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  • 2Matias Ursini N. 2 months ago
    The hostess (the one with the horse-face) treated my party and I badly before we walked in, on the basis of us not having a prior reservation. Should have taken the hint and just left, the food, drinks and service were just ‘meh’ after that :/ They do a bad job since they have a nice view..

  • 5Mihaela G. 3 months ago
    Excellent food, extraordinary service. Close to the beach, great view, affordable prices for everyone. Congratulations to the waiters. Very friendly, immediate service, at the customer's disposal very quickly with suggestions and valuable information. Congratulations to the owner for such staff. I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant. I can't wait for my next trip to Portugal to have lunch at this restaurant. Thanks for the hospitality and warmth Zé and Alex.

  • 1Edwin B. 3 months ago
    After being here once and wanting to go again, I did not eat there as the manager was very unfriendly when we tried to sit a big group. So we just went to the place next door (Tamariz Restaurante Bar) which was much better in the end

  • 5Amy A. 3 months ago
    Great beach restaurant!! Amazing tuna tartar, prawns and fried cuddle fish.

  • 3Dylan H. 5 months ago
    All dishes on the English menu are named with ridiculous and meaningless puns, such as "What to eat?" and "Gotta start somewhere." We braved the chef's surprise vegetarian dish which I was told had vegetables, but what I got was just a big plate of mushroom rice. My girlfriend ordered the tuna and it was similarly disappointing; low quality overcooked tuna with freezer-burned mixed vegetables. The prices were high. The service person was difficult to find and made two errors. The food was low quality. The view is nice though.

  • 5Arla J. 5 months ago
    We stopped here for lunch on a sunny day and didn't want to leave! We sat down close to the water and enjoyed fresh fish and a pizza with some cold beers. A wonderful place to enjoy the view of the Atlantic--bon appetit!

  • 5Andrea D. 7 months ago
    Absolutely amazing spot on a sunny afternoon, overlooking the sea and the beach on the terrace. Book to secure a table and come early for lunch (1.30pm) to avoid the crowds. The service and the food has been top notch, the drinks, too. Would love to come back and wholeheartedly recommend this place.

  • 4Gio R. 9 months ago
    Great beach view, nice staff , good food

  • 4Björn H. 9 months ago
    Have not eaten anything there but it's a nice place to stop for a beer or coffee. Staff is very nice

  • 5Sergiy S. 10 months ago
    Nice place at Tamariz beach. All is super tasty and really fast served. 👍

  • 1kishore b. 11 months ago
    My wife and myself ordered fried fish. Was told by waiter not to come to display area as he would he would bring the fish to us to confirm freshness. Finally got the cooked fish in an OVEN. When we complained the Manager said this was what the menu was supposed to mean by fried fish. A steal. will never go back.

  • 4Alex B. 1 year ago
    Delightful restaurant on the estoril waterfront. Unassuming. Had the mixed seafood grill - amazing fresh seafood platter with bream, salmon, tiger shrimp, sea bass. Huge portion enough for 3 people.

  • 5Cathy H. 1 year ago
    Amazing location with stunning views.. Service was really good, food fantastic..

  • 5Majenica S. 1 year ago
    Great view! Sangria is lovely and the Caprese had the freshest mozzarella I’ve ever tasted!!! Lovely light meal!

  • 2Flávia S. 1 year ago
    Food was ok but not worth the price or hype. We ordered the shrimp salad with mango and the vegan option "the boss choice". The salad had 4 shrimps, some pieces of mango and tomato but was mostly full of lettuce - not very impressive. At the end we got the chocolate cake - we don't recommend at all. The chocolate cake slice with berry ice cream (apparently worth 6€) was one of the worst chocolate cakes I had since the cake was full of gelatine and out of the box supermarket flavored chocolate cake. In the end we ended up spending 55€ and it wasn't a memorable dinner. The waitress were running around back and forth dropping things on the floor and were pretty awkward. Too many waitresses for so little people there. I disliked the fact that the food btw took AGES to arrive and it even took longer for us to just pay the bill.

  • 1Baker B. 1 year ago
    Awful service, food quality and general vibe of the restaurant. Waited long to have order taken, waited long for the drinks and then they came warm and with dirty glasses. Waited what seemed an eternity for food which was bleak and tasteless. Expensive and overall a terrible experience!

  • 4Zac S. 1 year ago
    The grilled fish platter is very good.

  • 5Isabela Rubio P. 1 year ago
    Incredible view, great food and excellent service! We ordered the seafood rice and it was out of this world. If you are in Estoril I do fully recommend this restaurant!

  • 3Felicita J. 1 year ago
    When I arrived in Lisbon two months ago I came to this restaurant and had amazing service on the patio. Tonight I arrived with a reservation and was told I didn't have one, they were closed, and having a private event. What really took me back was that when I walked up she said, "what do you want" like I annoyed her by walking up....we went next door to Maria Tequila and was greeted with a smile and table immediately.

  • 1Тарас C. 1 year ago
    I order 4 times 12 oysters and they bring me 3 times 1 oyster and then 2 and only after boss is coming, they clearly understood my order. I thinky English is clear. Also they didnt hear I ordered green wine. Only after 40 minuts wait I ask them 2nd time and thay just tell they dont have 😞 This is must terrible service I have in restaurants for last few month All dishes comes after 1:15 hours of waiting Salmon was salted 2 times 🙁

  • 5Cedric C. 1 year ago
    Super experience ! Nous avons teste les sushis ! Et vraiment bons ! Good staff very friendly and symapthetic. Good place in front of the sea ! What else !

  • 4Regatul C. 1 year ago
    The service was very good. The location is beautiful. The food was good.

  • 2Eurydice s. 1 year ago
    Poor service. The waiter for the outdoors was alone and clearly over busy. Food was average but not worth it of the high prices.

  • 2Florian M. 1 year ago
    We ate lunch and spent 90€ here, when we went back to the beach, they refused us access to the WC because we had a cup from a bar a little further away. Great behavior, never again

  • 5V K. 1 year ago
    Simply beautiful, pleasant and on the beach. Not super busy/crowded but has a good vibe. Lovely food but a little on the expensive side. Great service but watch out for the added tax

  • 3Mirna T. 1 year ago
    High prices for what they are offering. The staff wasn't so nice, especially when you say that you won't eat anything. Good view though.

  • 4Q. 1 year ago
    Perfect views by the beach Place - Super beautiful and relaxing spot with a summer vibe 🏝 Staff - Greeted us with a beautiful smile and made us feel right at home 💕 Food & Drinks - Good quality food and the drinks....Well y’all know I love a good drink, I recommend the #capirinha soooo good 😊 Please check out my Instagram @queenzee93 for a full video review

  • 5David S. 1 year ago
    Perfect location on the promenade. Sat initially at the outside area overlooking the beach for a drink. Service was friendly and efficient so decided to go inside to eat. Shared the paella for two; traditional ingredients including mussels, langoustines, rabbit, veal and chicken - a hearty, tasty lunch. Washed down with a bottle of crisp, dry local white wine. All-in-all a good experience; both food and service. PS. Please be sure only to leave Google reviews for the correct place. There are other restaurants nearby with very similar names!

  • 1Carla S. 2 years ago
    I ordered Batido de Goiaba, on the menu said it was with fruit pulp, when it arrived the colour was different from what I expected and I asked if there's milk in it, the waiter confirmed that there's was because that is what batido is, I said I couldn't drink it and asked if I could be blended with water instead, he said no. When we got the bill they charged for the batido even though I didn't even touched it and said it wasn't their mistake. I said ok I would pay for it but it wasn't my mistake as well cause I'm not Portuguese and it didn't say on the menu. It's really annoying cause the drink is literally the frozen fruit pulp that goes in the blender it could be easily done with water, it's just very silly not wanting to change something because it's not called what they call it. Just a reminder for the manager, the customer is always right, specially the one that is paying you ;)

  • 5Philine G. 2 years ago
    Highly recommend this place!! Really amazing sushi, fish and bread with an amazing view! Staff is super friendly with great service!

  • 4Marco M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Expensive as are the restaurants by the sea, but very good and quiet. (Original) Caro como sao os restaurantes a beira mar, mas muito bom e tranquilo.

  • 5M. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Nice, clean restaurant and friendly staff. (Original) Restaurante agradável, limpo e staff simpatico.

  • 5Bebeking Deep Z. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) It is a great place to be! (Original) É um óptimo local de se estar!

  • 1Jorge Luiz B. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Lousy service, if you are not looking to work to close the establishment, I had to get up more than once to place my order, I went to many places that surprised me negatively but this restaurant made me forget all the others. much, I don't recommend it to anyone. (Original) Péssimo atendimento, se não estão querendo trabalhar que fechem o estabelecimento, tive que levantar mais de uma vez para fazer o meu pedido, fui a muitos lugares que me surpreenderam negativamente mas esse restaurante fez eu esquecer todos os outros prq pra ficar ruim tem que melhorar muito, não indico para ninguém.

  • 1Fredde B. 2 years ago
    The slowest and worst service ever!!

  • 5Ana I. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Super friendly and attentive staff, wonderful food, spectacular music and stunning views. Magnificent place. (Original) Funcionários super simpáticos e atenciosos, comida maravilhosa, música espectacular e uma vista deslumbrante. Lugar magnífico.

  • 5Jaime S. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muito bom

  • 5Miguel G. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Superb view of the beach, great location (Original) Vista soberba sobre a praia, optimo local

  • 2Dennis I. 3 years ago
    The location is of course lovely and offers a beautiful view of the sea. The quality of the drinks was also ok. Unfortunately it fails completely with the service. To get the attention of a waitress, half an hour passes easily. Afterwards often the same time passes again, sometimes one is completely forgotten and has to start all over again.

  • 3James O. 3 years ago
    Nice place but service quite slow

  • 2Jörn B. 3 years ago
    Drinks ok, service almost non-existent... place was half empty and I still had to wait to even get the menu. After waiting another 30 minutes or so I decided to leave because the staff ignored me... my friend who came earlier had a hard time getting the bill to pay for his drinks we ended up waiting another 20 minutes AFTER ASKING FOR THE BILL. Useless.

  • 5DOS SANTOS C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Excellent customer reception, service and food (Original) Excelente a receção dos clientes, o serviço ez comida

  • 1Constantino P. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) A real scam ... it is very fat, unpleasant service and moreover very expensive ... AVOID! (Original) Une vraie arnaque ... c est très gras, service desagreable et en plus très cher ... A EVITER !

  • 1Olaya D. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Better go to the supermarket and bring you the food (Original) Mejor ir al súper y traerte la comida

  • 5Marta C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great place to go with friends or two ... good ambient music with live saxophonist ... view over the beach and sea ... good spot for the end of the day. Friendly and attentive staff (Original) Óptimo lugar para ir com amigos ou a dois...boa musica ambiente com saxofonista ao sobre a praia e mar spot para final do dia. Staff simpático e atencioso

  • 4Nathalie B. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very pleasant (Original) Tres agréable

  • 5Ricardo M. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great (Original) Ótima

  • 2Jon O. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Pretty bad. We only went to have a drink and the girl at the entrance told us that we had to eat something obligatory due to the Covid regulations. They charged us € 3.50 for some stale potatoes. The first, in the front! Customers subsidizing the premises so that it remains open during the pandemic. We ordered two mojitos, they were soggy, they had no sugar and hardly any liquor, and they were served with two cardboard straws. The same thing happened to the next table, they complained and were brought back anyway. The waiters smiled a lot and were friendly, but they blew everything away. Very unprofessional except when it comes to charging. The only thing good about the views and facilities. (Original) Bastante mal. Solo pasamos a tomar una copa y la chica de la entrada nos dijo que teníamos que comer algo obligatoriamente por la normativa del Covid. Nos cobraron 3,50€ por unas patatas rancias. La primera en la frente! Los clientes subvencionando el local para que se mantenga abierto durante la pandemia. Pedimos dos mojitos, estaban aguados, no tenían azúcar ni apenas licor, y los sirvieron con dos pajitas de cartón. A la mesa de al lado les pasó lo mismo, se quejaron y se los trajeron igual. Los camareros sonreían mucho y eran amables, pero se la soplaba todo. Muy poco profesionales excepto a la hora de cobrar. Lo único bueno las vistas y las instalaciones.

  • 5Kais D. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I had a great time, they are taking the necessary measures against COVID-19, the staff are very helpful and friendly, the food is delicious and the fish are fresh, the prices are also affordable, I highly recommend and it is sure i will come back to taste something else. Big Up for the staff 👌💪 (Original) J'ai passé un bon moment, ils prennent les mesures nécessaires dace au COVID-19, le personnel est très serviable et aimable, la nourriture est délicieuse et les poissons sont frais, les prix aussi sont abordable, je recommande fortement et c'est sûr, je vais revenir pour goûter autre chose. Big Up for the staff 👌💪

  • 1Fazila O. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Of the worst services and food, the only good thing is the terrace and the view of the beach. (Original) Dos piores serviços e comida, unica coisa boa é mesmo a esplanada e a vista para praia.

  • 5Dominique H. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Magnificent place on the beach with breathtaking views of the sea, different areas are provided for lunch, dinner or just a drink. Always pleasant service with nice background music. (Original) Magnifique endroit sur la plage avec vue imprenable sur la mer, différents espaces sont prévus pour déjeuner, dîner ou simplement prendre un verre. Service toujours agréable avec une sympathique musique d'ambiance.

  • 1Dickie L. 3 years ago
    The only thing I can say Positive about this place is the location...Food was subpar...The staff try to up serve you extra thing's like water...waiter brought me another beer without asking me if I wanted it...Then apologized and said why don't I share it...Up your game or get out of business...30 euros for two chicken sandwiches and 2 beer's and a water...We won't be back...

  • 5Nuno V. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Tamariz has a privileged view over the beach! The food is great and the staff is very polite. Follow DGS safety rules (Original) O Tamariz tem um vista privilegiada sobre a praia! A comida é óptimo e o pessoal é muito educado. Seguem as normas de segurança da DGS

  • 5Gregory S. 3 years ago
    They are doing a great job to try and keep everyone safe during covid-19. You have to spray your shoes, sanitize your hands and take temps before you can enter. On top of that the view of the ocean is spectacular and the service is lovely.

  • 2Rodrigo C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Weak (Original) Fraco

  • 4José Paiva W. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The cuisine is good, the staff are friendly, the atmosphere is welcoming, the view is excellent ... but too many tourists. (Original) A cozinha é boa, o pessoal simpático, o ambiente acolhedor, a vista é excelente... mas demasidos turistas.

  • 4Wlamir C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Nice food (Original) Comida boa

  • 2Verena C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Food is good, price is ok for the area, but the service is absolutely slow. 2 hours to get the order and it was not crowded. (Original) Comida é boa, preço ok para a zona, mas o serviço é absolutamente lento. 2 horas para chegar o pedido e não estava lotado.

  • 5C J. 3 years ago
    Excellent service and amazing food. The paella is to die for!

  • 1Paulo L. 3 years ago
    When you serve a drink make sure you are serving what the customer is asking. A gin tonic is not only cheap tonic water!! The gin is fundamental! When called up about it, the waiter took our glasses to make them right... They came back.. the same with a bit more of cheap tonic water. We paid €18 for this. Avoid this place... There are other places to go where the experience maybe rewarding..

  • 4Jorge Manuel C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Magnificent view, but overpriced (Original) Vista magnífica, mas preços exagerados

  • 1Emanuel B. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) We went to this restaurant because the menu displayed at its door contained symbols of allergens. However, according to an official, this same menu is posted at the entrance of the restaurant all year round, only in summer, and at this time the year (winter) does not have any gluten-free dishes. (Original) Fomos a este restaurante porque a ementa exposta à porta do mesmo continha simbologia dos alergénios. No entanto, segundo um funcionário, essa mesma ementa afixada à entrada do restaurante o ano inteiro, só vigora no Verão, e nesta altura o ano (inverno) não têm nenhum prato sem glúten.

  • 5Viviane Pedroso D. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Excellent service and amazing taste (Original) Atendimento excelente e bom gosto incrível

  • 4Sergio G. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The food was fine although we went on a Sunday night (there was hardly anyone) and some things on the menu did not have them, so at least they had the decency to invite us for dessert. Good views of the beach (Original) La comida estaba bien aunque fuimos un domingo por la noche (no había casi nadie) y algunas cosas de la carta no las tenían, así q al menos tuvieron la decencia de invitarnos al postre. Buenas vistas a la playa

  • 4B. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Perfect dinner in this trendy but empty restaurant in December. Burger on top and superbock cerveja. With theFork c was at the top! (Original) Diner parfait dans ce restaurant tendance mais vide en decembre. Burger au top et superbock cerveja. Avec theFork c etait au top !

  • 5José Ignacio Espinosa S. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) We arrived at this restaurant looking for a place of Portuguese food for our stay in Estoril. When we arrived we found a medium-sized beach place externally because it was low season. Nothing further. A magnificent restaurant, an exceptional cuisine, a professionalism in the staff, magnificent, a wonderful experience to eat watching the rough sea almost next door. The sweet rice sailor, a pleasure of the gods, without sparing seafood. The Muralha wine (I think it was written like this), exceptional, and the almond cake a stairway to heaven. And taking care of all this, discreet but outstanding, friendly but without empalagos, professional, the waiter who attended us. It deserves a plus. The price, with service and snacks, as is tradition in Portugal, close but without reaching thirty euros per guest. (Original) Llegamos a este restaurante buscando para nuestra estancia en Estoril un lugar de comida portuguesa. Cuando llegamos nos pareció externamente un local de playa a medio gas por ser temporada baja. Nada más lejos. Un restaurante magnífico, una cocina excepcional, una profesionalidad en el personal, magnífica, una experiencia maravillosa comer viendo el mar bravo casi al lado. El arroz meloso marinero, un placer de dioses, sin escatimar marisco. El vino Muralha (creo que se escribía así), excepcional, y el pastel de almendras una escalera al cielo. Y cuidando de todo ello, discreto pero pendiente, amable pero sin empalagos, profesional, el camarero que nos atendió. Merece un plus. El precio, con servicio y aperitivos, como ya es tradición en Portugal, cercano pero sin llegar a los treinta euros por comensal.

  • 1Enrique S. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very bad dining experience in this restaurant. Starting with a cesar salad that could have been Mcdonalds himself, cold and precooked chicken, toasted bread and pot sauce. Frozen bag squid sticks. The tartar sauce that accompanied them by boat. And ending with a tartar with so much mustard and vinegar that the meat had no flavor. Surely because it wasn't fresh enough. The salad that accompanied it you see, half cherry tomato. And the fried sweet potato came warm / cold and softened, it wasn't crispy. The setting is perfect and the staff was attentive and friendly. But the food is disappointing on each plate. (Original) Muy mala experiencia gastronómica en este restaurante. Empezando por una ensalada cesar que podría haber sido del mismo Mcdonalds, pollo frio y precocinado, pan tostado de bolsa y salsa de bote. Los palitos de calamar congelados de bolsa. La salsa tartar que los acompañaba de bote. Y terminando con un tartar con tanta mostaza y vinagre que la carne no tenía ningún sabor. Seguramente porque no fuese lo suficientemente fresca. La ensalada que lo acompañaba ya lo veis, medio tomate cherry. Y la batata frita vino templada/fría y reblandecida, no estaba crujiente. El entorno es perfecto y el personal fue atento y simpático. Pero la comida es decepcionante en cada plato.

  • 1Alberto C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) 2 euros is 40 for 2 coffees even under the eiffel tower !! Then waiting time of 15 minutes and coffee arrived cold !! Not recommended at all (Original) 2 euro é 40 per 2 caffè nemmeno sotto la torre eiffel!! Poi tempo di attesa di 15 minuti e caffè arrivati freddi!! Non raccomandato per niente

  • 5Nico D. 3 years ago
    Food was delicious the milkshakes were divine and the Portuguese sauce on top of a steak is my recommendation

  • 4Jorge A. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Perfect beachfront location, right option for lunch on the terrace on a hot day. The food is well cooked, although it takes some time, even when the room is low. (Original) Localização perfeita em frente à praia, opção acertada para um almoço na esplanada num dia de calor. A comida é bem confeccionada, apesar de demorar algum tempo, mesmo quando a sala está com pouco movimento.

  • 5Jakob S. 3 years ago
    Super nice staff, delicious 🍞, tuna steak with 🥗 and vegetables, and fresh 🍊 pineapple drink 👍

  • 3Ss K. 3 years ago
    Beautiful view, friendly service. Dishes a bit uneven, grilled fish very nice, bacalao lagareiro very salty, house style bacalao well drained but chewy. Veggies universally soggy. Price is typical for beachfront places.

  • 4Jorge Ferreira C. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Well situated restaurant. It is best suited for dinner because it has the most tranquil setting. During the day is a little wanton by the movement in the seawall. The service could be improved. I hesitated on the fourth star! (Original) Restaurante bem situado. É mais adequado para jantar porque tem o ambiente mais tranquilo. Durante o dia é um pouco devassado pelo movimento no paredão. O atendimento poderia ser melhorado. Hesitei na quarta estrela !

  • 5ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ �. 3 years ago
    We had a great experience, ate there three days in a row, the food was delicious and the staff was great! I strongly recommend you to try the grilled squids, they were perfect!

  • 3Tom M. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good food, but if you're in a hurry don't even ask. My order for a baked fish was ready in 30 minutes. (Original) Comida boa, mas se estiver com pressa nem peça. O meu pedido de um peixe assado ficou pronto em 30 minutos.

  • 5Rodrigo O. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very good service !!! Márcio and André very attentive, Service of excellence. (Original) Atendimento Muito bom!!! Márcio e André muito atenciosos, Serviço de excelência.

  • 5Nicholas A. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice experience. We spent a few minutes walking on the beach and then stopped at this restaurant (it's downstairs, at beach level, not upstairs on the terrace of the same name). It was on a Monday, so it wasn't too crowded. We were well attended, the little gentleman gave great recommendations, the place couldn't be more amazing, the food arrived in a reasonable time, and was very tasty. We ordered bread with butter, olives, lemonade, lemon tea, shellfish cream, pepper steak, Tamariz steak, Catalan crema, and cheesecake, and it cost 60 euros, which I found a very good price for all this. Would recommend for sure. Very enjoyable experience. We spent a few minutes walking on the beach and then we stopped at this restaurant (it's the one on the lower level, on the level of the beach, not the one on the terrace with almost the same name). It was a Monday so it wasn't very full. We were very well received, the kind little man (our server) gave awesome recommendations, the location could not be more incredible, the food arrived in a reasonable time, and it was delicious. We ordered bread with butter, olives, lemonade, lemon tea, shellfish bisque, peppered cream sauce steak, Tamariz steak with a fried egg, creme brulee ice cream, and cheesecake, and it all cost 60 Euros, which I thought was a good price for all that. Would definitely recommend. (Original) Experiência muito agradável. Passamos alguns minutos andando na praia e depois paramos neste restaurante (é o de baixo, no nível da praia, não o de cima no terraço com quase o mesmo nome). Foi numa segunda-feira, então não estava muito cheio. Fomos bem atendidos, o senhorzinho deu recomendações ótimas, o lugar não podia ser mais incrível, a comida chegou em tempo razoável, e foi muito gostosa. Pedimos pão com manteiga, azeitonas, limonada, chá de limão, creme de mariscos, bife à pimenta, bife à Tamariz, crema catalana, e cheesecake, e custou 60 euros, que eu achei um preço muito bom pra tudo isso. Recomendaria com certeza. Very enjoyable experience. We spent a few minutes walking on the beach and then we stopped at this restaurant (it's the one on the lower level, at the level of the beach, not the one on top on the terrace with almost the same name). It was a Monday so it wasn't very full. We were very well received, the kind little man (our server) gave awesome recommendations, the location could not be more incredible, the food arrived in a reasonable time, and it was delicious. We ordered bread with butter, olives, lemonade, lemon tea, shellfish bisque, peppered cream sauce steak, Tamariz steak with a fried egg, creme brulee ice cream, and cheesecake, and it all cost 60 Euros, which I thought was a good price for all that. Would definitely recommend.

  • 5Noemi Q. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great restaurant (Original) Otimo restaurante

  • 5Bart M. 3 years ago
    Nice location for drinks at the Beach

  • 5Pauline B. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great. 👌 We went with family and we were all very satisfied. Very good food and especially the staff is really very helpful. We had a great evening, recommend this restaurant bar. (Original) Super. 👌 Nous y sommes allés en famille et nous avons tous été très satisfait. Nourriture très bonne et surtout le personnel est vraiment très serviable. Nous avons passé une très bonne soirée, nous recommandons ce restaurant bar.

  • 3Charlie M. 3 years ago
    Grand for a few drinks but beware. Booked for another night after good experience. Turned up for reservation to be told that there was a private party that night. They said they did not have a number...they were given one. Guy was very abrupt and just walked away. I rarely if ever give bad reviews. There are way better around. Head for the Old Town. Three stars because the food was good the first night and waitress Magdelana was great. Guy serving drinks was good too.

  • 4Florencio F. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very correct food in a pleasant environment (Original) Comida muy correcta en un agradable entorno

  • 1Dennis A. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Unfriendly waiters, pizza just lousy ... The location is the only good thing .... (Original) Unfreundliche Kellner, Pizza einfach nur mies... Die Lage ist das einzig Gute....

  • 1Aaron W. 3 years ago
    We had selected to bring our visiting overseas family here after having previously had drinks here during the summer and finding it especially nice in the setting and quality of drink. We booked a large table to enjoy a nice afternoon of good food and drink. But right from the outset the experience could be described at best as thoroughly disappointing. The service was beyond slow... beyond slow, especially when we we're originally only one of two occupied tables in the entire restaurant. So many times we had to ask again for items such as drinks that had already been ordered. In fact it took 75 minutes before our first meal ordered was actually delivered. Some times that were ordered were never actually delivered and they offered us a couple of free glasses of wine that eventually never even arrived. What should have been a wonderful afternoon had everyone at the table frustrated and angered destroying what should have been and promised to be with the setting a wonderful experience. What could improve their experience in this restaurant is some training and discipline of their staff who seem to have a belief that issues with service are not their fault. The food is nice but the service is at such a disappointing low level that is thoroughly ruined the meal.

  • 4Nuno Pietra T. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Fantastic situation right on the beach. Efficient service and reasonable prices. Many tourists (Original) Situação fantástica mesmo em cima da praia. Serviço eficiente e preços razoáveis. Muitos turistas

  • 2Christine Y. 4 years ago
    Very poor food. Not worth a visit. Poor service waited 20 mins before someone came to take our order. The bread and olives were fine. My tenderloin was very good but the vegetables were stone cold. Some were overcooked and the broccoli was raw. They did being more vegs these were warm, but still the same as before. My friend had the risotto this also could have been better. The staff are friendly enough. My advice is have dinner at the Galleria mozzarella in the square near the park.

  • 5Jose Luis C. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Spectacular comfort, excellent service, very attentive customer views towards the sea and beautiful Cascais, on the beach promenade. I recommend fish and shellfish, rice at its point and a stone meat called Nacos, with a preparation in sight, tender as butter and flavor as I had never tried. Safe and resounding success. (Original) Cómida espectacular, servicio excelente, muy atento al cliente vistas hacia el mar y Cascais preciosas, en pleno paseo de playa. Os aconsejo los pescados y mariscos, arroz en su punto y una carne a la piedra que llaman Nacos, con una preparación a la vista, tierna como manteca y sabor como no había probado nunca. Éxito seguro y rotundo.

  • 1Johny Vega g. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The attention seems awful. I ordered two chamomile tea and they barely brought me. They asked me to pay it. What a lack of courtesy (Original) La atención me parece pésima. Pedí dos te de manzanilla y apenas me trajeron. Me pidieron que lo pagara. Que falta de cortesía

  • 1Mark F. 4 years ago
    The worst red wine sangria in estoril

  • 2Fabian S. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Glasses are smeared and dirty and the portions are small (Original) Gläser sind verschmiert und dreckig und die Portionen sind klein

  • 5Deep in the S. 4 years ago
    The overall service is excellent, prices are decent and the food is the best

  • 4Rafael J. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I liked the Black Pork Secrets! The service could be better, however (Original) Gostei dos Secretos de Porco Preto! O atendimento poderia ser melhor, entretanto

  • 1Cherilene M. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) It's currently 3:30 in the morning and I'm about to throw up and my two friends too. We had two salmon and a tuna steak. We had reservations about the quality of the products when we had seen the menu that is breaking down. The salmon was too fat plus the taste of oil than salmon. The mojito without sugar. It was just sparkling water with 4 ice cubes. To pay it was the obstacle course 20 min so that in the end have this move and we get the wrong bill. In sum the frame is correct because facing the sea. The rest is zero. And will understand why the servers have to change our ashtray 3 times. (Original) Il est actuellement 3h30 du matin et je suis à deux doigts de vomir et mes deux amis aussi. Nous avons pris deux saumons et un steak de thon. Nous avions émis des réserves sur la qualité des produits lorsque que nous avions vu le menu qui part en lambeaux. Le saumon était trop gras plus le goût de l’huile que de saumon. Le mojito sans sucre. C’était juste de l’eau gazeuse avec 4 glaçons. Pour payer c’était le parcours du combattant 20 min pour qu’au final ont ce déplace et qu’on nous donne la mauvaise addition. En somme le cadre est correcte car face à la mer. Le reste zéro. Et va comprendre pourquoi les serveurs ont changer 3 fois notre cendrier 🤔.

  • 5Bill E. 4 years ago
    Good food and prices

  • 5gael q. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Great place, promenade. The food and in particular the risotto is excellent. The white wine sangria is one of the best we have had in the Lisbon region. The personal is very good. (Original) Ottimo posto, lungomare. Il cibo ed in particolare il risotto è ottimo. La sangria di vino bianco è una delle migliore che abbiamo bevuto nella regione di Lisbona. Il personal è molto bravo.

  • 3Valentin V. 4 years ago
    Location on google map is not correct. This restaurant/bar is the one just on the left of the summer club (when you have the sea in your back). The place is great and we had some good times but the staff seems to be looking for older people, I mean more bankable peoples. As we had several cocktails then a dinner it became more smooth. The place is great, perfect for a drink or un lunch but it might be disappointing regarding all the efforts for the service especially for a dinner. The main issue that we had was the seasoning of one of the dishes that we ordered which was a bowl (I mean an entire « ealthy » salad swimming in its soy sauce) but the other one was ok.

  • 4FELIX R. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Inside it is better than outside on the street. You eat very well and the treatment is good. Fish-to-salt recommendation (Original) Dentro se está mejor que fuera en la calle. Se come muy bien y el trato es bueno. Recomendación pescados a la sal

  • 4Pedro P. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good site, correct attention and good food. Price high. Unbeatable views. (Original) Buen sitio, correcta atención y buena comida. Precio algo alto. Inmejorables vistas.

  • 5Ana F. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Thank you for the excellent service, especially by André Taylor and Chef Pinto. I advise clams duck bulhão, shrimp shrimps and to finish a tuna. To repeat🥰 !!!!! (Original) Obrigada pelo excelente atendimento, em especial pelo André Taylor e o chefe Pinto. Aconselho amêijoas à bulhão pato, Camarões à guilho e para rematar um atum. Para repetir🥰!!!!!

  • 5Nuria A. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) The best rice in all Estoril. In full seafront. Nothing expensive for the place where it is. One seafood paella is € 40 two people. They speak Spanish perfectly. In front of the beach (Original) El mejor arroz de todo Estoril. En pleno paseo maritimo. Nada caro para el lugar donde esta. Una paella de marisco son 40€ dos personas. Hablan perfectamente español. En frente de la playa

  • 2Cheeky M. 4 years ago
    Terrible. Avoid unless you want a good view. But better places nearby. Waited 20 minutes or more for service. Ordered a drink from Mariano but after 10 minutes was told they didn't have it. Ordered something else but again, waited for 10 minutes and no sign of it. 😰

  • 4Gabriela De Souza C. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) I loved the meals are very rich but it took a long time to come before us (Original) Me encantó las comidas estan muy ricas pero tardaron mucho para antenddernos

  • 5Da h. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) One of the best rice with seafood, with exceptional service (Original) Uno de los mejores arroces con marisco, con un servicio excepcional

  • 5Antonio De C. 4 years ago
    Great place for families and superb food!!

  • 1Alexandre P. 4 years ago
    Mediocre food, terrible service except for Mariano... vegetarian bowl is literally bland noodles with salted peanuts and pickled onions and cucumber. For the love of all that is sacred, run!

  • 3Laurent E. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good but service too long. (Original) Bon mais service trop long.

  • 4Javier Fraile G. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good views. The service a slow tad on the terrace. The coffee is good. (Original) Buenas vistas. El servicio un pelín lento en terraza. El café es bueno.

  • 1Txema Reina O. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Ni fu ni fa (Original) Ni fu ni fa

  • 5Isabel Villar U. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) For the beachfront site and the very good warm food the waiter who served us super friendly will in fact repeat and ask his name (Original) Por el sitio primera línea de playa y la comida cálida muy buena el camarero que nos atendió súper amable de hecho repetiré y le preguntaré su nombre

  • 1Javier Solis G. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Waiter edges and poorly educated sorry you are in such a good place. I arrived with my dog ​​and imagine how I left. Empty terrace, will it be for slgo? (Original) Camareros bordes y mal educados pena q esté en tan buen sitio. Llegué con mi perro e imaginaros como me fui. Terraza vacía, será por slgo?

  • 4Ángel L. 4 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Good quality and good attention. Reasonable prices. Beautiful and quiet place. Recommendable. Seafood rice very rich. (Original) Buena calidad y buena atención. Precios razonables. Lugar precioso y tranquilo. Recomendable. El arroz de marisco muy rico.

  • 5Motsile R. 4 years ago
    A good restaurant. We ordered their traditonale burger and the grilled salmon and pork slices. The food was very good. Their drinks a pretty expensive and the pina colada’s were pretty week but their gin and tonic was pretty amazing. The burger was very good the salmon even better . The pork slices were also pretty good.

  • 5Scott N. 4 years ago
    Great service, super views. Only had salad, but was great

  • 5Fernando M. 4 years ago
    Great view, great food, great staff

  • 5Rita K. 4 years ago
    Had great late lunch and the music was the best - better than in Lisbon clubs . Food is tasty and service is great and friendly. Definitely recommend

  • 3Kasia D. 4 years ago
    Touristy and overpriced. Go a bit further and you will have better food, better views, less noise and great service.

  • 4Artem T. 4 years ago
    Good place to eat. Nothing special. Stuff is friendly and big portions.

  • 5Anders-Patrick T. 4 years ago
    The food was great and the service was outstanding. For a tourist this is a great place to eat because, at least our server spoke english well. Would eat at this place all day

  • 1Margarida M. 5 years ago
    Right by the beach, but that is one of the few advantages of this place. Service is quite bad. The two times I came here, they switched my orders. Instead of saying "our bad" and replacing the order, they insisted it was our mistake. Twice, on separate occasions. The waiters look like they hate their work. It's a shame, because the view is beautiful.

  • 5Edgar B. 5 years ago
    The view its just amazing

  • 1Georgia R. 5 years ago
    Horrible service. Stop at any other bar along the front for a pleasant drink. This place has overpriced drinks and entitled rude staff. I ordered a non-alcoholic mohito that they recommended (soda and lime juice) but still charged me full price and refused any deduction. When I then asked them to bring the missing liquor for my partner, they refused and told me to pay up. So unnecessary.

  • 1Lars S. 5 years ago
    The place is nice located but a place to be careful when ordering drinks. The business is made to cash in on lots of ice. Bad experience as ordering gin and tonic big nice glad with a half kilo of ice. A bit gin and lots of tonic Even when trying to order a normal tall glad with one ice cube and gin tonic then overrule your order and serve again the half kilo of ice. Even when confronting the waiter he do not listen and changers right order. After confronting the manager which was nice. And after loosing the mood he finally gave away and suggested a new drink. But went home. Make sure if you go there to personally go to the bar mann and control your drink

  • 4rose f. 6 years ago
    Didn't eat in the restaurant so can't comment on the food there but we rented sun loungers just outside, €6.30 (€7.50 w/end) each for the whole day. The waiters bring you drinks and food (basic sandwiches and salads, all good) to your lounger so you hardly have to get up! Friendly staff, lovely beach setting. Great for getting a tan and having drinks and snacks.

  • 5Dana K. 6 years ago
    Amazing grilled tiger prawns. Shabby looking but good service. Attentive and fast ~ ask for Lorenzo.

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