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  • 1Narender B. 3 months ago
    Having back pain since 22may, visited neurosurgeon doctor at hospital on 30th may, refered me for x ray given me pain killer medicine. While taking medicines I was ok, but now going through same pain.

  • 1Divya P. 3 months ago
    It is the worst hospital I have ever been to. The nursing staff is clueless, violent and impolite at all times. Mean and rude to all extent and with all the patients. Speaking of the doctors, they are no less. Don’t have the basic courtesy of telling the family members the true condition of the patient or explain the situation. I believe doctors are god sent angels and wouldn’t bad mouth any doctor but doctors here are cold hearted and have no sense of conveying. Lastly, talking about the visits while in the room or in ICU, not at all consistent, they would come at various times and sometimes not at all, however, they have all the time to attend the conferences.

  • 1sumit s. 4 months ago
    Not good hospital, staff is totally careless , and Dr visit not properly and regularly so never visit this hospital and also expensive in cure

  • 1Pardeep M. 4 months ago
    Worst place to visit with a patient not a single one tell u how we care a patient such a worst hospital i ever seen in my life don’t visit specially to dr pankaj sharma they dont know about his work totally worest hospital

  • 1Aman Kumar S. 6 months ago
    Very Bad Hospital. if you want to save your family members live do not admitted in this Hospital.

  • 3sunil i. 7 months ago
    My experience is good but staff nurse makes very much noise while talking to patient..& even family members of the patient don't understand it..sir plz make yr attention on this matter,even yr staff , they mst follow it

  • 1Pradeep Y. 7 months ago
    Very bad hospital, doctors are very bad very bad staff

  • 4RP N. 8 months ago
    Multi facility hospital located in Hisar city. Useful health facility for medical treatment.

  • 1Manu G. 10 months ago
    Pediatric Dr. Joginder Behaviour is very bad. He thought that he is the only pediatric doctor in hisar. Hospital staff don't have any kind of experience or knowledge to give kids treatment. They even don't know how to put cannula to kids.

  • 1Narveer D. 10 months ago
    Staff don't even what they're doing 🙄, your all medication are decided by unqualified person, they give you gulocos even you don't

  • 1Parveen S. 11 months ago
    Very bad experience here. Staff has no sense to talk with attendant. Vety Egoistic behaviour. Hospital is carrying dustbin in lift with full lift of people. If u complaint to somebody they will not listen you and their language is so hard. Bcoz hospital is bisy in counting money they don't care about patient and there family.

  • 5Aakash K. 11 months ago
    Very good hospital. Cleaning is 5 star. My dad admit in this hospital for 5 days that was great. Every morning nursehead come in room and ask any problem.

  • 1MEETU S. 1 year ago
    The worst experience ever in dental department. Dr. Sanchita Taneja. She doesn't know to talk to a patient let alone treat. Doesn't listen to patient's complaint and doesn't compliant to patient's treatments and protocol. It has taken much more sitting than it should have. Kindly look into the matter, for the decorum of your own department.

  • 1Mandeep S. 1 year ago
    Pathetic management and worst admin facilities which will make you keep on waiting for hours because of their good for nothing facilities. Will recomand not to go there.

  • 3gourav s. 1 year ago
    Dear doctors or md.. if u read this emergency message.. new patitent admitted on today 1aug 1:30 am.. Mr Mehta plzz take care of the patient ndd we are needy so plzz be affordable ndd plzz provide facility like your own mother..

  • 1Anil I. 1 year ago
    Patients are in bad condition. None of the coolers work. Patient very upset: Room temperature very often. hospital manager mahata is not ready to hear anything

  • 1Pradeep S. 2 years ago
    Is this the multispeciality hospital smelly public washrooms its a request to all staff of sukhda plz take of heygien

  • 5Balram F. 2 years ago
    Even though my Grandmother died due to Covid-19, I felt profound gratitude to the medical staff at Sukhda Hospital, Hisar. Every single one of you treated her with such professionalism, kindness, and dignity. I know that Sometimes it is not possible to bring back Someone from severe illness.Thank you for being our nation's guiding light in the face of this adversity. Thank you Doctor's!!!

  • 4Ar. Sahil S. 3 years ago
    One of the best multi - speciality hospital in Hisar district.

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