Midlands Hotel - in Gweru, Zimbabwe

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GRW8+Q8G, Main St, Gweru, Zimbabwe




+263 54 223 784

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2.90 (445 reviews)


  • 5Victor C. 4 months ago
    The place is really nice.

  • 5Lloyd M. 9 months ago
    Better than my previous bookings

  • 4Thomas M. 3 months ago
    Easy to locate nice affordable accommodation.

  • 4Biggie N. 8 months ago
    Good resting point conveniently located CBD

  • 3Admire M. 3 months ago
    Old relic of its former self.

  • 3Alfonso Efa Ondo A. 8 months ago
    It was great, had a good time there with my youth

  • 3Andrettah M. 1 year ago
    It does not attract visitation, it looks dull i tell you!Hotel attracts eyes , it lacks warmth.

  • 3Brian M. 1 year ago
    The place need to be maintained

  • 2Eswell V. 3 months ago
    There's a bad smell of old rotten wood this place needs good renovations

  • 2Caroline N. 1 year ago
    The place needs serious renovations,they need to improve the bedding.I appreciate it's in the center of the town makes things flexible

  • 1Shaun Ryan Z. 1 year ago
    Not the place of choice for professional overnight accomodation

  • 1godfrey m. 1 year ago
    Place has now delapidated ... unbelievable...

  • 1Phillip M. 6 months ago
    Standards have deteriorated to the worst levels ever.

  • 1Tatenda Z. 1 year ago
    The standards are declining due to years of neglect and upgrades which are not coming. The outdoor bar is now in a dilapidated state and the service leaves you with a lot to complain about.

  • 1Isabel D. 10 months ago
    It's scary inside, it's like u are in a haunted building. Needs serious renovations

  • 1Armstrong M. 4 months ago
    Standards at this iconic Gweru hotel have gone down.

  • 1Crispen N. 3 months ago
    The place is falling apart and needs urgent an serious renovations, the clientele that occupies the better part of the day is not family friendly (harlots) with very dirty rooms and poor hygiene conditions. The time i was there was up all night with noise and doors banging.

  • 1nyasha taruberekera (. 1 year ago
    The place is dirty, the beds there are worn out, so are the sheets. The blankets are way too old fashioned. The Ac doesn't work. There is no shower 🚿 the tub is dirty. They don't offer drying towels

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