Living memorial to historic WWII moment Battleship Missouri Memorial - Historical place in Honolulu, United States

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63 Cowpens St, Honolulu, HI 96818, United States



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  • 5Obie T. 1 year ago
    What an unbelievable and informative national monument ripe with history!!! There is so much to see and do that you really need to plan to have a few hours. Don’t rush and enjoy yourself. This is a massive and amazing piece of history. Make sure to ask plenty of questions, look around corners and read all the plaques you can find. The one employees throughout the Missouri are very informative and more than happy to answer your questions. The captains quarters at sea are very interesting and the view from the bridge is breathtaking. You get a real good feel of just how massive this amazing piece of engineering is once onboard. Seriously breathtaking.

  • 5Victor C. 1 year ago
    Great history lesson on the history of the Missouri. Appreciated learning facts about the past in a linear path, decorated with museum-like learning passages topped with a preserved retro-style appearance. The admission is 34.99 and can be purchased online, ahead of time, to avoid any lines. The Memorial includes the lower decks with a worthwhile, self-guided tour through the facility. Definitely worth the money and you can end up spending a lot of time here having a great time. Definitely recommend!

  • 5Sue C. 1 year ago
    Great to tour and learn some history. Part of the Pearl Harbor tour. You can see the USS Arizona from the bow of this ship. You have to purchase a ticket at the Pearl Harbor entrance, then take a bus over to the battleship. As of Dec 2021, you are required to show negative Covid test results within the last 24 hours in order to be admitted entrance to the museum grounds. Then they checked temps as well. Call before you go to see what Covid guidelines are required for entry. This changed several times from October to December. You can spend an entire day touring the battleship, the air museum, the submarine and the grounds. Well worth the hurdles to jump for a day’s visit. Everyone from my 11 yr old son, a fussy 14 yr old and my friend’s 18 yr old enjoyed the visit. Something for everyone!

  • 5James T. 10 months ago
    Amazing floating museum with so many items displayed on the inside. You can spend more than 2 hrs just at this attraction looking at items, walking the inside and watching videos. Spend the time as the size and amount of history is well worth it.

  • 5Isaac A. 1 year ago
    A great experience that is made even better by the nice and knowledgeable staff. The admission price is a bit steep, but if you can afford it, its well worth it. Some areas of the ship can become congested but it isn't too bad. Definitely recommend buying a ticket if you are on the fence about it.

  • 5Katie J. 11 months ago
    Such a great historical experience, it was incredible walking the same path of our country's vets, seeing where the treaty was signed. Knowing I stood where someone I knew stood on that historical day. Very peaceful.

  • 5Clinton S. 11 months ago
    Battleship Missouri Memorial is America's greatest testament to liberty and democracy, for the greatest generation used this great machine to defend our way of life. Preserving this ship is literally like looking at time capsule. Simply amazing to be able to stand where the Japanese officially signed to surrender and end World War 2.

  • 5John C. 7 months ago
    Truly an amazing experience. This ship is full of interesting exhibits and history. You’ll could feel the aura emanating from this glorious machine. It was very cool seeing the bridge and the officers quarters at the front of the ship. Recommend going into every little area to get a full feel for it. Great stop!

  • 5Bryan B. 6 months ago
    Almost too much to see here within this amazing floating museum! There are actually museums within the museum! You need to leave a few hours to see and to experience everything the Missouri has to offer. Be ready for lots of narrow corridors and ladders/steps if you want the full experience. The history contained herein is wide in scope … this ship has done everything from WW2 to saving the world from aliens (hat tip to the movie). As ever, wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. There are tasty snacks available on the dock next to the ship.

  • 5Adam M. 6 months ago
    Had an amazing time exploring this peice of history. Was awed by its imposing presence. The staff was very friendly and helpful, also super knowledgeable. All the areas were well labeled. They have done a great job laying out a tour of the ship to help you see everything without getting lost. Managed to see everything in about 2 hours, but could have explored more. Everything was very clean and well maintained.

  • 5J. 8 months ago
    It's a much better experience than you think. The park rangers are very friendly, very informative, and the whole experience is pretty cool and surreal. I would take the time if you've never been as it can be a quick educational experience while you're at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. It can be part of a very interesting day! p.s. Gift shop on premises and food truck not bad at all. Bathroom kinda far but you can get pretty good grub from a couple vendors, and shaved ice too! 🙂🤙✌️

  • 5Steven C. 8 months ago
    It was a true eye opening experience and you must come once in your lifetime to learn and experience the holy grail of the WWII. You need to be somewhat physically fit to able to climb up and down the stairs inside of this battleship because some of the passageway are very narrow and steep. You can take free shuttle bus from the Submarine memorial over here and then onto the aviation museum. Parking are limited and passport ticket are most economical way to pay the entry fee.

  • 5Jillian A. 8 months ago
    This was an awesome tour. You have gentlemen on the ship telling you stories about certain things that happened on different parts of the ship. You can see where There was a Kamikaze airplane that crashed into the side of the ship and just put a slight dent in it. Videos, picture and more. You actually walk through the whole ship. It's totally amazing. So much history to this ship. It is a must see.

  • 5Nick Kalfopoulos (The Military T. 3 months ago
    The USS Missouri is the last battleship ever. This was a very fun and cool experience for any age. You will walk a lot so just a heads up on that. Before you go up the ladder to the ramp leading to the ship, you will take a souvenir photo that you can buy when you leave the ship. The USS Missouri is full of history and amazing views of Pearl Harbor. You learn everything from how much food was ate everyday to how far the cannons can shoot a round. This is definitely a place to take your kids especially if they like ships. You can take them to the bridge and pretend to be the Captain of the USS Missouri. Would recommend buying tickets in advance, but you can buy tickets at the Pearl Harbor memorial site. Definitely recommend for your Hawaii trip.

  • 5Jackie N. 2 months ago
    After learning that the U.S.S. Missouri was one of the last commissioned battleships, as well as where WWII came to an end, we knew we wanted to visit the museum. If you have military base access, you can drive through the gate and directly to the parking lot here. If not, then you park at the pearl harbor visitor’s center and a bus will take you to drop you off and pick you up to bring you back. They have military pricing for tickets. We arrived about one hour before they closed and we were assured we would have enough time. They mentioned that a guided tour was included upon purchasing admission, but as we entered, the folks welcoming us just directed us to go on the self guided tour. I did see a couple of other tour guides around the ship giving tours, or just posted about (I assume to answer any questions you have or give you directions). We did the recommended loop which was to go to towards the front to the bow (Where there is a great view of the U.S.S. Arizona and the rest of Pearl Harbor) and then walk around the top deck, around to the surrender deck, and around and up to the bridge. The top deck had some informational signs and were mostly about the Japanese kamikaze pilots. The surrender deck was super interesting and had the area roped off where the actual document was signed. There is also case of the document (I assume it’s the actual one). There are many historical photos to see, to picture how it was back then. The bridge was the best part, as they had the open air bridge and then the enclosed bridge. They had information about the navigational charts that they did and you could see all of the controls and the ships wheel. Then you go down into the battleship and walk around the 1st level. You get to see the crew mess hall, the kitchen, and the various levels of crew quarters and offices. You wind in and around through different doors, stairs and rooms to see the different exhibits they have set up with some memorabilia, photos, and loads of information. Since we knew we only had an hour, we weren’t able to dive through absolutely everything, but we got to see and learn most of it. As it was we were some of the last people through, as the security guard was following behind us and closing and locking doors as we went through. Every employee we encountered was friendly and welcoming. It is definitely sunny on that top deck so bring sunscreen or a hat and some water. Overall, we were able to walk through at a decent pace and get through it in an hour, although we could have easily spent more. If you aren’t a fan of tight spaces or stairs, then this adventure isn’t for you. As this is a battleship, there are lots of doorways to step over and through and lots of tight hallways to walk down and lots of steep stairs with low ceilings. It was very cool to see something like this and stand in historical places and learn so much about the ship and how it operated! I would highly recommend this to those who love history or military, or are just looking to say that you have been on a battleship before.

  • 4Alisha B. 11 months ago
    We enjoyed touring this battleship. It was a nice look into what was used in battle. The stairs going up to each level are narrow but otherwise a wonderful time. You cannot go all the way to the top but we were able to go high enough to enjoy.

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