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1717 Brunswick St, Halifax, NS B3J 2G1, Canada




+1 902-423-6113

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3.60 (888 reviews)

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  • Monday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Tuesday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Wednesday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Thursday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Friday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Saturday: 4 pm to 3:30 am
  • Sunday: 4 pm to 3:30 am


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    • Wheelchair-accessible car park


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  • 5Bradley S. 5 years ago
    Great Thursday night, with an amazing live music band. Had some really attentive servers and great selection of beer. $16 for a pitcher of Keith's and a party order of nachos. Will be back again

  • 5Lillian K. 9 months ago
    The atmosphere in here is buzzing with festivity! Everyone was ready to dance along to the live music and have a great time! make sure to check if there's a cover to get in, ours was $12 but it was totally worth and the drinks were cheap. I wouldn't want to try the food here but I'd definitely go back!

  • 5C. 7 months ago
    Great time. We were the ones who had deadlocks. Thanks for being the awesome Alehouse that you are. Great music awesome people. (We are coming back on labour day weekend. Ya better be ready)

  • 5Schad F. 7 months ago
    Very relaxed venue for pregame before dinner or getting together with friends!

  • 4Adam D. 1 year ago
    Popped in for Wing Night last night with some buddies. Our server was awesome, she was fast, friendly and attentive. The wing night deal is absolutely amazing, easily the best one in Halifax. The wings were hot and tasty, and the beer was cold, what else do you want! Ale house is a staple in the Halifax Bar scene, and is definitely a must try place if you're visiting from out of town

  • 4Nuahs C. 1 year ago
    Was a fun night out band was good and enjoyed the music. Cover was $12 and the arm had a service charge of $3. Even the debit to buy a beer had a service charge🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 4Lorne G. 1 year ago
    Great spot. Best wings and 3rd degree hot sauce !!

  • 3F. 9 months ago
    Had veggie nachos & veggie burger 🍔. Nachos were overcooked but overall I had a wonderful experience with my friends.

  • 2Morley W. 1 year ago
    The two stars are for the waitress. Which was almost the only nice part of our experience. The wings were good. But our meals were horrible. My husband and I had the maple chicken sandwich which was tasteless and way way over cooked. My sisters had the fish and chips which were also rubbery and awful. The fries tasted like they had been fried hours before and then just thrown in a fryer before they were served. And to add to the awful experience it was way overpriced. Would never go back!

  • 1Brittany S. 2 months ago
    Value life? Don’t take a chance here then. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews here. It’s not a one off and not on ‘unruly’ patrons. It’s shocking to see how people raised concern for the bouncers excessive - and then Ryan Sawyers life was tragically taken far too early as a result of (you guessed it) bouncers. There is nothing worth supporting here. In support of the Sawyers, and many others whose lives have changed for the worse because of this dumpster fire

  • 1Jack M. 3 months ago
    Bouncers will be extremely agressive and even choke you to death (December 23rd, 2022) for being even mildly drunk. Complete waste of an establishment that is fine with pushing the aggression and reckless actions of their bouncers under the rug.

  • 1Dylan M. 2 months ago
    Not a fan of a pub/bar that has bar tenders that go manic and choke their patrons.. this isn’t even the first time for people reading this.. give google a search of all the cbc and ctv new articles on deaths happening outside AND in. Will never do business here.

  • 1Dominic C. 1 month ago
    Visiting Halifax this summer. Heard for years stories about the Halifax "Roadhouse". Many colleagues and acquaintances have gone to either visit one of the oldest pubs in Canada (built 1893), or to see if the stories are true. Loving old pubs myself, I was greatly intrigued and will be staying nearby. However, alas all the rumours and stories I've heard turns out to be frighteningly true. A few years back I heard during a comic convention, whereby a group decided to go the Halifax Alehouse, although it started pleasant in the early-evening, that changed quickly by 10:30PM apparently, not only were they given attitude, poor service, billed for items they did not order after dinner, but security was inappropriate and intimidating towards the patrons. None of my associates felt safe. When attempting to leave and settle the bill, one bouncer told them to tip well but they wanted to tip the server directly who helped them all evening, and not the new one who simply delivered the bill. One of my colleagues assumed this staff was involved with the bouncer, as he was taunted outside the toilet by the same bouncer, outside having a cigarette, both times with the bill server (not the one who actually attended to their orders), and was followed a few yards outside by two others which they stopped as the group walked towards a patrolman. Now, Pubs in any downtown core will have issues like these weekly. I myself, have worked the door in college. However, I recognize the tribal mentality that lingers within those circles and once a "death" is involved, and no disciplinary action is followed, they'll be escalation. I've seen establishments "run" by Security and that can lead towards other worse kinds of shadow "management". In this case, I have no interest to ever visit this long standing institution as it no longer appears safe when the greatest threat (with no bragging or reason to gloat) is the Security Staff. Now with a plethora of negative, yet consistent and trending behaviour, we can get our standard pub grub and Guinness pints elsewhere without the risk of intimidation, harassments, alpha maleness, bullying, and potential assault. Now we can say it's a case of bad apples, sadly there's always the main bear, and the others are just windup grumps. having worked pubs, bars, events as security in my youth, there is always the few that just wants to start $#!T for no reason, and will continue to milk their bad habits either due to nepotism, transactions, exchanges or ego. Worst part is how they groom both their fellow bouncers and serving staff. Nothing but horror stories about this place. Was curious but have absolutely no interest ever to visit and my colleagues share the same sentiment. That's why it's nicknamed "Halifax Roadhouse", because it's like that Patrick Swayze movie, accept... the bouncers... are not "nice, until it's time to not be nice", they're just not nice. Just not a safe place to be it seems. Visit at your own discretion I was told. Pity. So close to the Scotiabank convention centre too. :-(

  • 1b. 2 months ago
    Food was usually good going, the live music at night is really good. The staff are a bit hostile at times, especially the bouncers, a little too much aggressive force used. After seeing how someone was killed by the bouncer I can say I’m not surprised by how I’ve personally seen the bouncers act. Reading reviews from several months ago about bouncers, you’d assume the establishment would have done something before someone was killed. Clearly they support violence/hostility. Will probably never be back and cannot recommend going here.

  • 1Amanpreet B. 7 months ago
    Pathetic service. They charged us for entry fee in cash. Let us in and left unattended for 20 min. We had to call them for service. Discovered the kitchen closes at 10, which was not informed before. The waitress was arrogant and asked to check everything before we come. We left, no refunds for $8 per person given in cash.

  • 1Ash T. 4 months ago
    My boyfriend and I just left the Alehouse, and what a disappointment. The drinks were watered down, and took forever to come and we were the only people downstairs. We also ordered doubles and there is no way either of our drinks were doubles, didnt even taste like a single. It was FREEZING, when you're charging $15.50 for each watered down drink you'd think theyd have a bit of money to spend on heaters. The poor waitresses said they stand out back and use a mini space heater to try keep their hands warm. The only thing we did enjoy was looking at all the old wood. Don't say we'll be back unfortunately.

  • 1JZ D. 7 months ago
    How a place like this still exists and hasn’t been shut down by lawsuits is beyond me. Bouncers here are incredibly confrontational and aggressive and ruin any type of good experience one could have here. Bouncers here have been recorded brutally beating customers up on multiple occasions. For your own safety, stay away!

  • 1Tyler D. 6 months ago
    Rude and improperly trained bouncing staff. Was approached shortly after entering and told they needed to speak to our small group. We complied and followed only to find ourselves outside beyond the line waiting to figure out what was going on when we were told “one of the members of our party (of five) were seen by staff ‘grabbing someone’ and were no longer permitted to return”. Said member of our party was our DD and numerous other patrons who were in immediate vicinity of our group confirmed to the staff there’d been no issue, but to no avail. As an out of town group experiencing Halifax nightlife, this bar staff is rather laughable and charging $12/head near criminally. The only positive is after reading a few other recent reviews, that this didn’t escalate into something physical. Absolute joke of a staff and wouldn’t recommend wasting the outrageously overpriced entry cover charge to anyone in a town that seems to have a plethora of nightlife options

  • 1Josh S. 9 months ago
    I was having an amazing night with some of the best live music I’ve heard in a while. All was good until our waitress approached us after we just finished our meal and said she was leaving and was bringing us our bill. After we paid, the waitress came back to our table to explain that if we don’t tip, the money comes out of her pay check. We were confused as we already had tipped for all of our orders. We didn’t know what she was talking about but we gave her an extra 10 dollars on top of our already combined $210+ bill. Needless to say, we were very confused. As students, and fellow customer service workers, we were stunned at this behaviour. After such a shocking experience I doubt any of us will be back.

  • 1Tom C. 9 months ago
    Attempted to pay for a drink. Was told it would take too long to pay by card. Bartender said I could either leave my credit card or pay cash. I wanted to do neither but left my card. Was told they’d give it back in 10minutes. Never got it back. Went back the next day, they had lost it. Reported card stolen and had to replace.

  • 1Amanda S. 1 year ago
    My friend had proof of 2 vaccines from EU. We waited patiently for 45 minutes in line, got to front, only to be turned away. He literally could not have travelled to Canada without 2 vaccines but yet gets turned away from this bar, last night of the trip with no other hassle during his stay. So disheartening and staff were overwhelmingly rude. Will not go back and can not recommend with so many other great alternatives in the city. Shame on you Alehouse!

  • 1Breanne S. 1 year ago
    The worst place we’ve been to in Halifax. We waited at least 5 minutes at the door for someone to even acknowledge us and confirm that we could sit outside. The waitress didn’t bring menus and could list maybe three beers on the menu. I asked for something that would suit my taste and got no recommendations. She brought us our drinks and the machine to pay, clearly not wanting us to stick around. What a terrible way to end our night.

  • 1Roger S. 1 year ago
    Wanted to go out for wings. When we walked in there was about 4 staff behind the bar. No one acknowledged us. We had our vaccine records and ID ready. After awkwardly standing there for a bit someone told us to sit anywhere. We grabbed a seat and looked at the online menu. Sat at the table for 10 minutes and no one acknowledged us. There was one other couple in the whole place. Staff were sitting at the bar on their cell phones and let looking at us. Felt like an inconvenience so we left. Super disappointed.

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