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  • 5GiangIrr e. 1 year ago
    One of the best experience I had in my life. Karwan is an excellent and amazing tour guide and driver, he led me to explore all the Kurdistan region, with professionalism , politeness and seriousness, always with the smile, he put me at ease from the first moment. He is a really kind and polite guy, who helped make my trip a unique experience. I will never forget it. Moreover, Iraqi Kurdistan is a very safe region, never felt in danger during all days I stayed there. Hope to come and to see you again in Kurdistan bro!

  • 5Hannah R. 1 year ago
    Our trip to Kurdistan was full, stress free, and incredibly informative thanks to Karwan. He was our driver, teacher, translator, photographer, and occasional comedian 😉 We can’t recommend him highly enough if you’re considering a visit to the region. We really feel like we got the most out of our time in Kurdistan thanks to his knowledge, professionalism, and experienced guiding style.

  • 5David Leo S. 1 year ago
    From the airport meeting to cross crossing Kurdistan to the airport drop off - Karwan made sure everything was seamless. What an amazing time we had and taken care of with ease. If you’re considering a visit to Kurdistan I highly recommend reaching out to Karwan and making him your go-to point of contact. He surpassed all my expectations!

  • 5Sean A. 1 year ago
    There's a reason why Karwan scores perfectly with so many travelers who would venture to see Iraqi Kurdistan: that's because he shares his knowledge of his country with such great enthusiasm and passion, while being simply an amazing person. Karwan is attentive, sincere, patient, caring and respectful, above offering me an insight into the social, cultural and historical aspects of this region. I felt like I was traveling with a wise and fun friend in his company. Besides the overall security during the trip, Kurdistan impresses with its blessed natural beauty. Still, my winter experience in January 2022 for just under a week, hit all the right notes. I left Kurdistan extremely satisfied but yet wanting more.

  • 5Keith K. 1 year ago
    Really such an excellent experience touring Iraqi Kurdistan with Karwan.. first time doing an organized trip like that - generally traveling independent - and in this place there were some huge advantages to traveling in an expedition instead of independently. First, we were able to access places and experiences that we would not have accessed on our own… mosques, palace ruins, religious ceremonies.. Second, we were also able to get through every check point without delay (seems Karwan knows everyone in Kurdistan)… Anyway, the big advantage of an organized expedition in Kurdistan is that you have a much fuller experience that can expand your thinking & touch your heart. Karwan is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and fun guide and I would highly recommend making a tour of Kurdistan with Karwan

  • 5Mihai C. 1 year ago
    Karwan was our guide for 1 week when visiting Kurdistan. I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable, has very good english, he's very open, very kind, adaptable and really helps you in any desire you have to buy or see something. he takes the time to make you feel welcome in the country and to make you have a great tourist experience in Kurdistan. He's the kind of guide i would like to have in any country i go to. Thank you Karwan.

  • 5Chris B. 1 year ago
    If you are thinking of travelling around Kurdistan I can highly recommend Karwan as your guide he is one of the nicest people I have met. Karwan speaks perfect English and has excellent contacts around Kurdistan which allows for an unforgettable trip. Throughout my visit I always felt safe, during the journey you will experience many Peshmerga check points but these were never an issue. From start to finish Karwan was professional and every element of the trip ran smoothly. If you are undecided about going to Kurdistan due to the history of the country I would advice you to abandon your stereotypes and visit this amazing country to see for yourself the fascinating culture, beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Thanks Karwan.

  • 5Jonathan Finney of P. 2 years ago
    So I imagine that a lot of people have recently watched that Yes Theory video and are now wondering what it would take to visit Kurdistan. Thankfully, there is Karwan. I traveled to Iraq Jan 1 of 2021 and ended up finding Karwan by searching through the normal channels that likely you are stumbling upon right now as you try to figure it out. Likely, you'll see Karwan stands out far and above everything else but is it legit? Yes it is. I was trepidatious in visiting this area of the world for obvious reasons but I was able to have a line of communication with Karwan as soon as I started trying to figure out dates. Everything worked out and Karwan had helped me understand exactly what I needed to do to get into town safely and was able to build a nice custom tour based upon the exact amount of time I had before I had to fly out. He is not a package guy where you are just thrown a one size fits all journey and he takes other factors into consideration of where he'd think you'd like to visit. I won't get into the details of the places we visited but I can say that it was highlights of Kurdistan with Karwan having access to places that most people can't get into through his long built relationships throughout the region. He was professional throughout the entire engagement and in no way did I ever feel any kind of pressure to do anything I did not want nor did I feel like he wasn't attentive or into it. His character of a person shines and he is that popular for a reason. If I were to travel in the region again, I would utilize his services again and he has my highest recommendation.

  • 5Klara S. 5 months ago
    I spent a week in Iraqi Kurdistan as a solo traveler. It was my first time travelling to this region and since I didn’t feel like doing it completely on my own I contacted Karwan. And what a great choice that was. Karwan is very easy and quick regarding the communication, so planning the whole trip was exceptionally smooth. Thanks to him and his companions I’ve had the best week. We’ve covered the most beautiful places in Kurdistan (Especially the Rawanduz region is the one you’ve got to love) and also tasted the delicious Kurdish meals. Such a spectacular place the Iraqi Kurdistan is. Never once did I feel unsafe, in fact I found the Kurdish people very friendly and welcoming. Thanks to Karwan, Kardo and Kanhan I got to visit places I probably would not reach on my own. In addition, they’re flexible, smart and fun guys to be around. They certainly made my trip memorable. Thanks again, guys!

  • 5Francis M. 1 year ago
    Karwan was one of the very best tour guides we have ever had, and after decades of tours all over the world, we don't say that lightly. We spent a week with him and it was just fabulous the entire time. We learned SO much from Karwan about all aspects of Kurdistan; its history, cultures and its people. His English is excellent, his knowledge is extensive, and his ability to communicate calmly and clearly makes history come alive. Best of all, Karwan has a wonderful sense of humor and is so much fun. The trip itself was really well organized and packed full of meaningful experiences while still at a relaxed pace. Karwan is also very responsive and welcoming; he even went so far as to invite us into his home to meet his family and share some of his wife's wonderful cooking. He and his wife also provided a fabulous picnic lunch for the Nowruz celebration. Whenever unexpected issues arose, Karwan handled these professionally, calmly, and efficiently. I really can't say enough about how great the trip was and how well it all went off. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour with him and his company then I absolutely recommend that you do so. THANK YOU Karwan!

  • 5Brent F. 5 months ago
    Nick and I were lucky enough to visit Kurdistan in September 2022 for 5 days. It was our first visit to Kurdistan, and our first tour with Kurdistan Iraq Guide. We selected a two-day tour. Our guide was Cardo, and our driver for the tour was Kanhan. If one word could describe our trip, it would be “incredible”. Right off the bat, we felt the hospitality that Kurdish people are know for. When Nick I first arrived in Kurdistan, we had a few questions about the upcoming tour and wanted to cross some X’s and O’s. Karwan was very accommodating and took the time to meet us at our hotel two days before the tour and was there to answer our questions. The first day of the tour focused primarily on religious institutions within Kurdistan. The main stops were the Mar Matai Monastery (about 30km from Mosul), and the Lalish Temple (the most holy place of the Yazidi people). When visiting both, Cardo’s knowledge and insight allowed Nick and I to learn so much about each holy site that we would not have been able to learn if we had travelled there by ourselves. In addition, the history behind both sites, both historically and recent (as both areas nearly overrun by ISIS in 2014) was both tragic, fascinating, and uplifting. At both the Monastery and Lalish, the chance to interact with the staff, locals, and visitors, many of whom were making pilgrimages from all over the region. These interactions made the experience truly memorable. To hear their stories and meet people from other cultures and religious backgrounds gave Nick and I a true appreciation and better understanding of the region, culture, the people who live there. More specifically, having the chance to meet and talk to the Yezidi people, who had gone through so much turmoil recently with the war against ISIS, was truly special, as they were incredibly down to earth, humble, and some of the nicest people we have ever met. After our first day, we stayed overnight in Dohuk (a town up north), where Nick and I were able to spend some free time to eat and mix with the locals. The second day we arose early to have breakfast at a Peshmerga café which paid honour to Peshmerga soldiers who had died fighting ISIS. This was an extremely special honour to eat here, as it provided an amazing opportunity to pay respect to the Kurdish soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice defending their homeland. The highlight of the second day, undoubtably, was being able to visit Saddam Hussein’s former “guesthouse”, or one of his many palaces, where, when in power, he hosted dignitaries from around the world. His former palace was stripped bear and was anything but lavish as it must have been, as you could tell the Kurdish people gutted it in a small act of revenge for the turmoil Saddam had inflicted upon them. However, its current condition made it for an eery Chernobyl-like-feeling you got when visiting it (and it made for some amazing photo opportunities!) A very cool part of the trip that Nick and I loved having the opportunity to visit! The second day ended with driving back to Erbil, as Nick and I got one more day to spend in amazing Erbil before flying out of Kurdistan. I can’t say enough times how valuable both Cardo and Kanhan were to guide and drive us! Cardo’s knowledge of the sites again played such an important role to facilitate Nick and I’s understanding of the region, history, and people who call Kurdistan home. And of course, a big shout-out to Kanhan! The man is a driving pro and he allowed us to get from place to place in a timely manner and see these amazing sites! Nick and I will always remember your guys amazing hospitality, generosity, and patience when dealing with us two goofy Canadians for those two magical days! To summarize, Nick and I would 100% recommend taking a tour with Kurdistan Iraq Guide if you have the chance to visit Kurdistan. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! -        Brent & Nick

  • 5Dave G. 5 months ago
    Karwan made my time here in Kurdistan truly memorable. He is enthusiastic, super-chilled and has a wicked sense of humour. Karwan speaks fluent English and is extremely knowledgeable about the history, politics and people of this beautiful region. His itinerary was a good mix of mountains, museums, mosques, monasteries and monuments! On the long drives between these fascinating places, Karwan kept me entertained with his funny stories and jokes. I also enjoyed insightful discussions about Kurdistan's turbulent past. The food throughout the trip was absolutely delicious, and he introduced me to the sweetest figs and pomegranates I have ever tasted! Highly recommended!

  • 5Katelyn J. 4 months ago
    Karwan was there for us the whole way! We decided to come to Kurdistan at the very last minute and sent Karwan a message and he made it happen. He accommodated each of our requests and was very helpful with restaurant recommendations and things to see when we weren't with a guide. I'd highly recommend Karwan to anyone.

  • 5Olga Nasaazi K. 4 months ago
    Kurdistan Iraq Guide was wonderful. Not only was the organising so smooth, Karwan is a wonderful guide, he’s personable and so informative. I learnt so much for him! Even as someone that visits erbil and the KRI frequently, I was able to understand the history and culture. Also he shares the information about the culture and place in a way that is easy to digest and understand. I would tour with him again and would use him again. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks Karwan, thanks Kurdistan Iraq Guide!

  • 5Claudio D. 3 months ago
    We just returned from a five day tour in Iraq Kurdistan with our family. Karwan organized a perfect route for us with all the attractions we expected to visit in five days. We are extremely happy with our choice as without his skills we could not see so much of this beautiful land, specially in winter time. Karwan is very professional guide, reliable, punctual and really knows about the atractions in the region. We can easily recommend his services for a short or long trip in Kurdistan!

  • 52. 1 month ago
    I can’t recommend Karwan and his team enough. I had an amazing experience with them showing me the beauty of Kurdistan. I will return soon and would highly recommend them to anyone considering traveling to this part of the Middle East. You won’t regret it ! And please, disregard the travel advisories. They don’t really apply for Iraqi Kurdistan. I have felt safer here than so much of the USA ! It’s an amazing experience ! 🏆

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