$ Homey spot for diner meals, tea & coffee Ardmore Tea Room - Diner in Halifax, Canada

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6499 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1B1, Canada




+1 902-423-7523

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4.60 (1269 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Friday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Saturday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Monday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Tuesday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Wednesday: 8 am to 2 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am to 2 pm


  • Service options
    • Cosy
    • Lunch
    • Brunch
    • Casual
    • Coffee
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
    • Dine-in
    • Seating
    • Toilets
    • Delivery
    • Takeaway
    • Breakfast
    • Kids' menu
    • Quick bite
    • Debit cards
    • High chairs
    • Credit cards
    • Fast service
    • Good for kids
    • Healthy options
    • Vegetarian options
    • Great tea selection
    • NFC mobile payments
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park


Frequently mentioned in reviews: coffee (6) wait (7) breakfast (7) place (7) great (8) time (10) food (14)

  • 5john w. 11 months ago
    Great food at Ardmore Tea Room. We got there early so we did not have to queue. Nice welcome and we got our tea and coffee right away. We ordered southwest burrito bowl and chicken tenders and waffle platter. Chicken dish was good and the burrito bowl was really good and flavourful. Endless coffee, tea and water. Really relaxed atmosphere and great service. If you go there and have to queue to get in, the wait will be worth it.

  • 5Reed H. 1 year ago
    Really great food. This is the third time I’ve eaten there and it remains consistently an enjoyable experience each time. We ordered breakfast via DoorDash- the eggs Benedict and the breakfast burrito. The hash browns are just standard tater tots, but the overall meals were pretty solid.

  • 5L N. 1 year ago
    I have been going to Ardmore for years, and I will continue to go as long as I live in Halifax. Servers are very friendly, always busy, but remember me and my partner every time we come in. They always make sure our experience is great. We probably go at least once every two weeks, and unless we're tight on time we will always will wait in the line if there is one. Iced coffee is hands down my favourite diner iced coffee in the city, and I ask for light ice to get the most bang for my buck. Breakfast is great, I do wish they still had their chocolate chip pancakes though. Burgers, onion rings, fries, bacon, SOURDOUGH TOAST!!! its all good. You can't go wrong here, a local legend!!

  • 5David K. 9 months ago
    Great food! Awesome service! Prices you would have expected 10 years ago.

  • 5Dileep P. 1 year ago
    Awesome Awesome food. Really loved it. Definitely try the "3 little pigs" burrito bowl. The service was really good. I highly recommend this place

  • 5Sharlene W. 4 months ago
    I love going here! It’s my favourite breakfast place to go to in Halifax. The service is great and the staff are very kind and sweet. For food I love trying new things all the time but my favourites would have to be the lumberjack plate and the pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake. I love their milkshakes! The food is fresh and it tastes delicious. The atmosphere of the place is a very beautiful vintage-ish vibe.

  • 5Angela K. 4 months ago
    First time back in 6 yrs. Food, service and price still great! Thank you for the taste of home, yummy fish cakes!

  • 5Michele W. 2 months ago
    We really love this place, the food is amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is a busy, buzzing neighborhood vibe. Excellent experience every single time! You might have a brief wait, but it is absolutely worth it. The waffles are the best (and I've had waffles in Belgium). These are just as wonderful. Whether you have them sweet, savory (under an eggs benedict), or as a cheeseburger (I kid you not)! You won't be disappointed 😁

  • 5Maggie G. 1 month ago
    Hidden gem in Halifax! The food was fantastic and the prices can’t be beat. We loved the simplicity of the menu and the old diner feeling. The location was not ideal, and we had to wait about 15-20 minutes in a line outside to be seated. The only areas I could recommend for improvement would be: - Updating the menu and including listed children’s plates (we ordered sides for our little girl, which were not listed on the menu); - Expanding the footprint of the restaurant or seeking a new location. This spot is too small for the popularity: we felt very cramped in our tight booth because it is evident that they are trying to seat as many people as they can inside. There are freezers in the main sitting area used for food storage, so I also believe the kitchen is also too small for their needs; and - it seems their primary clientele is university students, so as a business it would be pragmatic to offer something to continue to draw that group in (a rebate, a coffee stamp system, or a secret menu item just for university students perhaps?) All in all, we will be back again, but only if we have a lot of time to spare, and aren’t starving because of the wait.

  • 5b. 1 month ago
    If you're looking for old school diner vibes this is the place, this is one of those hole in the wall diners. Simple basic home style cooking with great pricing! Have been so many times for breakfast and have never been disappointed, and I have never seen it not busy on weekends. Not many places you can go and get breakfast and coffee under $20 anymore.

  • 4Carrie G. 1 year ago
    I added this restaurant on my list for a while and finally went there this time. We got the steak and eggs, egg Benedict, and vegan burger. The food was okay, felt like the hash browns were undercooked. The steak was standard and plain. The egg Benedict was fine, but my friend really enjoyed the vegan burger! We three all felt like they could do better on the hash browns. The server was nice, and didn’t take long to get the food. Before we went, we thought they only accepted cash but we were wrong. They do cards. Overall, the food was fine, but I like their atmosphere. Maybe we will go back to try different food.

  • 4Cynthia L. 1 year ago
    Came in for brunch and got their chicken and waffles. It's a small restaurant with friendly staff. It was clear that they have a small community of regulars here and I thought that was cute. There's nothing decorative or pretentious about this place as the name "tea room" might suggest. The chicken and waffles were okay but nothing to write home about. Overall a solid establishment for socializing, meeting the community, and grabbing grub after a long day or for casual lunch.

  • 4Hari P. 1 year ago
    Nice place for a quick breakfast though it can get crowded at times. I like their veggie breakfast poutine and French toast. Coffee is okay’ish. Service is good.

  • 4Shiella M. 1 year ago
    A bit salty for my taste. The workers are polite though. The meal was prompt. I went to eat there just to understand what the line up was about. I guess it's part of the Halifax culture. It's a homey diner. But not my taste. I suggest they change the bacon to maple cured. Or at least have a choice for maple cured bacon. The ham and sausage was excellent.

  • 4Hannah W. 1 month ago
    Ardmore tea room is a cozy cute diner with great food! The prices are fantastic and serving sizes feel generous for the price. The Eggs Benedict was creamy and delicious. The wait time would be the big drawback, as the lineup runs outside sometimes wait times over an hour. I would recommend to pack an umbrella or come early if the weather is not nice. Additionally, because of the rush, table sizes are not guaranteed to fit party size, so be ready to split. Overall would recommend but be prepared for a busy meal.

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