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  • 5Chamith S. 5 months ago
    I recently visited Jungle Beach and was absolutely blown away by its natural beauty. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and has crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The white sand beach is pristine and unspoiled, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and taking in the stunning scenery. As much as I loved my visit, it's important to note that we should all be responsible visitors and do our part in protecting this beautiful place. Please refrain from leaving any garbage or waste behind, and dispose of it in the proper bins provided. Let's all work together to ensure that this paradise stays pristine for generations to come.

  • 5Jufnas F. 7 months ago
    A place wanted to visit for long time... Great view with more tourist attraction and most specially it has an adventurous route to get the beach through a jungle... Near to the beach there's a Buddhist temple called "Japanese Peace Pagoda temple". #Diving #Swimming #Paid parking

  • 5Jezeer A. 8 months ago
    Visited - Jan 2023 It's a small beach, located in a very beautiful environment. Very beautiful and clean beach, to enjoy with your family, specially kids loves it. Beach is like a pool with very small tide, and the depth of the water also very comfortable for a 3-year-old baby. You can see some beautiful corals also here. It is very relaxing and enjoyable, and highly recommend the place. It is a must visit location, especially as a family. According to the locals, seems to have a season. From November to March, is seems to be the good season. We have visited previously as well (Aug), by that time, the beach was not clean, Plastics washed to shores, and tides also rough. So, plan your visit accordingly. On the main road, there are few street shops with King Coconut, Orange juices, etc. which you can enjoy, after having the batch at the beach (You will need this). There are few fresh water bath places available at the road side, with a small charge. So, you may have a fresh water batch also, after beach bath. Parking: Few Parking area available, and charging a reasonable amount. Access path: Need walk down for about 10 Mins, and it is like you are walking inside a mini forest. Environment: Please keep the environment clean, do not through wastes.

  • 4Sharmilan M. 9 months ago
    The location is located in a peaceful and relaxing part of the island. i love everything about this place. perfect to those who just want to enjoy quiet time :) highly recommended. The view was amazing and spectacular 🥰 The place is away from all the busy roads right at the beach. But you get anywhere very quickly if you want to go out. There was so many foriegn people who enjoyed their Christmas vacation.. a perfect place.. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 very clean and clear water, a very good place to relax and chill. The scenery was beautiful.

  • 5Maliya N. 1 year ago
    One of the best place for a sea bathing in Sri Lanka. Safe place for bathing. You have to park your vehicles in a private parking and you should walk about 700 m along little bit hard road. There are several concrete steps during the walk. People came and enjoy with family in this place. If you want to go a boat ride there is a boat ride cost about 3000 rupees. But people didn't bring back their things. Poluted with plastics, glass bottles and polithins.

  • 5Ibraheem ibn N. 1 year ago
    Wonderful beach area situated inside Rumassala sanctuary. There are boat rides that can be taken. It was a nice experience and can have any sort of fun activities in the beach. Do not pollute by throwing garbages and plastic.

  • 5Ravindu R. 1 year ago
    It's a mini beach. But the place is very attractive. You have to walk for 7-10min down to the beach through the forest. Road is clear and you won't get lost. I think people in there providing some boat tours but these days (03/07/22) sea is not good to go.

  • 5Panitha P. 1 year ago
    Great, relaxing beach! We got there around 8 am and had the beach for us! The trek through the jungle makes it a very unique experience. You can buy a soft drink or food from the store on the beach and get free sun beds.

  • 3Manuja G. 1 year ago
    It is a beautiful beach. It is covered by beautiful trees. There are some steps to get down. The beach is very clear and there are some heavy waves. We should be careful about that reason. It is recommended to bathe adults. Kids must be careful. There are a lot of tourists there. We have to protect these places for our future.

  • 4Sanika B. 1 year ago
    Its a cute small beach. To reach there you need to literally hike for 10 mins to get there. Great Fun! Only downside is there is just 1 small shop serving drinks that closes around 5.30pm local time. All in all a good beach to visit and take a dip in the water

  • 5indika s. 1 year ago
    The most beautiful beach I have ever seen😍. Sea waves are low. So anyone can bath. If you come with group you can arrange a beach party. But don't put your garbage here.❌ My overall rating 9/10⭐️

  • 5A. 1 year ago
    Nice beach. Have to do a little trecking before entering to the beach. Beach is really calm and quiet. Some days it is very touristic.

  • 4Saadi D. 1 year ago
    Beautiful piece of heaven hidden amongst the dense jungle in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. Amazing scenes of both locals and foreigners having great fun in this small secluded beach.

  • 5Gayan K. 1 year ago
    Very nice place for bath and swim. Great tourists attraction

  • 4D. 1 year ago
    This place is incredible if you go on a Sunday, because it will be filled wiith local people who go to the sea with friends and family, so there is a charming atmosphere: many different people enjoying their incredible sea in a local way, which is the vibe I love to discover and join when I travel. The little bay is lovely, you can rent sunbeds and there is a small cafè that serves good food and cold drinks, beers and cocktails too, at honest price seen the place, that is very difficoult to reach. You will have to follow a steep path from the main road -where you leave your transport mean- down to the sea level and it’s not advisable for people who have a walking problem, beacuse it’s not paved and in some parts there are slippery passages on rocks. Coming up will be a bit heavy, but it’s surely worth the effort. Go and visit the nearby temple too, Peace Pagoda, bcause it’s very close and it’s a great place for the soul and for the landscapes you can enjoy from its first floor.

  • 4Hansimali E. 1 year ago
    Wonderful beach to spend some quality time if you are a beach lover. Pretty much crowded these days from dawn to dusk. Less local people. There are two beaches, one with a boutique and beach chairs. The other with two boutiques only. Boutiques serve fruits, king coconut water, cocktails, mocktails and local beer. There are restaurants and hotels along the path to the beach. It is sad that people have littered around (both locals and foreign tourists do the same). Morning time was okay (there were plastic waste) but later in the afternoon the water was contaminated with plastics and some type of oil. The boutique owners said that the oil type of waste is from the port (idk). We could not do proper dive, bath or snorkelling because of that. There are glass bottom boats as well. There are no facilities for fresh water bath, no toilets in the beach itself but the houses and shops on the side road facilitate fresh water bath for LKR 50/= per person. Overall, good for a family picnic. Please be mindful to not to leave your garbage on the beach. Once you reach the main road, you will find garbage bins maintained by the local authorities to dump your waste.

  • 5Methsara B. 1 year ago
    Unawatuna Jungle Beach is one of the most fascinating beaches near the Galle- Unawatuna area. Small woods and beautiful trees give an eye-catching view to the beach. There are two sides which hava e proper beach in this area and you can go from one another through an adventurous small route stepping on rocks. You can take a three-wheel (tuk) or a bike to go close to this beach but the road is full of hills. If you are going on a bicycle motorbike be extremely careful with your breaks because when you come back steeps are extremely dangerous and there were a lot of accidents.

  • 4Jiffrán M. 1 year ago
    Shore and beach are dirty. Sadly our public is to be blamed.

  • 4Harrixon I. 1 year ago
    A nice place to bath. It’s very near from Rumassala. You have to park the vehicle and have to walk a little to reach the beach. Actually we found 2 beach areas. By walking on the rocks you can reach the other beach area.

  • 5Shazuli M. 1 year ago
    Wonderful experience! It's thrilling to penetrate through the jungle and at certain points it seems there was no way out. But then you proceed creeping through the jungle to see the inviting see waves at the end.

  • 5Dinindu S. 1 year ago
    Rumassala is located about 3km from Galle towards Mathara. It's just a 15 minute ride away from Galle city. According to folklore, the Hanuman went to India to find a medicine called Sanjeevani to cure Prince Rama and Lakshmana during the Rama Ravana war. But he could not find it. So he brought a part of Himalayan rock to Sri Lanka. After treated he brought the rock back to Himalayas. But while lifting the rock to India, several parts of it fell down to some areas of Sri Lanka. The Rumassala forest Range is considered to be one such part. At the entrance to the Japanese Peace Pagoda, there is a statue of Hanuman which reminiscing the folklore. Once you reach the base of the Peace Pagoda, you can make a fine view of the sea and the forest range below. When you go down to the road near the entrance of the Sama Chaitya Vihara, you will come across to a pathway to the forest. After a few minutes walk you can reach to the middle of the forest and can see the jungle beach through the forest. This place is said to be the lowest point of gravity on Earth. Some say that the Rumassala mountain range escaped from India during the continental drift. If you have not been here yet, Rumassala is a must visit place for a traveller. One must feel and experience this attractive wonder of nature.

  • 5Dulanjana K. 2 years ago
    This is most beautiful place as well as most popular among young age people in Sri Lanka. It situated within the city center of galle. Since it has easy access. Restaurant, car parking areas, small shops and other facilities could be found in the vicinity. As a recreational place this plce is best one to enjoy.

  • 4Kavin S. 2 years ago
    One of the most scenic beaches from the southern part of Sri Lanka. Had a good time.

  • 5Kalana C. 2 years ago
    Superb place to visit

  • 5Bandu N. 2 years ago
    Such a beautiful place

  • 5Nethul M. 2 years ago
    It is very beautiful place to a holiday.

  • 5Randil T. 2 years ago
    This is simply an awesome place.

  • 5Neo M. 2 years ago
    Beautiful Place In sri Lanka ❤️😍

  • 5Pasindu Geeshan (. 2 years ago
    Evening In Chill😍🥰

  • 5Sandanee R. 2 years ago
    One of the Beautiful Natural Beach in Sri Lanka.Relaxing Place.You can bring your kids and have an enjoyable evening at the beach.You can park your vehicle at a parking area and it will be cost around Rs.100.00 or 150.00.

  • 5Hemsith M. 2 years ago
    Beautiful beach

  • 5waruna r. 2 years ago
    Nice beach. Nice place. This time we had the beach for ourselves. Its a bit like jungle and private... 🤫

  • 4Imasha Umayangi P. 3 years ago
    A beautiful and an attractive natural beach, But it's sad to say, people have put plastic bottles, beer cans and polythene every where. It's good if people can think about the environment while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

  • 5Miyuru J. 3 years ago
    A very beautiful & attractive place. A hidden beach. Good for bath & swim.

  • 5Imantha D. 3 years ago
    Very beautiful beach.

  • 5yehan u. 4 years ago
    Very beautiful place located in Galle district. Soft sand will give you very comfortable feeling. No much dangerous related to this place but you must consider where most of people are gathered.

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