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  • 5Kendal G. 4 months ago
    Echoing the sentiments of others, this was by far my favorite thing that I did on my visit to Hawaii. I lived here for many years, and I think this would be a great drop in class for locals in the area, but most especially a really meaningful experiences to have as a tourist in Hawaii. This class should be mandatory for anyone staying in Waikiki, in order to really slow you down and plug you into what the islands have to teach you about softness and letting go. Very easy to find location and excellent for a first time practitioner or experienced yogi. Even if you have a lot of experience with yoga, doing it outside is a whole other level. You really don’t need props or a mat either, just your body and a towel is perfect.

  • 5Kelly B. 4 months ago
    Beautiful location, beautiful practice! Olivia, our instructor, did a great job to make sure everyone felt comfortable. Whether you’re new to yoga or practice regularly, this is a great way to get some movement in while on holiday! Highly recommend.

  • 5Emma S. 7 months ago
    Went for a 9am class on February 15th and had a great experience! The instructor asked us all what areas we wanted to focus on, and what flows we were experienced with. Perfect class for all levels of yoga experience and amazing view of Waikiki beach and ocean sounds, highly recommend!

  • 5J. 7 months ago
    I’m almost done my wonderful trip to Waikiki and I am sad to leave this beautiful place. One of my great memories will be watching the sunset during my yoga classes guided by the most awesome Olivia from Paris France. She catered the classes to a variety of levels and abilities and was always very mindful to help everyone from beginner to advance and let you modify your practise to your own needs (remember to be kind to your body and take the ego out of yoga :) ) As importantly she would pause at sunset in a meditative pose to watch the absolute spiritual setting of the sun. Karen the owner has a good instructor here. A note for Karen she is very helpful through text message and email to assist you with booking, locating the area for yoga and follow up with special requests. Thank you and Mahalo for a memorable and truly spiritual experience.

  • 5T M. 7 months ago
    Completed a sunset 5:30pm Waikiki Beach Yoga class with Olivia & it was great! Olivia is very playful & made the class so fun & enjoyable. Love how she checks in with the group to see if Vinyasa or Yin yoga would be a better fit. Her class was beginner friendly, but she showcased many different variations for all levels. The class is front row to the sunset & the sound of the waves make it easier to flow through the more difficult yoga poses. I live here, & I'm sad I haven't found this class earlier. Definitely a hidden gem in Waikiki.

  • 5Madison M. 8 months ago
    Truly amazing class. The instructor was very soothing and helpful and really helped get in touch with my body. The ease of the session mixed with the beautiful sunset view of Waikiki made it the ultimate experience. I will definitely be booking again and highly recommend booking your experience!

  • 5Mona M. 9 months ago
    I took a 9am yoga class and it was just what I needed to feel reconnected to my body after traveling from the mainland. The class was mindfully paced and had a lovely flow. It was so nice to be in the fresh air and to listen to the birds and the waves.

  • 5S. 11 months ago
    Our instructor Karen was amazing. She tailored the class to our needs and was mindful of my special needs the whole time. I was able to enjoy the class fully although I had some limitations. The location was perfect too. I will definitely book a class when I visit Hawaii again.

  • 5Nikey C. 1 year ago
    If you follow the instructions the class location is easy to find. Yoga here was a beautiful, powerful experience. Among the crashing of the ocean and the sounds of the birds you become entranced in deep meditation. Karen is a lovely, knowledgeable instructor and has a lot of great tips for bringing yoga into you’re daily life. I love this class and can’t wait to do it again.

  • 4M&M T. 1 year ago
    Like any beach in Hawaii, except for waikiki, very peaceful and tranquil. Let your troubles melt away while you sit and gaze at the beginner surfers fall off every attempt and try to talk yourself into trying it soon. 😀

  • 5Mariko I. 2 years ago
    I took sunset class with Phoenix yesterday. I have almost 5 years of yoga experience and yet it was def my best yoga class experience! Phoenix was a great teacher and on the top on it, it was an amazing experience to see sunset during yoga session. This was absolutely highlight of my life.

  • 5Chris M. 4 years ago
    What a big adventure! I started off in Waikiki for Morning Beach Yoga and it was my first time doing any Yoga class. I enjoyed the experience and I could follow along easy to the instructions. Doing this right at the beach with the waves and beautiful morning light and sounds was amazing. It was an awesome way to start the day. Next I went on a rugged hike into the Jungle. The sights and sounds were amazing. There were so many new things that I have not seen before such as the Shy Grass that folds up when touched. Karen was very good as our tour guide and I really enjoyed the Yoga done in the valley. There were small discussions on mindfulness and other topics that really made the journey not just one of the body but also of the mind. I enjoyed every aspect of it. The waterfall spot was MUCH better than Moana Falls, so that's worth it right there. The hike was full of bamboo mazes, mud, and rock jumping and climbing. It's not terrible difficult, but you will get a little work out and you should wear water shoes or hiking shoes that you don't mind get really muddy. If you're looking for a real Hawaii Adventure, then definitely go on this hike with your group. It's going to be a lot of fun and much more than you expected. - Chris

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