okay, only problem I have is thar the air con is centralized and takes a very long time to cool the room, and does not stay on when you exit the room. The area has lots of food places around and the sea is not too far. The staff is very friendly and well trained. It is still the same as before

  • 3James P. 1 year ago
    This is a plain Jane Hotel but it is clean and in a good location near the American Embassy and American food store. It is as if IKEA sells them all their furniture, it has a modern feel with light weight furniture. Comfortable and clean, in the end that's all I really need. Service at the restaurant is so so and seems to take a long time to get food. Not sure if I am just used to the fast pace service of US restaurants because other places near by seem to take a long time to serve as well. The food is good, the pizzas are good too, even their little buffet had items that I enjoyed.

  • 3chan h. 10 months ago
    If you are traveling as a family, this hotel space is not for you. A place where you can come-back to rest for a night economical way. Howe er, hall way wall thin and you can hear people talk or walk. Many flies at breakfast or lobby area. Many staffs were, it seems like, in training, so could not answer your qurstions, but some were friendly. Someone asked for hot water and a staff said no...lol.

  • 3Patience M. 1 year ago
    Beautiful studio hotel. I missed having a kettle in my room 😕

  • 3Nomad U. 1 year ago
    So I didn’t stay overnight. Just checked out the restaurant. I recently emailed them for a menu, and it looked really good. I was excited to check this place out. But It was all a lie 😡. They had none of it. It was super hot out and I wanted to hang in a place with AC, to get out of the 3 pm heat. Figured Yaas Hotel would have solid central AC. Several indoor places I’ve been to recently aren’t using their A/Cs. Just big fans, which is only more hot air blowing on you. Staff were friendly, very professional, lots of Covid precautions, gels, temperature monitoring, hand San, masks etc. Guest were for the most part not wearing masks. Super parking. A/C was on! There seemed to be more staff than was needed. Sat down and hoped for some Tapas. Finally a waiter came by. Took some time despite being practically empty of patrons. Asked for their menu twice, some confusion about their menu, and some beers and bottled water. That took some more time. Maybe 10 minutes. He was polite just super slow. And on this hot, hot Dakar day I really wanted a cold beer and water. So they only had Desperado and those tiny Heinekens? Really ? We are in Senegal, and Senegal has good local beer. No Gazelle? No Flag? I got my warm Heineken and warm bottled water which kinda sucked, but still hopefully waiting for the tapas menu. Waiter says, well we don’t have a menu. So I asked for their Tapas. Just bring what u have. Oh we don’t have tapas, he says. I asked about burgers? Snacks? Something from the menu. He said they have none of that, they had tapas or maybe not he wasn’t sure. But definitely not now. I asked so like what do you have? He tells me; Rice and fish. Rice and chicken. Chicken and fries. Kabab and pizza. There was nothing from the menu they sent me 😨😞. That menu said they have lunch buffet, dinner buffet, tapas, and snacks. If it wasn’t so damn hot, and I wasn’t so damn hungry and itching for a cold beer, I would have spilt. What is a desperado anyway? Is it a beer or bottled tequila cooler? Sounds like a frat boy drink. We ordered the kabab, some pizza and fries. There as a mix up with the pizza. I thought I ordered a calamar shrimp one but got another. Viande Hashe. Make sure you’re clear what you order. Their pizza menu, confusing. Pizza had real mozzarella. And a lot of it. Nice crust. Super filling. It was tasty. I asked for hot red pepper and salt. Got an old black pepper bottle with just little in there. The kabab was a wrap. Not bad, but super chewy meat. After the second warm beer, never saw the waiter again. Never saw a bill. I went to the bar got the bill and wanted to pay out. That took 15 minutes. Three people had to review the bill and then calculate it. At least I could pay with a credit card! But they charged the card then they record the card info on their fancy iMac. I donno. I asked why, the POS was already done and I signed the receipt. At this point I wanted out. Please Yaas, get some tapas or like what’s the point of going. No lunch or dinner buffet, no menu, no tapas, no deserts, no gazelle, nothing as advertised. Good pizza but 3 stars. Tapas and beer equals 5 stars.

  • 2E. 4 years ago
    I give this hotel two stars because of the friendly and personable staff. Housekeeping does a good job at cleaning the rooms and the hotel as a whole. However, the rooms are too small. The shower is literally inside of the bedroom and separated only by a sliding door. By the time I realized the mistake I made by booking this hotel, all the others were completely booked. There is no privacy inside of the room and everything is too close for comfort.

  • 2abdou c. 1 year ago
    Difficult check-in at 3am, was standing for 20min just to get a room to sleep. Rooms are little tight but ok, bathroom could've been better, food was ok, staff were nice beside the first encounter

  • 2Francois B. 4 months ago
    Breakfast is good, rooms are super extra small, and showers are inside the room, literally and vanities are next to the bed, this is crazy! and it is expensive I do not recommand it at all.

  • 1Pedro C. 6 months ago
    Very basic and lacking all sort of facilities. The room is tiny with no proper bathroom, no closet, no space to leave your luggage. No pool, no gym, no pub, no lounge, no shops, no entertainment. Only suitable for lost or desperate travellers and for one night.

  • 1Tom C. 4 months ago
    A total disaster. After having booked online and asked for late check in (to which we received an email confirming the same), we arrive to find out that the hotel staff didn’t properly register our reservations, and that they were now fully booked. We asked to see a manager, no one was available, and no help, nor any solution was proposed by the staff present. We were essentially turned away and back onto the street, 9pm on a Wednesday night after a long day of flying, left to frantically check every other hotel in Dakar to see if they could house us for the night. An awful experience. Absolutely disgraceful way to treat clients. Stay away.

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