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CLOSED Chettinad Hospital - Hospital in Gūduvāncheri, India

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Rajiv Gandhi Salai Chengalpattu, District, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu 603103, India



+91 95519 00900

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  • 5karupu s. 1 year ago
    Doctor Sanjeev sir good uncle admit for open heart surgery .all doctors and nurses very kind and helpful person. thank you chettinad more thank you for Sanjeev doctor...

  • 5Jeevarekaa K. 1 year ago
    As a student of final year MBBS i like my postings classes and cases that i ve seen when posted in the surgery department...both the staffs in my unit ( unit 4 ) inspire me in many ways...there was lot to learn from Dr. Kishore Sir and Dr. Afee Ma’am...both professionally and personally they have taught us many many things...the way they take classes in OP, wards and show surgeries in OT were really good and understandable that even i got much interest in the subject...I really thank both of them for making us understand the topics so very well and teaching us both clinically and theoretically well

  • 4Prajith K. 1 year ago
    They provide good service and doctors, house surgeons are polite, courteous and show immense patience to answer all our queries. I did my wife's appendix surgery here and had received very good service. The insurance desk also very helpful. Only felt bad about the front desk.

  • 3S. 1 year ago
    It is a good hospital, but if u wanna get a Covid bed there, I recommend you don’t. From my sources, the beds are around 35,000 rupees per day. But in the end it is ur choice.

  • 1sudhakar m. 1 year ago
    THere is no option to give zero rating. Not sure if they have doctors..All MD and House surgeon giving treatments. Billing is too bad. alot of duplicates in medicines. Please check your bills thoroughly. Stay away from this hospital and safe your family

  • 1Thazim Ali K. 1 year ago
    Please do not visit this hospital for Covid treatment, worst hospital ever. Money minder no proper care to patients. Again visit at your own risk....

  • 1Sanjeev M. 1 year ago
    My father was admitted in this hospital, due to COVID and his o2 level was below normal, he was having history of diabetics & blood pressure. The day he was admitted, he was in a normal ward (newly opened 70 bed ward). Being a patient, he was been served with a Biriyani (no sense of diet for a 69 year aged patient). No nursing & no proper care at all. Later he was shifted to super specialty hospital with a twin sharing. We never had a clarity on his treatment, the next day we got a call from hospital that he passed away due to massive cardiac arrest. They never asked us his past history nor gave us the reports of tests taken for him during the treatment. They immediately started with the steroid treatment & said they gave insulin also to check the sugar level. He was normal a day before it was all shocking in a day. I sincerely feel that I could have saved my father in case if I had admitted him even in a smaller hospital or a good hospital where there will be proper nursing & immediate care being taken.

  • 1Selvadass P. 1 year ago
    This hospital only money maint.. maintenance team not reapence.. C black 3rd maintenation Prasanth.... Only play the mobile not pickup call and not given respond.... This is P.Selvadass - International people Rights Protection- (Tamilnadu Organization Secretary)

  • 1Balamurugan T. 1 year ago
    Have admitted my Mother on 24th April for COVID with mild symptoms through a doctor reference from a known source(Never seen him before and surprisingly not sure what a Ortho surgeon doing in COVID ICU, just a sight seeing with his admirers so called juniors). She walked into the hospital and got admitted into COVID ICU just to monitor her O2 level due to her Obesity, she had some symptoms in Chest CT but COVID Negative. No one in the hospital tried to understand her past history with care so that to treat her properly, rather just pushed her to Oxygen support on 24th itself in-spite of me explaining she will not maintain 95+ in a normal situation. Initial treatment was to make her O2 level stable by pushing out CO2 but that didn’t work out rather she went to semi-conscious state on Day 1 itself and they made her on drips(she was taking food orally) and increased her O2 masks and volume. Have seen a good consultant on Day 3 who said she doesn’t have COVID symptoms in Chest so planning to move her to General ICU. On 26th she was moved to General ICU and put on Non-Invasive Ventilator to further decrease her CO2 level, then they put her in a mask for sometime and allowed me to speak with her. I was happy to see her like how i admitted on Day1 but again on 27th late night i got a call from ICU and they claimed she tested positive so they want to move her back to COVID ICU with a CT scan to check infection level. But on 28th early morning they moved my mom without taking CT scan or x-ray yo understand her COVID impact. On 28th I met her in COVID ICU but she was not doing good and again in semi-conscious state. When i enquired Doctors and asked this question how come she is doing bad in COVID ICU i didn’t get proper answers. From there on they increased her O2 level with various apparatus and finally put her on Ventilator on 29/30 and she left us due to Cardiac arrest on 1st May 10 to 11 AM. What i felt was the treatment and care given was not fair enough especially in COVID ICU and left with below open questions. 1. COVID treatment was not given to my mother till 28th April(admitted on 24th). 2. Only when we asked whether COVID treatment started for mom on 29 and Remdesivir given or not, Dr. asked us to procure since they don’t have.(FYI, I have admitted my mom on Corporate cashless treatment but still we have to purchase medicine). 3. So I really doubt on the COVID treatment given to my mother and the first dose was given on 30th April after 6 days of admission. Is it not a oversight ? 4. CT scan claimed in Death certificate taken on 27th April but it was not until 30th April when Dr. said she got more lung infection. 5. My mother wouldn’t be saved if proper COVID treatment started after admission ? 6. Why false statements made in Death certificate, i.e. in addition to CT scan they claimed my mom was moved from normal ward to ICU which is ridiculous. FYI, I have the video of my mom taken from General ICU. So in nutshell i personally feel patients especially elder ones are not treated with care rather they find opportunities to tell reason and prepare yourself for their Death which is very sad but reality! So guys please be careful when your admit your dear ones in this Hospital!

  • 1sandhya s. 1 year ago
    Worst hospital ..only given importance to money nothing else

  • 1Natural 1. 1 year ago
    Worst hospital,money minded,I went to that hospital for a ICU with ventilator support,but in ICU they dint provide ventilator,but they took money for that also,No proper treatment.

  • 1Abu S. 1 year ago
    What is the use if hospitals are arrogant and don't answer the calls in emergency

  • 1Aadlene wesley L. 1 year ago
    My Mother was killed in this hospital by Guhan who calls him a doctor and kills his patients. I admitted my mother in this hospital on 02/06/2021 during the second wave of the Covid pandemic. She was admitted in 2 other hospital previously and she had been given Bevacizumab and she was recovering from a 60% lung infection and she was getting better. A small variation in ECG was spotted in the previous hospital and the doctor from previous hospital suggested us to move to a hospital where there is a Cardiologist so even if something goes wrong with her it can be looked into straight away. So in the peak of the pandemic there were not many options and we had to move her to Chettinad Hospital and the doctor who was in charge for my mother was Guhan. My mother was (69 yer old), Guhan reduced the amount of oxygen provided to my mother from 8 Liters to 4 Liters in less than 24 hours to manually induce a cardiac arrest to the patient. Anybody who has been through Covid and if you are specially older the amount of oxygen that was provided should not be reduced such drastically. Following is the information that was provided to me by Guhan during th e counselling session on those days: 02/06/2021 was 10 liters Oxygen with SpO2 level 89 to 90 03/06/2021 was 9 liters Oxygen with SpO2 levels 85 to 90 04/06/2021 was 8 liters Oxygen with SpO2 levels 91 to 92 05/06/2021 was 4 liters Oxygen with SpO2 levels 97 (the patient had a first cardiac arrest on this day and second on 08/06/2021 and she passed away) During the daily status update which was provided by Guhan in Covid ICU on 03/06/2021 and on 04/06/2021 he told us after the Chest CT scan on 03/06/2021 the patient lung involvement has not changed from the previous CT scan which was taken on 27/05/2021. But when we looked into the reports after the discharge there was a substantial difference in the percentage of infection. The percentage of infection was 60% on 27/05/2021 and 70 to 75% on 03/06/2021. This was misinformation (wrong) information that was provided by the specific doctor. Also, when I went later and asked about this information that was not matching with the records he was changing the actual information that was said earlier to us. I raised a complaint with the doctor and had a meeting with the Dr.Prabu Mayakeesavan who is the Director of Chettinad Hospital dismissed this as wrong communication provided by the doctor to save the concerned doctor. But I will not be raising this as an issue if such a thing didn't happen to my mother. All the above said information is true and I will leave you to make the decision, whether or not to visit the hospital

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