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One of the Best Places To Visits in East Grand Bahama


Smith's Point Freeport Grand Bahama FREEPORT Grand Bahama, Bahamas

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4.40 (354 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Wednesday: 5:30 pm to 2 am
  • Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: 7 am to 8 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am to 1 pm
  • Monday: (Christmas Day), Closed, Hours might differ
  • Tuesday: (Boxing Day), Closed, Hours might differ

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  • 4/5 PKOTSpr CraZy G. 1 year ago on Google
    Food was good they played good music it was fun to watch people dancing fish fry is a event every Wednesday after 5pm until 11pm where you can eat fresh fish and other thing.
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  • 5/5 Robert S. 4 years ago on Google
    I guess this place has new times, because we tried this place on a Saturday, and loved it. We usually go here on Wednesday when we are in town, and this place is always amazing. If you like fish, and the home town feel you have to give this place a try. Great prices, and great service is always a plus too...
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  • 4/5 Security T. 6 years ago on Google
    This is where the locals eat...nkthing super special just good food...dont care for the guys offering drugs but the went away fairly easily
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  • 5/5 Linda J. 5 months ago on Google
    Lovely evening with gr8 food & dancing. Choice of Jerk pork, barbecue chicken, ribs or red snapper, all w sides. Good value food & drinks. Been twice, hoping to go next week if it doesn't pour down w rain.

  • 4/5 William H. 1 year ago on Google
    This IS the place to be if you are in the Bahamas! Outstanding snapper, great BBQ, music and a locals favorite! Simply a great time and good food.

  • 5/5 Anne E. 6 months ago on Google
    So good!!! Food was great, people were so friendly. They had a taxi driver wait for us while we went down the road to dance after dinner so we weren't stranded. The fritters were amazing.

  • 5/5 Fred D. 4 months ago on Google
    Even with the Rain, we ate, drank, and danced. The food (bbq pork, fried snapper, & conch salad) was great. Friendly staff and great DJ. Wednesday Night Fish Fry don't miss it.

  • 5/5 Tom A. 5 months ago on Google
    What a great experience. Owner was super friendly and remember us when we came back a few days later. Awesome view. Get in line early for the food. They have options besides fish. All of it was 👍

  • 5/5 Fred D. 10 months ago on Google
    Full plate of fried whole fish looking up at you. If that disturbs you, there are other choices, however that's the mainstay. In any case the fish won't recognize you. Robust flavor and sides were great too. Eat viewing the waves on the beach just a few metres away. Wednesday starts at 6pm.

  • 4/5 Daniel M. 1 year ago on Google
    Historic fish fry at a lovely local community in Freeport. Arrive early, at 5:30pm or so, otherwise you'll wait in a long line as the fish is fried to order. Each plate comes with choice of sides. I ordered the turbot and my wife had snapper. The turbot was easy to eat with fewer bones. Onsite bar and dancing on the deck.

  • 5/5 John G. 1 year ago on Google
    Lovely experience, just don't be in a hurry. The line forms before it opens and each order is customized so there is a wait to get your food. Have someone in your group go grab drinks (it is a separate line) and bring them and enjoy the beachfront view. Might I suggest the fried plantains, I usually get a double order of those! The fish is fried and served head on in typical Bahamian style. Once you start to eat fish this way you will realize the tastiest part is on on their back and around the head, americans filet fish and waste the best parts. Served with the obligatory peas and rice, it is well worth the money and your local taxi driver will bring you, show you where to go and wait or come back to get you. You can get ribs if you don't like fish. Best tip of all - Grab a container of Conch salad to take home and have later or for breakfast the next morning.

  • 5/5 megan b. 11 months ago on Google
    Wednesday night fish fry is great! Lots of food and dancing! We ended up coming back to the area because there is a conch salad stand named Carterboy conch stand. Best conch salad and crab salad with sea moss.

  • 5/5 Denzil G. 1 year ago on Google
    Open atmosphere, with a variety of stalls to choose from. The fish fry is an eventful place to carry the kids in the day and in the night the adults come out the play. The alcohol beverages aren't expensive, the food is delightful, and you get to enjoy music overlooking the seashore. I believe the high peak days are Thursdays, but check with the locals to verify that if you prefer the crowd

  • 5/5 STEPHEN FELIX C. 1 year ago on Google
    Oh my goodness! Conch Stew is Delicious. I would call it Bahamian Gumbo. Gotta try it.

  • 4/5 Matthew N. 1 year ago on Google
    Great local experience! Wed night island tradition! Great crowd, good eats, good value, great views.

  • 5/5 Patty F. 1 year ago on Google
    Delicious fish fry with great atmosphere and fun music. We went early to beat the crowds.

  • 4/5 Melody G. 2 years ago on Google
    We had so much fun here! Long line for food but it was good. Ribs, chicken or fried fish. Plate includes two sides. DJ plays good music. We line danced and boogied like no one was watching.Go before 6 pm so you won't have to wait too long for food.

  • 4/5 jaime (. 1 year ago on Google
    Great food and beach/ island vibe. Wednesday night is the best time to visit. The park next to the restaurant has a festival the month of July.

  • 3/5 Jacqueline M. 1 year ago on Google
    Our 2nd time visiting, food is mediocre, servers could be a little friendlier, that would go along way. Drinks are good, especially the gully wash! Dj plays nice, appropriate music for chilling and dancing. If I come back, it'll be for the drinks and the music.

  • 3/5 C De La C. 1 year ago on Google
    Wonderful place, staff, food, owner. Everything's so amazing in here. Totally recommended. Definitely be back.

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  • Parking
    • ✓️ Free parking lot
    • ✓️ Plenty of parking
  • Offerings
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    • ✓️ Alcohol
    • ✓️ Spirits
    • ✓️ Cocktails
    • ✓️ Small plates
    • ✓️ Late-night food
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  • Service options
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    • ✗ Delivery
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