• 5Marcos Valdeni L. 6 months ago
    A very good for a every day grocery store.

  • 1Erick Alonso D. 11 months ago
    Massive queue, only one cashier open, waste of time. Regretting my decision of walking in here today

  • 4C C. 1 year ago
    Pretty good supermarket. Love the fresh OJ and the wine selection. Ask for their discount card to get extra savings.

  • 3José C. 2 years ago
    Nothing special but its good enough to fulfill your every day needs, you'll find things that a regular grocery shops has in Portugal, if you're looking for variety, I wouldn't go here but if you're in the area and need some quick groceries this is your place. Also this store is inside a small shopping mall, that can be useful to some

  • 4Gabrielle P. 2 years ago
    Great to have a florist in the area. Pingo Doce staff really kind & helpful.

  • 2Catarina M. 3 years ago
    A little overcrowded and few checkouts open.

  • 3Sergio N. 3 years ago
    Very, very small store, but you get what you need, friendly staff.

  • 1Nuno L. 4 years ago
    Unorganised and doesn't have much stuff. Stuff is always missing and they make you buy their brand. Quality not that great, always have big lines for payment.

  • 3Pedro A. 4 years ago
    It's your regular neighbourhood supermarket, with nice shopping options.

  • 4Guido P. 5 years ago
    Good small sized supermarket with local products.

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  • Payments
    • Credit cards
  • Recycling
    • Batteries
    • Plastic bags
  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Service options
    • Delivery
    • In-store pick-up
    • In-store shopping
    • Same-day delivery

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