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  • 1seema v. 3 months ago
    Cheap facility. They keep making the patient go round here and there. Don't work on time. More than half of the times gets to hear "Doctor is not there, come tomorrow". Does not give clear information. The process of everything is too late.

  • 3Psychology �. 4 months ago
    Too much rush here. Medical staff is very less in the comparison of patients. Building is too old. Hisar is very popular and old city. But the General Hospital of Hisar looks ancient times. I am watching No improvement from last 15 years. Administration and Responsible Authorities have nothing to do with it. One side private Hospitals of Hisar is like five Star ⭐ Hotels and other side Common people comes here in smelling old building. I think nobody is concerned about public Health. Haryana Government has no vision like Delhi health care system.

  • 5S. 5 months ago
    Very nice experience

  • 1Attar S. 6 months ago
    In this hospital, facilities is zero. No doctor available. Patients are waiting for long time of doctors but no response here. At present we are waiting for doctor for long time but doctor is not coming for 2 hours more. Very bad...👎👎👎👎

  • 3RAHUL P. 7 months ago
    Doctor behaviour Good,but there is no Medicine Without one or two,

  • 4Expert Health (Dr Mahender S. 9 months ago
    Good patient care and free services for all patient under one roof.

  • 1Sushil S. 10 months ago
    Worst kind of civil hospital.a citizens pays tax so that needy people can get treatment and medicine in affordable price but this civil hospital patient pays rs 5 then he have to wait for 4-5 hours and docters without checking writes tablets in just 1/2 minutes which is unreadable. Now comes the climax scene, patient comes to pharmacy the person in pharmacy says we don't have any medicine not even paracetamol or pain killers they advise us to buy from shop on outside. From this I incident I came to know that why people of India is not getting simple treatment.

  • 4neha p. 11 months ago
    The hospital has enough staff and good infrastructure. The facilities are good but due to overcrowding, sometimes there is mismanagement. Staff is courteous and helpful. There is parking facility available. Drinking water is also there.

  • 4jaibir s. 11 months ago
    Facilities good some time waiting

  • 1bharat b. 11 months ago
    doctors don't come on their own time There is no cleanliness even here the washrooms are very dirty Because there is no management system only then this is happening

  • 5Pankaj S. 11 months ago
    Everyone try to give best here for patients Good health.

  • 1Anil K. 1 year ago
    receptionist behavior is worst and Not even sit in chair And not doing his job properly And there are 4 windows for receipt but only 2 person doing there job. and doctors are isn't listen problems of patients. And the all medicines bought by near medical shop . The hospital doesn't have even paracetamol Tablets What kind of hospital is this where patient spend money for the medicines.

  • 5Devi S. 1 year ago
    Very good hospital and cooperative staff and the dr.s are best for consult Medicin specialy thanks to Dr Ajit Singh sir

  • 1Amit K. 1 year ago
    Staff is not available in hospital.There are totally mismanagement in this hospital.Some doctors are good but not present daily.Lower staff are corrupt and you have to wait for 2 houres to get medical slip.

  • 5Muskan B. 2 years ago
    Civil hospital is govt funded hospital situated near sector 14 .All facilities with lab medicated operations are operating at least possible for poor families who could not afford expensive medicines or operations.Various camps are organised for blood donation ,free testing are also available,assisted medical services provided by doctors and nurses around the clock. Free covid tests and vaccinations are provided right now

  • 1Nn. S. 2 years ago
    Everyone want a government job but not working,this is the situation of this hospital .Very poor dr. Services, Only come to hospital and then go no treatment nothing else, They drive the patient away by saying that they are late.Maxilloface surgen dr. Bansilal is so rude behave with patient

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